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Wedding Magazine Shoot, February 8, 2018 , posted by Ashley , info@ashleyvictoriaproductions.com

Hello! I hope you are well! I am a wedding planner here in Toronto and am inquiring as to whether or not I might be able to do a bridal magazine shoot in high park this summer! It's for Elegant Wedding Magazine and I am in the process of putting a team together and our theme is a forest wedding.

Could you let me know? Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated! If there is anything that I need to get for you in terms of a license could you also let me know that as well? Thank you so much!!

Kind regards,

Ashley Victoria

coop student, February 6, 2018 , posted by clem contreras-sheridan , clemencia.contreras-sheridan@tcdsb.org

Hello, I am a coop teacher at Bishop Allen Academy and I am inquiring if you take coop students. Could you please let me know if students would be able to work at the high park zoo. Thank you,

Capybara items?, February 5, 2018 , posted by Kim Lister , klister22@bell.net


I have a friend who is a huge capybara fan. I haven't been to your zoo so I don't know if you have a gift shop. If you do, do you have any capybara themed items?

Thank you.


Zoo in winter , February 3, 2018 , posted by Belen NuŮez , bln_n._@hotmail.com

Hi, I want to know if the zoo works even in winter? Iíll be in the city just for this month and I really want to visit the zoo. Thanks for your Answer.

Ice Sculpture Feb 19 - High Park, February 1, 2018 , posted by Jora , jora.hayman@havasmedia.com

Hi there,

Looking to get some custom ice sculptures made for our client Universal Music Canada. We'd like a life size sculpture of the character Elsa from the movie Frozen in market Canada Day (Feb 19) in High Park. I'm currently working with a vendor to create the sculpture, but wondering if I need to obtain some kind of license or approval from a contact in the park? Let me know, thank you!

dogs in the park, January 29, 2018 , posted by Robert

Reference to John bitten by three dogs and now running with his pit bulls. I saw you with your two dogs. Only thing I can say is have a witness, take pictures if you can. I have seen what a pit bull of their size can do. I do not really agree in what you are doing but what would happen if those other dogs attacked a young child running around in the park. I only hope the dog owners who own those dogs are reading this.

Unstable ice, January 28, 2018 , posted by Emy , Almeida

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I visted the park this morning (Jan 28, 2018), and I saw a man crossing the Grenadier Pond despite all the signs warning about the unsafe ice on the pond.
I took a picture but itís dark as I was against the sun and far from the person.
Many people may not know English, so I wondered if graphic signs wouldnít be more effective. An actuall drawgins of someone falling into thin ice.
Let me know if you need the picture.
My regards,
Emy Almeida

dogs running wild, January 27, 2018 , posted by John

I have been running in High Park for 16 years, I have been chased dozens of times and bitten 3 times by dogs in the on lease area. Its not the dogs fault its the owners fault. Last week a very large doberman came at me, I was able to turn in time to protect myself and kicked the dog and hurt it. The owner went crazy on me. I do not run with my two dogs until this week. And by the way they are two 110 lb pit bulls.

coyotes in High Park, January 20, 2018 , posted by Sue , suehayes1225@gmail.com

December through to March is the breeding season for coyotes therefore are very territorial during this time. If you enter their territory during this time with your dogs they of course will be quite interested! I also have two dogs, and earlier this week was 'escorted' out of the territory by a pair of coyotes. Be respectful and give them the space they need and you and your dog will be fine!

coyote, January 2, 2018 , posted by Kathleen Holland , katholland@rogers.com

I live across the street from High Park on Parkside near Garden. I often take my dog to the open area that runs along parkside (where the apple blossom trees are). I took her at about 6pm tonight and was fairly close to the street and saw a coyote it was actually coming towards us, I have an older golden retriever and was quite nervous. I backed away yelling and waving my arms, it started to turn the other way and then came back towards us again. It wasn't until we got to the street curb that it backed away. I was really surprised how assertive it was, is this normal?

Skating on Pond, December 25, 2017 , posted by David Naylor , dnaylor@ryerson.ca

I saw two people skating on Grenadier pond last night (Dec 24, 2018). I very much doubt the ice is safe yet. There is a pole for a "safe ice" indicator flag, but it is not flying. Someone needs to get on this.

Public Ice Rink Closing Time, December 13, 2017 , posted by Kyle Rarick , krarick@ryerson.ca


I was just wondering what time the out door ice rink closes during the week. I was also wondering if the rink has a lighting system so that it can be used during the evening.

Thank you,
Kyle Rarick

Bernese - Female , December 11, 2017 , posted by Laryssa , boshyk@gmail.com


Does anyone know the owner of a small female Bernese? Her photo is in my Facebook profile picture, under Laryssa Alexandra.

I'm interested in finding out the name of the breeder.

Thank You

Lost my son's red eye glasses , December 3, 2017 , posted by Hanadi vadia , Charming_blossom@hotmail.com

Pile of leaves in front of the pond ..lost my sons red eye glasses on Sunday December 3rd 2017 .
Pls if u can call

Dogs in the park, November 24, 2017 , posted by Jean , jkmac333@gmail.com


I would like to ask what the Park's policy is on dogs running without leash in the Park, other than in the off-leash area? I encounter this a lot and is concerning. Most of these dog owners (and today even a dog walker with several dogs running loose) appear to not be concerned about others. What can someone do in these situations? Is there a way where these instance can be reported? Thank you so very much. I value the Park's presence in the City so much and regard it as one of the rarer treasured places. Jean

Question about a postcard, November 20, 2017 , posted by Lukasz , lukaspol14@gmail.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Lukasz and I come from Poland. I am a postcard collector. I would be very glad if you could advise me how I can get a postcard from such lovely place as High Park Zoo. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

dark in park, November 6, 2017 , posted by caitie , caitiecorkal@gmail.com

Hello, now that the time change has happened and it is basically pitch black at 5:00pm, I am wondering if there are lights set up at the off leash dog park portion of high park in order to continue taking our dog to the park around 6pm?

?, November 1, 2017 , posted by Keith , keithmitchener@live.ca

Just wondering if you have any goats and if so how many do you have?

Dogs, October 29, 2017 , posted by irene , irene.kotowicz@gmail.com

Hello, What steps can we take to stop people from letting their dogs free out of designed area? In last almost 20 years I've been dealing with this issue but whole story is becoming worse. Number of people/dogs is increasing constantly. I also noticed different sort of dogs owners: much younger, coffee in one hand, cell in other, completely oblivious of surroundings. Just in last 2 years I experienced injured knee, one fall and several times damages clothes thanks to "och so cute well behaving" dogs. I'm talking about my daily walks in on-leash areas. People treat whole Park like own backyard: comfortable and arrogantly. It seems that people like me are intruders spoiling everybody's fun. My observation is that the more ignorant is the dog owner the worst is the dog's behavior.
I'm trying to keep my message short but everybody know what I'm talking about.
Could you please let me know what is the solution?
Thank you,

Drones , October 27, 2017 , posted by Paul , pmlote@sapo.pt

Can I fly a drone in the park if Iím obeying the law(distance to cars,buildings, people, max height etc...)?

Volunteering in High Park, October 23, 2017 , posted by Cathy , Stewart


I live very near High Park and am going to retire next spring. I was wondering if there are volunteer opportunities in the park.

