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Dogs rule (but shouldn\'t), December 25, 2015 , posted by Ruth

It is with dismay that I see dogs running all over High Park off leash (despite the fact that almost the entire north-east corner of the park is designated off leash). Many dog owners don't seem to understand that dogs running through the underbrush destroy plant life. Furthermore, not everyone loves dogs, e.g., joggers, walkers, bird watchers, allergic people, small children, etc. The park is a multi-use park that serves a large and diverse population. Why is it that some (read MANY) dog walkers can't respect the rules around off-leash (on-leash) areas in the park??

Coyotes Times, December 20, 2015

Thanks for the coyote sightings updates. Would it be possible to include the times as well? Thanks!

animal fibre question, December 15, 2015 , posted by Bobbi Jo Quigley ,

would be possible to get some of your animals shed wool fibre please?

Coyote Sighting, December 10, 2015

Tonight was my second sighting of the coyote's in two weeks. I was walking on Spring Road southbound, just before the covered picnic area, and I saw what I always think is a dog sprinting across the road, coming from the east and running up that large set of stairs. It's big, with really long legs. When you realize no person is walking nearby, that's when you realize it's not a dog. I had never seen them on the paths where the people walk before, so I decided not to take the same route, and to continue along Spring Road. When I got to Centre Road, I turned right to go back up to the restaurant area. As I'm walking up the hill, that same Coyote comes running out of the next walking path, darts across the road into the bush. And then a few seconds later, the second coyote comes running out of the same area as well, crossing the road into the bush. The second one is smaller. This is the exact same two animals I saw in Dog Hill two Sunday's ago. These are really close encounters. I bought a whistle, just in case.

November 26, 2015

Colborne Lodge

Hiking The GTA - has posted a very interesting article about Coborne lodge

Capybara, November 23, 2015 , posted by Michelle Tomicic ,

Request for Change:

- The Capybara is a very sociable animal that tends to inhabit densely vegetated areas close to water in herds of around 20 individuals, which are usually made up of a dominant male with a number of females and their young. Capybara herds occupy very stable home ranges...THE CAPYBARA IN HIGH PARK ZOO DOESN"T HAVE FRIENS...ITS NEEDS SOME!!!

- The Capybara is a large, semi-aquatic rodent that is found inhabiting the water-logged regions of Central and South America. ...THE CAPYBARA'S WATER HOLE AT THE HIGH PARK ZOO IS EMPTY!!! NOT TO MENTION TINY! PLEASE EXPAND THIS TO OFFER A FULFILLING ENVIRONMENT FOR THIS UNIQUE CREATURE!!!!!!

Coyote Siting, November 22, 2015

I was on dog hill tonight about 6:15. There was only myself and my dog, another dog owner, his younger boy and their dog. Both of our dogs went running towards the bush and one of them was barking like crazy. As I looked over to see what was going on, I saw what had to be a coyote, completely out in the sand area. But it was very big. And then a little further in the bush I saw another pair of eyes glowing... there were two of them. Neither of them showed any fear and did not run off. They stuck around for a good 5 minutes. We all decided we should leave before anything happened. I can't believe how close we were.

November 20, 2015 , posted by lou ,

I wonder how does the zoo treat dead animals.
Are you keeping records on it? buried? taxidermy? research?

picnic table circle?, November 19, 2015 , posted by Jessie ,

What's the story behind that big picnic table circle with the concrete centre with the grid painted on it? Is it used for something?

Cremated Remains, November 18, 2015 , posted by Curious

Are scattering of cremated remains allowed?

Fall leaves, November 6, 2015 , posted by Arch

Is this a good time to visit high park to see fall leaves.I am planning to go on sat 7th November.

coyote, November 3, 2015 , posted by Denis Donnelly

A coyote crossed the road approximately 30 feet in front of me, just north of the zoo. He looked very healthy, sleek coat, and brisk trot. He effortlessly jumped the woven wire fence into the off lease area. (Tues. Nov 3:00 PM)

High Park Mobile Train, November 1, 2015 , posted by Dino ,

Please keep the train running while the weather is still good.
Thanks ! Really like the ticket master. He's a great guy.

Coywolves are in High Park, October 30, 2015

I would like to make any dog owners be aware that there are two large coywolves living in the park. We have two border terriers and they love to run off of the pathways. We thought we saw one the first time on Tuesday October 27th. All of a sudden our 8 month old dog was barking furiously, I ran to where he was and saw a shaggy dark grey dog there. My first instinct was that it was a wolf, no matter how crazy that sounds - I didn't see a collar and it looked very raggedy. I got my dogs and quickly left.

The second incident was much worse. It happened last night in the exact same spot (East side of the public gardens) My dogs were barking furiously and to my amazement I saw two large coy wolves interacting with them. I called my dogs quickly and realized that my puppy had been attacked. I tried to capture the two coy wolves on my phone camera but it was dark by then - I need to stress that there are two of them that reside there and one is much larger which makes me believe they are a mating couple (is there a den nearby then?)

Please be aware - our 8 Month old is still very sore and rattled and I do not dare to think how much worse this could have been.

Coyotes , October 30, 2015

A feral cat we've been feeding for the last three years was mauled to death last night. We found his body this morning. It was a gruesome sight. We live at Keele and Annette. Please make sure your pets are taken in before dark.

Coywolves, October 30, 2015

Lastnight our dog was attacked by 2 coywolves over by the off leash trails on the eastside of the park. I would warn all dog owners who frequent this area. There are 2 and one is very big.

coywolves??, October 29, 2015

Tonight our dog was attacked by 2 large what look like wolves. I have seen both coyotes and wolves in the while and one of these animals was large enough to be a wolf. Is this possible? Everyone pls be careful, East side of the park in the off leash trails.

