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James Henry Fleming Monument, December 31, 2016 , posted by Rosemary Fleming-Featherstone ,

My grandfather James Henry Fleming banded the first bird in North America in 1905 in his backyard at 267 Rusholme Rd., Toronto. This was commemorated with a stone monument and plaque which was located at the corner of Spring Rd & Deer Pen Rd in High Park. The last time I was in the park I could not find the monument. My brother Bill Fleming & I would like to know where it is. Thank you!

Missing Plaque, December 31, 2016 , posted by Alan L Brown ,


I run the website and have been told by a viisitor to my site that an historical plaque titled "First Banding of a Bird" has disappeared. You can see a photo of it at
Would you happen to know what happened to the plaque?

Alan L Brown

Pesticide Spray in High Park, December 12, 2016 , posted by Sarah Follett ,

I came accross a couple of warning signs stating pesticide spray was being done in the area.

Wondering if anyone is able to provide more information about the application of this pesticide.

What areas are being covered? (The signs do not indicate parameters)

What is the name of the spray and is the city making the MSDS available?

How long is the chemical active for? Is it dangerous to animals or children?

Any info appreciated!!

Construction, December 7, 2016 , posted by Kathleen Theriault ,

I've noticed some sort of construction going on in the small pond just east of Colborne Lodge Dr (visible from The Queensway). Just curious as to what that might be for, and hoping that it'll return to normal at some point. It's such a restful site.

high park in winter, December 1, 2016 , posted by brenda ,

I was wondering if its ok to visit the park on winter, do you have amenities? i'm asking this because in your web page I just see summer pics and I'm visiting Toronto for vacation very soon.

Thank you, Brenda

Performing Opera at the Park during the Summer, November 30, 2016 , posted by Adler ,

Dear Sir/madam;

I am inquiring about having Opera in the Park (similar to Shakespeare in the Park) during this coming Summer. Will you please direct me as to Rental Cost and other pertinent information. Your reply will be much appreciated.

Ponds, November 29, 2016 , posted by Sarah E. ,

What's going on with the construction in the east pond (where the herons often hang out in the summer) -- it looks as though it's being divided into two smaller ponds? Just curious as I can't find anything about it on the website or in local news.

Coyotes, November 29, 2016 , posted by Myriam

Two coyotes attacked my dogs this morning at 6:30am. Luckily my dogs ran away and didn't get into a fight. This happened on the trail in High Park that starts at the end of Pacific Ave, the one that is sort of a ravine.


Events in High Park, November 22, 2016 , posted by Sandy Bourque ,

Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to host an event in High Park for a fundraiser?
Thanks for any help,

Strange Noise Saturday Nov 19, 2am, November 21, 2016 , posted by Bill C ,

I was on my deck saturday morning at 2am on Glenlake just east of Keele and heard sounds coming from what seemed the direction of Lithuania Park.

At first it sounded like a crowd of people cheering then it sounded like a pack of dogs, then it sounded like a flock of geese freaking out.
It persisted until i went to sleep awhile after.
Im dumfounded as to what it was if anyone could explain Id appreciate it.


Petting zoo, November 20, 2016 , posted by Nithusha ,

Hi! I just want some information about the petting zoo at high park b/c I am doing a project on it so is it ok if you can give any contact info we can call and ask questions about the petting zoo! It would be nice if you could thanks very much

Presto card, November 19, 2016 , posted by Joanne Deane ,

I found Presto Card in High Park Yesterday about 3pm.

Coyote 11/12/16, November 19, 2016 , posted by Jazz

Also saw coyote in High Park last Saturday, below Dog Hill near Shakespeare stage. Crossing paths there from brush into brush. Small dogs just before and after sighting loose--be careful.

Also a dog owner appalled at loose dogs in leash areas. Shame! Stunning disregard for others in shared public park and for the natural environment. Stop being selfish, Toronto!

Coyote Sighting, November 12, 2016 , posted by Phil ,

Just saw one of the High Park coyotes running through the woods near the trails on the west side of the park. What a beautiful sight!

Lost keys , November 10, 2016 , posted by Sheila ,

I lost my keys on Monday nov 7 around the off leash area,
Black key chain wth
A black BMW key and a house key

Comment policy, November 8, 2016 , posted by Admin

A brief note to everyone wondering why their post wasn't published. It's likely you used all caps or obscene language or sent in racist or otherwise defamatory comments. I will post any message as long as it's respectful and doesn't include all caps. Please find a way to express your disapproval in a way that isn't insulting to anyone and your comment will be posted. Also, if your question is answered on the FAQ page your note won't be posted.

Coyote, November 7, 2016 , posted by Melanie

I saw a coyote twice today running down Clendenan Avenue close to High Park! Just a heads up to everyone!

Glasses lost last Saturday Nov 5, November 7, 2016 , posted by Sonia Sanchez ,

The glasses are prescripted for my myopia that's why they're very important for me. I would want give you my contact information just in case someone found and returned them in your officces. (signals: Christian Dior's black glasses)

Thanks in advanced. Sincerelly, Sonia, cell phone number 647 8344797

Spring Rd , November 6, 2016 , posted by Maureen ,

Hi. Just wondering what project is in progress near the Spring Rd parking area.

Inconsiderate dog owners, November 4, 2016 , posted by Birder

A rare dove was seen in the park this week and many birders and photographers spent time at the bird sanctuary hoping to spot the dove. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible for the bird to enter the area, let alone land on the ground to feed, due to the large number of off leash dogs that tore through the site (in spite of the area NOT being an off leash area). For many of these dogs, owners were not even close by; if owners were nearby, their calls to the dogs often went unheeded - clearly the dogs were not under control.

I note that others have also commented on the problem of off-leash dogs in the park with problems ranging from dog owners allowing their animals to frighten small children (with the all too common retort, "The dog is friendly"), jump on people (and a man with sciatica described to me how he was brought to the ground due to a jumping dog), and destroy the undergrowth (and all that that entails for the park wildlife).

When will something be done about this? The 311 folks are rarely in the park to enforce the rules (and even when they are present, it is not clear how much power they have over rude dog owners). Sadly we cannot rely on many dog people to have common sense and respect the park rules... to recognize that their interests are not the only interests of park users.

Stargazing High Park, November 4, 2016 , posted by Rienard ,

Wondering if there is minimal light pollution in high park at night or is there an extensive network of street lamps? I recently purchased a Dobsonian telescope and live in the area.

Coyote in High Park, November 1, 2016 , posted by Natalie Bognar ,

Just a heads up to those living around High Park near Wendigo Way - saw a coyote this morning on the road at about 9:15 am.

Dogs in off leash area, October 29, 2016 , posted by C Stuart

It is great that dog owners have an off leash area to let their pets run free. However, I am finding increasingly that there are a number dog owners who put both their pets and others in danger in neglecting to keep their pets under control. Today while jogging on the road, I had one dog lunge at me and, shortly therafter, a dog owner threw their dog's ball right at me, which came running right at me. Not the dog's fault. While doing pretty well, I am still recovering from a torn peroneal tendon and ACL surgery and don't do well with sudden side to side movements. For those that have problems controlling their pets, they should be required to put them on a leash (at least on the road where there is a lot of foot traffic) so all may enjoy the park.

Dogs loose in on lease areas, October 29, 2016 , posted by Rachel Merran ,

Increasingly, I find myself unable to walk nature trails in the park which should be ON leash areas because so many dog owners disregard the request to leash their pet. When I ask them if they are aware it is an on leash area they either ignores me or claim ignorance!
Last week I was walking with my 6 year old grand daughter who is nervous around large dogs when
2 large dogs bounded up to us on an on leash trail. The owners said they didn't know . Can
Nothing be done? Larger signs fines park wardens???
It is getting ridiculous - many dog walkers come with 5 to 10 dogs and let them roam in areas which are supposed to be protected !
Perhaps and i know this is far fetched we could have one day a week designated as a dog free day?!? So that the park could recuperate and those of us who enjoy a quiet walk without barking dogs screaming owners and being jumped
On in areas
Designated as on leash could have a break from
The canine cacophony
And, I like dogs!
But I really don't like their owners who are inconserate and disrespectful of both the park's ecosystem and other people who might not enjoy being constantly surrounded by packs of dogs.
Thank you!