Thank you,
Cathy Stewart

Looking for Haunted High park tickets, October 22, 2017 , posted by Nina , ninacp12@yahoo.com

I'm looking for Haunted High Park tickets for either the 27th or 29th... these tickets are now sold out. Of someone sees my message and can no longer attend, I will buy two tickets to the event! Thanks

Fall colors pick, October 21, 2017 , posted by Niki , nik4768@yahoo.com

Hi, I am just wondering when is a good time for fall colors pick this year at high park?
Thank you

Fall viewing, October 15, 2017 , posted by Mary , maryjwebster66@.com

I was just wondering when is a good time to view all the Fall trees in their beauty. Thank you

Birds, October 12, 2017 , posted by Michelle , ljmfilippelli@gmail.com

What birds are currently flying over high park? Are they crows and why so many? Is it normal this time of year?

Wildflowers, October 10, 2017 , posted by Catherine , bonfairct@gmail.com

Saw the photos of the wildflowers in the park. Truly lovely. Clicked on them arranged by colour and the list was very impressive. I would like to know how you went about acquiring them as many are non Canadian natives? I lived in the UK for many years and am trying,unsuccessively, to add some of these European wildflowers to my new Canadian garden. Any suggestions ? I don't have an import license!

wasps at the Grenadier, October 4, 2017 , posted by Daryl , darylil@icloud.com

This past week Iíve been twice to the restaurant and the wasps were everywhere. One friend has an allergy, and for me itís not comfortable. Maybe thereís nothing they havenít tried, but:

- fake wasp nests
- something to entice them elsewhere (though the food trays at the side donít solve that), e.g. orange juice in a cup
- sprays

dogs off leash area, October 1, 2017 , posted by Sarah , srhjohnson981@gmail.com

Hi there,

I am just wondering why jogging is allowed in dogs off leash area?
Dogs only have one dedicated area of the park to be off leash while joggers can potentially jog anywhere they desire.
I find it unfair that joggers are taking over the dogs off leash trail.
I want to be able to walk my dog without a jogger dodging and colliding with him.
We walk high park every morning and there have been countless times where joggers don't close the gates and where I have seen dogs chasing them.
My dog likes to run and frolic and today we had an incident where a jogger was unaware of his surroundings, listening to his headphones and ran right into my pup, knocking my dog to the ground.
In all fairness I think there should be signs posted saying that the dogs off leash trail is not for joggers.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Animal enclosures, September 26, 2017 , posted by Elizabeth Gauntley , eliza.rail@hotmail.com

I visited the zoo today as my husband wished to. I have not been for some years as to see the animals in their inadequate enclosures made me angry. I have nothing against zoos, although it is a rather outmoded concept these days. Conservation seems more appropriate if animals have to kept in captivity. I was also appalled by some of the reasons given for keeping the zoo when its future was threatened. For example " I used to go as a kid and I want my kids to have it now". Not a good enough reason, just sentimental at the expense of the animals.
So today I went in the hope that things had improved. The first thing I noted was that the Reindeer, not native to Southern Ontario but requiring a cool climate, were so lacking in shade that there were three that I could see, perhaps more, pacing round and round in circles in their hut which is far too small for their number. Then we visited the capybaras. Your information notice stated that they were equally happy in water as on land and love to swim. So where is their pool? A small pond, not large enough for them to swim. They also live in large groups. Not these poor creatures. No wonder they escaped.
I am quite incredulous that such an outdated zoo can be supported by the City. It is a sad place.

Closure, September 22, 2017 , posted by Tony tersigni , Tonytersign@hotmail.com

Why was the entrances to high park closed on Friday morning?

Haunted High Park , September 20, 2017 , posted by Karyn Klaire Koski , karynklairekoski@gmail.com

I write and provide content for a local community publication called "Community Captured"

I have an article I'd like to share: http://www.communitycaptured.ca/haunted-high-park/

re: stairs, September 19, 2017

Yes, there are lots of stairs by the parking lot by the zoo. Enter off the Parkside gate then walk in the park, keep to the left (slightly downhill) then stay on the right side sidewalk and you'll see a lot of stairs before you reach the zoo entrance.

Water jets, September 15, 2017 , posted by Sienna , croumain@gmail.com

Are the waterjets for kids still on at this time of year?

Dog strangling vine, September 15, 2017 , posted by Isaac Guardino , iguardino@yahoo.ca

Hey there. I've noticed dog strangling vine on the north fence of one of the paths. As I'm sure you are aware, it is an extremely invasive plant. It is also aptly named and right next to the dog path. East side of park. The path that leads west from spring road over the new metal bridge. Let me know if you'd like a better description. I strongly encourage you to get on top of it now before it seeds and spreads next year. It looks like it could seed any day now.

Isaac Guardino

Stairs, September 14, 2017 , posted by Magda , Akaqueenmagpie@gmail.com

Are there any stairs in the park where one can climb as a workout? Running up and down.

Large wasp nest, September 10, 2017 , posted by David Naylor , Dnaylor@ryerson.ca

Huge wasp nest on steps at the lower zoo parking lot. North side 55 steps from the bottom. This is a real hazard to walkers. Can someone bugbomb this?

about the pool, September 9, 2017 , posted by Keiko Takeuchi , apo-keiko@nifty.com

Hello, I'm going to go to Toronto next week from Japan.
Can I use the pool?
Please let me know if you have any rules.

High Park Trains, September 7, 2017 , posted by Kathy Pearson , kdpearson1@bell.net

I spoke to someone about the trains this morning and the availability for a group on Monday, September 18th. He asked that I send an email. I filled in the form on the "train" website but I'm not sure if it went through. I didn't receive an notification that it was sent. I was told that there would be no problem in running a train for us after we had lunch at the Grenadier Cafť at 1 p.m. We are a group of 20-25 people. Some of my co-workers have back problems and I have a knee problem. We felt that the train would benefit us all so that we could enjoy the park. I believe there may be a group rate. If you could please pass this on to the appropriate person or if there is an email that I need to send my request to, please let me know. Thank you.

Invictus Games Inquiry -TTC, September 6, 2017 , posted by Emily , emily.pickles@ttc.ca

Good morning!
I work for the TTC and I'm currently looking at routing for the Invictus Games events taking place at High Park. I'm curious if you're able to share with me the exact location/meeting place that we would want to direct people to for the games. With the park being so large, different areas of the park would call for different routing using TTC to get to the event. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Emily Pickles

Model sailboats , August 28, 2017 , posted by Mark Manchester , Igripeh@pathcom.com

Are model sailboats allowed on grenedier pond?

homeless , August 16, 2017 , posted by ginette , gyn.olsen@gmail.com

i am 52 years old very cultivated person, study in architecture and mechanical design, work mostly in events decors and with children, i moved to toronto for medical reason and because my low income i was forced to rent a room in a house where people are criminal and drug addict and completely psychipath, like in all those shelter. you cannot build your life when everything you construct is stolen and destroy, i was camping in high park i mean no fire just a tent and a bed with my cat, surround by a tipi of weaved branch to protect me. the security first ask me to go, and after they told me its ok if you hide yourself and i did the tipi, and because i was asking to people near the restaurant and because i hurt myself with a branch, they evict me, told me that they will remove everything tomorrow at 9 am, because i received the notice when i was comming back from emergency, knock out by the pain. i was unable to deconstruct everything and move that. only one gentle and cultivated woman who is asking for help against all that violence, and even they are rich and it only one persob abd the only solution is go to suffer elswhere. those rich people dont mind that i was writing tale for children, cleaning the park, telling people where are animals and plants etc. very gentle all the time but the boss of the restaurant call me bitch just because i was asking help to get something to eat, so whats the problem i dont look like a drug addict,and the money the people give me go directly in the cash of the restaurant, because its true its to eat.