Coyotes Howling at night, October 27, 2015 , posted by Melissa

This morning around 3am I was woken up by a pack of howling and yapping coyotes. I love off Bloor north of the park near Keele... I'm from the country and know this sound all too well. I was shocked to hear them here but also loved the familiar sound. I've lived in this area for over 3 years and never heard them until last night. Has anyone else heard them?

re: fall colours, October 20, 2015 , posted by Robeez

Is it a good time to look at the trees? Look at a tree anywhere in the GTA. Does it look all green? If yes, then not a good time. Does it look not green? Then it's a good time. Bloody people too lazy to think for one minute like checking whether on your phones in the morning standing by the window - don't even look outside. Sigh. Technology makes people incredibly lazy. Go look at some trees before the snow falls. Enjoy

coyotes, October 20, 2015 , posted by Lindsay ,

walking my dog at 5:30 this morning I 100% saw two coyotes trot across Colborne Lodge Dr, just south of Bloor. My dog just stared.

October 19, 2015

Is it good time to see the fall colors at HighPark?

VW key lost Oct 18, October 19, 2015

I lost a key to a VW vehicle on the afternoon of Sunday Oct. 18 in High Park. If found please call 416-317-2228.

Night at the park, October 19, 2015

Is High Park lit at night? If I went for a run after sundown, would it be safe?

Lost Tripod, October 16, 2015 , posted by David ,

Lost my new tripod, on Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

Tripod is green, and in a case with red trim. Label on case is MeFOTO

October 10, 2015

Fall colours will probably at its best a week from now. But the colours are very enjoyable this week-end, as well.

Summer health school, October 10, 2015 , posted by Maria Vanderbeld ,

During the 1950's and 1960's children who were deemed under-nourished by their school's staff, were sent to the High Park Health School for the summer months, perhaps for 6 weeks. Two of my elementary school girl friends at around that time were sent to this school for the summer. Can you give me more information about this historical health school and the program that was offered. Thank you.

October 7, 2015 , posted by Tony ,


Want to see fall color of High Park, when is the best time? This Sunday Oct 11?

Off leash dog paths, October 6, 2015


I've been bringing my puppy to high park off leash areas and the trails. I was just wondering as walking the trails you come to running water pond like and just to the side are stairs that continue to the trail. My question is if the water is clean for the dogs since its running water. Or is it sewage water I don't want my puppy to be drinking if its not clean.

Thank you!

Bicycle Parking, October 5, 2015 , posted by Adele ,

Is there a place where one can park their bike?

Fall leaves, September 29, 2015 , posted by henry

I was wondering if the trees leaves at High Park started to changed color yet?

visit inquiry, September 28, 2015 , posted by ewa ,

Hello, I just wanted to confirm that the zoo is in fact open all year round. Someone told me that it closes once school starts. Thanking you in advance for your help

Car Keys, September 27, 2015

I found an car key fob in High Park. Let me know if you lost them. 416-770-1841.

Reindeer , September 26, 2015

I was at the Highpark zoo today and have a concern about one of the male reindeer. He was in the last pen and was panting and quite aggressive (he actually charged the fence three times while we were there for all of 5 minutes). He would charge the areas of fence where people were standing. I'm a bit concerned about this reindeer - he seemed quite stressed and runs the risk of possibly hurting himself or someone standing too close to the fence. Hopefully someone can check in on him (there were no staff around).

Lost a Black chef bag, September 25, 2015 ,

I lost my chef bag this morning in the highpark when I cycle through the park.
I look through the path shortly after I lost, but I couldn't find it. While I was looking for it i saw couple of city cleaner or volunteer were picking up garbages.
I was wondering if one of them kindly pick up my bag and place designated spot.
If I can find those spot or get the contact information for the office so I can ask?

the bag is very valuable to me, so if I can get any clue it will be very appreciated.

Thank you,

Irresponsible drivers, September 23, 2015 , posted by Ian Smith

I enjoy cycling in High Park, but it can be incredibly frustrating with so many irresponsible drivers. Every day I see cars driving twice the posted speed limit (20km/h), failing to signal, cutting me and other cyclists off (especially when turning right onto Colborne Lodge Road from Centre Road), and driving and even parking in the cycling lane! Cannot more be done to limit the number of cars and enforce posted speed limits? The other day I saw a police officer ticketing speeders, one after another for well over an hour. I would love to see more of this type of law enforcement.

Off Leash Dog Trails, September 19, 2015 , posted by Jeremy

I love the park, it's beautiful; but the "OFF LEASH" dog trails are horrible. There are a lot of open parts in the fences and I lost my dog today, it took me two hours to find her and I am not happy at all. It's ridiculous and I saw other dogs run out and other dog owners panic. There were a lot of upset people. High Park, fix your trails.

Coyotes?, September 13, 2015 , posted by Philip Weir ,

We were in the Park zoo last night around dusk and we heard the most tremendous howling followed by a wild chorus of high-pitched barking and yelping. It definitely was not domestic dogs nor foxes. Could there be coyotes in the Park?

Garbage, September 7, 2015 , posted by Dwight ,

I know the people at High Park work really hard to keep the looking great, but there are people dumping garbage along the little stream that runs parallel to Wendigo Way. I took photographs to show you but, but I figured I'd just let you know so you get someone to clean it up. I dump the photographs. Thanks.

Job or Volunteer, September 4, 2015 , posted by Samantha Pirani ,

Hi I was wondering if there are any job openings or volunteer openings at the zoo? I just moved to the High Park area and would love to contribute to the zoo some how if possible. I'll enclose my name and e-mail for contact.