Fall leaves, October 27, 2016

Fall leaves are definitely worth a look today or this weekend! Looks even better with a bit of mist, kind of sets the mood for late October

re: posts on this site, October 27, 2016 , posted by Admin

In order to have your post(s) deleted you need to provide a way for me to contact you so I can verify that the post(s) you want deleted were in fact from you and delete them. Sending an anonymous post without an email address won't help: I simply don't know how to get in touch. Also, please don't use all uppercase. It's considered bad online etiquette. Thank you.

POSTS ON THIS SITE, October 25, 2016


Fall laves, October 24, 2016 , posted by Fall leaf expert

Leaves are now pretty and colourful. Bring your cameras! And take a moment to appreciate the trees as they are, any time of the year. With each picture taken, take a moment to think about how to reduce the insane amount of paper towels and toilet paper made from non recycled sources.

Fall 2016 colours, October 22, 2016 , posted by Salman Kureishy ,

When can one come to see fall colours in bloom for 2016

Litter, October 15, 2016 , posted by Jade Armstrong ,

Are there volunteers who pick up litter? If so, how can I join?

Grenadier Pond, October 15, 2016 , posted by Richard Marazzi ,

I have been living in High Park area for 20 years and have always enjoyed my walks through the park. For the most part I think the park is beautifully maintained. I do however have issues with the amount of reeds lining grenadier Pond. Every year the view becomes obstructed more and more and we seem to be at the point where 90% of the perimeter on the east side and south side of the pond's view is completely obstructed. I miss sitting by the banks of the pond and enjoying the view but now all I have to look at is 8' tall overgrown reeds. I wish that this problem would be resolved in 2017. Thanks for your time. Richard

Autumn colour change, October 14, 2016 , posted by Hinh Khuong ,

Hello there.
I am wondering when is the best time to see autumn leaf change color this year at High Park?

Thank you in advance


New pictures of Castle?, October 11, 2016 , posted by Elsie

When I write to others about our adventure at "Jamie Bell Adventure Park" Castle and I link to the page on the High Park website, it still shows the old structure (which is now 4 years old) Can you replace the old pictures with new pictures of the new structure?


parking, October 9, 2016 , posted by tam ,


we would like to visit park. where is all the free parking?

Lost Keys in High Park, October 3, 2016 , posted by Catalin Chirvase ,

Hi there,
I lost my keys on Friday evening and wondering if someone found them is there any place that the keys can be drop off( lost& found office)?

Autumn Leaves, September 25, 2016 , posted by Lisa ,

Hi, I was wondering when is the best time to come out and take photos for autumn leaves?

Lady at Grenadier Pond Cafe, September 24, 2016 , posted by neighbor ,

I came looking for info on the coyote population of High Park and ended up reading the posts.

I have to agree, there are actually two ladies at the cash that need some customer service training. They don't even smile, are rude and seem upset about having to work there.

It would be nice if you selected your staff better. People who don't smile should be in positions that don't deal with customers.

TRAILS / DOGS, September 21, 2016 , posted by Andrea Winkler ,


I love High Park. I run through the on leash trails once or twice a week and I always feel so lucky to do so. I am a 35 year old woman, but I am quite small. Several times on the on leash areas big dogs have jumped at me. Yesterday a pretty big bull type of dog came from around a corner and ran at me lunging and knocking me into the bushes. It was so scary and I landed on branches and have a huge cut on my leg that was bleeding a lot. Anyways, it was really scary! I know there are signs posted in that area to be dogs on their leashes. I just wanted to let you know that dogs are definitely not on leashes. I love the park and just wanted to reach out.

Thanks so much,

Lost Pomeranian this AM, September 18, 2016 , posted by Erica Grenci ,

Hi There,

I lost my small Pomeranian puppy this morning in high park this morning. She is tan/beige in color, has a long coat, and goes by the name Lucy. Any help would be very much appreciated! I've been searching for her the past 3 hours.

Sincere Regards,


Cherry Blossoms Bloom, September 11, 2016 , posted by Andre ,

Do cherry Blossoms Bloom twice a year? I see that most of the information regarding full bloom specify April and May as the peak months. Do they also bloom in the fall?

Insect swarms, September 8, 2016 , posted by Anthony mazzoli ,

On a very recent visit to your zoo, I was appalled at the poor animals being bitten and swarmed by small biting fly-like insects. My friend and I were bitten several times and they were very painful bites. I understand the animals have thick fur covering their skin, but nevertheless the flies swarmed around their eyes and the animals had to use their their forelegs to brush them away. The animals looked very distressed and most certainly were annoyed by these swarms of insects. Can't something be done to protect them, to reduce or even eliminate much of these swarms? Surely some insect trapping device hung away from the animals themselves so they do not access it and possibly harm themselves, I can't emphasize enough how shocked I am to have witnessed what I consider unnecessary torment for these animals lives all merely for the pleasure of us having a look at them!
This is inhumane, as there is no escape from the swarms, and I can't believe our modern technology could not be put to use to make their lives more comfortable. There are very effective insect illuminating mechanisms on the market. Why can these not be employed for this purpose?

Animal Cruelty, September 6, 2016 , posted by Sonia ,

I recently walked through the High Park zoo for the first time and was appalled at the conditions in which the animals were being held. I think the saddest site were the two bison, heads hanging low in their tiny dirt enclosure, nary a small patch of grass for grazing. These animals are meant to forage and graze on GRASSES in open fields. There is no reason for these animals to be caged up in this manner, with basic provisions lacking. I hope that at a minimum, these animals get some exposure to grasses and larger spaces through some form of rotation of pens, however I am not hopeful given the signs are affixed to the cages. I hope Toronto residents support the removal of the zoo so these animals can hopefully be sent to a sanctuary.

unfixed male dogs, September 4, 2016 , posted by K Hewlett ,

Please update your regulations to advise against unfixed male dogs. They cause huge issues in off leash areas, including their own aggressive behaviour and aggressive behaviour from other dogs. Most off-leash areas have signs indicating that all dogs should be fixed, but High Park does not. Thanks so much!

Wasp Nest, September 3, 2016 , posted by Scott ,

Wasp Nest in stairs en route to zoo from colbourne lodge. My son just got stung! Also your phone number on google search is incorrect & goes to a resident

animal cruelty, September 2, 2016 , posted by Lisa Isaac ,

I recently visited your zoo at Hyde Park as A visitor from Victoria British Columbia. I nearly cried when I saw the animals in such small enclosures especially the Meshed in peacocks and the beautiful bison lying sadly on the ground with no room to roam around. as a concerned citizen I would like to see species enclosures like this return to their natural setting for them to live happy lives . zoos like this should be a thing of the past. very sincerely Lisa

Black oak cafe, August 19, 2016 , posted by Irina ,

Lady at the cafe is way too rude and unpleasant bad image and horrible customer service. When asked what time she opens because no hours of operations are posted she answered with attitude when i am ready. Been horrible and attitudy to group of 8 customers all in 10 min spam

Graffiti, August 17, 2016 , posted by Cynthia Ledgley ,

Good morning, I called 311 and they said I had to speak with the Superintendent of High Park. There is a City owned utility building at the edge of the park at Ellis Park Road and Dacre Crescent intersection with SLEESTAK and numerous graffiti patterns on this building. I was told that this is a High Park issue and not a City issue. In the past the City has fixed graffiti on this building without any issue. I really don't like being in the middled but I would like the graffiti removed. Identical graffiti is also at the top of the hill where Ellis Park Road meets Bloor and the City is going to fix that. Because this little utility building is at the edge of the park the 311 operator said the City will not handle it - since I can't give an address. Sigh. Have a great day. Cynthia Ledgley

Sunday Concerts , August 9, 2016 , posted by Rosemary Counter ,

Hi High Park Toronto,
I'm just curious about your summer concerts, which I hear happen on Sunday afternoons? Don't see them on the events page, so hope someone can help me out.
Thanks kindly!

Restaurant, August 6, 2016

Took guests to Grenadier Restaurant for breakfast recently, including one from out of town. Woman at cash was quite rude and borderline obnoxious. She had no patience for our questions (first time there for bfast) and listening to guests dietary restrictions.

For me personally I was not terribly put off because it is a common Toronto habit, however it certainly left a lasting impression on the out of towners.

Filming in High Park, August 4, 2016 , posted by Jay ,

How knows what movie is being filmed in High Park??
Last night I went to the play Shakespeare In the Park and I saw all the production.

