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Re: cut back on the salt, December 19, 2013

I couldn't agree more! Why use so much salt? Especially in a park!!! Some major cities have switched to beet juice, which is just as effective as salt - High Park should also use a natural de-icer, not salt!

cut back salt on paths, December 17, 2013 , posted by Catherine Bush ,

I walk my dog in the park daily year-round and am concerned about the amount of salt spread on the pathways in High Park. Salt is extremely destructive for plants, trees and the surrounding habitat of the park. It is also terrible as run-off into the lake from which our drinking water comes. It's extremely painful for dogs when the pads of their feet contact wet and salted pathways. Today salt was practically in piles on the pathway in off Parkside. So many of us who use the park in winter are walking our dogs. We have to AVOID the paths to spare our dogs' feet. If you look you'll notice how many tracks there are beside the paths. Why not switch to sand? Failing that, can you at least use less salt. You're using way, way more than is necessary or good for the park or the rest of us.

Snowshoe-ing, December 16, 2013

Do you offer show shoe rentals and where would I find them?

Emu's and Wallabies, December 15, 2013 , posted by Chris Walker ,

To Whom it may Concern,

I'm Australian recently living in Toronto and had the pleasure of visiting the park today. Its a beautiful park and I am glad that there are places like this in the city where I can play in the snow.

I visited the park zoo today and saw the Wallabies and Emu's within the park. The emu's looked distressed and very agitated, I find this understandable as they are not in the natural habitat of the Australian bush. I know that they are provided with a shelter and I am curious as to what is inside it. I'm also curious as to the treatment of these animals as I felt a little bit heart broken seeing them stressed and cold in the snow. It's obviously not their home. My intent of writing to you is to simply find out more information about how they are looked after - not to protest or "write an angry letter" as such.

Although it is nice for me to see a bit of "home" in Toronto, it is also nice know how they are being looked after when they are not in their natural environment of the great Aussie bush.

Thanks for your time.

With Regards

Chris Walker

re: New Years Day, December 2, 2013

Yes, the park will be open on New Years Day. It's open every day.

Jan 1, November 28, 2013


Will the High Park be open on Jan 1 this year? If yes, what are the hours?

Lost my phone, November 24, 2013 , posted by Nick

I lost my samsung phone in the park on july 26. Would like to get some recent photos back. Thanks.

Management Unit, November 23, 2013 , posted by Fatima Ali ,


I am currently undergoing a group project at the University of Toronto Mississauga for an Ecological Restoration assignment where we were assigned unit 9A and 10A. We had visited the site few weeks ago but I have few questions remaining and would appreciate if you could inform us more about those units. Is management unit 9A and 10A of the park used as an educational site and if so, how frequently? Also what role does this particular Management Unit play in terms of preserving the natural heritage of Black Oak Savannah?

Thanking you so much,
Fatima Ali

5KM Fundraising Run , November 19, 2013 , posted by Erica R. ,


On behalf of my event team, I am wondering if it\'s at all possible to hold a fundraising 5KM run at the park? My team and I are students in the George Brown College Special Event Planning program and are looking to host a run in April 2014 to raise money for a charity, as well as the Special Event Planning program.

I would appreciate a response!

Thank you so much,
Erica R.

Room for two?, November 19, 2013 ,

To whom it may concern,

My roommate and I have recently rescued two un neutered male rabbits (Lop ear and Rex) from deplorable conditions.
They were cooped up in a filthy cage, their nails were extremely outgrown, and they were under fed.
We have cleaned up the cage, clipped their nails, bathed, and fed them well.

Both are extremely friendly, despite their obvious lack of human interaction; they are a bit skittish, when attempting to pick them up.

The Rex is suffering from malocclusion, extremely outgrown bottom teeth which are protruding from his mouth.

We are looking to find a better, more suitable habitat for them both to live, where they have more room to hop around.
We are curious as to whether your farm would be interested in taking them in, or if you can refer us to anyone you know of.

With much gratitude,


Yogathon Event, November 18, 2013 , posted by Tara Verma ,

Good afternoon,

I work with the Art of Living Foundation and I am looking to organize a Yogathon event in High Park. We anticipate 200 - 250 participants. Is there a booking process for events at High Park? Please let me know who I can speak to.

Best regards,


Amiptheatre, November 18, 2013 , posted by Andrew Miller ,

1: I would like to speak with someone about the general idea of using the ampitheatre,
2: To discuss the possibly erecting a tent structure in that area for the duration of the performance.

There no information on the site that is easily located on such.
Andrew Miller

Question, November 6, 2013 , posted by Zehra ,


I go to the Universtiy of Toronto Mississauga and I have a project in my Restoration Ecology class where we\'re assessing the restoration efforts at High Park. I had a quick question to ask. Is this park used as an educational site and if so, how frequntly ?
Also, what is being done to preserve the natural heritage of Black Oak Savannah?

lost keys in playground, November 6, 2013

hello i was at the amazing playground yesterday nov 5th,lost my keys,thank you to the people at the park for helping me look,its a car key and another key if found please call 416-617-4603,the keychain is white beads that say steve,thanjs again

Event Calendar, October 23, 2013 , posted by Lorna

I am new to the High Park area and checked out your wedsite. There is a lot of out of date posting here. Anything more current happening?

transportation, October 18, 2013 , posted by Flora ,


i live in University of Toronto Mississauga, how can i get to the High Park?

fall leaf colour tip, October 14, 2013 , posted by The Tree Expert

i have a tip for people who want to know how the trees/leaves look like in high park: look at few trees in your neighbourhood. if you live within a 300km radius of high park then trees inside the park will look pretty much the same;)

Oct. 14, October 13, 2013 , posted by Kam

Hello there,

I am planning to visit the park on Oct. 14 / 15. Can anyone suggest / tell me about the color of Fall during those days. Or should I postpone by one week?
Thanks in advance,

rabbits, October 11, 2013 , posted by Lana ,

In March, the zoo adopted two lovely rabbits from the TAS South shelter. A gray female lionhead, and a male Himalayan. Bad timing on my part as I had been eyeballing the two of them and was considering adopting one of them.

What happens now that winter is around the corner? Are these two bunnies available for adoption?

RE: Dog rescue, October 11, 2013 , posted by Admin

Ken: Thank you very much for what you did. You are a great guy indeed!!!!

Remember the famous quote everyone: "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing"

Dog rescue from swamp, October 11, 2013 , posted by Ken ,

Hi there,

My wife and I were walking through High Park near the river last night when we came upon a large crowd gathered on the edge of the water (where the swans are). Turns out a dog had slipped it's collar (wasn't off-leash) and swam for over an hour trying to get to the swans before getting completely stuck in the marshes where he slowly lost strength and struggled for over 2 hours. Passerby's didn't help for a number of reasons, some thinking that the Fire Dept. would come out (they didn't) while others thought the SPCA would assist (they didn't either). Hearing the dogs quiet moan I decided to give it a go and almost got tangled and stuck myself several times. The stench was awful and it was quite difficult to reach the almost-frozen dog, but I managed to untangle him and lead him to safety. my clothes were a right off and I had better visit the doctor, but it was a happy ending for the dog and myself.

It's good to remind visitors to keep an even closer eye on their dogs when walking through this area as even though this dog was leashed, he still managed to get loose from his collar and was destined for a murky grave. - dog swimming - getting him out of the swamp - back on land

Bunny to give away, October 10, 2013 , posted by Chubby's owner ,


We have 4 month old lion head bunny rabit named "Chubby" at home and due to circumstance we are unable to take good care of him. We would like to know if you would be interested to take in this animal for the zoo. This is a very cute and cuddly rabbit and we are positive that other kids will enjoy seeing him.

Please let know if I can bring the rabit over or perhaps of other places that I could contact if there is an interests.

Thanks and regrads
Chubby's owner

dog walk fight against cancer , October 9, 2013 , posted by vera ,

hello,,will thweir be a dog walk re. cancer awareness,,walk for a cure for dogs this coming weekend....????

Soccer Field, October 7, 2013 , posted by Dave Crombie ,


I was wondering what is the process for a permit for the soccer field.

We would like to play on the field some saturday in the next three weeks.
Would that be possible? Is there a charge?

Thank you


Fall Colors, October 7, 2013 , posted by Nicole

Wondering how the fall colors will be this weekend. is still worth to go? Thanks a lot!

re: dogs in zoo, October 4, 2013 , posted by admin

yes, dogs are allowed on-leash in the zoo

dogs at zoo, October 3, 2013

hi , are dogs allowed to walk on leash at the zoo in your park?

re: fall colours, September 30, 2013 , posted by Admin

I was there yesterday and the trees looked very nice already. Oct 5-6 should be good days to visit. Maybe a week later would be even better.

Fall Color change Status, September 29, 2013 , posted by Narayanan

Can Anyone let me know what is the color change status in the High Park.. We are planning to go by Oct 5 or 6... Will that be right time to visit.

Lost Keys, September 24, 2013 , posted by Shaun ,

I lost my car, house, and bike keys on Monday Sept. 23. If anyone happens upon them, please call me at 647-927-7162.

LOST SUNGLASSES, September 24, 2013 , posted by Maureen ,

Hi, I lost a pair of perscription versace sunglasses this morning on the west side of high park. If you have found them I would love if you could give me a call...I need them for driving:) 647-992-7065

T- Shirts, September 23, 2013 , posted by Sam

T Shirts are available at Nature Center.( get #) or at the High Park Zoo on Sturday or Sundays from 11am to 3pm at Lama Pen.

free woodchips delivery from tree company, September 20, 2013 , posted by Zita ,

Wonder if you are in need of woodchips?

We are a tree care company in Toronto offering free delivery, but:

- we must be able to dump in a front yard location or have access with the truck
- you must be able to accept 1-5 tonnes of loads
- loads are a mixture of soft and hard wood variety
- loads may contain twigs and tree leaves
- all natural woodchip and mulch debris

If you're interested please contact us at 416-412-2100 or email us at

Feel free to give out this info to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you for your time,


Car Free Days or Hours., September 19, 2013 , posted by T.Pye.

Now that Toronto has grow in population the park is being ruined by constant traffic.Please consider no car days, to keep the park pollution and aggression free. Thank you.

Sunglasses found, September 19, 2013 , posted by Timothy

On my morning run yesterday found a pair of Ray-Bans lying on one of the benches next to the labyrinth. If you can describe them send me an email on

September 17, 2013 , posted by Lori aka @torontojazzbrat

I have loved High Park my whole life. Had to write a blog about it

Signage, September 14, 2013 , posted by Heather ,


While the park is lovely and we didn\'t mind strolling through it from one side to the other some additional signage would have been appreciated so we could have actually gone to the zoo like we wanted to. Roads aren\'t clearly marked, very few maps around the pack and no signs saying \"zoo this way\". It just would have been nice to actually get to the zoo


Fall Colours, September 11, 2013 , posted by Muralidharan K ,

Can anyone please let know about the fall colour status in High Park. What would be the status around 25th Sep?

School Visit, September 11, 2013 , posted by Louisa ,

Kingsley Primary School would like to book a tour with the High Partk Zoo for next spring preferrably around the time that the animal babies are arriving. We are a group of around 40 students. Please ontact us with any information and how we can book a tour.

Kind Regards,
Louisa Florio
Kingsley Primary School

fish die-off, September 9, 2013 , posted by Victor

Any updates from the lab on fish die-off happened in the beginning of August?
They said it would take several weeks to get results from the lab. Almost 6 weeks passed by...

Lost & Found, August 31, 2013 ,

I found a ring in the park and wanted to know if anyone has reported a lost ring. I went to the Grenadier Restaurant and no one had reported anything.

Lost Bike Lock, August 30, 2013

Has anyone found a bike lock in high park? I've lost my bike lock but I still have the key (so I can prove it's mine). It's from Canadian Tire, so it might be a CCM brand. Please post here if you find it.

Plant name needed, August 29, 2013 , posted by Scot MacDougall ,

Hi. I was hoping someone can tell me the name of a grouping of three 5' tall plants located directly across the road from the Grenadier restaurant where the West road meet Colburne Lodge road. The plant has large (12" or larger) hand shaped dark red/green leaves with red ball shaped flower heads on red stalks. I have also seen it in front of and apartment building on High Park boulevard and in front of a dentist's office on Bloor West across from the park. I would like to get one for my garden. Thanks in advance. Scot.

re: high park t-shirt, August 25, 2013 , posted by admin

no idea where to buy I heart High Park can order custom t-shirts from several online t-shirt websites where you can choose what to print on the shirt - text and symbols and design

re: community gardens, August 25, 2013 , posted by admin

yes, there is a community / allotment garden in high park

Community Garden, August 24, 2013

I'm part of a community garden in Liberty Village where people have a plot and grow their own vegetables etc. I'm moving to the HP area and am wondering if there's a similar garden in high park...