How many trees?, September 4, 2015 , posted by Kate ,

Hi there, I'm looking to get a rough estimated about how many trees there are in High Park. Don't worry about exact numbers or the seedlings that have just started growing - I'm just looking for an idea of how many there are in the park.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you :)

Trees, September 3, 2015 , posted by Stephen

Sunday past I was in the park on the short path between the restaurant and Shakespeare in the Park. I noticed one of the maple trees, the middle one on the right, had a very recent and quite severe attack of a boring insect. The next tree along had an interesting hatch of a ground burrowing fly at the base of it.

Lost car keys, September 1, 2015 , posted by Mary

I believe I lost my car keys at the High Park zoo - in the port-a-potty on Sunday August 30th.
Please let me know if you have them and I will describe them to you.

thank you,

Security, August 25, 2015 , posted by Muskan Sachdeva ,

Is High Park safe? Most parks these days have incidents which aren't appealing and dangerous to the general public and my friends and I would like to come sometimes. Another thing, how can I assured that safety and security is intact and will be taken care of.

Skin Rash, August 23, 2015

Since Toronto has a pesticide ban weeds have rapidly taken the from grass in all parks. Not all weeds are harmful to people but some can cause painful skin reactions (rash, burns or blisters).

The Parks department mows the grass and weeds but this doesn't control the spread of the weeds and grass is losing ground. Children that walk, lie or roll on the lawn can come in contact with some nasty plants that will make exposed skin very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the days of touching the lawn in our parks is rapidly coming to an end. Bring lots of blankets and stay on the paths.

Lost Phone, August 15, 2015 ,

I lost my iphone 5s in the women's washroon near the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground two days ago(Aug. 13). It is of golden colour and has a black&white tiles phone case. The phone is locked and it's out of service so I can't call it. If you have it can you please email me at Thank you.

Lost Drivers License, August 14, 2015

Lost my drivers license at the park yesterday. If any one happened to find it, please contact me at Most likely lost in the playground area that looks like a castle. Thanks, Dave

Park closed or open Sat?, August 6, 2015 , posted by Shannon

Just wondering if anyone knows if High Park is closed this weekend or just the roads getting into/out of the park because of the Para Pan Am games?

Bat research, August 2, 2015 , posted by Krista

I am a researcher from the University of Toronto. A PhD student and I are studying the bats in and around High Park. One thing we are looking for is bats living in buildings. If you know of any, please email, or call/text 647-636-7447 to find out how you could help. To learn more, you can visit my website: and follow us on twitter: @KJPatriquin and @CylitaGuy.

Disappearing Cygnets, August 1, 2015 , posted by Jill Lowery ,

First there were 5 baby swans, then 3, yesterday there were 2 and today only 1. What is happening to the baby swans on Grenadier Pond? Are the snapping turtles getting them? Would appreciate any info re this. Thank you.

Red eared slider eggs, July 18, 2015 , posted by Katherine ,

July 18,2015
Today around 10:45 am, we saw a red eared slider laying eggs on the bank of Wendigo Pond.
We saw similar piles that may have also been buried eggs. We have found out that the eggs should hatch by October 11,2015 (80-85 days).

July 13, 2015 , posted by Elizabeth ,

Hi, I'm wondering if the no photography rule applies just to wedding photography, or to all? My string quartet (Windermere string quartet, based out of st olaves church on Windermere) is trying to find a location to do some shots, and were wondering about high park.

Lost Phone - July 10, July 10, 2015

I lost my Nexus 5 phone this afternoon in High Park around area 15 where the burger stand is. It has a hard cover that's blue and black. Please send me a note at if you found it. Would sincerely appreciate it!

LOST KEYS July 9, 2015, July 10, 2015 , posted by Bill ,

If anyone finds a set of keys on the west side of High Park, could you please contact me at There is a Saab key and a large copper safety pin amongst other keys. We would be so greatful if anyone who found our keys, managed to see this message and returned them. They also have a War Amps key tag and can be dropped into a mailbox to be returned.

skin rash , July 7, 2015 , posted by napo ,

My daughter was in High Park last week, she said she was sitting on the grass and when she got up she had huge red bumps on her legs. Does anyone know of any pesticide use in the park that could have caused this.

upper duck pond, July 6, 2015

Is everybody okay with the algae and weed cover on the pond?Walked by today and it smells bad and looks very unhealthy.
How do people feel about it?

Media, July 6, 2015 , posted by Lisa Bucher ,

HI, Can I get more info about Adventure park for an article that I am writing about things to do outdoors with kids. Thanks!

July 4, 2015 , posted by Kristyn ,

Are you allowed to pet the lamas? I know they can spit, but I also know that they can be very gentle :) I would love to give one a pat, if they let me that is.

Is it a clean picnic sport?, July 3, 2015 , posted by Rebecca H ,

Hope it is a great and clean place to be. I've experienced couple of picnic spots which should be named the junk spot instead. How can the management be so irresponsible for keeping the picnic spots like those so dirty. They could have come into contract with services which provide rental bins, like RedBins (Toronto), and this whole problem could have been solved.
I want a great with my family with some peace of mind, and I hope the place provides us exactly that.

date marked on tree?, July 2, 2015

I have an old picture taken in the late 1940s in high park with a date inscribed in the tree "Sept 17" I think was an Oak tree The inscription was quite deep, I wonder if somebody has ever seen this tree. I would like to know were in the park it is located.

parking, June 30, 2015 , posted by lucy ,

I would like to know if there is free parking at the Grenadier restaurant at High Park during week days

fireworks, June 25, 2015 , posted by alex

Usualy i go to trinity bellwods for fireworks on holidays. But wondering if there designated spot for fireworks in high park. Thanks.