Splash pad, August 4, 2016 ,

Is there a splash pad at High Park and if yes where is it located? Thanks

Tree down , July 31, 2016 , posted by Hilary ,

Last night around 1030pm in your treed area in the section across the black oak concession stand/splash pad, a very large tree branch fell off and crashed to ground 10 steps in front of myself & family.

Please check it out!

Splashpad, July 27, 2016 , posted by Maria ,

Is there a splashpad or pool at highpark??

Car breakin, July 23, 2016 , posted by B

July 23. Car broken into today at noon in full view of others. Purse was well hidden hence yes. Being watched ! Buddy moved quickly to use tap and pay. Beware ! Lesson learned.

stairs to Springer Road, July 17, 2016 , posted by Clare ,

Why are the stairs in the off-leash area going to Springer Road closed again "for construction"? No work is being done. If it is being done, it is taking a lot of time.
Can we please get them open? They are new.

Petting zoo, July 17, 2016 , posted by Alexandra ,


Could you please let me know the days and times for the petting zoo. (Bunnies, chickens etc)?

Thank you, Alexandra

orange purse taken from van, July 16, 2016 , posted by sandra ,

My parents van was robbed this morning (July 16th) and my mom's orange purse was taken. They were attending a soccer game at High Park.
If someone returns it to your office or finds it please let me know. I would
really appreciate it as all her identification and credit cards were in the purse and she is in her late 80s. Thank you.

Play ground , July 13, 2016

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone could answer my question .was looking to have my sons birthday at high park and wanted to know if it's fine to have a bouncy castle obviously somewhere out on a field where it won't get in people's way . Thanks in advance

Overheated Reindeer, July 12, 2016 ,

We just visited the zoo and it seem as though your reindeer are overheating in this weather and panting very, very heavily and one is lying in the same spot in the sunlight, looks exhausted, and is not leaving the spot. It also looks like they don't have water. We couldn't find a number to call and didn't get through 311, hope somebody can check on them. Thanks!

Birthday Girl, July 11, 2016 , posted by Dylan ,


I've been trying to do some research online about doing a meet and greet with a capybara for my girlfriend's birthday. The only thing that seems to be online about capybaras in Toronto is the famed escape! lol Can you please assist? Is there anywhere in or around the city that I am able to take my girlfriend to have a meet and greet with a capybara for an hour? Any info would help!

Re: train, July 11, 2016

Questions about the train? Visit the operator's website at

train, July 10, 2016 , posted by Ellie ,

Are you allowed to take a stroller on the train?
Can you get off and on the train using the same fair?

photography, July 8, 2016 , posted by Jessica ,

Hello, I noticed that on your website it states that wedding photography is not allowed, is there any specific reason why and also when did this new rule come into effect? A lot of people have had their wedding/engagement photos done here recently. Thank you.

Lost Dog, July 7, 2016 , posted by Emily Flores ,

my friend lost her dog at high park yesterday, tried city of Toronto websites still no signs of him. Any sightings?

Booking Availability, July 5, 2016 , posted by Wendy Tu ,

Hello, my name is Wendy and I'm interested in learning more about the availability for High Park for August 6th for 40+ people.

Planting a tree, July 4, 2016 , posted by Victoria ,


I would like to know if it is possible to plant a tree in High Park.


Re: price of zoo, July 4, 2016

The zoo is free

Re: photos, July 4, 2016

Yes you can take photos but not wedding photos

Photography, July 3, 2016 , posted by Shane ,

I was wondering am I allowed to take pictures in high park? or are there rules I'm not 100% certain.

Dogs off leash, July 1, 2016 ,

Today I was walking down Allotment Lane, a woman with 2 dogs off leash was behind me about 60 feet. One of her dogs spotted me started barking and ran toward me in a very aggressive way coming very close and continued to bark. It was a very big dog and it was very frightening. The dog owner was also agressive insisting it was her right to have her dog off leash on Allotment Lane. This is the second time this has happened to me in the exact same spot. Iam a dog lover- but I understand they can very dangerous and I was in danger today.The signage is confusing on the lower part of the lane and I don't think any dogs should be off leash unless they are behind a gate.

Gas cooktop, June 29, 2016 ,

Hello, can we bring gas cooktop or gas bbq to the park? We saw a sign that says no "charcoal bbq", what about gas bbq?

price, June 29, 2016 , posted by lea ,

whats the price to enter the zoo if any?

Power outlet at picnic areas? , June 28, 2016 , posted by Tsering ,

I was curious to find out if there were power outlets at designated picnic areas. Specifically at area #15. Thats all

Park is not nice for city this size , June 26, 2016

While I find the park to have a lot to offer, the place is run down.
While I am not a fan of charging for parking, perhaps this could be put exclusively toward upkeep maintenance and cleanliness of the park in general.

I wouldn't mind paying a buck an hour or something.

Is Spring Road Off Leash ?, June 26, 2016 , posted by Pat ,

Is Spring Road off-leash or not? There seems some ambiguity about this. The 'leash free dog park' link on this page identifies only one location. I had assumed that it was off leash because dog walkers treat it that way. This is a choice running route on this side of the park and I use it frequently without much grief. Many people however are frightened of dogs that are off leash when they bound up. This area should be clearly posted one way or the other.

Damage to your plants, June 25, 2016 , posted by Bonnie Dell ,

Your pergola hangingbaskets have been damaged

Missing Capybaras, June 22, 2016 , posted by Sharon ,

I saw an animal which looks like a capybaras when I was at GO train station in this morning and I recorded a video.

I am wondering whether you found the other missing capybaras yet. If you want the video, let me know.


Splash pad, June 19, 2016 , posted by Jelena ,

Will the splash pad be open on Canada Day? If yes, at what time?

Cabybaras, June 18, 2016 ,

Have you captured the Cabybaras yet?

shakspeare in the park, June 17, 2016 , posted by Michael Flowers ,

When does Shakespeare in the park start? Dates & Times

People having sex pond side, June 16, 2016 , posted by concerned ,

Yesterday I was walking Pond side in the trails at 6:30pm and I came upon a couple having sex on the ground right in the middle of the path. They were in their mid 20's and would not even get off the ground or move from their position as me and my dogs walked by them. This is horrifying! What on earth am I supposed to do when i encounters such indecent behaviour in broad daylight. Thank God I did not have a child with me.

capybara, June 16, 2016 , posted by auner v ,

sorry for all the comments but i see the problem, before reporting sightings, we must know the size of the animal it can easily be mistaken for a muskrat or beaver, i've had an encounter with a muskrat about a meter away from me and the little things look tough you must be careful around them and beavers i notice even raccoons are more easy humble to humans except downtown lol people must mistreat them around there behind restaurants and by large dumpsters

capybara, June 16, 2016 , posted by auner v ,

one question how big was the escaped capybara that has not been found?

capybara, June 16, 2016 , posted by auner v ,

i love catching animals watching them do what they do gives me inspiration to learn about wildlife, i caught a dock or fishing spider last month(dolomedes), last year i caught a yellow garden spider (argiope aurantia) it might sound light but i was the only one not afraid because im used to this catching snakes and frogs even pigeon im trying to catch a hawk but thats a different story, this weekend i will try to catch the capybara for my first time starting with looking for its scat will be my first step i can then trace its steps because it abviously know by know where it can travel safely and the more of its scat that is found the easier it will be to spot it since she must poo where she knows its safe so anyone else wanna try start like that and have a lot of patience meaning staying in one place minding your own business until it comes around for hours and gain some trust or use booby trap but u might harm it this way it you don't have the right gear or do it wrong good luck lil capy we all hope youre found before it gets cold you can check out my instagram page @jessev187 i got the garden spider and a wasp that measured about 8-10 inches i also have to add new pics i got with my camera, hawk eats pigeon, dove flaps wings, squirrel comes say hie to camera, sundown, toronto sights and i forget what else i'll update my pictures this evening

how far capybara can go?, June 15, 2016 , posted by Harpinder Singh ,

Is it possible that your fugitive has gone as far as Malton, Mississauga?
I spotted an animal like capybara eating grass in my backyard this morning (I can't say for sure because I am not good at identifying animal species).
Anyway I live on Chipley cres. Mississauga.

Capybara, June 14, 2016 , posted by Mark Danner ,

I just spotted the capybara this morning on my run. He was sitting beside Grenadier pond, where the water fountain is (beside the fishing dock). I spoke to a parks person and let them know. The capybara looked healthy and unharmed.