T shirts, August 24, 2013 , posted by Lee ,

Where can I find tshirts that read
''I heart high park"? Are they sold
in the park?
Thanks! Lee

Heat, lack of water, shade for the animals!, August 21, 2013 , posted by Mrs. Foster

Hello High Park staff,

I live near the zoo and often visit. The last time I was there (on Saturday) it was glaringly obvious that all the animals were far too hot. Many had a lack of fresh, abundant water to drink and cool down with. The large, hairy yack slowly walked to the tiny water basin and actually tried to sit in it - it was heart breaking! I am deeply concerned about the animals! The reindeer were all huddled in their tiny barn to get out of the sun, the Bison looked totally exhausted and the baby was trying to get milk from the Mum but the mother kept trying to kick it away. The lack of staff at the zoo is concerning.. when are the animals checked on? Who makes sure they have enough water? Can shaded areas not be created for the animals to take shelter under? The only animals that seemed OK were the capybaras as they had a pool to cool down in.

I live so close by and would be willing to help out any way I can. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help this situation and what is being done to remedy it pronto.

Thank you!

Birthday at high park, August 20, 2013 , posted by Jessica

I have an area reserved for my daughter's birthday. Anyone else ever have a picnic at high park and how did it go? Should I arrive early to the site to make sure no one else takes it?(even though I have a permit)

glasses, August 20, 2013 , posted by ed , bitar

We went to high park on sat and my wife lost her christian dior sunglasses maybe someone turned them in can you please call me at 4168774162 ty so much

August 13, 2013

can you bring a bike to the park

August 13, 2013 , posted by Liam ,

Hi I\'m reporting a possible missing dog case in the dog park were looking for an all black cocker spaniel with gold on the bum and around the eyes she is small about 35 pounds short hair and she responds to the ne Lili could you please inform me about any news you may have of her thank you

RE:rentals, August 12, 2013

Someone was asking about renting at 40 Highpark Ave. Be aware there is a proposal to "redevelop" Grenadier Square. See for information.

lost - women's black jacket, August 10, 2013 ,

I believe I left my jacket at the park after watching Macbeth last night (August 10). Light weight cotton, the label is Kookai. It's my favourite, and I'd love to get it back.

Electrical outlet, August 8, 2013

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is an outlet at the park, we have area #23 with a shelter booked.

Thank you.

lost wallet, August 8, 2013 , posted by mary lou ,

Hi I went to see MacBeth last night in high park and cannot find my wallet. I think it must have fallen out of my bag. There was no money but all my I.D. Please let me know if you found it. Thanks It is a burgandy small wallet that was very messy and full of receipts and ID.

Cell phone, August 6, 2013 , posted by Nick

I lost my samsung phone in the park on july 26. Would like to get some recent photos back. Thanks.

Dead fish, August 4, 2013 , posted by Admin

Many fish have turned up dead in the pond recently and nobody really knows why. Here's a news article about it with additional details:

No mention of fishing?, August 3, 2013 , posted by Daniel Osler , 416 251 1687

I have been fishing in High Park for over 40 years. Last week I cut my thumb on an old discarded sardene can (left by other 'anglers'), I got a tetnas shot. Im always upset that I have to clean up after other anglers each visit. Last week I caught a chinese man emptying a large plastic bag filled with about 50 1" fancy (vieltail) goldfish into the smaller pond. When I told him it was bad for the environment, he said that fishing was bad for the environment. Thanks to the actions of other anglers, there seems to be an 'anti-fishing' attitute (who can blame them) by park officials. No boating signs, and 90% of the waterline is now untouchable by anglers. One solution could be to have planned docks for anglers with development of the 'shoreline' project ? Blanketweed has been a big problem for anglers over the last few years, meaninng (without a boat) most fish cannot be reached from any of the (shallow) weedy shoreline. Thanks for reading, from an old time high park angler (who always pays for his fishing licence) Daniel.

Found iPhone (white), August 1, 2013 , posted by Admin

We found an iPhone 4s (white) in a white thin plastic case - there is an opening for the Apple logo at the back. It has a security code to get it. The home screen picture was taken from some sort of a ride. Seems like a view from wonderland perhaps? If this sounds like it's your phone let us know by filling out this form.

Re: train rental, August 1, 2013 , posted by Monica

I've tried to rent the trackless train some time ago but couldn't. Maybe things have changed since but when I tried it wasn't an option. Cheers.

Bison, July 31, 2013 , posted by G. B.

Today,July 31st, we visited the zoo at High Park and witnessed the male bison and I believe another female charging a mother bison and her young calf. It was very scary and the young calf was very nearly trampled. The male bison charged the mother and her calf and rammed her up against the side of the enclosure. Had this happened at the fence facing viewers I'm sure the fence would have given way. Perhaps these animals need to be separated? A while later we went to check on them and noticed that the calf was hiding on the cement ledge at the back of the enclosure. My family and I are concerned and don't know who to contact. Thank you.

Train, July 31, 2013 , posted by Jessica ,

Good afternoon,

My name is Jessica Myers and I work for a local association that plans events. I was curious to find out if you rent out your train that you use in the park, or if there is another one available for rent.

If you could get back to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Grenadier Pond dead fish, July 29, 2013 , posted by Nidhi Tandon ,

There are so many dead fish in the pond - lined up along the southern edge - do we know why?

BBQ'S, July 29, 2013 , posted by Chris

Can anyone tell me the numbers of the picnic areas that have permanent barbecues?

What events are happening after September1, July 27, 2013 , posted by Patreicia

We are moving to Toronto area and need things to do.We would like events in your park as well as rates.Thanks

RENTALS, July 24, 2013

Could anyone speak to the condition/or experiences of living at Grenadier square - high park (40 High Park Ave).

I am considering moving to this apartment unit but have not seen it in person, as I am re locating from the east coast.

If this is not the place to have such a discussion, I apologize in advance. THANKS!

babies first birthday, July 23, 2013

I'm celebrating my sons first birthday at the park near the playground area. When I booked my spot I received a list of "do nots" and its pretty long. One of the restrictions was on balloons. I can see why playtex balloons would be a problem because they can become choking hazards for the animals but I was wondering if the aluminium balloons would be allowed. Whats a kid bday party without balloons.

Also, are there a few picnic tables near tbe playground? Since were not allowed to bring tables I need to ensure I have picnic tables for food, and if someone without a permit takes all the tables in that area I will be pretty upset.

Thanks for your help!

re: Emergencies, July 23, 2013 , posted by Admin

Attention everyone! If you witness an emergency situation - whether it's related to people, animals or vegetation - please do call 911 or another relevant emergency organization. Posting concerns about emergencies to an online forum, such as this, will not help at all.

Baby Animal in Danger in the Zoo , July 19, 2013 , posted by Karen

There is a very small baby which is trapped and in distress in some wire fence in the enclosure next to the Llamas. No workers to be seen around 4 and someone else pointed it out. I tried to call but getting no where so if anyone gets this and can see if someone can go and get it out and back in the hut with the others. South American water pigs i think in HIGH PARK ZOO

Zoo, July 19, 2013 , posted by Nikki ,


I'm not sure how to contact someone in the zoo but my friend and I had the dumb idea to walk around the park today (dumb because it was so hot) and walked through the zoo. We were pretty concerned, as were some other visitors, with the animals in this heat. Almost all of them were panting (even the birds) and the bison's in particular were trying to move but seemed too tired to actually get up so they gave up and continued lying in the sun. i normally would not be concerned except for the fact that this is about day 4 of our heat wave and I saw no staff or volunteers in the vicinity of the zoo. and although im sure they obviously have water in the huts or out of sight i saw no water in any of the areas where the animals could reach it.

I'm sure im overreacting and that staff are regularly there to check on the animals and cool them down but in the half hour i was there i only saw extremly overheated animals and no staff so just thought I would try ti bring this to someones attention.


Phragmites at South End of Pond, July 19, 2013 , posted by A long time resident

I wondered what is being done about the phragmites taking over the south end of the pond. Maybe more consideration should have gone into changing the environment around the pond. Obviously the idea of planting native plant went horribly wrong as it looks like there are actually less native plants than before the planting. The pond is impossible to even see, on the south side, with the wall of phragmites. The pathway along the Queensway has also become an isolated dangerous place for people to walk in the evening with 12 foot high grass on one side and a wall of bushes on the other. The rest of the park has been taking good care of but the south end, it seems, has been abandoned. It\'s almost comical, if it wasn\'t so sad, to see benches, that are supposed to give a view of the pond, look upon a wall of grass.

kayaking, July 18, 2013 ,

My name is Aryeh Klein and i am interested in kayaking with a group of male adults this sunday. Is there a number with which i can contact someone for information specifically about the kayaking?

Thank you
Aryeh Klein

Fishing in the pond, July 17, 2013 , posted by Krystyna

Just about two weeks ago I saw someone fishing out baby duck from the pond. Poor think was hanging lifeless from the fishing line. It was very disturbing scene to see. Every year I see more and more people fishing in the pond. It should be forbidden! I just wonder if that option was ever considered by High Park authorities. Fishing kills and harm not only fish but other species that live in and around the water. It should definitely be forbidden when ducks and geese's have babies. I hope something is going to be done about this growing problem. (I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. I have very graphic pictures to support my comments. My email Please ignore my previous duplicate comment. I just wanted to add my email and ask for the feedback.)

Greenhouses, July 17, 2013

Does anyone know any details about working in the High Park greenhouses? Or what education/experience is required? I assume the employer would be the city of Toronto Parks Department and they don't seem to have any current openings, however I'm still interested in any details, until any openings become available.

just wondering, July 17, 2013 , posted by Julie ,

hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to do a face painting table for kids at high park, or would you need a permit for something like that, just a thought

flooding damage anything closed?, July 16, 2013

Hi There,

I am also curious to know about the flooding damage to high park areas. Is it safe to bring children to the adventure playground? Is the pool or wadding pool closed?

July 13, 2013 , posted by Scott ,

I was hoping to host an outdoor movie night in the park for a fund raising event. I would love to use the stage area where the perform Shakespeare in the Park.
Can you tell me how I would go about investigating this?

Flood, July 11, 2013

Nobody answered the question about the flood. Were any areas of the park flooded or damaged? Are the gardens in full bloom right now?

Yes to bikes, July 11, 2013

I agree with the previous posted - we need more bike racks. It's all nice to promote bikes but you need to match the infrastructure as well such as provide bike rentals (with helmets), bike racks and paths!

re: Zoo?, July 11, 2013 , posted by Admin

The zoo is open, yes. There are yaks, emus, peacocks, bison and a few other I can't remember. It's not a large zoo but definitely a nice place. You can walk the zoo in 15 minutes then move on to the rest of the park. FYI: The zoo is publicly funded after the city cut funding last year so operation for 2014 depends on public donations.

Zoo?, July 10, 2013 , posted by Nick

Is the high park zoo still open? What animals do they have?

flood, July 10, 2013 , posted by marina taverner ,

is the park open (july 11/13) is any part of the park flooded? is the park muddy. We are bringing 10 seniors for a picnic. are there any areas we should avoid

Sun Shades, July 9, 2013 ,

I was wondering if portable sun shades were allowed in the park. Some parks allow them and other don\'t. I know that there are covered areas, but I also know that many people like to reserve these and get permits for large groups. I would prefer to respect this and bring my own, if possible.

Metropass Found in High Park, July 6, 2013 , posted by Inna ,

Hello High Park Team,
The metropass has been found in High Park on Saturday morning. I could not locate the Lost and Found in the park so if anybody contacts you about the lost pass, please have them contacted me at

re: Grenadier Restaurant location, July 5, 2013 , posted by The Great Restaurant Locator

Type in "The Grenadier Restaurant, High Park, Toronto, ON" in Google Maps. It will show you the ** exact ** location of the restaurant. Assuming you know where you currently are and know how to read a map you'll find a way to get to the restaurant.