Found Bag, June 15, 2015 , posted by Agnes ,

Hello, I found a black and yellow side bike bag with items in it at the corner of High Park Blvd and Parkside on June 14th in the am. Please let me know if this is yours by describing what is in the bag.


high park amphitheatre, June 4, 2015 , posted by Chan ,

Hi - I did not see information about this on your site or faq. I'm on the board of a children's charity called Making Faces ( and we're looking for a venue for a fundraiser - improv workshop and performance.

How does one go about booking the amphitheatre and what would be the cost for a 2-3 hour session say on a Saturday afternoon? We would also consider an evening during the week.
Thank you!

BBQ's in picnic area, June 4, 2015 , posted by Vanessa ,

I have a coleman stove type of grill. Are those allowed in the park? I see it says no bbqs (and specifically no charcoal) but are these table top style grills allowed?

Tea Sampling in the Park, June 3, 2015 , posted by Hannah Jackson ,

Hello, my name is Hannah Jackson and I work for the DAVIDsTEA located at 285 Roncesvalles. I am writing to ask whether it is permissible to sample tea and hand out free tea coupons in High Park.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for your time!

Loose Peacock , May 30, 2015 ,

I hear the peacock on the loose is nameless. I think he should be called Roamer.

escaped peacock, May 29, 2015 , posted by Eric Paetkau ,

Some advice on your escaped peacock (from someone who has raised peacocks for 30 yrs and had numerous escapes):
Leave of a trail of plain peanuts into an open garage, wait until peacock takes the bait and then close the garage door.

Car polution, May 26, 2015 , posted by Cough cough

I can not stop thinking about the traffic during my day checking out the cherry blossoms this past season.
So much car pollution.
Hundreds of cars slowly inching their way through the park, poisoning the air.
There has to be a better way. Like.....maybe....Walking talkies at each entrance coordinating maximum cars coming in. I'm sure there is an app for that.
Bylaw # 517 says no engine idling for more than 1 minute. The maximum fine is $5,000.00.

Peacock loose, May 25, 2015

I saw a peacock loose in the trees near Parkside and the castle playground this morning around noon, Monday 25th.

Lost watch, May 24, 2015 , posted by Wendy N , wendy31 (at)

Hi, I lost my watch yesterday while walking along a trail on the northwest side of the park (I think along Wendigo Way / Ellis Park Rd). It has a stainless steel wristband with a light pink face. The brand name is "Titus". It's not worth much but it has sentimental value for me.

I walked back the same way I walked and couldn't spot the watch. And the park does not appear to have a lost-and-found office.

If found, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Water in the ponds, May 21, 2015 , posted by Jenn , Fellman

Hi there,
I walk high park every day, twice a day. This week I've noticed there is a film crew there and I can only assume that is why there one large pond/waterfall is actually flowing with water. Is this water feature going to stay and be active all summer long. It's such a shame that there is no water in the small ponds through the gardens and especially the pool feature up at the top of the hill. It makes the park look like it's lacking funding when we all know that that is not true. How do we get this changed? And why hasn't this been addressed yet?

High Park Map, May 20, 2015 , posted by Joan Semple ,

Was reviewing the High Park map in order to call and reserve a picnic site and came to realize there is no legend. There are all sorts of areas of interest (A, B, C…) and nothing to explain. Also, it'd be nice if the legend gave more info on each picnic site, such as how many tables etc.

Parking in High Park, May 20, 2015 , posted by High Parker

Parking on weekends in High Park is becoming more difficult. More people than ever are visiting the park. You can avoid the parking hassle by taking the subway, or bike or walk.

Spring Road Creek made dog sick, May 18, 2015 , posted by Concerned Dog Owner

My dog went into the creek that runs though te dog off leash area. I just want to warn owners that is made him really sick. Has anyone else had this experience with there pet too?

Parking in the park, May 18, 2015

There's a pathetic lack of parking here. Who ever is planning for this is either inconsiderate or planning on hundreds of tickets for their payroll. I've seen dozens of cars with parking tickets, lines of cars waiting for spots holding everyone else up.
I've been coming to high park for almost 30 years and I have not seen any changes to accommodate increased traffic. Obviously many people are not able to enjoy this park on the few days they might have off during the summer. Are people responsible not aware of what's going on. Are they even here? This is a clear example of paying for something and not being aw to use it. Shame

Cherry blossom still there on Victoria Day ?, May 17, 2015 , posted by BT ,

Just wondering if we come on Victoria day ? Is white and pink trees still there ? or done :(

Waterfalls, May 16, 2015 ,

I was wondering when the waterfalls will start running? I was down there earlier this week (May 14th) and the ponds and waterfalls were dry.

Greenhouse, May 15, 2015 , posted by Kendrah ,


Am I able to take pictures inside of the Greenhouse?

Thank you

Power Outlets, May 15, 2015 , posted by Justin ,

Good morning, just inquiring as to whether your picnic areas have power capabilities? just wanted to see if i should bring a phone charger this weekend - we have a permit for a picnic area.

High park bbq?, May 15, 2015 , posted by michael ,

can i bring a small grill to high park and cook some sausages??

no more cherry blossoms, May 14, 2015

the blooming is over guys, no more cherry flowers

Victoria day, May 14, 2015 , posted by a visitor

could we expect to see some blossoms during Victoria day weekend?

May 13, 2015

Anymore cherry blossom?

Dogs allow, May 13, 2015 , posted by Kristina

i was wondering if dogs are allow to be at the park?

opening hours and fees, May 11, 2015 , posted by Admin

the park is open on Victoria day and there is no entrance fee

Cherry Blossoms raining down, May 11, 2015 , posted by Juliette

Here's a video I caught while working through the Cherry Blossoms on Saturday morning at 7 am. Can you believe I thought I was early, turns out I got one of the last parking spots. It was beautiful to walk around the park and see these trees as well as the other plants that are blooming. Nice job High Park staff. The portapoties were getting cleaned out early in the morning too, nice to see them up this year.