The capybaras , June 14, 2016 , posted by Ann ,

Hello ...
The capybara that was recently captured - is it the male or female? Or maybe that will be announced shortly?
And are all the capybaras neutered and/or spayed?

Thank you.

actual size of High Park, June 13, 2016 , posted by Bill Keogh ,

I sent in a comment earlier today about measuring the actual size of High Park. After further investigation with the Google Maps measurement tool, I found that the park is about 1.0 km wide (not 0.5 km). It was my mistake. So the park is actually about 400 acres as reported on various websites. Sorry for the false alarm! Sorry to waste your time.

actual size of High Park, June 13, 2016 , posted by Bill Keogh ,

I grew up near High Park (Westminster Ave) and as a kid, the park seemed HUGE. I was curious about how big the park actually is. Various websites say 161 hectares or about 400 acres. This website (/History page) says it was 900 acres, and then the city added more to it.
However, by my measurements and calculations (and Google Maps),
I get approximately 85.5 hectares or 210 acres.
The Parkside Drive boundary is about 1.71 km long. The width of the park (from Parkside Drive across the middle to the far side of Grenadier Pond) is about 0.5 km.
1.7 km x 0.5 km = 0.85 km**2 = 85.5 hectares = 211 acres.
Is there some secret 190 acre section of High Park that I don't know about?
By the way, Wikipedia also claims that it is 400 acres.
Are my calculations wrong? Are all the websites wrong?
I am very curious about the discrepancy.

Second Capybara, June 13, 2016 , posted by Dianna Waldron ,

So glad Capybara #1 is safe. Have the storm drains where Capybara 1 was found? I keep thinking Capybara 2 may have been caught/trapped in the storm drains?

I hope not and it is found safe and sound as well!

Thank you,
Dianna Waldron
Deep River, Ontario

Capybara, June 7, 2016 , posted by azi ,

oen of my friends spotted an unkown animal and when she described it to me - I think it could be one of the missing capybaras although this area it is very far from the High Park but I just mention it just in case you guys want to come and take a look at this area.

the animal was spotted two days ago around evening at Upjohn Road area closest intersection Lesmill and York Mills - North York and there are over here some green areas but the thing is that I can not explain if it was a capybara how it ended up in Upjohn road. Just for you guys to come to this area and check..

all the good luck and I hope you find these precious animals...

Lost Capybara, June 7, 2016

Okay, now I know this seems very far off, but I heard on the radio that two Capybara's escaped, and I swear I saw one the other day while I was on the bus. The problem with that is that I live in Sutton. I honestly thought it was an overgrown rodent or something, and it may or may not be the exact rodent you're looking for, but if one of them doesn't turn up in Toronto, I would recommend you look a bit more north. It's very likely I may be wrong, but better safe than sorry.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
-Elliot E.

capybara, June 7, 2016 , posted by pamela mainguy ,

why don't you use dogs to track down the lost capybara

Capybara spotted last night , June 6, 2016 , posted by Tsering ,

Around 2am last night I saw a capybara but confused it for beaver or some rhodent. I just saw pic of the capybara on TV and I am very sure that it was real a capybara because I live close to Gardiner expressway near Royal York. Please email me for further information.

Puppy in High Park, June 6, 2016 , posted by Sue ,

Hello, the owners of Mimi, an 8 month old, 5 lb puppy has posted Lost posters in High Park. They were taken down. On May 29th a black puppy was chased around The Grenadier restaurant by many people and we do not know where this puppy may have ended up. We have been searching day and night for the last 5 weeks. Please, we are begging you, let us put up the posters again so people know who to call and not to chase. This could have been Mimi - she is the only lost puppy we are aware of in this area. My phone number is 416 251 5523 - I am a volunteer searcher.

Zoo, June 5, 2016 , posted by Sarah Philbrick-Djerfi ,

There was a gentleman at the zoo that I am not sure if he was a zookeeper but if he isn't he should be hired. He walked around with a bag and a grabber.
I feel he deserves recognition for how well he engaged all the children at the zoo. He took the time to tell the kids all the animals names, he explained things that you wouldn't know (i.e.: that one of the cattle is pregnant), and the animals seemed to recognize him so many came over to the fence when he was near allowing for a closer look.
On our way back through the zoo I noticed him blowing bubbles to entertain some toddlers, I figured he had the bubbles in his bag and again decided he deserved recognition for his patience with the children of all ages as well as making the zoo a memorable experience.
Thank you for a great day,
Sarah Philbrick-Djerfi

Cpybara, June 4, 2016 , posted by Franca ,

We believe we have found where the cpybara are living. Will at least one of them. Have made a fresh hole at a construction site. My husband said it could be a Marmot but I don't think we even have marmots here in the city. Please contact me for info.

Where can I find the shows that are playing?, June 3, 2016 , posted by William ,

Wondering where I can find the shows and show times that play inside High Park. At the Dream Stage? I remember watching Romeo and Juliet a while ago inside High Park.. Wondering if you are still offering the same show and/or others.

Thank you

capybaras., June 3, 2016 , posted by Paul ,

Possible capybaras spotted crossing sheppard avenue and twyn rivers drive on wednesday morning Junw 1 2016.

Research study at U of T looking for Runners, June 2, 2016 , posted by Eric ,

Hi fellow High Park Runners,

I am a graduate student in the Metabolism and Sport Science lab at U of T.

For my thesis research, I am currently looking to recruit male participants for a study on endurance-trained runners. For those who participate, it is an excellent opportunity to determine personal fitness and performance metrics and to contribute to science. Monetary compensation will also be provided for your time.

If you are interested please email me:

capybaras, May 31, 2016 , posted by Carolyn Butler ,

Maybe Chester Zoo could lend you some capybaras since they now have a plethora of babies!

high park zoo, May 30, 2016 , posted by barbara ,

high park zoo

good day / hopefully, the capybaras will be found SAFE soon

I noticed there are a lot of babies being born. Where do the surplus animals end up?

Pioneer Village does not neuter their male animals, and the surplus animals wind up sent to slaughter.

Thank you,

cabybaras, May 29, 2016 , posted by Marguerite Letts ,

I am incensed at the downplaying of the completely irresponsible handling of these two poor animals. They were allowed to walk away from their captors into an environment filled with very real dangers in the form of dogs and heartless people. Once these two cabybaras were put into your zoo it was your complete responsibility to care for them and keep them safe and happy. You have failed them greatly and your downplaying of that fact is typical of the response by people who care more about their reputation in the eyes of the paying public than of the poor animals.

Kids Splash Pad?, May 29, 2016 , posted by Kara ,

Is there a kids splash pad area in High Park?

Really can't stop crying , May 27, 2016 , posted by Tony Ramjewan ,

I grown up with capybaras from Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean .. Never cry so much then to here what happen to then .. Your lack of responsibility it's not the first time your zoo have animals gone missing. Way to go .. Any one who love animals would understand how hurtful this seeing them
On news dead

CAPYBARAS, May 27, 2016 , posted by katia ,

i wanted to let you know that i saw on of the capybaras on Keele and Annette in the morning on May 25th.

Escape capybara , May 27, 2016

I believe I may have see one of your escape Capybaras this morning. Unfortunately it looks like he got hit by a car. West bound on lakeshore at Ellis

capybaras and search dog, May 26, 2016 , posted by riitta hietanen ,

Why don't you get a dog trained in finding lost pets to look for the capybaras? Since the capybaras leave a scent trail with the shedding of their fur, it should be easy for a dog with a good nose to find them.....

Capybara sighting , May 26, 2016 , posted by Lynn ,

Called 311. They didn't know what to do with the info. Let police know also. They had no idea either. On Tuesday at 2:00 pm, I saw one capybara in a residential area near Bathurst and Sheppard (238 Maxwell St). M3H 5B7. It crossed the road and was in lawn. There is a ravine near by. Maybe got there from ravine. Please email if you'd like more info. It looked like a beaver/ groundhog!!

Snake spotted, May 25, 2016 , posted by Mr Velasco ,

Hello, I was just wanted to notify you that we spotted snake by granadier pond. It was seen on/in a smaller pond (coin pond size) on a paved pathway. Not sure if they are commonly found around the park but was concerned for the sake of my dog and other dogs as well as children around the park.