Grenadier Restaurant, July 5, 2013 , posted by heather ,


A question from a desperate person! can you please tell me how to get from the High Park subway to the Grenadier Restaurant. They are not returning my calls (understandably; they are likely very busy)

if you could provide detailed instructions, i woud be most grateful

bike parking!, July 4, 2013 , posted by Lindsey p ,

would it be possible to get more bike parking near the pool please!! the one rack that is there is super old and very hard
to lock a bike securely. There is a huge need for swimmers and for the families attending the soccer and ball games.

July 4, 2013 , posted by Zoe

Grenadier Cafe

can someone tell me :

a) can I walk from the High Park subway to the Grenadier Cafe? and if yes,
b) could you explain the route "painstakingly"

i am a turist!

July 3, 2013

Canada Day was awesome at the park, such a nice day, perfect weather too! Highly recommended!

June 30, 2013 , posted by Shann

Does High Park get crowded on Canada Day in terms of barbeques and the pool?

High Park Zoo Petition 2013, June 27, 2013 , posted by Bruce Ing ,

We've got a new petition out to put the zoo back in the Toronto Budget.

You can sign it in person by going to the zoo or seeing our volunteers Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11-3 or sign up at the petition website;

June 22, 2013 , posted by sam ,

Hi there, the contact telephone number for the trackless trains at High Park has been changed to 416-721-2012. If you would be so kind as to change it on your site. Thanks!

Lost Panasonic Digital Camera, June 21, 2013 , posted by Oscar Yanez ,

June 21st, 2013 - left a Panasonic digital camera on the bench atop the hill overlooking the red Centennial Maple Leaf roundel - if you found it I would be eternally grateful - the camera has sentimental value - please contact Oscar:

re: people in bike lanes, June 21, 2013 , posted by Stay where you belong

Just think how outraged all those people would be if a cyclist would go on the sidewalk!

This is similar to people jogging on the road (not bike lane but on the actual road) 2 feet away from the sidewalk - and they get so incredibly upset when I tell them that "I don't go on the sidewalk with my car, so please don't go on the road on foot".

Some people clearly feel superior and think that just because they have a stroller or they are running that makes them better, makes them exempt from rules and common sense.

Why are people walking in the bike lanes?, June 20, 2013 ,

I noticed this while cycling in High Park last week. People jogging or speed walking, or walking with children and strollers, in the bike lane -- and the pedestrian walkway is just there, on the other side of the curb. Cyclists then, have to constantly either stop or walk around them, or cycle into traffic around them. Maybe they think that High Park is like the lake shore where cyclists and pedestrians have to share one passageway because there is no other way, but in High Park has plenty of pedestrian walkways and pedestrians should know they are not to use the bike lanes.

Canada goose, June 19, 2013 , posted by Paula ,

Today, June 19th, there was a goose in the water just north of the fishing pier that seemed in distress. It was completely still with its beak down in the water. It could be that the goose was sleeping, but we don\'t know how geese sleep. I was worried that he may have been tangled in something or ill.

Thanks for looking into this. We couldn\'t find anyone to tell.

Deer in High Park!, June 18, 2013 , posted by Naz

Just thought locals might be interested - I saw a wild red-tailed deer this morning in the area between Spring Rd and Bloor St. It was amazing :)

Lost large red Back pack, June 15, 2013 , posted by Jennifer ,

If anyone found a large red back pack lost it at high park on the benches right across from the children's play yard by the soccer fields. please email

Washrooms, June 13, 2013 ,

I was there over the week-end bay the zoo and children\'s play area. The washroom there should be CONDEMNED!
I have seen a lot of disgusting places before but this takes the cake. No toilet paper, no soap, sink rusting and falling apart. Maybe one tap working. Considering parents are teaching their children hygiene, the park and city should be ashamed! I heard several little kids saying to their parents - there is no paper, there is no soap. It literally broke my heart for these little guys. PLEASE clean up your act. Maybe you can get Mike HOLME\'s to fix it!

Fishing Festival, June 11, 2013 , posted by Anna

I noticed some information on Urban Fishing Festival on the MNR website ( kids can fish for free without a licence.
Is there a recent schedule for 2013? I am having hard time finding any recent information.

Thank you


Fitness, June 11, 2013 , posted by Tammy ,


Do you need a permit to run a fitness program in the park?


June 10, 2013 , posted by Megan ,

I am wondering if there are any volunteer positions available at the High Park zoo?

Performance in theater, June 1, 2013 , posted by Lily ,

Hi! I would like to know if the ampitheater is open to the public right now, say for Sunday afternnon at 7, for a rehearsal? Thank you!

May 31, 2013 , posted by Lisa ,

I would like to place something in High Park as a memorial to my dad who loved High Park and has just passed away.

Volunteering, May 28, 2013 , posted by Simmy ,

Hello there, I was just wondering if there are any volunteering opportunities with High Park and if so, how can I get involved?
Thank you,

Possible Field Trip, May 28, 2013 , posted by Grace ,


I'd like to know if you have instructors who can guide our grade 2 students through a nature walk and the zoo for a field trip. We'd like to end the day with a visit to the playground as well. We are looking at mid-June 2013 for a visit.


the Chess house, May 27, 2013 , posted by Esther ,

Hi Toronto High Park,

I submitted a question yesterday about the arts and crafts style washrooms. I realize that the name of the building is the Chess House. Would you have any historical information about the building, such as when it was built, by whom, and the original purpose of the building.

thank you very much,

free photos, May 27, 2013 , posted by ksenia ,


my name is Ksenia Shlezinger.

Recently I had a pleasure taking pictures of my lovely neighborhood
I am a photographer and took some pictures of it.

Please find them by this link

Please do not hesitate to use them for any of your purposes.

I would be grateful if you would provide a reference to my web-site while posting them.

Thanks once again and good luck.

Ksenia Shlezinger

who know carved face on tree, May 24, 2013 , posted by Huyen ,

I have a question. Who know where and how many carved face on tree in High Park of Toronto? I had seen one of carved face on tree on the road in park where have roadside trees is cherry. I like it and I am very grateful if anyone show me where have these carved face on tree. Thank all

Hiring, May 24, 2013 , posted by Sam ,

We are looking for a friendly person to join us in serving High Park as a trackless train driver/operator. You must be flexible in your availability since the trains run seven days per week weather permitting. Candidate must be in possesion of a valid driver's license and be proficient in the operation of a manual transmission. We will train on the job.
Please send your resume if you are interested in joining our family.

movie ?, May 23, 2013

does the park have movie nights?

Summer Jobs, May 23, 2013 ,

Does High Park hire youth for summer positions?

lost camera, May 22, 2013 , posted by faddy

On Sunday, May 19th I forgot and left my small silver canon camera in the women\\\\\\\'s washroom located in front of Grenardier Restaurant. I already checked with restaurant staff and no one has so far returned the camera to them. If anyone has found it please let me know . The pictures mean a lot to me, please return it!

High Park Tram, May 22, 2013 , posted by Sam ,

Hi there, thanks for the site.
I was wondering why your site has no mention of the trams that offer a round trip tour of the park.
Here is some info if you could include it?
Trams run every spring, summer and fall day (weather permitting) from 10:30am. The scheduled stops are at the Park's Bloor street entrance, in front of Black Oak Cafe, at the north side of Grenadier restaurant, at Grenadier Pond and between the Zoo and the Children's castle.
For further info and any other inquiries, you can contact me at 416-721-2012
Best regards,

Trixxi, May 21, 2013

well mr 'concerned community member' who is also on the Bloor WEst whatever- U do something- its a total shame that many cars are admitted into the park period. Of course the police had a hay day giving people tickets - if they are all that stupid they deserve a ticket - park up on bloor west village in the designated parking spots behind the shops, go on foot, take the subway. why doest bloor west village make a little shuttle to take peeps to the park? would be a great make work project for the students every summer. What that poor park does not need is CARS!
I do remember a year when the police were at the gates preventing the traffic from going in as it was FULL - no parking left.
Why anyone would sit in their cars from Keele or Runnymede lined up to get into a park that is obviously FULL is beyond me, but Bloor west village could make an almighty buck with a shuttle.

Trixxi, May 21, 2013

I may be old fashioned, but I think our parks should be respected, ALL our Parks in Ontario.
I had the pleasure of strolling around High Park this weekend and was so saddened to see this beautiful park totally overrun.
The roads where packed with cars Ė lined up where Iím sure they are not allowed to park.
The horticulturists have worked so hard to keep the gardens looking fabulous - only to have people climb right into them, regardless of little wire fences, for a Kodak moment.
I saw a child bending branches on a small Lilac bush. Her mother was approaching her so of course I thought her mother would inform her that we donít pick flowers or lilacs in any park. Nor do we pick Trilliums! But alas, she helped her pick a bouquet of different colors. Maddening, to say the least!
The weekend of the Cherry blossoms OMG!!! Insane traffic bumper to bumper and cars parked along the road so if an emergency entailed an ambulance would never be able to get to it.
The poor Cherry trees had to endure adults climbing into their branches for more pics while the first communion girls stood prettily in front of them, hoping for a great pic but many of the blossoms had already been shaken off.
NO Respect!!!
I am surprised I didnít get to capture mommy and little Mary Jane posed on the Pagoda in the water fall, except that the sides are too precipitous and itís wet. But I did see mommy and little Sarah on the CEMETARY/HEADSTONE of someone, possibly the Howards, but the little white cross is very high in the air and almost indecipherable with age Ė but had a wreath , suggesting itís a burial plot. What were they thinking??????
I am sure John Howard is rolling in his grave with the mere fact that many feet has been turned over for beast poop, alone.
PLEASE!!!! I implore all the visitors, if you have a car, venture further out of the city and leave this fabulous park to those on foot or take the subway or use their bikes.

Population today??, May 20, 2013 , posted by Mike ,

Anyone might have current crowd and population conditions at High Park right now? Wifey and kids want to go but always worried about big crowds and horrid parking conditions. Thanks in advance!!!

Some one please increase the parking capacity , May 20, 2013

The amount of pollution and frustration created by visitors simply trying to find a parking spot is absurd .
The traffic most times is ridiculous.
Parking capacity should be doubled and then visitors could enjoy the park instead of choking the jiggers and picnickers .
This problem is so obvious that if the people in charge cant see it either they are unfit or have no respect for the visitors

Question, May 19, 2013 , posted by Anna ,

Hi I was just wondering if Dogs are welcome at the zoo?

Cherry blossoms, May 17, 2013

Nope, blooming ended last week:(

cherry blossoms, May 16, 2013

I want to visit the park this weekend (may 18th/19th) - are the cherry blossoms still out?

Take care of mother nature, May 15, 2013 , posted by Kawai

I've read about some complaints about people who are not caring towards the cherry blossom trees. I am shocked. Thanks for posting as I was not aware of it. I visited the cherry blossoms on the 5th of May & was awestruck yet again by its beauty even though this is the 4th year I'm there. Thank goodness I've not personally witnessed such a terrible act.
Maybe some signboards should be put up to educate the public. It is saddening to know that there are still such senseless people out there...

Cherry Blossoms^^.., May 14, 2013 , posted by Kawai

Thanks to this site I & a few friends were able to enjoy the blossoms when they were in full bloom. We were there on the 5th of May. We even managed to have a picnic near the trees.
Timing is so important to catch this beautiful phenomenon.
It is a shame though that the city workers were not on schedule to clear the garbage. They were all overflowing. Will not give a good impression to tourists.
Anyway still very happy that I can enjoy this every year in Toronto !
Spring is not complete without the cherry blossoms & they are growing more & more beautiful each year !

re: wedding photography, May 14, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

The previous comment is a perfect example of what will NOT be posted on this forum anymore. It is only posted as a final example so everyone understands what I mean when I say "Please, read the FAQ page and other pages before you ask questions that are already answered."

Going forward, the forum will not be clogged up with questions from people who do zero research before they ask questions and somehow feel entitled to a detailed answer.

"Are the fall flowers removed by November 9th?" Well, you're right, there is no answer to this question on this website, so if anyone knows the answer please post it here - also please include details about just how short the grass will be cut by Nov 9th.

wedding photography, May 14, 2013 , posted by Jennifer ,

Good morning,

We are looking for a place to take our wedding pictures Nov 9th of this year.
I was wondering if you could tell us if your gardens are maintained at this time of year or if the fall flowers and such are removed by this time. Where would I find the cost and paperwork to be able to attend for pictures.

May 12, 2013

I just wrote an email to the parks address at the city below. Good idea, I hope others follow suit.

What I didn\'t do was post a link to this thread, maybe someone else can do that so they can see the other comments.