Entrance fees, May 11, 2015 , posted by Joan ,

Just want ask how much your entrance fee?

Victoria Day, May 11, 2015

This may be a silly questions but is the park open on Victoria day? I am coming from far away and wanted to make sure that the gates wont be closed when I get there! Google says it is not open but then I read on here that it is open 24/7 so I just wanted clarification before I drive down. Thanks!

Playground, May 11, 2015 , posted by kinder kampus ,

What safty checks do you guys do on the playground and how often?

Planting More Oak Trees, May 11, 2015

Many masterful oaks have fallen over the last five years... only a few plantings, especially on the Granadier Pond side... the whole side of the hill has maybe two...
Shouldn't we be planting now so maybe, just maybe, there will be some trees standing ten years from now?

Dry Small Pond and Brook, May 11, 2015

I've been going to High Park for 20 years and I've always looked forward to the frogs courting in the shallows and along the water beds. But nothing for the past two years... what's happening? Our amphibian friends are essential to our environment, so bring on the water and let them dance!

Yelling at the Park, May 11, 2015 , posted by Pinoy

How did you know they are Filipino Family? I am a Filipino but I never tolerate this wrongdoing. I think the right approach is to talk and explain to them what is the right thing to do not yell at them right away.

Last chance , May 11, 2015

Petals have started falling so today / tomorrow is your last chance to see the trees!

May 10, 2015

How is the sakura trees today?
I am planning on going there Monday, would it still be blooming

What's the big deal?, May 10, 2015 , posted by Big G.

There are hundreds of other trees and plants in and outside of high park and as far as I'm concerned they all look beautiful so what's the big deal about cherry trees? It's like all the hype about exotic animals like koala bears while ignoring other common - and much, much more useful and important- species. Humans are strange, obsessing over a bunch of trees and trampling all over each other to take some precious photographs.

Re yelling, May 10, 2015

People breaking branches of any tree - not just cherry trees - need more than just yelling, so don't feel too bad about raising your voice when you see people vandalizing nature.

The Brook is Dry?, May 9, 2015 , posted by Eva

When will you be filing the brook in the Hillside Gardens with water? Isnt it about time to greet the frogs? Is there a reason why it is bone and I do mean bone dry?

Accessibility , May 9, 2015

Are there any accessible washrooms in High Park?
Do they acommodate a power wheelchair

yelling at high park may 9th, May 9, 2015 , posted by S.. ,

after 2 sightings of people pulling cherry blossom branches down, I had enough and yelled at the third person i saw doing that. I am highly apologetic for my behaviour today But I hope people reading this will get the message. Leave the trees alone.

Again, to the phillipino family I was rude to this morning. I am sorry for being a jerk.


May 9, 2015

Will the park be open on Victoria day?

URGENT - Misbehaviour, May 8, 2015

When my husband and I visited High Park this morning to view the cherry blossom, we saw the following:
1. Some kids, without guardians around, shook a "baby sakura tree" and laughed when petals were falling off. My husband told them to stop, but they did the same again when we were walking away.
2. A middle-aged woman broke a few stems of cherry blossoms from a tree and held them in her hands for taking photos with her friends. I questioned her why she did this and her friend replied on her behalf that she didn't know it was incorrect.
3. Some parents lifted their children up to pick flowers from the sakura trees.
4. Some adults pulled down the sakura branches and held them in front of their bodies for taking photos, and then swung them back in the air.
I wonder if the cherry blossom areas can be patrolled to prevent these to re-occur. Just the sign to keep off the cherry blossom is not sufficient. Thank you.

7am, May 8, 2015

I am planning to go 7am to avoid the crowd and get good photos. Is the park open. I know facilities won't be open.

May 7, 2015

Grace,the park is open 24/7......apparently Google does not know everything :-)

re: open hours, May 7, 2015

the park is open all day, not just 9-5pm....even Google is wrong sometimes...

open hours, May 7, 2015 , posted by Grace

Is the park open still after 5pm? Google says it's open today from 9am-5pm only.

MAP, May 7, 2015 , posted by Admin

Here are the cherry trees on the map

re: school visit, May 7, 2015

Sure, schools are allowed, it's a public park, why not?

School visit, May 7, 2015 ,

Just wondering of its possible to visit the park with students in order tontake photographs? They are taking high school photography and we wish to take nature photos. Could youblet me know if there are any entrance fees?
Thank you!
Antonia Giroux

Gorgeous!, May 7, 2015

I went yesterday evening (around 6:30) and it was crowded, but the trees are looking beautiful! My best advice is don't drive! I was genuinely walking 10x the speed of the cars driving through the park. They were at a near standstill.

Cherry tree locations, May 7, 2015 , posted by Debra


Can you please tell me, according to the wording used on this website's High Park map, where the sports fields and "big hill and winding path" are? According to a Sakura tracking website these are where some of the cherry trees are in High Park but I can't tell where this is on your map. thanks!!!

let's gooooo!, May 7, 2015

trees are in full bloom! go go go go! (but not by car)

Peak Bloom, May 6, 2015

Is Friday a good day to visit High Park?

Blossoms, May 6, 2015 , posted by Bill ,

Worth the wait!!! It's only Tuesday and it's CRAZY crowded down there! Take the TTC. Do NOT drive!!!!
Here are a few pics -

Best day, May 6, 2015

Thursday is better than Wednesday....

peak blooms, May 6, 2015 , posted by Christine

When's the best day to come to see the cherry blossoms, today or Thursday?

Re: Mother's day, May 6, 2015 , posted by Admin

Yes, on mother's day the Sakura will still be in bloom! If you drive, park outside the park if you can and leave parking spots inside the park for those who really need it. Best to take transit or bike / walk - see our Maps page for more info.