Temp toilets near site #1 are overflowing!, August 16, 2017 , posted by Amy , Amy.corcoran@gmail.com

We have booked site #1 for 12:30pm today. The washrooms are closed for repairs. There are many temporary toilets close by but many are overflowing with human waste! I had to look in 4 of them before finding one that isn't filled to the brim! We have 160 people coming for 12:30pm. Please have them emptied!!

Music, August 15, 2017 , posted by Simone , Stewart_simone@hotmail.com

Are we allowed to play music in the park. We will be in area 1. Are there electrical outlets there?

People Living in the Forest, August 13, 2017 , posted by Lisa , lisa.antoszek@gmail.com

My kids (ages 3 + 6) and I take a trail through High Park forest regularly. We noticed a few weeks ago that one of the forts in the forest was looking like someone was living there. We had gone away for a few weeks, and today on our first hike back in weeks, we saw that the fort was very, very built up, and people are clearly living there. The dwellers were there, sitting on their lawn chairs, smoking, and made us a bit uncomfortable. The guy was sitting there with his shirt off, sort of watching us, not the most friendly. The 2 females were hanging out as well. The bikes took up a lot of space- chained up to a big log we normally play on. They had an attitude of "ownership" and normally, this is a spot in the forest where my kids (and often other kids as well passing through) stop and work on the forts a bit and enjoy sitting in there and playing games. It was such a shame to feel like we were in someone else's space and that we couldn't enjoy the area like we used to. I don't mind people living in the forest- but as long as they are kind toward kids and don't give off aggressive vibes. I realize that the people living in the forest are down and out, and I don't mean any harm to them. It was just a big disappointing to have our favourite part of the forest taken over by other people, I guess.

Lockers, August 12, 2017 , posted by Paule , glissandoboe@gmail.com

Hi, juat wondering if there are any day lockers available in high park. I'd like to come for a run but is also like to bring clothes to change into afterwards! Thanks :)

maple leaf, August 12, 2017 , posted by LEE , leesui62@gmail.com

When will the maple leaf be red.

Ignoring stop signs, August 11, 2017 , posted by George , georgestouros@gmail.com

I have lived here in High Park for over 25 years. My message is for all the residents of this area and all of Toronto. In the last 5 years I have witnessed on so many occasions drivers of cars and especially, riders of bikes ignoring their responsibility to abide by the rules of the road and come to a complete stop at stop signs. Today a woman, with a child behind her, breezed right through a stop sign for her at Seroren and Fern. Myself, I came to a complete stop and made my left hand turn. If I had been going straight through that intersection she would have collided into the side of my car or worse been under it. This summer I had an individual stop and then pull out right in front of me on Roncesvalles. I could not stop in time and T boned his vehicle. Wake up people! I drive cautiously and see this all the time. The bicyclists need to realize the laws of the road pertain to them just as much as vehicles. Riding the wrong way down one way streets when the next street either way would be safe is just stupid. Not only are they doing this all the time but they are having their children do the same with them. Drivers of vehicles are not the ones who will be physically hurt. You and or your children will. Its time Toronto started making it mandatory bicycles on the streets need plates like the plastic one we use to have to buy. This way if and when you create or are in an accident, and or cause damage to another person or persons personal property, you can be charged. When did so many people grow up with so little regard for others and they're own safety. High Park is a great place to live and raise a family but try and make sure they get a chance to grow up, and grow up with proper manners and regard for society and the guide lines that have been put in place for their safety and well being. One way means one way, for your safety and your children's. The wrong way is wrong, any way you look at it, and unsafe.

High Park Pool Music, July 27, 2017 , posted by Stephen Lussier , stephen_lussier@hotmail.com

This is regarding the music played by your lifeguards at the High Park swimming pool on Thursday afternoon between the hours of 3:30 and 4. The inappropriate nature of the music played by hip hop artist Migos among others is nowhere near appropriate for of swimming pool filled with families with children children aged 2 to 15. Learning about drugs and the paraphernalia therein, hearing the (mildly edited) word nigger coupled with how wet a girl's pussy is repeated in a chorus falls into the world of disgusting in my opinion. I realize that you have young kids working the swimming pool and they have a grasp on this type of music but in my opinion I think it's appalling that you allow this type of thing to happen in a public forum where children are hearing these negative messages. Something has to be done and if it doesn't get done based on this email complaint then I will have to go further with this.

Please reply ASAP.

accessible washrooms, July 27, 2017 , posted by Ryan , ryan.romero.r@hotmail.com


I am not too familiar with High Park. Would you know if the washroom facilities are accessible for people with special needs, such as wheelchair?

Thank you


Goose or duck, July 21, 2017 , posted by Kassie , Kassie3691@hotmail.com

I had a lovely time at your zoo. However, in the final caged animal area where the llamas and ducks/geese are, one of the white birds faces is completely red and looks injured and I wanted to let you know. Poor baby. Please email me back so I know the bird is taken care of please!!

For the sake of the animals, please close the zoo, July 17, 2017 , posted by Nicole Fich , nicole.fich@gmail.com

For the sake of the animals, please close the High Park Zoo. These animals are innocent creatures who live a miserable life in cramped quarters at the zoo. I understand that many people including thousands of children enjoy seeing them, but there are so many other activities people can enjoy that do not involve keeping these animals in captivity. A bison should be out roaming fields, not kept kept in a small space for its entire life for the amusement of humans. Please close the zoo.

close the zoo, July 16, 2017 , posted by Romeo Alastair

I agree, the zoo inside High Park should be closed as it's nothing more than a "feature" to the park but it's far from being a well maintained zoo. I've been there a gazillion times but each time i leave with a bitter feeling as it doesn't seem to me that it's a great place for animals.

Bison death, July 16, 2017 , posted by Admin

This website is not affiliated with the High Park Zoo. Please visit their website at https://www.highparkzoo.ca/ for information about the death of a bison.

Dead Bison , July 16, 2017 , posted by Nadia dilorenzo , Nadiaamdilorenzo@gmail.com

Hi there,

There was a dead bison at hiight park zoo in plain sight yesterday. Called 311 , tried to find people and there was no one there and 311 didn't respond (at least within the hours I was at the park). I cant imagine what the excuse is for this, I also can't imagin the neglect that this poor animal and likely many other have dealt with. It's disgusting. The image is all over FB currently as I wasn't the only one to have to experience this. If you insist on exploiting animals please try to respect them and keep them alive and healthy. Also, the link you have above re: contacting friends at high park zoo - that link is broken.

Dead Bison, July 16, 2017 , posted by Diane Walton , diane@dianewalton.com

I just saw on 2 posts that a bison died in an enclosure at the zoo. The animal looked in abysmal shape to start with. It's time to close this zoo. It was on dirt, its coat looked disgusting. What kind of operation are you running there?!! No one needs to witness a dead animal in a 'supposed' zoo. Absolute cruely. Bisons are meant for the wild, not a city zoo. And why did it take 2 hours for someone to come after this animal died. And then not know what to do. Tragic.

Dogs, July 16, 2017 , posted by Tina , tee.michaelidis@gmail.com

Why doesn't High Park have a dog free area like other large urban parks in other cities? Or does it? I would like to be able to sit down on the graaa without seeing/smelling dog poo. Why is the leash free zone so large? It happens to be the part of the park closest to my home, and we always have to walk around. My son has autism and I am always afraid he will startle a dog and it could be dangerous. I know most dogs and dog owners are great, but there are a few that are not, and there are some aggressive dogs. As the population grows in Toronto, the amount of dogs running around the leash free area is astronomical.