Fishing , May 11, 2013 , posted by Felicia ,

When does the government restock the grenider pond?and what types of fish ate there to catch?

May 11, 2013 ,

Have cherry blossoms gone already? Or still a chance to see them Sat or Sun?

still up?, May 11, 2013

Yo, are the flowers still up (as of Saturday, May 11th)?

cherry blossom, May 10, 2013

Did anybody visit the park today? Have blossoms gone already?

To people who saw others deliberately damage trees, May 10, 2013 , posted by Thuy

To all the people on here who had commented/complaint about seeing others break off tree branches and shook the tree, did you guys do anything about it besides coming on here after the fact it's happened? For those who didn't do anything, why bother bringing it up HERE on the internet when you didn't do anything about it in person?

THANK YOU, May 10, 2013

Thank you so much for all your hard work in updating !!!

Write to the city, May 10, 2013 , posted by A.M.

Everyone who's complaining here, please do what I did and write to the city as well:

Reference High Park cherry blossoms in your subject line, and ask them to do something next year about people breaking branches, overflowing garbage cans, lack of washrooms, or whatever else you think needs fixed. They won't know about the issues unless we tell them!

Washrooms at High Park, May 10, 2013

Extremely poor planning of the city to welcome visitors to the park. The city is well aware that this is an annual event that attracts thousands of visitors, so many more portable toilets should be set up in various locations throughout the park. Really disappointing!!!

Off leash area, May 9, 2013 , posted by Cristina ,

I am trying to understand the logic behind having the High Park trolley/train go through spring road, a designated off leash area? Most dogs are not fond of loud, moving vehicles such as this one, in fact, mine would bolt. It\'s already difficult to keep dogs in the designated off leash area given that it\'s not properly fenced, there are holes in the fence not repaired, latches missing/broken, etc, so I would like to know if the Park will consider rerouting the trolley to avoid scaring dogs and their owners. If you take the time to survey dog owners who use the park daily, you will discover that this is a unanimous head-scratcher. Thank you for your time and attention.

May 8, 2013

The blooms are almost gone...lots of falling petals Wednesday. So I definitely would not say that the cherry blossoms are still in "full bloom". Compared to Saturday, the trees look pretty green from afar (whereas they were unmistakably pink Saturday). Up close, they are still pretty and people got pretty excited about the shower of petals. I think they'll be gone before the weekend as rain is expected Friday. Parking is still a little difficult on weekdays (not bad but it does take some looking or walking from further spots)...definitely not as bad as the weekend. On Saturday, the parking enforcement officer was having a ball going down the street giving each car a ticket. And people are behaving better...less climbing and I didn't catch anyone walking away with branches of flowers (which is NOT cool). Also, park seems pretty clean...they cleaned up the garbage, bins are not overflowing and lots of porta-potties in addition to the flush toilets (didn't check to see how clean they were though). Good luck to whoever still plans on going!

May 9 - Blooms mostly gone, May 8, 2013 , posted by Hundalei

I visited this afternoon and there was quite a breeze picking up. Most of the blooms are now petals on the ground, but there was enough left on the tress to get a few photos. I'm so happy I went on a weekday afternoon. Was able to get a parking spot within a few minutes, and the trees were beautiful, even with only 1/4 the blooms left. I found people to be polite & helpful, but it was definitely busy around 4 pm today, so I can only imagine what a weekend would be like. Thank you to everyone on the forum & the people who run this site for making my first trip to High Park ever a great one!

Cherry Blossoms, May 8, 2013 , posted by Joanne

I went to the park to see the cherry blossom trees, for the first time ever, with my partner and we were impressed by the kindness of strangers when we asked them to take our picture. I am a bit disappointed to see the lack of reverence for nature with people picking off blossoms and branches and the amount of garbage overflowing from the cans. I guess High Park is just a microcosm of how Mother Earth is treated in general by all humans regardless of race. The City of Toronto was obviously unprepared for the crowds that visited last weekend. Perhaps they should review parking, washroom and garbage accommodations for next spring. Would I visit next year? Definitely NOT on a weekend.

stop the damage!, May 8, 2013 , posted by dismayed toronto gardener

Dear High Park Administration,
It is totally unacceptable that tampering with the cherry trees (by breaking off branches, shaking the branches to create a shower of flowers or climbing) is on the increase in your park. As someone who spends weeks pruning and shaping trees as a hobby, i am absolutely sickened that years of growth are being destroyed in one hedonistic week. Certainly a call out for volunteers to help maintain the peace is possible. I would certainly suggest some kind of police presence; even a few officers to be on hand, as well as signs in several key languages. Take the situation seriously before some of the more passionate gardeners create a terrible scene. \"Fist-fight under Toronto high park cherry trees\" looks bad in the press.

High Park Virtual tour, May 8, 2013 , posted by Tomek ,

Hello, my name is Tomek Szott, i\'m an artist / photographer / movie producer. I have recently created a virtual tour of High Park and wanted to share it with you as my gift to the community of High Park.


Tomek Szott

Why doesn't the city organize this more??, May 8, 2013

Garbage everywhere and lack of washrooms plus cars everywhere is a huge concern.

Why not organize shuttles from off-site lots, maybe charge a nominal fee. People are coming in from out of town to see these, not practical to take the "subway" all of the time. Some older people can't walk from the subway down. Restrict parking on site by charging a "event fee" of $10 per car and use those funds to support the costs of garbage cleanup. Have other vendors available (lines at the cafe were huge, I like the idea of food trucks).

I have been for a number of years, I was also disgusted to see the amount of abuse to the trees this year (pulling down branches/etc) but I admit that I did climb up on a part of a solid tree that was out of the main area. I would never do this on a weak branch or climb out onto any branches.

It really just seems like "everyone for themselves" at this event. I didn't notice any staff at all when I went working the park area. Would be nice if they dumbed out the garbage a few times during the day so help people keep things clean

paintings, May 8, 2013 , posted by Paul Saindon ,

Two paintings I painted of the Sakura tress in full bloom this week :

carvings, May 8, 2013 , posted by Marianne Khurana ,

Over the years I have been admiring the carved tree stumps in High Park and now I have a tree stump in my front yard and would like to find out who the person is who did the carvings in High Park.

Whiners, May 8, 2013

For the people who are complaining, stop whining and do something about it!!
Make a partition, call in, do whatever it takes.
It makes no difference if youíre just here complaining about it, if you put the effort in complaining here, then why not go all the way? Shame this shame that pfffttttttt....Shame yourself for just whining.

Shame on these people , May 8, 2013 , posted by Mui

A family cut out branches from Sakura trees, took photos and show off on Facebook. It should have policeman during this event and issue penalty tickets. Once couple people get the fine, they will spread out news and stop doing it.
It\'s shame of people who damage the park.

Concerned Community Member - Cherry Blossoms, May 8, 2013 , posted by James

We walked and took our two young boys to see the Cherry Blossoms a High Park, during the week as recommended. This not a compliant as your website absurdly suggested people should not complain regarding parking violations at High Park. But as member of the Bloor West community I am truly disappointed that the city targets its citizens and tourists who travel to see this wondrous site. I spoke with 5 separate tourists who received ticketsÖ.there were hundreds of cars. It was really shameful, not world class it was a police state slap in the face for tourists. As you probably know there are 218,000+ photographs on Instagram with the hashtag #cherryblossom...imagine the number if the city was more welcoming and accommodating to people. I am embarrassed as a member of the community that people are paying $30 fines for \\\"parking on a roadway\\\" when firstly it leaves people with a horrible departure after seeing such beauty. Secondly the signs are not clear at all. Traffic was still moving, cars were not obstructing walkways, fire hydrants or driveways, or access to the park. There was absolutely no parking available. Do you really want to turn away people who are coming to enjoy the park and support local business?

Lost camera, May 8, 2013 , posted by June Wong ,

I lost my camera yesterday just by the cherry blossoms and I am very devastated as I am a visitor to Canada and I have ALL my pictures taken over the last two weeks of my visit on my camera. I would very much appreciate hearing from you if it was found or returned to a lost and found dept at the park. It is a Canon S95 with pictures of my grandson (a Chinese boy of 4 years old with black hair and bright eyes) and of us on Bloor St. in the vicinity of the University of Toronto where there are other cherry blossom trees.
PLEASE let me hear from you.
Thanks a million.
June Wong

lovely blooms, May 7, 2013 , posted by bobie

we just went there today to see the beautiful sakura trees... they are still in bloom but some has started to fall.. i dunno if naturally or deliberately.
we saw a lot of people actually shaking a branch to make the blooms fall to the ground (aren't some people just plain idiots?) just sad...
so for those who still want to catch up... go in a day or two or you wont be able to see much full blooming trees

PARK GOT RAPED, May 7, 2013

Went to the park last weekend, both days actually. By the time it got to the end of sunday, it got really hilarious. The park basically got raped from all angles. Branches ripped apart and taken home. People were holding them like trophies. Leaves are shaken for photos until none is left. Half of the place smelled like garbage, mixed with weed. The other half is the smell from the oozing feces in the public washrooms. One tree even broke from all the climbing and there were yellow tape around it.

It was a really eye opening experience how much raping can be done in 48 hours (I was there Sat morning and then went back Sun evening). Guess this is how Toronto rolls!

newcommers, May 7, 2013 , posted by June ,

Too many inconsiderate immigrants when I went. No courtesy for actual Canadians.

Blooming on Saturday?, May 7, 2013 , posted by Dmitry & Family

Can anyone tell me if I can still see the blooming this Saturday morning?

Over soon, May 7, 2013 , posted by Ethan Evans

Just to update people about the blooming: the flower won't last much longer. I'm no expert so I can't give exact days but I don't think there will be anything left of the blossoms by the end of the weekend.

Oh no! Flowers almost gone!, May 7, 2013

There are a ton of flowers on the ground already despite the beautiful weather. Hurry while you can!

Lost Camera, May 7, 2013

hi there - this past Sunday (March 5th), I lost my brown Canon digital camera at High Park - if found please leave a message on this wall! thanks, much appreciated!

May 7, 2013 , posted by Kimberly

To the person who said I didn't know the language I heard all around me was Chinese I'm pretty sure I know what it sounds like being Chinese and having visited China many times. My point was that signs should be in different languages since a majority of visitors don't have English as a mother tongue and likely won't understand English signs. We all want the trees to be protected and preserved that is the main point.

re: Mandatory name/email, May 7, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

Rose: Thanks for your idea. Making email and name mandatory for comments would result in less posts as people nowadays are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, so I'll continue to allow anonymus posts. I understand where you're coming from but this is a decision I've made a while ago after a disastrous test period when email was mandatory.

All posts are reviewed before they go live - there are a number of comments that don't make it past the review stage due to their overly aggressive, ignorant, redundant or commercial nature.

People who give their names and email stand behind their comments and people who make cowardly remarks without a name - well, just don't take them too seriously.

No Respect for Anything, May 7, 2013 , posted by Benny

I was there yesterday and was appalled by people's behavior. People shaking the branches so that it would rain petals for their photo shoot. People climbing trees and breaking branches for souvenirs. When I go hiking in a provincial park, my only memories are what is my head and photographs. Even if a rock has fallen to the ground, I do not remove the rock from the park.

It was so crowded there that it made most types of photography impossible. I saw someone trying to play Director of Photograhy and ordered their assistants to move reflector discs. The only way to do photography there would be to go around sunrise.

Awesome visit , May 7, 2013

Went there yesterday to enjoy the picture perfect scenery...

RE: Different Habits, May 7, 2013 , posted by Rose ,

I don't think anyone labelled anyone a racist, in my response, I intended to only ask Kimberly to consider her thoughts from a different perspective. The "untouchable wall of ethnic identity" shouldn't apply to habits that destroy public property or trees that are meant for everybody, I think that is a given. On the other hand, tolerance for people different from you, whether it be language or customs has helped make Toronto a great city in my opinion.

Do you find it ironic that we go to admire trees given by the Japanese government after Japanese-Canadians were interned in WWII? I certainly do.

BTW, how about a new rule you have to post your email address if you'd like to make a public comment?

Different habits, May 7, 2013 , posted by P.K.

I read a couple of comments about the crowd this year at the Park and the diverse ethnicity of people at the Park.

Different people have different habits and some people feel odd, even awkward to be part of a large crowd with mixed habits. People's comfortable personal space differs greatly around the world, people's idea of where and how long to have a picnic varies greatly, what is an acceptable volume to speak, etc.