Mother's day?, May 6, 2015 , posted by Arianna

Will the flowers still be open on mother's day???

After 5pm, May 5, 2015 , posted by Admin

The park is open 24/7 so you can visit after 5pm!

re: dogs, May 5, 2015 , posted by Fido

...just be careful, there will also be literally hundreds of dog haters at the park who take great pleasure in spending their time trying to make life difficult for dogs and their owners

Impossible to make a reservation, May 5, 2015 , posted by REBECCA AIACH ,

Called 3 times, waited 30 min each time. Finally got someone to answer but when I asked to which spot I want I was put on hold and then hung up on....

May 5, 2015 , posted by Roger

Kelly,your dogs are more than welcome at the park. There will be literally hundreds more there for them to play with,if they are so inclined.

High Park Timings, May 5, 2015 , posted by Torontonian2088

I saw that the timings are from 9 am to 5 pm. Was wondering if these are for the facilities and restaurants inside the park. Can we still just go a take a walk in the park and see the Cherry blossom trees after 5 pm?

Badminton, May 5, 2015 , posted by Luci

It would be great if some fixed or even seasonal Badminton courts could be erected somewhere in the park. This is a great game for people of all ages and it'd be a lovely (and inexpensive) option to offer people coming to the park.

There are free tennis courts, so I don't see why we can't have some badminton courts also. I certainly see lots of families just using racquets without nets, but would be nice to have somewhere permanent they could actually play games.

peak bloom, May 5, 2015 , posted by AJ

IMO peak bloom will be before the weekend

re: Thursday morning, May 5, 2015

Thursday morning won't be insane at the park, it's one of the best times to go this year.

May 5, 2015

Does anyone know if parking will be insane if i go on thursday at around 9:30am? We have 2 babies so just want to see when the best time to go is so we don't have to drive around a lot to look for parking as the babies will become restless. Thanks!

May 4, 2015 , posted by kelly ,

I am planning to go to High park to see cherry blossoms. I just want to know if I could take my dogs with me to the park? Thank you!

Sakura update, May 4, 2015 , posted by Genie McKay

i jogged around the park today and it looks to me that most trees will be in bloom in two or three days given the warm weather forecast

Best time , May 4, 2015 , posted by Admin

I'll be insanely busy this coming weekend 8/9 so if you can go see the trees on Thursday or Friday instead!

Snapping turtle stuck , May 3, 2015 , posted by jaz ,

hi there,

At 4:30pm on May 3rd there was a snapping turtle attempting to get up the little waterfall at the duck ponds off spring road coming down from Bloor West. Worried he will flip on his back and get stuck!

First flowers are out!, May 3, 2015

Ok folks - I just saw some trees that have started to bloom. Not full bloom by any means but getting there!

Cherry blossoms, May 3, 2015 , posted by Leonard ,

Is today (May 3) a good day to see the cherry blossoms?

Handicapped parking, May 2, 2015 , posted by Paul in High Park

Congratulations on grooming one of the least accessible parks in Toronto
Along Colborne Lodge Road - from the entrance to the restaurant all the way to Bloor St. - I counted only 3 handicapped parking spots out of what seemed to be over 200, perhaps 300 parking spots.
The ratio is better at Walmart.
How does it feel to be out "Corporate Citizened" by Walmart?

Photo, May 2, 2015 , posted by Irina ,

Next week or week after we are going to visit the high park, and my friends asked me to take pictures of them with the trees and flowers . Do we need to get any permit? It's going to be not commercial photosession (s), 2 families . Thank you

The page said no blossoms yet for 2015, May 2, 2015

Cherry blossoms 2015
The cherry blossom blooming for 2015 hasn't started yet. It's unlikely that the trees will be in bloom by the weekend of May 2/3. If the warm weather holds up then the Sakura are on track to bloom in the second week of May. Post and read updates on the message board.

Mothers Day, May 1, 2015 , posted by rashmiya ,


My three sisters and I wanted to bring my mom to highpark for mothers day. I was wondering: will the cherry blossoms be in bloom by may 10? What area has the largest amount of sakura trees? And is there a close parking area near there? My mom has nerve problems in her legs and I'd like to limit the amount of walking. I know there is an off leash dog park, but can we bring our dog on a leash for the remaining areas? Can we bring a picnic basket? Just want to make sure these things are allowed before we come.

Cherry Blossoms, April 30, 2015 , posted by Monica ,

Have the trees blossomed yet? I really want to take some shots of them when they're at their peak!

re: From Burlington, April 30, 2015

Drive to Kipling station then take the subway from there. Parking is free outside of rush hour. This way you avoid Toronto traffic and get to the park quickly. If you don't want to drive at all then Union station then subway is quickest.

cherry blossom photo shoot, April 30, 2015

do we need a permit to do a photo shoot during the cherry blossom week? it would be only a few people in costume.

Getting to the park, April 29, 2015 , posted by Laura

I'm coming from Burlington, ON to see the park. Other than driving, what is the best way for me to get there? It seems kind of silly for me to go all the way to union, and grab a subway north then west. There has got to be a better way..

bike lanes, April 29, 2015

Question around use of bike lanes. Been blocked by joggers, speed walking club (going against the flow of traffic), people with strollers, etc... all around the main road the last couple of nights.

With increased traffic due to the nicer weather and the soon-to-bloom blossoms, people need to remember that bike lanes are for bikes?

blooming, April 28, 2015 , posted by Clover

i did see some buds on the trees, some bigger than others, i think they may bloom by may 5. glad the trees survived the harsh winter!

Oh, the cherry trees!, April 28, 2015 , posted by Mr. Sakura

The cherry trees aren't blooming yet. Getting close but still definitely one more week away of not more.