About missing caypbras, May 25, 2016 , posted by Sheldon ,

Hi I just heard about the missing caypbras and I think I saw it when I was out biking but don't know if it is actually it. It says reported missing Tuesday but was it noticed lost Tuesday? I saw an animal that looks like it Monday afternoon/night like 15min away from high park. I took a picture of it since I didn't know what it was and wondering if a way I can send the picture in case it was it, unless it was still at the zoo Monday night.

Off leash dog area, May 25, 2016 , posted by Joanne

Responding to Pat - Spring Road is for the most part an off-leash area, that's why you encountered so many off-leash dogs.

accessibility, May 25, 2016 , posted by judy ,

Hi. Would love to visit the park with people I support. Is it wheelchair accessible?

Thank you

cameras?, May 24, 2016 , posted by Steph , Steph.

Hi there, This might be a silly question. But are there security cameras in the park, specifically on the banking south of The Grenadier Restaurant by the public washrooms? I think someone tried to steal my dog today and so I'm keen to get answers.

Thanks for reading!

Does anyone give my necklace there? , May 24, 2016 , posted by Risa Hatano ,

I lost my necklace in high park. It was around the main area which has maple leaf garden. My necklace is, the color is pink gold, and the shape is heart. I'd like to know if you have it. Thank you.

dog poisoning, May 24, 2016 , posted by Michele Chaban ,

I am hearing there is dog poison in the park…and it has been a week since it was first discovered…i went for a walk today in the dog off leash section…and noticed nothing -except there were few dogs….can you let me know the risk in your view.

Dr Michele Chaban

Lost car keys, May 23, 2016 , posted by Nilesh ,

Yesterday , 22nd May I visited high park with friends and family and lost my car-Honda CRV. I asked few employees and in restaurant there but could not find my keys. So please help me to get contact of park authority to ask and if someone found please contact me on 647-872-2786

Parking Issue, May 23, 2016 , posted by Kevin Chan ,

I have witnessed far too many parking disputes at the restaurant's lot that it is concerning.

Having been in one as well, a lot of drivers ignore the drawn parking lines, either parking on them or crossing them to get their spots.

While I understand the first issue is resolved via parking enforcement, the second issue may require a subtler approach. Perhaps raising some cement blocks to deter drivers from crossing will help reward drivers to obey the laws of the road.

Thank you for your time to read this mail and sincerely hope you'd consider some options to rectify the issue(s).

A Richmond Hill resident,
Kevin Chan.

Off Leash Dogs, May 22, 2016 , posted by Pat ,

I was at the park today for the first time. It is a beautiful and well maintained park. My only problem was with the number of off leash dogs we encountered walking what I think was Spring Road. We easily encountered 2 dozen of them in about 5 minutes and none of them were just crossing the road from one off leash area to another. They were all walking along the path - some right beside their owners, others a distance away. One dog was running wild with no apparent owner in sight and ran suddenly in front of the train causing the driver to unexpectedly have to stop to avoid hitting it. Several large dogs approached us, some from behind. I think this area needs to be better monitored before someone is injured.

Smoking areas, May 22, 2016 , posted by Sanaa ,

Hi, is there a smoking areas in the park, regards

Open on Victoria day?, May 22, 2016 , posted by Nafis Ahbab ,

I was wondering if the zoo is open on Victoria day (tomorrow)? Thanks

cherry blossoms, May 19, 2016 , posted by nature lover ,

Are there any cherry blossoms this May long weekend?? May21-23,

@cycling, May 19, 2016 , posted by Not a cyclist

Cyclists are welcome at the park as far as I know but when they zip through the park then i have a problem with it. Most people on a bike thing "oh i'm on a bike, i'm exercising so i'm better than you, make way, here i come, i can break any traffic rule, i am on a bike and bikes are so awesome, awesome like me" (same for runners). so to hell with your "multi-use path" comment. as soon as cyclists stop being bullies of the road people will stop telling them to slow down. there. i said it. crucify me.

cycling, May 18, 2016 , posted by Park Cyclist ,

Please tell your "volunteers" to stop accosting and yelling at cyclists along the Grenadier Pond Trail. The City of Toronto Cycling Map for the area is here:

This clearly shows it as a minor multi-use path, so unless you are going to post some signage that bikes are disallowed, cyclists should not be accosted as there is nothing in the park to indicate they are not allowed. Biking from south to north, this path begins as asphalt and abruptly turns into a dirt/gravel path without warning or indication of limited use.

Should you wish to prevent cyclists from using this area, please post some signage in the park and update/speak with the various mapping services for the city (Ride the City, Google Maps, etc) all of which indicate this is a Multi-User path and recommend it as a way to bike safely through the park.

off leash dog area, May 18, 2016 , posted by Gayle ,

We are trying to find a dog park where we can unleash our two shihtzus. We also need a park with either picnic benches or just benches....and shade. My husband has medical conditions that won't allow him to walk far and needs to be able to sit down. I read where it says the leash free dog area is not completely closed in therefore our dogs could get out.....unfortunately that won't do.Is it true ?
Do you know anywhere else that might have all that ?
Hate to ask you that but we're finding it very difficult finding a proper park to unleash our two. We live in the west end at the Lawrence and Royal York area.
If you wish to call us we would be more then happy to talk to you.........Al and Gayle 416 243 1839

Cherry Blossoms, May 18, 2016 , posted by Bork ,

Any update anyone?

Cherry Blossom, May 17, 2016

Has anyone seen if there is boom there yet?

Webcam Streaming, May 16, 2016 , posted by Rick ,

Does anyone know why there are no webcams streaming live video from the park? This is supposed to be a Prime area for visitors to visit and for everyone to enjoy the nature we Torontonians are lucky enough to have here in the middle of our city. Let's get together and make this happen so other people around the world can see how lucky we are.


Baseball Diamond, May 16, 2016 , posted by Jeremy ,


I was just wondering if the dirt baseball diamond is open to the public? I'm only wondering because dirt diamonds are so hard to come by in Toronto because most are gravel.


Cherry bloosms , May 14, 2016 , posted by Vaisu ,

I was just wondering if the cherry bloosms are still in , or did they fall off ?

street scenes, May 12, 2016 , posted by george ,

street scenes of some of the older houses might be positive addition.

Baby raccoons may need mother, May 11, 2016 ,

Colorborne lodge entrance. At the end of the first parking lot coming from queens way. On the right side just slightly downhill on the right. 4 baby raccoons cold. Mother not sighted in 1.5 hours. Can anyone help if they need care ?

no blossoms, May 11, 2016

went to the park yesterday, still no blossoms.

Cherry blossoms, May 10, 2016 , posted by henry ,

Yes there afre cherry blossoms blooming in the park but you have to go to the area between the zoo and the children playground in High park. There are two trees which have around 40 to 60 blooming blossoms. there is one young tree on top of the hill of the Grenadier pond which has around 10 to 15 blossoms...enjoy taking picture now because there maybe rain on this weekend

Pit bull, May 9, 2016 ,

My fiancé was walking our dog in highpark this afternoon. They were walking on the path around the pond to go home. They saw two teenage girls sitting on a bench with a white pit bull not on leash by their side. As my fiancé and dog were passing by, the pit bull started attacking our dog. Our eleven month old dog had no chance fighting back the aggressive pit bull. The pit bull was biring our dog in his face. I'm so thankful there were many people in the area and they were able to help my fiancé stopping the pit bull from seriously hurting my dog. Whoever they were, thank you so much for saving our dog. This is a serious matter that needs to be handles so no other dogs or people won't be attacked by this dangerous dog. The animal services has been noticed about the attack. Pit bull should never be allowed off lease especially if you don't know how to control them. Please watch out if you are walking with a small dog in the area.

Cherry Blossoms, May 9, 2016 , posted by Hobbie ,

I was thinking of heading down to High Park tomorrow (Tuesday May 10, 2016) to photograph the Cherry Blossoms.
Does anyone know if the Blossoms are out yet?

No blooming , May 9, 2016

It's not happening. This year zero cherry flowers. Too bad.