Speed bumps, July 14, 2017 , posted by Eva Taylor , evaiktaylor@gmail.com

When will the speed bumps on West Road in High Park be reinstalled? They were not replaced in 2015 after the roads were repaved for the PanAm games and last year I was told they had been forgotten. This road is now used as a shortcut through the park and people DO NOT RESPECT the speed limit. Yesterday, a car was doing at least 60km through the park!!! Too fast to catch the plate. The speed bumps are ESSENTIAL! Please let me know when they will be returned. 311toronto is of no help, so please do not redirect me to them.

Washrooms, July 13, 2017 , posted by Christine , jackman.assistant@bellnet.ca

Yesterday we brought our summer camp kids to high park for the day. We were on the website beforehand and no where does it indicate that all of the bathrooms are out of service and padlocked.
If they are being updated and maintained that is great, however, more portable facilities need to be put in place. They were really spread out and are also in desperate need of a cleaning and servicing. They are disgusting.

Train, July 8, 2017 , posted by Jess , jessicamilliken@hotmail.com

Please update your train website. It doesn't work.

Giant hogwart, July 7, 2017 , posted by Mattu , Mattihari@hotmail.com

I was on the east side of the dog park just about to go down the stairs that cross the bridge to the bottom there and off to the left I saw a patch of what looks like about 4 foot high Queen Anne's lace which might even be the giant Hogwarts that they've been talking about. Your website said that as of yet none had been seen in Hyde Park so II wasn't sure. I took a couple of pictures if you'd like me to send them to you I will. Thank you look forward to hearing from you soon.

Share your High Park Event with Community Captured Magazine, July 3, 2017 , posted by Karyn Klaire Koski , karynklairekoski@gmail.com

Community Captured Magazine is always on the lookout for neighbourhood events that celebrate people and community.
You can either submit a handful of photos (with brief description of your event) or contact me and if I'm free, I will try to attend your event with my camera.
more information: www.communitycaptured.ca (Roncy/Parkdale/HighPark Edition)

Giant Hogweed found, June 26, 2017 , posted by Colin Matthews , colin.matthews@mykula.ca

Hi There,

I was out for a hike yesterday and found some Giant Hogweed that I thought the park would want to know about. It's just past the top of the long wooden staircase to the south of the Zoo. It's right behind where the maintenance building are for park staff. I would be more than happy to send an image and a map if you e-mail me directly or call.

I haven't seen any other in the park. but this location is off the beaten path, so not surprised it has been missed.

Colin 416-707-387

Washrooms near Jamie Bell Playground, June 26, 2017 , posted by Scott , swatson@crp-cpmi.com

My children were excited to visit the Castle Playground, unfortunately one of them had to visit the washroom for an emergency. I opened Google Maps and luckily there is a washroom within 200m of the playground. We ran up the hill but once in side, oh my. There was toilet paper and soap but that was about where any sort of cleanliness ended. Rusted out stalls, 2 urinals closed off with caution tape, sinks that looked like they were last cleaned in 1995. Can't we find some standards in this city to encourage uses of public space including public washrooms? Mayor Tory, find $50K in the budget and renovate them now for the safety, health and security of our children and people of this city. Lets make Toronto a world class city and not miss any of the details.

Rude hotdog Vendor by children's castle playground , June 25, 2017 , posted by Olga , Olga.palatnik@gmail.com

the hotdog vendor who was situated by the children's playground (below the zoo) was very rude today in front of kids. he had an attitude and was rude to numerous customers. I do not think a person of this character should be located by the children's playfround.

Queen in 1959, June 25, 2017 , posted by Wendy Reis , wendyreisediting@gmail.com

As a 9 year old I was right out front, ten feet from the Queen when she and Prince Philip were on tour in 1959. I cannot find pictures anywhere. Do you have any? She wore an orangey polka dot dress with white accessories, and was in an open car.

Lost cell phone LG, June 24, 2017 , posted by Babak , Babak.sheikholeslami@yahoo.ca

I have lost my LG cell phone at High Park, color is brown and the main screen displays the LG logo.
Please contact me if you find it.
Thank you very much

Kanker worms and tree damage, June 21, 2017 , posted by Richard Bryer , dickb@sympatico.ca

I am a regular walker in High Park and I see such severe damage this year to trees from worms eating the leaves. This seems especially serious with the big old oak trees. What is the plan to save these magnificent old trees, so much a part of High Park?

gypsy moth caterpillar Invasion, June 19, 2017 , posted by John , Smith

Funny, I was looking out my balcony window and noticed rows and rows of dead trees! I went to the park today and can't believe how many trees have been eaten by the gypsy moth caterpillar. I think its in the thousands. Someone needs to do something about this... unless it's too late?

Pls save the turtle , June 17, 2017 , posted by Lily , lily.leejunjun@gmail.com

There is a turtle trapped in the small water den in the park, he was upside down when we saw it , a nice lady got him turned him over but we could not for him out of the den
It is located at the path in the woods ... the first mud path on the right side leading to Ellis street
Someone please help the turtle

Thank you

Plays in High Park, June 16, 2017 , posted by Mona , mmaym3@gmail.com

I remember attending a play in the evening in High Park. Does that still take place and if so can you provide me with a schedule. Thank you for your help.

Artwork in High Park, June 15, 2017 , posted by Kay Lee , singbk99@yahoo.com

Is there a brochure about the Artwork in High Park?
I noticed a few pieces when taking a walk towards the Tennis courts from the Bloor St entrance but there wasn't any visible information about the sculptures or the artists.
I would think people want to know about these hidden gems.

Sunken Gardens Fountain, June 12, 2017 , posted by Shyla , shyla_o@hotmail.com

Can you tell me if this fountain has been filled for summer yet? If not, when will it be? Thanks!

gypsy moth caterpillars, June 12, 2017 , posted by Catherine Bush , catebush@gmail.com

Hi, I can't find anything on the site regarding the gypsy moth caterpillar invasion that has decimated foliage in the park in the last week and has been particularly destructive to the black oaks including all the young trees. Can you post an update regarding the health of the trees and the park's response to the infestation? Thank you.

Splash Pad, June 9, 2017 , posted by Mena , mena.nesci@ontario.ca

Is splash pad open? thank you.

caterpillars, June 8, 2017 , posted by Craig Weaver , csweaver006@gmail.com

Walked through the lower section of the park this evening. Scourge of caterpillars everywhere, and audible crunching of exfoliation in all directions. Trees look decimated.

Based on the fact that there is a dedicated park staff, my question is what exactly being done to effectively stop the infestation at this point? At this point it seems the mass exfoliation of the Park is intentional...

Lower Duck Pond and Bird Sanctuary, June 6, 2017 , posted by Richard , k.richard.jackson@gmail.com

There is a significant green algae bloom in the Upper Duck Ponds; to the extent the ducks have moved elsewhere. Any idea of the cause and, or the solution?

Was disappointed to see today that all the feeders and park bench have been removed from the Bird Sanctuary; all that remains are the bird houses and the "garland" entrance. I guess the good samaratines who stocked the feeders are no longer doing this. A sad loss to one of the "secret" places in the park.

bison, June 4, 2017 , posted by malc , malcelani@yahoo.ca

please tell me the names of the bison. thank you.

Caterpillar inchworms eating tree leaves, June 3, 2017 , posted by Sam , samchristian17@gmail.com

Over the past couple weeks during my walks through high park I've noticed an infestation of caterpillar inchworms has been devastating the trees. It seems particularly bad for the oak trees at the High Park Blvd entrance to the park. Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem for the trees this year?