April 28, 2015

The splash pad is not open yet. The zoo is open. And no, you cannot take engagement / wedding pics in the park. Read the FAQ page for more details.

Zoo and splash pad question , April 27, 2015 , posted by Sonia S ,

Is the zoo and splash pad open?

Facility Rental - Engagement Photography, April 27, 2015 , posted by Tarun ,

I am looking to do engagement photoshoot in the first week of June. Kindly provide information on the required permits.

Badminton, April 25, 2015 , posted by alessandra ,

I had a question regarding the free style game of badminton, like where are the fields located to play, how long are we allowed to pay, will equipment be provided?

cherry blossoms, April 25, 2015

Does the Sakura tree bloom? or not yet?

High Park Fountains, April 25, 2015 , posted by Jessica

Hi all, does anyone know when the fountains in highpark will be filled with water and running?

re: kids in leash free area, April 24, 2015

Children are allowed in the dog park area. But it's the joint responsibility of dog owners and kids' parents to keep them safe. Dogs aren't allowed in the kids area.

Children, April 24, 2015

Are children allowed in the off leash dog park areas?

Camera found, April 23, 2015 , posted by KJ ,

Hi I found a silver Kodak camera in a case. the pictures look like they are from Christmas and New Year call me 905-990-4164

lost Sony xperia phone with baby pictures - priceless memories, April 18, 2015 , posted by raj ,

Lost Sony xperia phone at high park toronto on Monday, Apr 14th 2015. The phone has all the pics and videos of our baby since birth to 8 months now. These memories are priceless. Please return the phone if you find it ... Or you can keep the phone as the reward but just give us our pics and videos.
Worried mom and dad.

lost prescription glasses, April 18, 2015 , posted by pedro ,

I lost a pair of Oakley prescription glasses in one of the offleash dog areas. Pls contact

Smog problem, April 17, 2015 , posted by Mike

There are too many cars in High Park. It is full of people who speed along the 20 km/h roads. The roads cut through the entire park making spending time in the park quite unpleasant from all the dirty smoggy car exhaust. The park should be closed to cars, at least on the weekends.

Manure and Woodchips for Gardens, April 17, 2015 , posted by TS ,

Where in the park can gardeners go to obtain composted manure? I imagine there would be tonnes of the stuff to give away because of the zoo.

Is there also a place where gardeners can pick up free woodchips?

Is there someone to call about this inquiry?

Dogs and the stormwater pond, April 15, 2015 , posted by Danni

Hey there-- I wanted to clarify something about the offleash trails where I bring my dog. I'm very careful to obey the signs to keep him out of protected areas (he desperately wants to get to that creek especially, but he knows he's not allowed :) ) I'm unclear on the stormwater pond at the point where the two long trails meet at the north end-- the signage seems to be safety-based (thin ice, keep clear, I think) but there's nothing specific about dogs or local flora&fauna. Because the bank is along an offleash trail, some dogs really like to go for a little swim-- is this permitted? I know that it's not allowed with the protected creek area or any of the ponds that are in leash-only areas, but it doesn't seem like it's the same kind of problem on that south side of the stormwater pond-- it's not behind fencing or anything.

I would love to be able to let my dog wade in there (he managed to sneak in and get very happily soaking once), very supervised of course, but I wanted to make sure that it's not restricted or dangerous for the local flora and fauna.

April 13, 2015

Please note that for City of Toronto inquiries, the number to call is 311, not 411. You can call 311 any time of the day.

Cooking in the park, April 5, 2015

Charcoal BBQ s are not allowed, what about gas or electric cooking devices?

Storage lockers, April 2, 2015 , posted by Giovanni ,

Can anyone help answer this question for me?
I live in the area of highpark and frequently go for runs on the various trails and play soccer on the fields on weekends.
Does the park have any public storage lockers that exist and I just have not noticed them? Like the good old quarter coin mechanism ones at the pool you turn and get an orange key you can pin to yourself with the safety pin it comes with?
I am always in need of storing a sweater or a bottle of water etc. for after my run through the park and really hate having to carry anything around with me or wear a pouch.
I would think this sort or thing could be a great source of revenue for the parks and recreation of the city and can surely help pay for other stuff too.
Anyone know If it exists on not? If not why?
And who can I request that a consideration be made to have some installed?

This is not a city run site!, March 31, 2015 , posted by NFS

Hi everyone,
this is a wonderful site with great info on the park and a good forum to connect with others. I did want to mention that this is not a city run site so if you have questions, concerns or need assistance please call 411 and speak with someone from the City of Toronto.

Sakura, March 31, 2015 , posted by May 2015

CTV news reported that cherry blooming isn't expected until mid-May. Just so you all know.

Summer Camp Activities, March 30, 2015 , posted by Maria ,


We are interested in having our summer camp children visit Jamie Bell’s Adventure Park. I was wondering if we needed to book in advance and if you have an insurance certificate that you could send me. I was also wondering if we need a permit for the bus to park or for us to be there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Sakura in 2015, March 30, 2015

With this year's cruel winter, the Sakura trees won't bloom anytime soon, I would say it'll be May by the time we see them bloom.

March 28, 2015 , posted by Diego Pawlun ,

Hello, I have a question regarding grendadier pond, Is there any canoeing on the pond or in a special designated area?

Lost camera, March 28, 2015 , posted by Nick

My wife lost her purple compact Canon camera on the 26th of March. If anybody finds it, please contact me on +1 289 339 0783. A reward is available! Thanks.

Cherry, March 26, 2015 ,

Could you tell me When is the cherry ready for tourist?