In Canada it is considered offensive to comment on or complain about other people's habits even if those habits are in sharp contrast to Canadian standards. People are expected to quietly tolerate and accept strange and at times inconsiderate behaviour - behaviour that often hides behind the untouchable wall of ethnic equality. If you speak up you are labelled a racist immediately.

I'm all for freedom of speech/religion/media/etc. as long as those freedoms don't subject me to tolerate people spitting on sidewalks while practically shouting at each other and elbowing me and my family as they walk past us without saying sorry and getting upset if confronted.

The idiom "When in Rome do as the Romans do" seem to have changed to "When in Canada we shut up and bend over backwards so anyone can do anything they please". There is a middle ground somewhere in between where everyone gets along just fine. Being considerate at public places is what we all need to consider, whether it's High Park, the mall or the waiting room at the doctor's office.

re: parking ticket, May 7, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

Sorry to hear you got a ticket. When I said "Parking is available alongside the roads" I meant 'at designated spots'. There are parking lots with rows and rows of parking and there are parking spots along the road. You can't park on the side of the road, unless it's marked up as a parking spot. Sorry for the misunderstanding

@Kimberly, May 7, 2013 , posted by Rose ,

I think you meant to write, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"hardly anyone SPOKE English\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Yes, when I went there last year, there were a lot of Asian families there. If someone speaks another language to someone in public, it doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t mean they don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t speak English or that they can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t read English. Would you have written \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I felt like I was in Scotland\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" if everyone had a Scottish accent?

About the parking, May 6, 2013

Befor I went to the park today, I checked your official website for the parking, and this is what you indicated there: \"The two main parking lots are by the restaurant atop Hillside Gardens and by the zoo but parking spaces are available alongside the roads as well. No parking between 1am and 6am any day.\" So it meant that\" except 1am to 6am, parking is available alongside the roads\"! I parked my car alongside the road at 3:30pm, and then I got a ticket on 3:53pm. I really feel so gloomy

Lost TTC pass :(, May 6, 2013 , posted by Ms. Poor

My husband and I went to High Park this evening at around 7pm and he lost his Metro Pass on the hill near the water front dock :'( ... we went back and tried to find it but it was already gone... hoping the person who picked it would kindly return it to us :( You'll for sure be rewarded!!!

Directions, May 6, 2013 , posted by Rich Evans

To anyone who is concerned about the buses not running on Sundays, well, the subway stops just north of High Park (aptly named stop "High Park" on the Bloor/Danforth line. It's literally a 3 minute walk south and you're in the park.

Cherry Blossoms and Washrooms, May 6, 2013 , posted by Irene Alatzakis ,

High Park needs to respect the visitors to the park who come from considerable distances to view the beauty of the cherry blossoms and to celebrate spring by opening adequate washroom facilities. There were 120 women waiting in line at Grenadier Cafe on Sunday around 1 pm. This is not acceptable. All washrooms should be opened and additional portable washrooms should be brought in as well. The blossoms are a tourist magnet and a small festival should be organized to generate revenue for the park with the addition of some gourmet food trucks/caterers-bbqs in view of fundraising for High Park. I realize that the blossoms date can only be estimated and the bloom date varies yearly but I think something can still be organized with this in mind.

RE: Cherry Blossom elsewhere in Toronto, May 6, 2013

Here is a link to Cherry Blossoms in York University. I also heard UofT area that has Cherry Blossoms are at Robarts Library.

So Many Destructive Children, May 6, 2013 , posted by Angela

I would like to add my thoughts to the suggestion that there should be a fine for vandalism of the trees. I went to visit high park this weekend to see the cherry blossoms and I was shocked and dismayed at the sheer quantity of people ripping branches from the blossoms and acting otherwise destructive. I witnessed a mother who had brought several tennis rackets and was giving them to her kids and lifting them up to brutally beat the trees. Several times her children were lifted up to break of branches (even very large ones). While I was watching this another woman walking asked them to be more respectful but they proceed to continue to destroy the trees and they actually mocked the woman who had mentioned they should be more respectful. I have never been so sickened by anything I've seen in public park. The absolute disrespect is amazing. There NEEDS to be a fine for this kind of willful vandalism and destruction.

Re: Signs and washrooms, May 6, 2013 , posted by Kimberly , May 6, 2013 , posted by Andy

First of all, great scenary. However, I think people need to realize every ethnicity group needs to respect the trees. So either write a posting that doesn't point finger at certain group of people or don't write it at all. While I completely agree, as much as we need to respect the trees, we need to respect others. And I certianly doubt you know they were speaking Chinese.

"I definitely agree that signs need to be put up for people to respect the trees. The signs may have to be in other languages too because I felt like I stepped in to China hardly hearing anyone speak English. The washrooms need to be opened up too. Huge line ups and people cutting the line."

THAT'S IT. CUT DOWN THE CHERRY TREES _ THE PARTY IS OVER..., May 6, 2013 , posted by Claudie G ,

Oh dear, from bad to worse. I guess it is the perfect storm....lovely Spring weather, the best days of the year so far plus the reknowned Sakura blooming - all of which has lead to the overwhelming invasion of that alien (and sometimes rotten) species homo sapiens on this totally unprepared fragile corner of High Park.

If you feel as I do please contact the mayors office and ask for some immediate emergency planning - NOW - it CAN'T wait till next year. The most urgent problem is the Port-a-Potties...the company responsible for cleaning them needs to do a better job and the Park Superintendent needs to be on top of this issue.
People are still going to come for the next couple of days - it is a health hazard. DON'T GO NEAR THEM.
(I was rather rude to my students accusing them of being sqeamish until I went and saw the overflowing piles of waste...)

The nasty and boorish behavior of some people needs more attention to be given to education and direction (I'm all for $100.00 and more fines - we could plant whole orchards on the proceeds from Saturday and Sundays vandals...) Next year there MUST be some sort of "education program" - and policing - maybe volunteers with pink vests in different areas, I'm game.

Shame on you and whoever educated you to the nasty young man who parked his family picnic under a lovely tree blocking access to anyone else - and declared "I was here first - go find another".

I tool my Adult ESL class to see the Sakura this morning and to show them what a lovely and interesting park High Park is (love that off leash dog run. "the dogs are in their heaven" said one student.) I am trying not to let all the negativity spoil the unbelievably beautiful image of the delicate fluttering translucent tracery of the giving Sakura against the intense blue Toronto sky. My heart was truly uplifted. Do go and try to find a small moment to be renewed - it is a miracle...

Pee in a Bush :), May 6, 2013 , posted by Meme

Why on Earth was there so little bathrooms? Spent most of the times in line.
Other than that, yes the trees were great :)

may 1st celebrations, May 6, 2013 , posted by Nancy ,

Does anyone know if there are any videos or photos from the may 1st sunrise dancers? My father was there and I\'m looking for some footage for him.

Lost prescrition glasses in black sunglasses case, May 6, 2013 , posted by Alicia ,

Hello cherry blossoms lovers and park lovers. This morning, May 6 around 11:15 am, I dropped my prescription glasses (inside a black sunglasses case) likely from the Canadian Maple leaf garden (bottom of the hill) up to Grenadier Restaurant parking lot - that's where I parked this morning. If any of you nice people happened to find my prescription glasses, kindly email me at this email address:

Thank you very much!

Crowded, May 6, 2013 , posted by Skip

The lineup to find parking was insane! Felt like boxing day, but with more strollers, and only one lane of traffic. People were treating the blossom area like a normal park and having their picnics and bringing plates of food that really stunk up the air..never going back again

Cherry Blossom Weekend - possible recommendations!, May 6, 2013 , posted by Laura CT ,

We went on Sunday afternoon to see the cherry blossoms and it was a horrendous experience. The crowds, both pedestrian and vehicle, were insane, and it was impossible to enjoy the supposed tranquil experience of Sakura viewing. The park needs to do something about crowd control, especially to keep this the landmark even that it is.

- Do not allow cars in the park (or that section) at all. this includes parking and driving. Especially on weekends. The narrow sidewalks just cannot handle the crowd and it needs to be pedestrian only. The parking and one way traffic was a nightmare, I would imagine, for drivers

- Needs some sort of authority to enforce proper behaviours (like vandalism, breaking of trees, destroying nature in general). It\'s sad that this is something we have to handle, but like other posts have mentioned, it\'s something that happens. Force a penalty fee of $100+ if someone is caught of vandalism. Also this security should help with the crowd management (car and people)

- Possibility to charge a donation or admission of $5 per person or family. Could help the park, and provide more maintenance services (like clearing the garbage, it was overflowing and disgusting).

Cherry Blossom Pictures, May 6, 2013 , posted by Good as Gold

We spent Sunday afternoon in High Park admiring the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees with about 150,000 other Torontonians! As clustered as it was, we do suggest they are something you see.

Visit our page at to see our photos!
Kendra & Dayle

Signs and washrooms, May 6, 2013 , posted by Kimberly

I definitely agree that signs need to be put up for people to respect the trees. The signs may have to be in other languages too because I felt like I stepped in to China hardly hearing anyone speak English. The washrooms need to be opened up too. Huge line ups and people cutting the line.

cars in High Park, May 6, 2013

My suggestion for the Sakura bloom period - would be police presence at the entrance to the Park. ONLY cars with handicapped permits to be allowed in during this busy period. Others should be parking elsewhere or using public transit, and accessing the park on foot.

Enforcement required?, May 6, 2013 , posted by Kyle

This will be my third year taking annual family photos at the High Park Cherry Blossoms, but in reading other people's posts about people breaking off branches and seeing photos of people setting up picnic tables and camping out for the day, I am deeply disappointed at the utter lack of consideration for others and nature.

To the people camping out for hours in one spot... we don't want you in our photograph. Please enjoy the view, have your moment and move along.

To the people breaking off branches from these trees. Show some respect for the trees and the park and your fellow patrons. You shouldn't need to be told this. Your juvenile behaviour is going to ultimately demand costly park enforcement or the trees will be decimated.

The shame of it is, anyone inconsiderate enough to behave in this fashion won't be reading this, but I hope the park will consider putting up signs reminding people of acceptable behaviour and hopefully have a few (large and intimidating) staff that can patrol the path in pairs to reprimand offenders of the rules in a very loud and embarrassing fashion that will serve as an example to others. Especially on the crowded weekends. Hopefully in a fashion that catches the general public's attention and maybe the word will spread and be heard.

Cheery Blossom viewing regulations, May 6, 2013 , posted by James ,

Dear High Park,

Please and I beg you.. Put up SIGNS for people not to CLIMB, BREAK or PICK up branches and petals off the trees. It's a shame cause the trees are gift from Japan and it takes long time to grow and nourish them, not to mention their beauty. They symbolized our friendship and this is not the way to treat friend.

It's our responsibility to take care of them as a Torontonian and a Canadian.

Let's all work together to prevent vandalism, May 6, 2013

I went to the Park yesterday to enjoy the cherry blossoms and they're simply amazing. We spent several hours in the Park and every time when there's a breeze, it created a natural shower of petals which was just breathtaking.

Thanks to all previous posters' alert on lack of washrooms inside the Park, we went to washroom at a McDonald nearby before entering the Park and so we're OK the rest of the afternoon.

Saw many people shaking the cherry blossoms and/or breaking off sprigs for their souvenirs, and we walked up and stopped them every time. If more people can join in on this policing effort, perhaps this would embarrass them enough to deter these inconsiderate people from doing more harm to the trees.

There should be more signs in the Park to show directions, as we knew before heading to the Park that the prime viewing location is at the Hillside Gardens, just that it took us quite some time to find our way to the Hillside Gardens as there was absolutely no map or directions in the Park to show where you're at.

Breaking of Branches is Forbidden, May 6, 2013

Kihachiro Kawamoto - The Breaking of Branches is Forbidden

Washrooms, May 5, 2013 , posted by Dave ,

Here is a suggestion to raising revenue to save the High Park Zoo... Charge park users a small fee for using the parks bathrooms! I know it is a public park and we don't expect to ever pay to use a public bathroom, but if we follow some of the European countries we can raise 'some' revenue for the Zoo. Simply put, charge $.50 cents to use the bathrooms with all proceeds going towards the Zoo. We can market this as a donation and I am sure people will pay (because they have to use it in the first place).