Fishing, May 30, 2017 , posted by Frank , frank.koziarz@gmail.com

After researching the regulations on High Park, I came across some contradictory information. I am writing to ask what are the regulations for fishing Grenadier pond. Some folks have said fishing is banned while other disagree. Could you respond to this question and include other fishing related policies the park demands?

Accessible Trails - not steep, May 26, 2017 , posted by Donna , donna@profexlogistics.com

Hello, I noted in the Nature link that some of the trails are steeper than others. I would like to bring my sister (who is in a wheelchair) down for a walk, preferably along the water and have a picnic. Can you recommend the best place to park, walk that won't be too strenuous but will be enjoyable?

Thank you kindly,

Toilets, May 25, 2017 , posted by Lana J Borg , survivor@winning.com

There is construction around the building at High Park Blvd and Bloor street where the toilets are. Those toilet are in desperate need of updating. However it appears they are working on the outside making it handicapped friendly. They have placed several porta potties there. Most of them are sealed closed and the couple that aren't are absolutely disgusting and should be condemned by the Health Department. It is ridiculous the size of High Park and the number of visitors there aren't better facilities.It is a tourist attraction and what an impression this would leave them with.

Coyote sighting, May 22, 2017 , posted by Dave , Brutto.dave@gmail.com

Was jogging one of the trails along the east side of the park around 9 this evening. Came up almost face to face with a large coyote. It immediately ran off but was a scary moment!

Curious Coyote Sighting, May 22, 2017 , posted by Christina

I was out walking about 7:15 am this morning in the southwest portion of the park when I saw a coyote (about the size of a large dog) on the road some distance ahead. Immediately, I decided to turn back. I picked up a stick, stretched out my arms and walked away at a normal pace (doing my best not to behave like prey). However, when I stopped and turned around every few meters, I was surprised to see that it was following. And although it didn't seem to be gaining on me, and stopped every time I turned around, I was quite surprised that it didn't seem afraid of me. Fortunately, it disappeared back into the woods when a cyclist approached. So heads up every one! There's a curious beast abound.

zoo upkeep, May 21, 2017 , posted by Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney , stupiditynot@hotmail.com

Just looking through your Zoo pics and seen the white Deer...in the background it appears the wall has fallen and there is exposed rebar coming up through the ground...don't know how old the picture is but hope you have or will fix this problem as it poses a danger to the animals...Thank you in advance...Tanya

The Maple Leaf at the bottom of Hillside Gardens, May 20, 2017 , posted by Kelly Smart , kajmerej@gmail.com

When will the maple leaf at the bottom of Hillside Gardens, be in full bloom? I thought the leaf design was supposed to be red.

Coyote or Coywolf Encounter this Morning, May 19, 2017 , posted by Yoko , yummy.yoko@gmail.com

This morning at 6:10am I was running with my 50 lb. dog on the off-leash trail. She saw something and jumped over the fence and there were 2 huge coyotes or coywolves that chased her. She jumped to the north side and the 1 coywolf continued to chase her. I can't say for sure but it looked like it was trying to bite her but she is fast. I don't know if she startled them and they were just trying to chase her off, but the one was definitely chasing her for about 50 metres. I question if they were coyotes, because they looked bigger than my dog, grey/blackish long hair so much different than the typical coyote. I called my dog and clapped and shouted and waved my arms and it looked at me and ran off. Just wanted to let other dog owners and joggers be aware.

Splash Pad, May 15, 2017 , posted by Oksana , shevchenkos@hotmail.com

It will be 29 degrees this Wed. May 17th. Will the splash pad be open?
Thank you.

Are they still blooming?, May 12, 2017 , posted by Fio , Fiorenza12@yahoo.com

Are the cherry blossoms still blooming now? I just came by to visit Toronto :)

Is anything blooming ?, May 12, 2017 , leila_nad@yahoo.com

Hi there, we want to take our mom to the park on Sunday, Mother's Day. Is anything blooming this week? Also is anything special happening for Mother's Day ? Thank you !

Cherry blossom trees , May 8, 2017 , posted by Monica , mon10is@hotmail.com

Hi, I am curios of the cherry blossom trees are still in bloom ? And if they will still be for this coming Mother's Day on Sunday.
Thank you

No more cherry blossoms for 2017, May 7, 2017

Cherry trees are done blooming for the year

Cherry blossom, May 7, 2017 , posted by Sara , Sarala_khadka@hotmail.com

I am coming high park today. Are the cherry trees still in bloom?

Cherry Blossoms, May 5, 2017 , posted by Dave , ro8-28-99-menu@rogers.com

H i just wanna know if the cherry blossoms still in bloom tomorrow.? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks...

Sakura at Toronto Island, May 3, 2017

The islands still have trees in bloom!

Work Badge Lost , May 3, 2017 , posted by Zhang , frankzhang52@gmail.com

Hello: Lost my work badge of St. Mary's Hospital on April 27. Any Luck?

Horseback riding, May 3, 2017 , posted by Chessa , cheesywheezy123@gmail.com

Hello, I was wondering if you have horseback riding in the summer around the park.

Cherry Blossoms as of May 2, May 2, 2017 , posted by Arnel , Arnelrsd@yahoo.com


Are the sakura cherry trees still in bloom? I mean, are there still trees that have flowers as of today?



Llamas, April 29, 2017 , posted by Teresa , teresasjurkiewicz@gmail.com

Was at the zoo today and am wondering why the llamas are muzzled. Thanks

water fall, April 28, 2017 , posted by sandy irving , sandyirving@yahoo.ca

I was wondering when the waterfall runs down the hill side near the restaurant, just past the lane of Cherry Trees? The water was not running during the Cherry Blossom bloom time and where exactly does the water that forms this running creek and water fall come from? Is it a natural water flow?

Is cherry blossoms still bloom tomorrow.?, April 28, 2017 , posted by Roxy , roxy_lumandaz@hotmail.com

H i just wanna know if the cherry blossoms still in bloom timorrow.? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks...

playing music in the park, April 27, 2017 , posted by Maria , muzikajecilj@gmail.com

Is it allowed to play music in the park? Is there a licence for that?

Lost Lexus Key Card, April 26, 2017 , posted by Monica Patel , patelm38@mcmaster.ca

Hi, I was at high park today and I lost my Lexus car key card. I've tried looking everywhere for it and asked all police and personnel I could find. Please let me know if there's anyone I can reach out to help find it or if there is a lost and found.


Location, April 25, 2017 , posted by Jack

The trees are located at the south west area of the park between Colborne Lodge Drive and Grenadier Pond.

Dog licence, April 25, 2017 , posted by Nancy , nancynguyenn@hotmail.com

Hi, do I need to bring proof of licence if i bring my dog to high park? and are they allowed in the zoo area?

Cars, April 25, 2017 , posted by Laurie , peartreedumplingwedding@gmail.com


Has the City considered banning cars from driving through High Park? I don't think it's necessary for cars to drive through at all; it's actually quite disgusting to inhale car exhaust and they ruin the ambiance of the park. Not to mention the noise pollution from engines and rude people honking their horns. Travelling all over the world, I've been to countless city parks equivalent in size, some bigger, and they are limited to pedestrians and cyclists only. These parks are so peaceful, clean and sheer joy to be in. The cars driving through High Park absolutely ruin all of that. High Park has a cool train that can transport patrons who have mobility issues - maybe put that into higher rotation instead of allowing cars to drive through.