March 26, 2015

Does anyone know when the cherry blossoms bloom?

washrooms, March 24, 2015 , posted by Trixxi ,

just wondering if any of the many washrooms are also accessible for people in wheelchairs??? or it there are some specially designated. Id appreciate that info pls & ty

Sakura Tree, March 23, 2015 , posted by Yamashita

Any update on when the Cherry Blossoms start?

An event question, March 15, 2015 , posted by Joseph Roth ,


Is it possible for citizens to book live music events at the High Park Amphitheatre? The possible acts would be based in the toronto music scene.

Thank you for your time,
Joseph Roth

Theft, March 11, 2015 , posted by Lori johnstone ,

Hi there,

While at high park around 5pm on March 11th, my car was broken into and my purse stolen from the trunk. I informed police but I wanted to let you know about it in case the purse shows up somewhere in the park or garbage. There is some important work related belongings that likely will have been ditched with the purse. The purse is medium sized and brown. I am hoping to find the white swipe card that was inside. The incident occurred across from the Grenadier restaurant.

Thank you,

Lori 4169196382

Dead squirrels along dog trail, March 8, 2015

Last saturday feb 28 2015, while walking my dog in the off leash area, i noticed a dead squirrel lodged up in a tree. I thought this was strange but kept walking further along the trail and down to the road area. There was another dead squirrel again in a tree as well as one on the ground. All 3 were in the forest area, not along the actual dog paths. I was concerned that there may have been poison put out. Does anyone know about this?

Lost car keys!!, March 3, 2015 , posted by Sarah J ,

I lost my car keys in the off leash dog area tonight. I walked everywhere and spent 2 hours trying to retrace my steps- no luck. It was my only set of keys. Black keys to a honda, with an emblem of a saint on an attached key chain.
Please let me know if you or anyone you know finds it!
Much appreciated,

re: photography permit, March 2, 2015 , posted by wendy ,

Does anyone know if there are photography permits available during cherry blossom season at High Park or is there any photography restrictions?

Grenadier restaurant open?, March 1, 2015 , posted by Andrew

Hi all, drove over to the Grenadier last weekend and it was closed for construction/reno. Does anyone know if it's open today?

cherry blossoms, February 21, 2015 ,

HiWhen can I expect them to blossom?

camera bag found, February 13, 2015

Hi there,

I was running the high park trail on Sun Feb 8, 2015 8:30 to 11am... found a camera bag. If it's your's just email me

I ran in circles asked everyone I saw and could not locate the owner.

Cooperative Education, February 3, 2015 , posted by Sujithan Navakumar ,

My name is Sujithan, I am a student from WA Porter high school. I was wondering if not far from the tree is accepting 3 cooperative education students. My 2 friends and I found high park to be the best place to do our cooperative education for environmental SHSM. Hopefully, you get back to use soon. The work that we do must be associated with the environment

Renting Events Room, February 3, 2015 , posted by Clancy Tredway ,

Hi there,

I am planning a baby shower for my sister and wonder if you still rent out the apace in that old cool barn building? If so, Would love to talkto someone to get some information.
I am hoping to have it in March, in the morning/early afternoon. And it would be about 50 people. Thanks so much!!


January 30, 2015

Are there snowshoeing or cross country skiing trails in the park? And if so what are the conditions like?
Thank you!

High Park Forest School, January 29, 2015 , posted by Dianne

I attended High Park Forest School every May through September from 1950 through 1954. The school was for children from poor families. Our classrooms had no walls or ceilings, just a blackboard, floor, desks and chairs, and on rainy days, we spent it indoors in the school building. After lunch, we unrolled our blankets and slept under the trees for two hours. Saturday mornings, we went by bus to Sunnyside pavilion and in the fall, we hiked through the park. It was wonderful to be surrounded by nature and the love of nature was instilled in me and lasts to this day. I remember the sandiness of the banks of Grenadier Pond and, sadly, when I returned a few years ago, nearly everything was so neat and manicured. Close to nothing left of the park's natural state that John Howard stipulated as a condition in leaving it to the city.

Skating, January 29, 2015

Does anyone have advice regarding a location that is safe and convenient for accessing Grenadier Pond to skate?

Student work, January 27, 2015 ,

We are shooting simple immobile frames of trees, plants and landscape for school work. Do we need a permit? Will we be able to shoot this weekend? Thank you.

re: skating, January 26, 2015

if you had a pond on your property and saw people skating on it wouldn't it cross your mind "what if one of them fell and drowned / froze to death - who would the police want to talk about it?" - I wouldn't let anyone skate on "my pond" and the city is right to not let anyone skating on a pond that they maintain

Skating on pond, January 25, 2015 , posted by Jennifer

So sad that our wonderful family day skating on grenadier pond was cut short by police.

Our family has been skating on high park since 1932 and we and many others were out this weekend of beautiful weather and perfect skating conditions.

For the first time in the 48 years I have been skating on grenadier pond, the police showed up on Saturday, surrounded the pond and kicked everyone off. Yet another example of city regulation gone crazy with worry about liability, limiting the enjoyment and happiness of the many.

white powder in dog area, January 23, 2015

Did the police ever identify the white powder that was set out in many little piles in the dog off leash area today? Was it runners marking a route with flour or something else?

coyote, January 22, 2015

Hello friends of high park, quick note to mention I saw a coyote this morning while walking the small trail just east of grenadier pond at the south end of the park. It was down in the valley and we (my pup and I) were higher up on the trail. When it saw us it ran away (normal and appropriate coyote behaviour). The time was about 7:45 am.

Salt, January 2, 2015 , posted by Patrick ,

Took our dogs down at highpark today had to cut our walk really short today for the amount of salt that was around ypu guys should really consider putting sand instead of salt as highpark is suppose to be dog friendly but needless to say with the salt it makes things very difficult which I'm sure I'm not alone on this comment

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