May 5, 2013

Today my daughter and I visited the park to see the Cherry blossoms. We had a lovely time and finished our visit with dinner at the Grenadier Restaurant. At the end of our meal, we needed to use the restroom - however the lineup of people waiting to use the restaurant restroom was so long it extended all the way outside the building. We were told that there were portable washrooms outside - there were only four of those and they also had extremely long lineups. Instead of waiting we made our way to the Bloor St. entrance to the park feeling certain that we would come across another restroom. We came upon a snack booth - these used to have restrooms but no longer. We eventually found a building with public washrooms which luckily were open but disgustingly filthy and without toilet paper. We gave up trying to find another facility within the park and instead walked to Chapters at Bloor & Runnymede. This to me is extremely poor planning on the part of the city not to mention a poor way to welcome visitors to the park. The city is well aware that this is an annual event that attracts thousands of visitors and so there have been many more portable toilets set up in various locations throughout the park There also needs to be additional permanent washrooms established and these should be maintained on a regular basis with cleaning and to ensure they are properly stocked with toilet paper, soap, etc. Not a lot to ask of a big city that\'s trying to encourage tourism. Really disappointing.

Shakespeare in the park, May 5, 2013 , posted by Vera Lawson ,

Good Morning,

I am looking for information on the Shakespeare plays that you have in the park during the summer;
Do you post that information? If not, can you please send me the name of the correct website?

Thank You,
Vera Lawson

Washrooms, May 5, 2013 , posted by Arthur ,

The availability of washrooms at the park and at he restaurant is laughable. It makes Toronto look like a second-class city. The two most important things for tourists are getting food and drink into you, and getting food and drink out of you. High Park gets an "F" on the second.

Large red slide, May 5, 2013 , posted by Arthur ,

The large red slide in the kids playground is fundamentally unsafe. First of all, you need signs to ensure that children do not try to climb up from the bottom. Make sure these signs are directed at parents. Secondly, you need a sign at the top inside that only lets a kid go down every 5 seconds. Children who getting stuck in the slide and some wee scared and crying. I cannot believe nobody has sued yet. I am not a helicopter parent. I am more of a free-range parent, but this slide is unsafe when a lot of kids are in the park.

do not climb on the tree, May 5, 2013

Anyone seen a big branch of cherry tree was broken and it closed the road?. I was not sure when the branch was broken, but i saw kids and some adults were on the tree before.
People were taking small branches from it. Some people do not know how to appreciate and enjoy the nature. We need to have someone to patrol the park for a safety reason and also educate visiters.

High Park Cherry Blossom Live Feed, May 5, 2013 , posted by Speeker Team ,

Hi, Speeker Team created a "Live Feed" of cherry blossoms this year Some of many beautiful pictures are taken. If you would like to contribute to the feed you can either use Speeker app at high park or send you picture with your photo credit to


Stop breaking the branches, May 5, 2013

I went to High Park to see cherry blossoms yesterday. They were so beautiful. The light pink color makes me feel peaceful. But unfortunately, there are some people who make me disappointed.
I could see many people with a branch on their hands. One girl had a big branches with full of cherry blossoms. One lady warned her, but the girl said ďoh, donít worry. I just got it from the tree which is already fallen down. It will be dead anyway.Ē As the girl said, I could see a big branch was broken down and lay down on the ground. Many people gathered around it to pluck off the branches. I donít know why the big branch was fallen apart from the trunk since there was no big thunder storm recently. It seems a big ďhuman being stormĒ struck the tree.
Many people think itís OK to cut small branches for their souvenir, and they started to cut the branches from other trees, too. I saw a father cut off the branch and brought it to his kid. What a bad role model!
One guy started to climb up the tree breaking some branches. He was with his girlfriend, and he wanted to show off. He climbed up higher and higher, kept breaking more branches. Then a girl from out of thin air was brave enough to come and tell him that itís illegal and vandalism. She even started to take a video of him. He gave in and came down from the tree. I appreciate the girl. She saved the cherry blossoms!
I wish I could be like the girl, but Iím not brave enough, so I posted my comment here hoping people stop breaking the branches.

Washroom Nightmare at high park!, May 5, 2013 , posted by Russ ,

I hope enough people will complain so they will open the washrooms before the sakura bloom next year. Last year it was the same and I complained, but their answer is they have to keep them closed in case the temperature goes below 0c and the water freezes. but by May I don't think this would be a problem. My son also wet his pants waiting for a washroom and would not use the very messy portable washrooms that are cooking in the sun.
below is how to complain please call or/and email the parks department... maybe next year they will open the washrooms.

How to submit your complaint
If you have a complaint, please provide us with detailed information about your concern, including your contact information. Please use any of the following methods to reach us:

Email your complaint to In the subject line, please indicate "Attention: Complaint Handling".
Phone your complaint into 311, contact your local Parks, Forestry & Recreation facility or staff member, or call the main Parks, Forestry & Recreation's Complaints Line at 416-338-5058.
Fax your complaint to the Parks, Forestry & Recreation's General Managerís Office at 416-392-8565.
Mail your complaint to: The General Managerís Office, Attention: Complaint Handling, Parks, Forestry & Recreation, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, West Tower, 4th Floor, M5H 2N2.
In person by visiting our staff at any Parks, Forestry & Recreation facility.

Re: Claudie's comments, May 5, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

Claudie: I applaud you for your posts. When nobody has the guts to say things they way they are, you found the right words at the right time!

dog park , May 5, 2013 , posted by D

i just moved to high park area and it seems everytime i visit the park i see an issue with some dogs not being friendly.. so just wanted to put a reminder out there to dog owners.. if your dog is not friendy please be smart and DO NOT bring your dog to an off leash dog park and let them loose.
i myself have had issues with these ppl and witnessed others.. one lady actully yelled at my dog to stay away from her dog cause her dog was not friendly, when i asked her not to yell at my dog she had done nothing wrong she asked me how i would like my dogs throat ripped out by her dog.. my dog was just walking by.. didnt even notice the other dog.. she said this in front of children.

thank you

Grateful for washrooms.., May 5, 2013 , posted by Claudie G ,

With regard to the washrooms being open - my understanding is that most public places open on the Victoria Day weekend...the official start to the "gardening season" when all danger of frost is over...The Sakura respond to nature and nature doesn't work on a schedule....last year they opened in the middle of April...
I used the portable washrooms and found them acceptable...and boy was I grateful they were there. Yes, I waited so long I almost forgot why I was waiting...but I was all the more grateful for them being there.

However this relates to my previous post about needing to limit or control the crowds....and I don't know what the answer is except to say to "People toughen up. Don't expect, or want, a McPark. If you have limitations (as I do, and forsee that they will get more difficult) accept that you may not be able to
access everything.....If you have very small children - maybe take them to your local park and show them any tree in blossom - they are all lovely - and the children will enjoy them, and the park, the same....

A DAY PERFECT!, May 5, 2013 , posted by Miss Ruby

Just came back touring and admiring the sakura trees in full bloom. It\'s a perfect day to visit. It pays to go early as it wasn\'t that crowded. Beautiful people in fresh morning breeze in beautiful sunrise around the mesmerizing cherry blossoms. Just too perfect! Love it! Thank you God for all the blessings you shower on earth.

pulling branches, May 5, 2013

for those who wish/need to pull down the branches in their photos, please bring a stool for yourselves

transit directions, May 5, 2013

Is this should be your own responsibility to check out the transit directions by yourselves?

Breaking branches, May 5, 2013

I see comments about people breaking off branches from the trees. It seems to have gotten worse this year.

"Please don't do it" and "Please respect nature", etc would be the obvious things to say to them but short of police guards I don't believe - unfortunately - that anything will stop ignorant people from breaking off branches from the cherry trees or other trees or plants. This is a similar issue to speeding, for example. Unless there is an immediate negative consequence, such as a fine, higher insurance, demerit points, etc. some people don't listen to common sense.

Stop breaking branches off the cherry trees!, May 4, 2013 , posted by A.M.

I live next to High Park, and today I saw several people walk by my building carrying branches they'd broken off the cherry trees. PLEASE, people, look at the trees and take photos, but don't break their branches!

Washrooms, May 4, 2013 ,

Today we went to High Park to see the beautiful cherryblooms, but instead of enjoying the most beautiful season of the Park, finding a washroom was driving us crazy. Though through the map we found many one-year around washrooms located somewhere in the Park, but we never had chance to locate them, and we had to line up for ONLY 4 temp. washrooms and the washrooms are extremely disgusting. NO PAPER, NO WATER, AND NO HANGER FOR BAGS. Many kids even don\'t want to enter the washroom and even peed their pants because they cannot hold anymore, and we have to climb up to the top of hills to find the temp. washrooms. How about those Seniors with walkers or wheelchairs? We don\'t understand in this most busiest season why all the seasonal washrooms are closed to the public. If they are SEASONAL, this is the season they should be open. We are in the Park for sitting down to relax, for walking around to enjoy life, not for running around everywhere to find a washroom!!

Lovely - but for how long will athe Sakura be available to the general public., May 4, 2013 , posted by Claudie G ,

First time visiting the Sakura - delightful - and the background story is moving and very Canadian and Japanese....I joined the 3.15 Nature Centre tour - an added bonus with interesting tidbits (the Sakura are neither late nor early this year - they are bang on schedule; horizontal marks on the tree bark are called lenticles and allow the tree to "breathe"; although the Park is dedicated to local flora the cherry trees are acceptable because of their history and because their thick bark provides shelter for insects and spiders, orioles feed on the cherries (not good for human consumption)...)and squirrels hide their food in the "cavities" that develop in the older trees....

Most people were mindful. of the place and it was lovely to see so many visitors enjoying the beautiful day - but others were less than respectful to nature....I have pictures of people with their "trophies" - 8" and 20" "sprigs" of Sakura, photos of sprigs of Sakura lying on the ground because people pulled at them to "frame" their photos... I approached several families to tell them they were not teaching their children how to respect nature by placing them in the trees to take photos (the family that tried to place three children on one branch drove me especially wild!) (I am a teacher so I feel that it is important to explain the fact that the blossoms will likely be dead by the time they get them home, that the trees are old and fragile, and if the onslaught continues there will be damage and those children will not have "Sakuara" to enjoy., and that generally this is a public park for all to enjoy and protect...

It is obvious that this "event" has outgrown an approach that leaves it up to the individual to respect nature. Unfortunately someone needs to work on the problem and develop something more structured and "policed" (sad, but necessary...) Lovely though the idea that this needs to be free to all it seems to me that an opportunity to collect a little donation/money from each visitor (especially the cars) was missed. Perhaps the city should work on organising a "Cherry blossom Festival" - that would also bring in some revenue...

Thanks for keeping this forum is a valuable service

Pulling and Picking Blossoms, May 4, 2013

We noticed although most people were very mindful to just enjoy looking at the Blossoms there are a small amount of people who feel the need to pull branches into photos thus risk damaging them. Some visitors even picking the blossoms we observed as well. It appears as soon as one person does it others follow . Let's all give these folks a friendly yet discouraging look and help preserve the beauty of the trees. Another idea would be for the wonderful volunteers who are offering tours to perhaps help reinforce good etiquette to those who need a little direction.

Cherry Blossom Watchers, May 4, 2013 , posted by Mississauga guy

Went to High park with my wife and 3-year old kid today, May 4,2013 to watch and take some pictures with the beautiful cherry blossom in full bloom.We reached there at around noon and the traffic inside the park was horrendous.The road was already jam packed with cars from exit to exit, from Bloor west entrance on the north side to the Parkside drive on the south side. Obviously, finding a parking space was a nightmare so several dozens(probably close to hundred) of park visitors had to park on the wider section of Centre rd, south of the parking lot.Surely, the City of Toronto made a killing on that issuing hundreds of tickets to their park visitors.
But what I find strange was that, with that high volume of visitors coming to enjoy a one week event of blooming beautiful flowers, there should be park attendants on hand to guide and give directions on possible alternate parking space available instead of just issuing parking tickets.And is the City of Toronto that poor that they cannot afford to open up their washroom facilities? What a nice way to welcome visitors.

lost bag and camera, May 4, 2013

Hi i lost a bag including 3 instax fujifilm camera. The bag has an eiffel tower logo. If anybody finds it please contact me @ thanks a lot.

Cherry Blossom Time, May 4, 2013 , posted by Carole Robitaille

I thought I would share the painting of the Cherry Blossom Trees that I painted while at the park yesterday. A beautiful day to sit in High Park and paint. Please see painting on my blog.

transit directions, May 3, 2013


I just wanted to note that the 80 bus doesn't run on Sundays. I had planned a trip to the park after coming to your site so it was unfortunate that I didn't find out till I got to the subway that this was the case.



Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom, May 3, 2013 , posted by Carole Robitaille

The cherry blossoms are at their prime today. High Park has many other flowers in bloom and the many trees are starting sprout their new foliage. BEAUTIFUL I made of slide show of pictures taken this morning (Friday) on my blog. Please enjoy -

Cherry Blossom Inquiry, May 3, 2013

Does High Park prune the cherry blossom trees? I\'ve found some conflicting opinions as to whether or not pruning harms the cherry blossoms.

Night time viewing?, May 3, 2013

Does cherry continue to bloom after dark? We want to avoid the traffic and visit the park at night, around 11PM. Will the flowers close up after the sun goes down? Are there wild animals roaming the park at night? Do I need to arm myself?

Cherry Blossom 2013, May 3, 2013 , posted by Gaurav

I've been waiting for cherry blossom and following the board since April, now that the time is here, i'am unable to make it to the park this weekend, will the bloom last until next weekend (11th -12th weekend) ??

Park Hours, May 3, 2013 , posted by SY , LAU

What time will the Park be open on Saturday May 4, 2013?

Parking, May 3, 2013 , posted by Benny ,

Hi, I'm planning to drive this Sunday for Cherry Blossom. Please let me know whether Parking is open on Sunday.

Thank You,

Next Weekend, May 3, 2013

I can only come on weekends & wondering should I come tomorrow or the next weekend, May 11 -12? When would be the best time to catch the best bloom?

Cherry Blossom, May 3, 2013 , posted by Aaron ,


I just want to ask "Is cherry blossom still in full bloom on Thursday night?"

Thank you
Aaron Lee

Cherry Blossoms, May 3, 2013 , posted by Bill ,

Get out there, folks! Enjoy!

May 3, 2013

Thank you for the update! Heading there today to avoid the weekend. =)


Go any time now!

Hanami Facebook page, May 3, 2013 , posted by EeVon


I lived in Japan for 2 years and so I have come to love Hanami season! I try to visit High Park every year to catch the sakura blossoms and I\'m kinda glad they were later this year as I\'ve been so busy with the kids. A couple years ago I started a FB page \"Hanami in Toronto\" and would love to have people join and post pics! (the page is just for fun) Thanks!

Dog Feces inside Playground Structure, May 3, 2013 , posted by Vivian ,

We visited the park yesterday, and were horrified to find 2 large piles of (smeared) dog feces within the wooden "castle" playground structure (the one re-constructed by Mike Holmes after the fire). The feces was on the low bridge/walkway that leads to the yellow slide at the far end of the castle. I watched as dozens of kids (my son included) ran through the feces and tracked it around the entire castle. I also watched 2 little toddlers playing with the poo with their hands, then proceeding to wipe it everywhere (including down the slide). I took it upon myself to be on "poo duty" so that other children wouldn't play with the poo. I looked for a staff person to inform, but there was no one around.

As a physician, I am very concerned about the public health and safety of these kids. More importantly, this is simply disgusting! Please post better signage urging people to pick up after their dogs, or to PROHIBIT pets from entering the playground area. In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if the entire structure could be hosed and/or disinfected, especially on the "bridge" where the feces was sitting (there is no rain in the forecast) . Hopefully, we won't hear of any reports of kids coming down with E. Coli illness, or any other infectious diseases as a result of this. Please clean it up! We love this park and would hate if it turned into a dog poop depository!

Lost and Found? (HAT), May 2, 2013 , posted by Angie ,

Hi, I lost an olive-y, sap-ish green cap at High Park during a trip there today (May 2nd), and I was wondering if anyone picked it up? It belongs to one of my friends and i would REALLY REALLY like it back... please! Help. He will murder me... Email me if you have found it please. THANKS.

Sakura Cherry Bloosoms, May 2, 2013 , posted by Nancy ,

I want to bring my mother( age 93) to see the Saukura Cherry Blossoms along with our Japanese family members. But she has to come by wheelchair. Is there public transportation to the area of the park where the trees are located or If not where is the closest parking location for getting close to the trees

May 2, 2013 , posted by Cynthia

I wonder what the best time of the day is to get some nice pictures with good lighting. 2 years ago I went for sunrise, but found that the sun didn't rise on the "right" side and only around 0800 hrs when it was a bit higher in the sky did the pictures started looking better. Last year, I believe I went sometime in the afternoon, but it was cloudy for the most part.
Anyone know if best time is morning, afternoon or evening to sunset ?

May 2, 2013

can we bring our bikes at high park? are there bike parking areas around?

Thursday May 2nd, May 2, 2013

I am here at 6pm: the blossoms are about 80-90% out. Magnificent!

Map of Park, May 2, 2013 , posted by Ken ,

Would there be any high resolution maps of High Park available?

Lost and Found, May 2, 2013 , posted by Nadim ,

Is there a lost and found?

Next best time of the day, May 2, 2013

On Sunday, if we can't come to High Park really really early in the morning, when is the next best time to take photos of the cherry blossom trees (next best as in fewer people in the park). I would guess evening, but around what time would people start leaving? Thanks!

High Park Roads, May 2, 2013 , posted by I love trees

Mr. Wagner, You mentioned people not appreciating High Park unless the cherry trees were blossoming. I understand your sentiment. I would like to add that High Park has too many roads going right through it. This is why its hard to get to worked up about the natural aspects of the park - because the paths and trails are so short, a blink of an eye and it gone. At least the blossoms bring forth a large and expansive statement. One of nature's main attractants lies in its size and its pristine state, this is why we like to travel to remote areas, and why a potted geranium does not elicit the same big feelings as a thousand year old tree. Parts of High Park should be redesigned with more ecological sensitivity and key road(s) should be taken out. I have my opinions on which ones, but I don't work for the city.

May 2, 2013

I guess if people get interested in other parts of high park too, you will get even higher income from ads! Awesome!

Sakura and other trees, May 2, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

I've been checking the trees frequently, posting updates and moderating the forum because, after all, it's Sakura blooming season. It's good to see so many people are interested in the cherry blossoms. Traffic to the website goes through the roof around this time, ad revenue is up so I should be perfectly content, right? Actually, I'm OK. But I can't help to think:

High Park is not just about the Sakura. Our obsession with the cherry trees is typical of us, humans. Most of us have a hard time appreciating the simple beauty of nature and only care about extraordinary plants, animals and people. If the Sakura trees disappeared overnight there would be a major outcry. If a bunch of birch trees would disappear overnight hardly anyone would notice.

I'm not saying don't care about the Sakura blossoms. Not at all, they are indeed beautiful! But let's try to see all living things around us with the same admiration, curiosity and respect even. I have an idea for you if you have an hour to spare: go to High Park very early in the morning before 7am, perhaps even earlier. Go alone and do not bring a camera, don't bring your phone or ipad. Walk around the park, in the forest, by the lake, on random paths. Walk slowly, look up, look down. Disconnected from the digital world, your senses will only receive input from nature around you. You will smell the rotting leaves, see the tiny bugs and hear birds above you.

After a while you will see every single tree around you to be just as beautiful as the Sakura.

Full bloom, May 2, 2013 , posted by Danny

Given the decent warm weather forecast for next week, how many days do you estimate the full bloom to last? Specifically will they still be in full bloom by next Thurs & Fri (9th & 10th)? Thanks

Cherry blossom at York, May 2, 2013 , posted by Helen ,

Hello, can someone indicate where about are the Cherry blossom trees at York University?

May 10th Visit, May 2, 2013

I'm planned a hangout with friends to visit it on May 10th, since this site told me it will bloom on May 5th. I hope it will last till the 10th. Will it last till the 11th just in case?

sakura tree, May 2, 2013

Im planning to go there on this Saturday
Is there going to be any bloom; I found out that there is full bloom in u of t..

Grammar, May 1, 2013

You mentioned in the cherry blossoms blog that \"they are drank\". It should be \"they are drunk\".

May 1, 2013

Dozen of Sakura trees at York U already started to bloom today.

Sakura progress blog, May 1, 2013 , posted by Zoltan

Check out Steve's website that tracks the Sakura blooming - including pictures!

This weekend or the next, May 1, 2013

Hi there,

Does the peak of cherry blossom bloom expected to be this weekend or the next (May 11-12)?


May 1, 2013

Will the blossom last till the week after May 5?

Sakura - Cherry Blossoms, April 30, 2013 , posted by Steven Joniak ,

Wanted to let everyone know that I was in the park this evening and as of April 30, 2013 there is a handful of blossoms starting to bloom (less then 1% overall). The first weekend of May will definitely be seeing a good show of blossoms, especially if the warm sunny weather holds out till then.

I welcome Zoltan to add a link or mention my site or Facebook page that tracks the bloom progress with photos every couple days or so (note I still have you linked on my site & liked on facebook since last year).

Sakura location & cafe, April 30, 2013

See highlighted area:

At the top of the hill by trees is the cafe (Grenadier Restaurant)

Bloom?, April 30, 2013 , posted by Vy Nguyen

Hello, does anyone know if the sakura bloom yet?

Maps & Photography, April 30, 2013 , posted by Lavender

Just thought I'd post some links from the City of Toronto's official parks website to help answer a few questions as there seems to be some confusion.

RE: formal photography, permits, etc.:
If you want to inquire about rates and what constitutes formal photography, try calling (416) 392-8188.

High Park map:

p.s. When people refer to the cafe, they're referring to Grenadier Restaurant, which is located near the centre-left of the map.

location of cafe, April 30, 2013

Cafe is located at the top of the hill where the zoo is. Basically enter from Bloor. The road will lead you there eventually.

Cherry Blossom, April 30, 2013

Has anyone taken photos of the cherry blossom trees today? Just want to see if there'll be full bloom by this Sunday. Thanks!

@Cafe, April 30, 2013

You should wait until next wednesday. The cafe will be less packed this wednesday that's for sure but next week there will be cherry flowers. You know what. Go this wednesday for a drink / meal and next wednesday for pictures:)

Availability of Barbeque Stand, April 30, 2013 , posted by Yao-Hong Kok ,

Hi. Some friends and I were hoping to have barbeque at High Park for the first time. However, we are not sure if there are any barbeque stands there. Can you tell us if there are any? Thanks.


park near cafe, April 30, 2013 , posted by Jia

@Livi where exactly is the cafe, i'm planning to travel with 1-yr old, any info would be appreciated, thx.

location of blossoms, April 30, 2013

Thanks Livi for suggesting parking at the cafe to see the cherry blossoms. We will follow your advice and go early.

Just wondering if its worth going on Wed May 1 or should we wait till the following wk.

Formal Photography clarification, April 30, 2013 , posted by jim

I think the term \'formal photography\' needs to be defined. Too subjective. Does it mean anytime you have a group of more than 2 persons being photographed in formal attire? Does it mean no photography for any commercial or stock use? No photography on a tripod?? or is it simply a deterrent to prevent the park from being overrun from wedding photography (similar to Edwards Gardens)

Can any experts offer some clarity on this?

Formal photography, April 29, 2013

I'm not an expert on this topic but I'm pretty sure taking pictures with a good camera is not considered formal photography. It probably means a professional photographer and a bunch of other people who are likely to walk all over the flower beds, etc. to get a good shot. If you take pictures for non-profit and respect the plants in the park I'm sure that's fine.

re: website ownership, April 29, 2013 , posted by Admin

The website is owned by one person, Zoltan Wagner (me). I am not affiliated with any High Park related group or the COT. It's a private site, I maintain info and moderate the forum. I pretty much post info I find interesting and what I think people may find useful. A lot of questions are also answered via the forum - thanks everybody for your contributions! Cheers.

April 29, 2013

What is considered formal photography? I plan to take some pictures of my girlfriend there with serious equipment (dslr, flashes) is that ok? We are just wearing casual clothes not formal looking.

Cherry Blossoms, April 29, 2013

where are the trees? I'll be coming from the High Park subway station. Thanks, Ellen.

Website ownership, April 29, 2013 , posted by Kara , Paris

I received the link to your site through the High Park Baseball Association. I am just curious about the nature of your affiliation to High Park and who maintains the information? I also work with the Nature Centre and didn\\\'t know about this site!

Thank you,


@3 mom's, April 29, 2013 , posted by Livi

Hi there, I usually park near the cafe when going with my children, the trees are right beside it. But be sure to be there early because it's going to be hard to find a spot. Hope it helps.

engagement photos, April 29, 2013 , posted by keetie

I read the answers about wedding photos, but what about engagement photos?