Parking, April 24, 2017 , posted by Mike , Wolff7@gmail.com

I live in the neighborhood and I love walking my kid through the.park as it has a lot to offer. Today with the cherrblodooms in bloom it was quite busy, as I walked from the zoo to the playground I noticed the cars were lined up to Parkside. Some lady was standing in a spot holding it as a car was trying to park; the conflict got fairly heated. As a crowd looked on I walked over to her and explained how rude she was being, and after she used a few choose adjectives to discribe the situation she left.
Can the park not have more security on big events like today? I get it if it is cost prohibited, but for the sake of everyone enjoying the park and for the kids not having to watch adults fight over a parking space of all things.
Just a question and concern from a neighbour.

Lost & Found, April 24, 2017 , posted by Spann , spguevara@hotmail.com

Probably a lost cause but worth a shot. I lost my glasses this evening (Apr 24) in High Park. Hoping someone may have found them.

Capybara triplets names, April 23, 2017 , posted by Bret Wills , Bret_wills@hotmail.com

Curly, Larry, Moe.

Wheel stops needed for parking spots needed, April 23, 2017 , posted by David

Parking lot needs the concrete blocks to stop cars from fighting the spots from both sides as some drivers does not respect the horizontal line drawn at one end of the spot that signify where the opening should be.

In the end it creates a lot of frustrated drivers when the ones who are patiently waiting for the spot gets the spot stolen

cherry blossom , April 23, 2017 , posted by Monir , roktim.nsu@gmail.com

Hi, is today a good day to come for cherry blosoom? What % of flower has bloomed. I have off on 26th as well, would that be a better day to see maximum bloom? Thanks :)

Sakura blossom, April 22, 2017 , posted by Jenny , Zhuyijuan111gmail.com

Anyone at high park today? Is it good to see sakura blossom tomorrow. Thanks

When is the best time for this year, April 22, 2017 , posted by Fedo , geeth2003@gmail.com

Are those sakura going to last long untill 29th and 30 of this month .

memorials, April 22, 2017 , posted by Rod Watson , rodwatson@sasktel.net

I am interested in learning more about the placement of memorial plaques or memorial wall lists in High Park. Do you have any memorial options for those who have really enjoyed the park?

Status?, April 22, 2017 , posted by Kayla , kozina@live.ca

What's the status? Did they bloom and then the rain storm destroyed the blooms?? I don't want to miss it!

Read all info, April 22, 2017 , posted by May Lee

I find it odd that so many people ask questions that are answered already throughout this website :) Don't lazy to find the info you're looking for...i spend 10mins here and found all answers i was looking for

Adminssion fee?, April 22, 2017

Many have asked if there is a fee to visit the park: no there isn't. It's a city park and free to visit except for parking costs.

lockers and rain, April 22, 2017 , posted by M

Responding to two questions: there are no lockers to my knowledge and no, rain didn't affect the flower petals significantly

Cherry Blossoms, April 21, 2017 , posted by Samantha , samantha.bogdanovich@gmail.com


I was just wondering if this weekend is a good time to visit to see the cherry blossoms.



Cherry Blossoms , April 21, 2017 , posted by Peter

How much does it cost to attend? Will there be water sold?

capybaras pups names, April 21, 2017 , posted by cecilia , ferenczycili@gmail.com

I think is a best names for the capybaras pups


Lockers , April 21, 2017 , posted by Leticia , leticia_anorato@hotmail.com

Hey, I was wondering if at the high park has any luggage storage or lockers so I can keep my backpack there while I walk through the park with more freedom... thanks in advance

should we go on 22 april or 23 april, April 21, 2017 , posted by Kaur , kaurpree9014@gmail.com

should we on 22 april or 22 april...when cherry blossoms are predicted for full bloom?

Capybara babies, April 20, 2017 , posted by Karen Campbell , campbellkaren@rogers.com

I think you should name the capybara babies Curly, Larry and Moe. Their parents sure were funny enough! Can't wait to meet them all this summer.

Cherry Blossoms, April 20, 2017 , posted by Deen , deensjam29@gmail.com

Anyone know when peak cherry blossom will be reached? Planning a visit for the very first time and would like to see this. Thank you!

Sakura now!, April 20, 2017 , posted by Admin

Go now! The Sakura trees have started to bloom and now and throughout the the weekend of Apr 22 is when you should visit. Don't wait until past this weekend!

Bonnie and Clydeís capybaras pups , April 20, 2017 , posted by John Holloway , john.hollow@rogers.com

I understand that Bonnie and Clydeís capybaras pups are still looking for a name. Since the gender of the pups is still unknown, my grandkids and I have come up with three gender neutral names.
We propose the pups be named Teri, Beri and Geri.
Teri, -- Teresa or Terrance
Beri Ė Bernice or Bernard
Geri Ė Geraldine or Gerald

Pup names , April 20, 2017 , posted by Mark laxton , Laxton5@outlook.com

You should name the capybara triplets
Hide,Anne, Seak

Queen's Park trees in bloom, April 19, 2017 , posted by A M

The cherry trees at Queen's Park are fully in bloom today. Do the High Park trees typically bloom a bit later?

Are there any updates?, April 19, 2017 , posted by Chris , port_hispano@hotmail.com

Is there any changes as of yet looking to visit this Saturday!

Naming of Capybara Pups, April 19, 2017 , posted by Jason Reichenbach , jason.reichenbach@rogers.com

Hey, I think one of the names of the new Capybara pups should be "El Chapo". We know how many times he has escaped from prisons and how he eluded police officers.

No cars in the park during cherry blossom time, April 19, 2017 , posted by Sue F , suefarquhar@gmail.com

We are residents in the High Park area in Toronto.
Every year we enjoy the cherry blossom trees but we are struck by the amount of traffic. While walking to see the cherry blossoms, we have been witness to cars lined up, bumper to bumper and idling for hours. This unending flow of cars in High Park obviously contributes to air-pollution and is in direct violation of the City of Toronto1996 anti-idling by-law. Driving and being stuck in traffic in the park just to be able see the cherry blossoms is antithetical to enjoying the natural phenomenon of these trees. There are many residential areas around High Park where people could park and walk to see the cherry blossoms.
I realise Parks Staff recommend biking, walking or taking the TCC but I wanted to take it one step further and suggest an initiative to completely close the park to cars during cherry blossom season.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
S. Farquhar

Inadequte washroom facilities, April 19, 2017 , posted by Andrew Knight , ndrwknght@yahoo.ca

The fact that the washroom at High Park has been closed all winter and still remained closed as of 18th April has caused great hardship to me, an active senior. Lack of these facilities forces me to choose between cutting short my visit to the park or going in the woods. Surely some portable toilets could be positioned at strategic points?

Peak Bloom, April 19, 2017 , posted by Lance

I read on a new page that the peak anywhere from today to April 26th. Then another site has May 3rd - May 10. If they could split the difference and Peak the weekend of the 29th that would be great. :)

Reindeers, April 17, 2017 , posted by Paul Hudson , paul_alex_hudson@hotmail.com

Our family visited your park this week-end, we all had a great time. We had a little question regarding your reindeers - they didn't seem to be in a great mental/physical state. They hardly moved, seemed lathargic, they had patches of fur that was knoted/missing. Patches of skin appeared infected.
Are these animals receiving the appropriate care? Even my 3 year old daughter was asking why Santa's reindeers seemed sick...
I love this zoo, I've been several times. Please know I support your Operations fully, just wondering about these animals...

Duck identification, April 17, 2017 , posted by Carolyn , Cmdoyle@sympatico.ca

Any one notice a duck with a large black beak in the pond lately? And if so, what it's name is? Can't seem to identify it.

Cherry best time, April 16, 2017

Best time is next weekend until end of May. Can't get more accurate than that at the moment.