Pink purse, May 9, 2016 , posted by Babu ,

I have posted below on my wife's lost wallet and the number is invalid. Please reach out me on 6478236303

Lost Pink Wallet, May 9, 2016 , posted by Babu ,


My wife had lost her wallet in the park on8th May 2016 and it has a CIBC credit card(P Parthasarathy) Name embedded on it and has OHIP card(PadmaPriya Parthasarathy) with $30 cash. Please text me or call me @ 7478236303 if you find the wallet somewhere. Thanks

Loud bangs, May 8, 2016 , posted by Thiago ,

Also heard the bangs at around 2:00 am (if I am not mistaken), but I am close to Sherbourne and Bloor.

No blossoming trees, May 8, 2016 , posted by J

Now in High Park. NO blossom yet.😩 Only just the magnolia and people looking for the blossoming trees.
The trees are still asleep. 😊

only green leaves, May 7, 2016 , posted by york student

I watched the sakura trees planted in York campus, mostly bare trunks with a few buds turned into green leaves.

Cherry Blossom, May 7, 2016 , posted by Monica Enguero ,

Hi goodmorning. How ate cherry blossoms looking today? Saturday?? May 7,2016?
Do u think they will look great/ may not be spectacular but at least still beautiful this coming Monday 9,2016(Monday)??
I am waiting for your response.
Thank u very much

Park vehicle, May 7, 2016 , posted by Ann Crichton-Harris ,

Yesterday morning, 9 - 9.15 (Friday) an orange vehicle with a front end loader and behind some blowing(?) machine was driving fast up and down the wide path between the duck pond and the big field. The dust raised billowed right across the field as far as the creek! We were covered as was our dog. The machine went up, turned around, went down and repeated this. There was also a woman pushing a baby. Why is this dust blowing being done?
whoever has the job of using a Strimmer around trees is trimming FAR TOO CLOSE. This girdles the bark and eventually kills the tree. THese are young people and perhaps need better instruction. Leaving 5 " of grass around the tree is just fine surely.
I hope to hear from you. ACH

Cherry Blossom, May 7, 2016 , posted by Monica Enguero ,

Hi goodmorning. How ate cherry blossoms looking today? Saturday?? May 7,2016?
Do u think they will look great/ may not be spectacular but at least still beautiful this coming Monday 9,2016(Monday)??
I am waiting for your response.
Thank u very much

Cherry Blossom, May 6, 2016 , posted by Mahta ,

Hi dear, I was wondering that if cherry blossom is mother's day weekend or the weekend after? Please answer me because i want to take my wedding pictures in this season. thanks, Mahta

3 loud bangs, May 6, 2016 , posted by Concerned

Heard three loud bangs yesterday at 3:01 am. Followed by lots of sirens ten mins later from lakeshore and Windermere. Anyone else heard it or knows about it?

Blooming cancelled , May 5, 2016 , posted by A sad visitor

The way things are going there is a very good chance there will be no blooming this year at all :(

Cherry blossom, May 4, 2016 , posted by Olga Lavreniuk ,

Today (on May 04). In spite of the fact that already warmly, the cherry tree doesn't blossom yet. Only just the magnolia and flowers on beds begins to blossom.

Cherry Blossoms, May 4, 2016 , posted by Jazmayne ,

Good afternoon! I was wondering if anyone had started to see the Cherry blossoms blooming in High Park (I'm not expecting them to be FULLY bloomed, just opening a little). If so, where's the best place to find them? Thank you!

Greek/Roman , May 3, 2016 , posted by Diane Baker Mason ,

Some 40 years ago when I was playing in the park, I came across a circle of Greek- or Roman-style heads/pieces of statuary, arranged in a circle, somewhere in the park. I recall it being somewhere around the area between the "School For the Blind" (as it's colloquially called) and dog hill, west of the creek from the run-off pond. However, I can no longer find it! Does anyone know what it was/is, and if it still exists? I would love to see it again (or to know its fate).

Lost dog, May 2, 2016 , posted by Erin ,

Just wanted to report that my friend and I found a light brown fairly large male dog lost in the park. It didn't have a name or number on collar and looked as though the dog had broken loose from being tied in a backyard - had a very long rope behind it. We called animal services and they couldn't come pick up the dog for 5 hours and I couldn't manage to hold thedog to bring home with me. I'm worried about him! If anyone is looking for a large light brown dog / looked part pitbull - it was last seen in high park by bloor and parkside.

Swan, May 2, 2016 ,

I was dog walking this morning at the park and noticed the swan on its nest is deceased with its head in the water. Not sure what caused this, and wanted to bring it to your attention. Very sad!

Hammock, May 2, 2016 , posted by Dillon ,

Can one hammock in this park?

re: NO booming this year, May 2, 2016

No such thing. There will be a bloom but not as full as last year. Too cold for too long.

NO booming this year, May 2, 2016

I heard on CBC news that there may be no blooming this year at all???

Poison sumac, May 1, 2016 , posted by Stan Linkovich ,

Does poison sumac (white flowers) grow in High Park?

Where's all the squirrels in high par?, April 30, 2016 , posted by Ying ,

My boyfriend and I like to feed the squirrels in high park every weekend when we go to walk. Recently for couple of weekends we couldn't see any squirels anymore. First we thought probably too many people fed them already, they didn't need us. But we noticed there wasn't even one squirrel running around. That is so weird, isn't it? Finally we saw one but the skin looks like burnt which has two different patterns? So we want to know what's going on with the squirrels? What happened to them? The only one we can see look like sick! Could anyone give us some information about disappeared squirrels?

blossom yet?, April 29, 2016 , posted by dr ,

i am planning to go tomorrow, april 30th. any expected date for it to blossom? i live outside toronto

Accidents, April 29, 2016 ,

In the past few years there has been a major increase in traffic at the East gates of the park and through High Park Blvd. I notice that there are a lot of accidents at the intersection of Parkside Dr. and High Park Blvd, often while people are making a left turn. There are people speeding down High Park Blvd to beat the light at the intersection. I am afraid of someone, a child, a pet, getting seriously injured or killed with some of the dramatic collisions. This will be more obvious in the spring with the Cherry Blossom. Is there anything we can do before its too late?

Camera on the Cherry trees, April 28, 2016 , posted by RR

Put a camera on the cherry tree and every one can see what happen.

Bike trails , April 27, 2016 , posted by N ,

Does the queens Quay bike trail go all the way past High Park ? What would be the best /safest way to bike to High Park from the Toronto Harbour Front ?

Group pinic , April 27, 2016 , posted by Claudine ,

Good morning I just wanted to inquire about booking for the summer and had a few questions

no blossoms yet, April 26, 2016

no blossoms yet, i think not until mid May

Sakura Tree Blossoming, April 25, 2016 , posted by Nicole ,

Hi Everyone!!

I live outside of Toronto and am unable to see the trees often. Does anyone know if the Sakura trees have bloomed yet? I'm looking to come down on April 30 (Saturday) how have they been looking lately?

Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Cherry blossoms, April 24, 2016 , posted by Alden ,

Are the flowers of cherry blossom already out?

Dog Park not High Park, April 23, 2016

I stopped calling it High Park. I call it Dog Park. Irresponsible dog owners leaving there dogs off leash and not picking up the dog poop ruined the park. It's now uncomfortable for picnics and children. When asked to leash a dog, please. I, like others, get verbal abuse and threats on more than one occasion. It has got to stop!

Cherry Blossom Festival, April 21, 2016 , posted by Manthony ,

A few years ago there was a festival happening during the cherry blossom period.
Does that festival happen on a particular date?
My friend Melissa wants to watch all the sketchy hippies on acid twirling around.

Cherry Blossom Blooming Prediction, April 21, 2016 , posted by Nobby Miura ,

[] Nobby's Fearless Prediction FINAL of Cherry Blossoms at High Park (Sent out on April 9, 2016 to Japanese Canadian community)

The cherry blossom prediction dates are now within the 14-day forecast. Thus, this is the FINAL of the prediction.

Because the 14-day forecast figures are lower than the average daily temperatures of the past, the prediction dates shifted by 3 days from the previous prediction two weeks ago on March 27.

Based on the calculated figures at this point, using the 14-day forecast, they are pointing the beginning of the blooming between April 20 and April 24 and the full bloom between April 26 and April 30.
The declaration of the blooming will be posted here:

* Note: Since April 9, the 14-day forecast shifted significantly to lower temperatures. The prediction above may be shifted a few more days later.