When is the best time for this year, April 16, 2017 , posted by Fedo , geeth2003@gmail.com

What is the best time to see sakura this year
Any guessing?

Trail Biking, April 15, 2017 , posted by Bryan , bkdk@sympatico.ca


Is mountain biking allowed on the surounding dirt drails in the park? My 11-yr-old is asking.


Baby Capybara, April 15, 2017 , posted by Joseph , plavecchia77@gmail.com

When will the baby capybaras be on display at the zoo.

Snake in the park , April 15, 2017 , posted by Linda , Linmlee@gmail.com

Hello I found a dead snake in the park this morning. It wasn't a garter snake. It has the markings of possibly a constrictor of some sort. I really don't know anything about snakes and was worried if people were releasing dangerous snakes in the park that it would be a scary problem to have. I took an photo of it and would like to send it to you if you want to see it.

Ball Hockey Arena, April 13, 2017 , posted by Alex Catherwood , Catherwood16@gmail.com


I was wondering what time the ball hockey arena opens and closes at or when the gates get opened and locked up.

Also, is it open for the public to use during the day to just shot around and practice on?

Alex Catherwood

capybara pups, April 11, 2017 , posted by Gabrielle Moreau , gabrielle_moreau@hotmail.com

I am coming to the park with my Howard p.s. senior kindergarten class on this Thursday a.m. We would like to see the pups. Is there any way to know if they will be outside and, if so, when is the best time to come? Thanks

Sakura Prediction (Final), April 11, 2017 , posted by Nobby , nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp

[] Nobby's Fearless Prediction of Cherry Blossoms at High Park #3 (Final: Post†on April 11) --

Based on the calculated figures at this point, using the 14-day forecast and the average daily temperatures of the past 10 years, they are pointing the blooming between April 14 and April 18,†with the full bloom between April 23 and April 27.† It is till 1 week away and there are uncertain factors exist but I make this the final prediction.† Cross your fingers for me.† For more details, please look at a post in the Toronto Nikkei Forum: http://torontonikkeiforum.2forum.biz/f1-toronto-nikkei-forum† [Note 1]: I am calculating the prediction figures with very basic pieces of information. I do not take any responsibilities if the prediction was off.
[Note 2]: Steve's Sakura Watch site is very comprehensive in analysis and reporting.† Please see the site as well.

Good Friday hours, April 11, 2017 , posted by Shannon , shannon.phair@gmail.com

Just wondering if the entire park is open on good friday 2017? Especially the zoo?

Maps/Legends in High Park, April 10, 2017 , posted by Sven Pinczewski , sven.pinczewski@gmail.com

Hi there,

we had another great visit in High Park this past weekend, this time with our new dog who loved the off leash areas. However, what continues to be a source of continuous puzzlement is why none of the maps / legends in the park have a "you are here" indicator on them. It's nice to have a map to get oriented in the park, but if I don't know where I am, they are pretty useless.

We were not the only ones confused about this - we overheard at least four families struggling with the same thing and then finally giving up trying to figure out their location. This would be such an easy fix and improve everyone's enjoyment of the park (especially those of us who are occasional / out-of-town visitors.



Contest to name baby capybaras, April 6, 2017 , posted by Stephanie Cunti , stephc_@hotmail.com

I think the suggestion to hold a contest to name the baby capybaras is a wonderful and fun idea that would be great for the nieghbourhood and city. What are you guys thinking about it? Please do this.

Over-Developed Park, April 6, 2017 , posted by Michael , nogas.michael@gmail.com


I'd just like to voice my opinion that the park has too many roads going through it. The fact that I have to cross three roads to get from one side of the park to the other is crazy. Parking should be limited to the exteriors and have a continuous park in the middle of it. Not a collection of areas separated by roads. I'd also like to see some of the secondary paved paths converted to stone dust/gravel once they've reached their lifespan to protect more of the feel of nature. It's impossible to go for a good run through the park.

jamie bell park, April 4, 2017 , posted by kevin thornton , kevinthornton70@gmail.com

What has happened to the Sword in the stone? the Kids love it

High Park Zoo Contact Number , April 4, 2017 , posted by Rachel , rmetalin@ucc.on.ca

Hi -
I would like to get a contact number so I can speak with someone at the High Park zoo, I had a special request and would like to make a donation so was wondering who I call? The number posted online is not for the High Park Zoo but instead for Toronto Animal Services.

Thank you.

goose with paper cup on its neck, April 2, 2017 , posted by Anna Markell , annavmarkell@gmail.com

I was just walking in high park and saw a goose with a paper cup on its neck. I called animal services and they asked for a picture, but I was not able to take one. Please see if you can help this bird by removing the garbage around its neck. I saw it in Grenadier park st 530 pm on Sunday April 2nd.

Bikers in off leash dog trails, April 2, 2017 , posted by Helen , I don't my email public?

There are so few good dog parks in Toronto. I love the high park off leash area but the amount of cyclists wizzing through makes me so nervous. Are they allowed on the paved path and if so why? Off leash dogs and cyclists are a bad idea, cyclists get to go anywhere in the city (at least legally)... can dog walkers just have this one little dog safe space in all of Toronto? Dog walkers are not the fair weather users...they are the park regulars and it seems all of sudden in the spring and summer that we are not welcomed or safe in our designated space. Maybe better signage- make bikers at least aware that they are entering the off leash area?

Entrance Fee, March 30, 2017 , posted by Angie , spiceanj81@gmail.com

Hi. How much is the entrance fee of the park and what time is it open? Thank you.

Meditation Event - June 10, 2017, March 28, 2017 , posted by Jasmine Mohsen , jasmine.mohsen@gmail.com

I am part of group planning to hold a meditation mob and are considering High Park as a potential location. Our intention is to arrive on location, sit, and disperse after 30 minutes. This is a free event and all are welcome to participate. We would like to know if we require a permit to hold this event or if anything else is needed.

Wood Ducks, March 28, 2017 , posted by Rose , rose@roseunderwood.com

Are there nesting Wood Ducks in High Park?


Cherry blossoms , March 25, 2017 , posted by Ansh , Anshuli.ch@gmaill.com

Hi there,
I was wondering if the cherry blossoms have bloomed yet so taht i can come and visit with my friends.

Name the baby Capybaras, March 25, 2017 , posted by Paul Thornton , paul@investorbootcamponline.com

May I suggest a contest to name the baby Capybaras! Oh ya.

Names for the Capybera babies, March 24, 2017 , posted by Diane , Mazurk.emmett@rogers.com

My suggested names for the three Cappy babies are "Tic, Tac, Toe."

Capybara names for pups March 24th 2017, March 23, 2017 , posted by Den Sims , dbsims1950@gmail.com

Hello I would like to suggest 3 names for the Capybara's as I feel that, Pistol , Gunner , and Revolver would (CAP) it off.

Names for the capybaras pups, March 23, 2017 , posted by Michele Allen , mtallen@live.com

We think you should name the 3 pups - curly Larry and Moe, after the 3 stooges :)

Capybaras, March 23, 2017 , posted by James carruthers , jcarruthers@bell.net

Give them one name from each of the 3 names given to Toronto's most notorious Bank robber.


reserving an area, March 23, 2017 , posted by Austin Repath , thepilgrim@look.ca

I would like to hold an event in the labrynthe area (just north of the Grenadier restaurant) on June 21st. Do I need to apply for a permit?

Nobby's Fearless Prediction of Cherry Blossoms at High Park #1, March 22, 2017 , posted by Nobby , nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp

I am again calculating the cumulative temperature figures for predicting the blooming of the cherry trees in the High Park.