Past blooming records:

May 2, 2007 (Within the prediction)
April 26, 2008 (Within the prediction)
April 27, 2009 (2 days later than the prediction range)
April 12, 2010 (Within the prediction)
May 4, 2011 (1 day later than the predicted range)
April 5, 2012 (3 days later than the predicted range)
April 30, 2013 (Within the prediction)
May 9, 2014 (1 day later than the predicted range)
May 2, 2015 (1 day earlier than the predicted range)

* The definition of the blooming is that at least 5 to 6 flowers on at least two trees each among the three pre-chosen trees bloom.
* Full bloom means the condition where 90% of the flowers are in full bloom.

Note: I am not an expert on the blooming nor the cherry blossoms. I am calculating the figures with very basic pieces of information. I do not take any responsibilities if the prediction was off.

Nobby Miura P.Eng., M.Eng. 

?, April 20, 2016

What's happening? I keep getting conflicting news: bloom late april, late may, no bloom this year, cherry blossoms out next weekend which one is it? i don't live in toronto so i can't just keep checking in person every day

Cherry Blossoms +, April 18, 2016 , posted by Bill ,

Cherry buds as of 4/18 are still very small. If the bloom amounts to anything at all this year, it will be very late - as much as a month away by my reckoning.
But the zoo is a great place to visit while we wait. The Barbary lambs are so cute this time of year.

Climbing Trees, April 18, 2016 , posted by Jahrell Farquharson ,

I was just wondering if it's illegal to climb tress in High Park. I just entered a Aroborist program at Humber Collage and wanted to practice

Cherry blossoms update, April 18, 2016 , posted by Just Edward

Trees aren't blooming yet as of April 19. But park is already very very very busy! Impossible to find parking:(

Blossoms, April 13, 2016 , posted by Gail Etherington ,

When will be the best weeks in 2016 to see blossoms. Will any be out on April 16 and/or will any be out in mid May ??

co-op possibilities for high school students, April 13, 2016 , posted by mary ,

I am investigating co-op possibilities for one of my students from Monsignor Fraser College High School. Do you accept high school co-op students? Dates would be from late April to late June.
thank you,
mary vitti

Dog Off-Leash Map (DOLA), April 12, 2016 , posted by Maria ,

The map showing the Dog Off Leash Areas in High Park can be found here:

dog park info, April 12, 2016 , posted by Maria ,

"There are many open areas and trails inside High Park but it is not permitted to let your dog off leash anywhere outside the dog park area - people will get really mad if you do that, even if your dog is well behaved."

This is not accurate. There are a number of trails/walks that are designated "off leash", not just the dog park. If you can put up a map (maybe from a photo from the billboards in the park?), that would be really helpful.

I also think it's un-useful to state that "people will get really mad" if you don't keep your dog on a leash in an ON leash area. That's not the reason for the ON leash designations. So it's irrelevant whether people get mad or not, though it is perfectly reasonable to be upset when someone is breaking a rule that affects other users of the park.

That is, don't make the ON leash rule about pleasing other park users; it's about preserving the natural areas of the park.

Thanks for considering these suggestions.

Irresponsible Owners of Off Leash Dogs, April 12, 2016 , posted by Maria ,

I am heartened to read here the experiences of other High Park users complaining about dogs that are OFF leash in ON leash areas. I lived near and have been walking in High Park on a regular basis since 1980. I have an allotment in the community garden. The increase in the number of dogs in the park in the last decade or so is alarming.

More so, I am appalled at the lack of courtesy shown by owners of off-leash digs who, when approached politely with the simple question "did you know this is an ON leash dog area?" respond with a range of responses from "no, thank you for telling me" and then carry on, to those who tell me off and call me names… and carry on. The excuses, the verbal attacks are beyond the pale!

I have, for a while now, wanted to find out how/if I can become a volunteer by-law officer so these irresponsible people can be held accountable for all of the offences they commit, as reported in other posts here. I have also, on numerous occasions seen owners let their dogs jump fences and run in areas being naturalized. Or worse, they take advantage of fences that have been cut and themselves accompany their dogs into these restricted areas!

I didn't realize that calling 311 was an appropriate place to make complaints. I will do that. But I may also start taking photos with my cell phone.

This has to stop! There are enough places in the park to let your dog run free. And if you feel it really needs that much more freedom, then move to the country, or don't get a dog in the first place. Because besides running through areas that are being naturalized, there are still owners who don't stoop to scoop.

zoo, April 12, 2016 ,

When is the larger building at the zoo open with the bunnies, ducks and chicks?

GO train riders, April 11, 2016

The Lakeshore West line goes by High Park - commuters can see the blooming progress every morning. Sit on the north side of the train facing east and you'll see the trees by the pond and even some by the Queensway

Trees, April 11, 2016

No way we will see the Sakura bloom in April. I had to scrape frost off the windshield this morning and it's the 10th. Can this cold spell have frozen the buds? I hope not but it's not even unthinkable.

Cherry bloom prediction, April 11, 2016 , posted by Kal

There is snow on the ground so me thinks blooming is not imminent.

cherry tree, April 9, 2016 , posted by colin ,

When are the cherry trees start blossoming? Should we expect sometime next week ?

cherry blossoms, April 8, 2016 , posted by Raihan ,

I'm a Montrealer and as per this site, cherry blossoms forecast on late March where in some other related sites it says late April, so just wondering which one is correct? a response will be greatly appreciate. Thanks.

Cherry Blossoms , April 7, 2016 , posted by Chris ,

Have the cherry blossom trees bloomed yet and if not will they bloom by April 12th?

Cherry Blossom, April 6, 2016 , posted by Thereza ,


I was wondering when the Cherry Blossoms will start blooming?

Thank you

Cherry Blossom, April 5, 2016 , posted by Al ,

I heard there are cherry trees in Burlington and Center Island. Any idea when they will bloom?

Marriage proposal at High Park, April 5, 2016 , posted by Marvin Velazquez ,

I'm helping someone with his marriage proposal and he wants to know if he can do it at High Park. His idea involved having his friend take his girlfriend to the park where they would come upon a tent with a fortune teller. Inside the teller would give them a fortune. His girlfriend will get a fortune to step outside where he would then appear in a knight costume riding a horse and will propose to her.

Is something like this possible at High Park? We have contacted a horse company and they said they can bring the horse to High Park. We have a fortune tell that can do it but would we need a permit to setup a tent/canopy in High Park? If so, what is the cost/process of doing that? If this is possible, is there a recommended location where it can be done at?

Where is the chess club located in High Park? , April 5, 2016 ,

I want to know where the chess club (building/area) is located in high park and the closest way to get there by bus

Scattering cremated remains, April 3, 2016 , posted by Shelley ,

Can you scatter cremated remains in the park somewhere?

Cherry Blossom, April 2, 2016 ,

When will the cherry blossom trees bloom? When should I go and make a visit?

Inappropriate Content, April 1, 2016 , posted by Sal ,

You don't have to bring your crying two year old child and two dogs when the crowd is the biggest. (And I say this as a father of a crying two year old and two dogs). It'll be so much easier for everybody if you go during off-peak hours.

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Cherry Trees, March 29, 2016 , posted by Rohit ,

Hi there -

I was wondering when the cherry trees start to blossom or if they already have? Can you advise when the best dates are to visit?

Thank you!

Rohit Sardana,
Toronto ON

Cherry trees, March 28, 2016

Does anyone know if the cherry trees will be in full bloom in 2016 in April given the mild winter?

Wild Turkeys, March 27, 2016

Wild Turkeys in High Park

In the past two months, I observed two Wild Turkeys on the location at shoreline.

I thought that it was a really nice opportunity for city folks to appreciate the vulnerable wildlife at large.

Kind of spontaneous situation to learn about and respect the wildlife…

Over the past several days, I noticed these wild birds behind the fence near the avian area of the park’s Zoo. Just wondering if keeping the Turkeys in the Zoo is deliberate?

Covered areas for rent , March 23, 2016 , posted by Amanda ,

Are there covered areas that can be rented for a picnic?

Rent Space, March 23, 2016 , posted by Jaynie ,


I'm planing to have an event at High Park.

Is it available to rent a space for ard 150 people? If so, can you let me know what dates are okay on June?
I want to book on Saturday or Sunday.