Based on the calculated figures at this point, plus using the 14-day forecast and the average daily temperatures of the past 10 years, they are pointing the blooming around the weekend of April 22/23, with the full bloom around the weekend of May 1/2. It is till 6 weeks away and there are uncertain factors exist. Please keep watching the posting in the Toronto Nikkei Forum below:
Once the prediction range is within the 14-day forecast, that prediction is the final.

Past blooming records:

May 2, 2007 (Within the prediction)
April 26, 2008 (Within the prediction)
April 27, 2009 (2 days later than the prediction range)
April 12, 2010 (Within the prediction)
May 4, 2011 (1 day later than the predicted range)
April 5, 2012 (3 days later than the predicted range)
April 30, 2013 (Within the prediction)
May 9, 2014 (1 day later than the predicted range)
May 2, 2015 (1 day earlier than the predicted range)
2016 (No blooming due to unstable weather)

* The definition of the blooming is that at least 5 to 6 flowers on at least two trees each among the three pre-chosen trees bloom.
* Full bloom means the condition where 90% of the flowers are in full bloom.

Note: I am not an expert on the blooming nor the cherry blossoms. I am calculating the figures with very basic pieces of information. I do not take any responsibilities if the prediction was off.

Dog on leash areas, March 22, 2017 , posted by Rachel Merran , ramerran@gmail.com

I am becoming increasingly upset by inconsiderate dog owners who allow their dogs off leash in on leash areas. Today 2 dogs ran up to me and barked while I was walking up through the onleash nature trail which leads from the dig off leash area to the corner of keele and Bloor streets. I love high park I love the nature trails but it is getting worse and worse! The small signs posted are not enough. Today I counted 12 dogs running through the natural areas adjacent to the on leash trails . Our park will eventually be all fenced off (and some dogs just jump the fences - I have seen owners encouraging them!) or our parks will become ruined by inconsiderate and disrespectful people.
Is there nothing that can be done??? Thank you

Buds yet?, March 19, 2017 , posted by Kat , katkas553@gmail.com

Has anyone seen if the tress are budding?? Hopefully the warmer temps forecasted this week will help...

I saw buds?, March 18, 2017

Am I going crazy or are those swollen bits at the end of branches in fact buds of soon to be flowers? I hope so...I miss going to High Park, it's been too cold and I'm getting cabin fever and want to visit this year first before the end of March.

Bear Mound, March 9, 2017 , posted by Danielle La Valle , danielle-lavalle@live.ca

Good morning,
I am looking for more information regarding Bear Mound and the 1921 pit burials found near Grenadier Pond. Also if you have any other information regarding First Nations use of High Park that would be great.

Kind regards,

Soil, March 3, 2017 , posted by heather watts , heatherbeewatts@gmail.com

I am a student at George Brown in a placement at St. Joseph's Health Centre wondering if I may please have some finished compost for a veggie growing project facilitating mental health breaks for long term care recipients.
Thank you!

Lesya Ukrainka monument, February 25, 2017 , posted by Igor Sanin , igsanin@netscape.net

We are a family of the Ukrainian heritage. While spring is speedy approaching we can see that landscaping is being started in the park. We would like to clean an area closely around a monument of Lesya Ukrainka at our own. Is any permission required to enter behind the fence or any agreement is to be achieved with a relevant supervising body, please?
Thank you.
Igor Sanin

The Jamie Bell Adventure Park, February 24, 2017 , posted by Angela Chen , lindachenandrewsfarm@hotmail.com

Hi, this is Angela from Andrews Scenic Acres farm. We admire your Jamir Bell adventure playground. We r really interested in getting contact with the design company since our farm need to build one as well. Please reach me at phone number:905-966-3211 if you may. Thank you so much and appreciate that!

Info , February 23, 2017 , posted by Desiree Jordan , Jordanmariedesi@hotmail.com

Hello, my name is Desiree Jordan I am representing Big Brother Big Sister Guelph and was wondering if you had an email for general info/inquiries thank you, have a wonderful day!

Lost Sunglasses, February 22, 2017 , posted by Bilge Ozturk , trottata@gmail.com

Good day,
I have lost my black RayBan sunglasses this afternoon Feb 22nd, between 4:15-5:15pm either in the zoo or the playground. I have followed my footsteps to find it but couldn't. Could you please kindly advise if someone returns them. Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards,
Bilge Ozturk

Dog park fence, February 22, 2017 , posted by Laurie Hay , Laurie.hay@sympatico.ca

My dog jumped through a hole in the fence by the corner near the Dream Theatre. This part of the fence is older and has larger openings. It would be great if this can be straightened and tightened up so my dog can't get out. My dog is 70lbs so he is not a small dog! Thank you

co-op placement, February 21, 2017 , posted by jemaya balkarran , balkarranjemaya@gmail.com

hello, i'm a currently a grade 12 student attending bramalea secondary school and i would love to have my co-op placement at your zoo, i've been to the zoo and think it's beautiful but most of all i love the animal range, i've always wanted to learn and worked with such a wide variety of animals, if a manager or supervisor could give me a call @ 6474609333 that would be great, thank you so much & have a nice day.

Bike lanes and cars, February 20, 2017 , posted by Carolan , Carolan.m.mackay@gmail.com

Beautiful high park - to be shared by all - safely!
Can something be done about the chaos around the cycling lanes and the off leash dog area and the entrance to the grenadier cafe?
Loose dogs, cars parked in the cycling lane, cars speeding up to grab a parking spot coming free, cars colliding with cyclists and joggers, dog walkers with too many dogs, cars pulling into the cycling lane to drop people off. I shudder at every near accident I witness or experience.
Time for a redesign of this area!!!! More parking or drop off options for elderly or disabled people? Remove parking from this bottlenecked area completely?
The park is getting busier ... can we re examine how to keep its happy users safe?

potential summer event, February 2, 2017 , posted by Matthew Dales , mattdales99@gmail.com

Good Afternoon,

I am interested in better understanding what spaces may be used for a potential summer event i would like to plan, The Rose Picnic. We would feature high end rose wines and first class food in beautiful summer picnic arrangement.

i can be reached at 6473385915 Thank you very much

Matthew Dales

Designated area for picnic, January 30, 2017 , posted by Asad , asadikhan@gmail.com

Hi, I am trying to book area 23 for a picnic/birthday party. I am being told by the booking line that they cannot guarantee seating/benches, but they didn't seem sure on it. Can you confirm that if I book the area, that is designated for up to 50 people, I will have seating/benches in that designated area for me upon arrival?

Playground, January 13, 2017 , posted by Conan Tobias , ctobias@stjosephmedia.com

Hello. I'm writing from Where Magazine, the hotel tourism guide. We're mentioning the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground in a feature of family activities in the city, and I was wondering if you had any high resolution photos we might be able to use. Thanks for the help.

Dog Walkers, January 11, 2017 , posted by Anne Smythe , anneismythe@gmail.com

I would just like to make a comment about the excessive number of dogs being walked by dog walkers in the off leash area. The number is often at least 7 by an individual walker, yesterday there were 14 with 2 walkers and there was no control at all. When I commented the response was that I was right, they did have too many dogs - and that was the end of it.

coyotes, January 7, 2017 , posted by John , johnjenglish@rogers.com

reference to the coyotes in High Park. I have been running in the park for twenty years and I have not seen the two of them for a year or so. Most of the time when I came across them they would take off. A couple of times they stopped and we had a staring contest. Are they still around I sort of miss them.

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