Please let me know.



bird watching, March 18, 2016 , posted by jason brum , jason_brum@

I was out at the park earlier this week for a chilly bike ride and as i stopped near Gren. Pond I caught a glimpse of this little guy... awesome bird , this is why i love high park !! :)

Inquiry About Tallgrass Restoration and Conservation, March 17, 2016 , posted by Kailey Michnal ,


I am a graduate student at York University working on an MSc in Bumblebee Conservation Genomics. Currently, a handful of partners and I are working on a literature review on tallgrass prairie conservation and restoration in Ontario, and I am hoping to ask you a few questions about the maintenance of High Park's prairie. Primarily, we are interested in exploring the idea of converting some of Ontario's grazing fields to tallgrass prairie to a) create habitat connectivity between existing remnants of tallgrass prairie and b) provide incentive for landowners to encourage growth of tallgrass prairie on their land. Our thoughts are that by converting grass field to tallgrass prairie, landowners will profit from both the livestock feeding on the prairie and from the grass yield from annual mowing. Since prairies require regular burns, mowing prior to burning should not disrupt the natural cycle of the prairie ecosystem. However, finding literature on recent controlled burns in southern Ontario and associated costs has been difficult. I am hoping that I may ask you a few questions about your controlled burns to effectively build upon our idea and gather proper literature so this recommendation may be included in our review. I hope that my questions are not too forward or invasive, and that you will be able to provide answers, even if approximate values are necessary in some responses. I would greatly appreciate a response as soon as you are able. This recommendation has come up just as the final report is being drafted and unfortunately our due date is March 29, 2016.

My questions for you are:

1) How often are controlled burns performed on the High Park prairies?
2) Is there a protocol you follow during these burns?
3) What maximum temperature do you allow the fire to reach?
4) How do you extinguish the fire?
5) May I have approximate annual costs for controlled burns (including training personnel, hiring professionals, maintenance, etc.)?

Thank you kindly in advance. I look forward to your response!


Kailey Michnal MSc Candidate

drones, March 17, 2016 , posted by Ryan Lam ,

Can I fly my drone for scenery at the park?
What about during off peak hours ? Sunrise /Sunset when there is less people?

Lost wallet, March 12, 2016 , posted by Narbeh Khachikian ,

Possible I lost my wallet at the parking lot close to the zoo entrance. 416-731-2622. Narbeh

Thank you.

Emu, March 11, 2016

Today my family was at high park zoo and we saw the lighter coloured emu swallow a bottle cap. We hope it doesn't get sick or hurt.

Llama feeding, March 8, 2016 , posted by Jay ,

I was wondering if the llama feeding is all year round too? I was planning to visit soon and was just wondering if they'd be around when i visit the zoo with my kids

petting zoo, March 8, 2016 , posted by Bruna ,

Hi, just wondering if the petting zoo is already open?
Thanks in advance.

unleashed area, March 3, 2016 ,

I LOVE High Park and my favourite area is walking along the ravine through the oak forest along the pathways there. I recently took an out of town friend to show her the beautiful trail only to find fences and multiple cattle gates along the trails that you would find on a farm not a city park. I apologised to her being embarrassed at how ugly it was. I know this has now been converted to a dog leash area. There is a large dog leash area anyways, does the most lovely part of the park have to be as well?

re: cherry trees, March 3, 2016 , posted by Admin

re: the first cherry tree question for this year
for: Sarim:

It's very hard to predict ahead of time when the trees will be in full bloom. Usually late April / early May. Starting mid-April there will be frequent updates on the website about this and many people will be posting in the forum about dates.

Depending on your preference, just a note that when the trees are in full bloom, the park is packed with people so it's be very hard to find a private spot to propose. Just a thought.

Good luck!

Cherry Blossom Proposal, March 1, 2016 , posted by Sarim Ali ,


I was wondering if you have an estimate as to when the cherry blossom trees will be in full bloom this coming year, or is that not available right now?

Also, I am looking to propose to my girlfriend at the park when they are. Is there any way you can assist me in this? Whether it is a gazebo, or a sign with the flowers, or in any capacity. I am sure there have been such occurrences in the past.


off leash dogs , February 21, 2016 , posted by Ryan

First, i've had dogs during my life as pets, i enjoy them and their company, but always been a responsible owner. having a dog as a child helped teach me responsibility. I've never been too far one way or the other regarding dogs being off leash in the park or not, but today was my tipping point in forming an opinion. My wife and i were on a walk today and first an off leash dog charged us and jumped on my wife on spring road. not a word of apology from the owner or remorse; my wife was covered in mud but we carried on. Note- my wife was recently pregnant and much more sensitive to dogs jumping on her at that point but we brushed it off. We continued walking to the area on grenadier pond where the 2 wild turkeys have been taking up habitat in recent weeks, a dog was off leash went under the gated area where the turkeys have been calling home and chased and scared them all over the place. the turkeys were clearly in distress and it was a shame. the owner, while embarrassed, did little to rein her dog in other than casually call it's name. good on a passerby to say what are you doing with your dog off leash in an area like this and look what it did. Dog Owners- your dogs are your responsibility and they represent you, and in these 2 cases above, poor common sense and poor common courtesy. Dogs are absolutely welcome in the park along with all animals but they are not above all else and need to be kept in control. Be responsible, be smart, and be respectful if you're bringing your dog into the park. we've periodically come across people in the park encouraging us to call 311 when we see dog antics in the park like this, today is the first time i'm going to and would encourage others to as well. this has to stop and owners need to be more responsible. respectfully submitted in hopes of positive change.

Grenadier Pond Skating Conditions, February 13, 2016 , posted by ron , ronsnash@gmail com

Whats the skating conditions like on the pond today

Bunnies need a home , February 11, 2016 , posted by Lindsay ,

Hi there, my dad and I love rabbits and we breed them but they're not selling like we want them to. It is becoming too much for us to handle because we are busy. We want to find a nice home for them and they're friendly bunnies. Would you be interested in taking in some rabbits?


Tree identification, February 7, 2016 , posted by Jennifer McGregor ,

Hello, My family and I were in High Park yesterday and fell in love with a tree but don't know what it is. Can you please let me know what the tree is that is across from the Greenhouse on the (NE?) corner that is excellent for climbing with very uniform branches and small perforated leaves? It was directly across from the large planter where the road and driveway to the back of the greenhouse intersect. I have a photo I can email you, I cannot attach it in this online form, however. Many thanks! Jennifer McGregor

Mud, February 3, 2016 , posted by Deirdre ,

I love High Park & have been going everyday with my dogs for the last 20 years. In past years you used to put wood chips on the trails. It used to help with the mud and the ice, but you have stopped doing it in recent years & was hoping you could start doing it again. The mud is very treacherous right now & it would make the park a lot safer & cleaner.

I love high park, February 2, 2016 , posted by Jesse Martin ,

Hello , I'm not sure if I'm in the right spot with regards to my question . But I love high park and live right up the street . I have a dog and we love the off leash paths . My wife and I also walk the circle road every evening and it is really quite lovely and calming , most especially in the summer . I have seen people driving around with a "I Love High Park" sticker on the vehicle and I was wondering where I would be able to acquire one for myself. If you could send a few to me I would really appreciate it or please help redirect me. Thanks so much and have a nice day !!
Jesse Martin
70 high park avenue
Unit 1102
Toronto , Ontario , Canada
M6P 1A1

Population/Attendees who visit, February 1, 2016 , posted by Stefanie ,

Hi There,

I'm interested (if you have this inforamtion) in how many people on average attend High Park in June? Any numbers you have (annual visitors, monthly visitors, weekend visitors) would be great! Thank you! Stefanie

gift shop, January 27, 2016 , posted by Anne Deen ,

please may I have the email address of the buyer for the gift shop

Beware of Car Theft, January 25, 2016 , posted by Michael

Yesterday my digital camera was stolen out of my car which was parked in the lot across from Grenadier Cafe. It was stupid of me to have left the doors unlocked with valuables inside but it is also frustrating to know there are criminals lurking in a park I have been coming to frequently for so many years. It was between 4:00 and 5:00pm Sunday afternoon.

Coyotes, January 14, 2016

Jan 14, 2016
There were 2 coyotes running across Durie Street, just north of Bloor, a day ago. I worry about my cat, as I understand the neighbour's cat has gone missing and probably because of a hungry coyote.

Dogs Off Leash, January 9, 2016 , posted by ,

As for people concerned about dogs off leash. Call 311 and report it to Services Toronto. I've spoken with a city councillor, and if 311 gets enough calls, they will eventually send an officer to High Park whose sole job is to police the issue.

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