April 29, 2013

You can grab a bit at the cafe at the top of the hill that's right by the Sakura. But beware, there will be a looooooong lineup!

Blooming update from April 29, April 29, 2013 , posted by Natasa

Good news! From what I saw today the trees will start blooming this weekend for sure!

re: Wedding photos, April 29, 2013

Just wanted to re-post the answer and make it more prominent since so many people have asked about this:

"Formal photography is illegal in High park. You can get a fine there, which can be pretty hefty."

re: Handicapped Hostile, April 29, 2013 , posted by Admin

Dear Brian,

If content on my website doesn't apply to you then ignore it. When you say that my encouragement of public transit offends handicapped people perhaps you should consider that when I say "please take public transit" I don't mean everybody must take the bus, period. Maybe the note is just there in general and doesn't intend to insult anyone. Just maybe. But if you have free time that you can spend on criticizing then by all means, send in your comments.

If you had read the disclaimer on the bottom of the home page of my website you would know that this website is not operated by the City of Toronto. The City would undoubtedly include maps of handicapped parking spots. I didn't get around to do that - not because I don't care for or respect handicapped people but because I was / am focusing on other things. You can address accessibility related issues with the City of Toronto by calling: 416-338-0338

Also, I'm not "making" this event into anything. This is not my event. I post info about it - any info I feel like posting - and allow people to contribute.

FYI: As you can see from past comments a common approach is for people to ask - not criticize - if they need info. For example, instead of posting "The lack of info about wedding pictures disrespects photographers", people ask things like "Can i take wedding pictures?" - and someone will reply eventually.

April 29, 2013

3 mom's travelling with babies to see the cherry blossoms. We prefer not to hike. Where is the best spot to park? Near Bloor, Queensway enterance, or near the cafe? (we do not know where the cherry blossoms are exactly)Thanks, your advice is much appreciated.

Handicapped Hostile, April 29, 2013 , posted by Brian Palmer ,

I want to comment on this statement on your web page, "Also, when you go see the trees, please take public transit! If you must drive, park outside and as far away from the park as possible. If you park illegally, tickets inside the park are up to $105! People and nature belong in parks, not cars. Don't be afraid of a 15 minute walk, it won't hurt much. Also, it is not fun to drive in the park during the blooming season. It is very, very crowded."

Not everyone is capable of using public transit nor are they capable of walking for fifteen minutes in addition to the walking to see the cherry trees. Why are you making this event so user hostile to the handicapped? For someone using a walker the TTC is a farce. Don't handicapped people deserve to enjoy these trees too?

Yr map for this event does not indicate any parking for the handicapped. Why not? have you failed to provide parking for the handicapped?

Brian Palmer,

Whitby, ON

April 28, 2013

Kathy, formal photography is illegal in High park. You can get a fine there, which u heard can be pretty hefty.

April 28, 2013

Are there places nearby to have lunch? And if one was to go on a date at high park, what is there to do?

music/dj at the blossoms, April 28, 2013 , posted by Janet ,

Hi there,
I'm wondering if anyone has info on whether there will be ambient music djs this year set up at the blossoms. I missed it last year and hope I haven't this year.

Cherry Blossoms, April 28, 2013

Would next weekend be a good time to go to see the blossoms in full bloom?

April 27, 2013 , posted by Kathy

Can you take photos here for a wedding party?

Parking, April 27, 2013 , posted by Georges

Is there still free parking in High Park?

cherry blossom, April 27, 2013

I'm thinking to go there on may 1st to see cherry blossom
Is it too early to see blosson on May 1st? Do you think there is any bloom on 1st?

Cherry Blossoms, April 27, 2013 , posted by Caroler

I went to look at the Cherry Blossom trees yesterday morning. They are not quite ready yet. The buds are still small and tightly closed - maybe 1 or 2 weeks away. Please see pictures on my blog of the trees now. ----

magnolias, April 26, 2013 , posted by Karen

I remember seeing several magnolias years ago, but can't remember what part of the park they are in. Can anyone tell me estimated bloom time for them this year?

thank you Bill, April 26, 2013

Thank you Bill for sharing your picture, that gives me a better idea
thanks again

Park Hours, April 26, 2013 , posted by Annie

When is the park opened and closed?

Blossoms, April 26, 2013 , posted by Bill ,

Pic taken 13:30 4/26/13. Blossoms 7 to 10 days away.

plants back?, April 26, 2013

never been to high parks, i know the cherry blossom are not ready yet but are the other stuff back yet?

April 26, 2013

Will there be blooming on the weekend?? Nice weather!!

Read, then ask., April 26, 2013

People! Read a few posts before you post questions. It says loud and clear that there will be no blooming this weekend then later a question "will there be blooming on the weekend?". Come on! Spend 10 seconds reading and then post your question.

April 26, 2013 , posted by Al ,

Anyone look at the trees today, just thinking about Sat. 27 and Sun. 28, since temperature is in the teen.

Cherry trees, April 26, 2013 , posted by Admin

No blooming for the weekend of the 27th of April. Check back here or the home page of the site for updates.

Not yet, April 26, 2013

No Sakura blossoms yet. Apr 26. My guess is May 1st or 2nd. Cheers.

SAKURE BLOOMING UPDATE, April 26, 2013 , posted by Andy Y.

Back from the park this morning - no blooming for the weekend:(

Buds are swelling and I've even seem some turning pink, which is a good sign, but we have to wait a bit still. Looks like another 3-4 days.

blooms , April 26, 2013

Any blooms yet?

Cherry blossoms , April 25, 2013 , posted by Cha

Any blooms yet? Would anybody know if Cherry blossoms will have its peak bloom this weekend? We plan to do photoshoot. Or maybe May 4 weekend is better? Thanks

Blooming yet?, April 25, 2013 , posted by Henry ,

I'm planning on heading to High Park on a date on the 26th. Have the Cherry Blossoms started blooming yet?

Cherry Blossoms, April 25, 2013 , posted by Sidra Syed ,

Hi, Is tomorrow, Friday the 26th, too early to see the blooming cherry blossoms?

In bloom this Saturday?, April 25, 2013 , posted by Cheryl Sia ,

Can anyone tell me if the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom this Saturday? Would really like to go have a picnic with friends there. Never seen this.

Trackless Trains Group Rate, April 25, 2013 , posted by Nathan Goold ,

Hi, I\'m writing from an Elementary School in the area, Queen Victoria. Our Kindergarten division is looking at taking a trip to high park on or around May 31st. Some classes are interested in taking the trackless trains. I saw the rates online but was wondering if you offer class rates or special rates for TDSB Model Inner City Schools. Each class has approx 27 kids; there are 7 classes (although not all classes may opt to take a train ride). Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Bloom?, April 25, 2013 , posted by CD

Have the trees started to bloom as of today?

blossoms, April 25, 2013 , posted by laura

No Pics of Blossoms? Are they still expected to pop this weekend?

Proposal, April 25, 2013 , posted by Tami ,

Hi Max,

I lived across the road from the park for years (until I moved two weeks ago) and it is insane when the blossoms come out. There are cars everywhere, and so many people, often hovering for their turn to take photos with the trees. As a wedding photographer (and people want engagement pics done under the trees often) I can say it's definitely not private for a special moment, but good for a stroll before you pop the question like the other commenter said.

A picnic is an awesome idea! Especially if you wait until Tuesday or Wednesday when the blossoms are open, and it's less busy than the weekend. There is a cool area with a few trees that people don't go to often though, in a field on Parkside just by the entrance gates. There are only a few trees, but it's quite nice. I would say hang out there for a picnic. People driving up the road may see you from afar, but almost no one walks there as it's not on a trail.

Good luck!!! :)

proposal, April 25, 2013 , posted by Andrea

HI Max,
This is just my opinion, I saw lots of people durning the day last year,
so why dont u prep a nice breakfast and go there early?
just an idea

RE Proposal, April 25, 2013 , posted by Marie

Hi there,
The area of the park with the cherry blossoms is extremely busy when they are at peak bloom. With respect to a proposal, I\\\'m sure it will be special no matter where you choose to do it- but if you\\\'re thinking of popping the question under a fragrant blossoming tree, you\\\'re pretty much guaranteed to have a lot of spectators (probably within earshot!). That being said, other areas of the park are often still quiet, so you may choose to do a walk through the blossom trees and find a more private place to drop to one knee.
Good luck!

Proposal, April 24, 2013 , posted by Max

I would like to propose at High Park, but I've never been there... I have a few questions. How busy is it there on weekends during the bloom? Will I be able to find an area that would work? How late in the evening can I go?

lockers , April 24, 2013 , posted by Andrew

April 23, 2013

Hello, are there any lockers located in the park?

There are not any lockers in the park.

April 24, 2013 , posted by Maxine

Any blooms yet?

Bathrooms/washrooms , April 23, 2013 , posted by CCFC supporter

RE: bathrooms/washrooms

Can you please have all bathrooms available and more washroom accessibility? What about the visitors suffering from Crohn's and colitis? These visitors cannot afford to wait in line for a bathroom. It is the nature of their disease and more efforts by the city should be made for those dealing with the disease. What a shame they cannot enjoy the beautiful blossoms because something as simple as bathroom availability is hindering them from enjoying life's simple pleasures. As if they are not suffering enough!

Tennis club membership and information, April 23, 2013 , posted by Batoul ,

I want to know information about tennis club memberships and how I can apply?

Photo today?, April 23, 2013 , posted by Trees

Does anyone have a picture of the cherry trees in High Park from today or yesterday?

music?, April 23, 2013

Will there be the music event celebrating the blooming this year as in previous years? Is it this weekend?
I was sad to miss it last year.

April 23, 2013

Hello, are there any lockers located in the park?

re: flowering length, April 23, 2013

Flowering typically lasts for a week on average. If it rains a lot and it's very windy this can be shorter and if the weather is ideal then it can last longer, up to 10-12 days

High park Cherry Blossom Flowering Length, April 22, 2013


Just wondering approximately how long after the first bloom do the flowers last?
If they start blooming this weekend (April 27th, 28th), what would be your suggested 'last' day/weekend to see the park in full bloom?
Thank you!

Cherry blossom update, April 21, 2013 , posted by Admin

The cold weather didn't damage the buds. Blooming is expected by the weekend of the 27th and 28th, however, the trees may not be in full bloom yet but the blooming will almost certainly begin by then. By the end of the week we'll know for sure. I'll be at the park on Friday to check the trees and will post an update then - perhaps even earlier.

High Park Chickens, April 21, 2013 , posted by High Park Regular

Does High Park have a chick program? Where you pay a certian amount of money and get 12 eggs and you try to hatch them and after having them for 4-6 weeks you give them back. If not they should get one. It would be great funding for the zoo. Although, I think that incubators are a must.

cherry blossom , April 21, 2013

when will be the best time to see the cherry blossom? is it already ended?

Frost, April 21, 2013 , posted by Bob

Did the -1c frost last night damage the blossoms?

Weekend of april21, April 21, 2013

Is this weekend a good time to go see the bloom?

Acess to High Park from Eaton Centre, April 20, 2013 , posted by Billy

Please check the TTC Map, take North-bound sub-way from Dundas Eaton Centre to Bloor Station and take West-bound sub-way to High Park.

cherry blossoms, April 20, 2013

This Sunday, ok to come for cherry blossoms? not expecting a full bloom, but how's the view there now?

Re: From eaton centre to high park, April 20, 2013

Be nice, they were just asking a question

from Eaton Center to High Park, April 19, 2013 , posted by :)

Get on at either Queen or Dundas station, transfer at Bloor (Westbound) and get off at High Park station. Exit the station to the right, turn right, walk one block, and you'll see High Park across the street. There's a map near the entrance, but basically you follow the road to the right towards Grenadier Pond and you'll see the cherry blossom trees descending down a hill there (you'll see one or two solitary trees leading up to them, but don't be fooled, keep going). If you want an accurate time for the trip visit

swan, April 19, 2013

anybody knows what happened to the swans in the park? only saw one this year, so lonely.

there are beaver damages to the trees on the west side of the pond again.

April 19, 2013

Where in the park can I spot beavers & owls?

Michael re: subway, April 19, 2013

Click on "Map&Parking" above.

from Eaton Center to High Park, April 19, 2013

Have you tried to look at a map at a subway station of a transit map online? Or do you think that asking a question in a public discussion board will get you an answer quicker?

re: blooming duration, April 19, 2013 , posted by Theresa

Blooming usually lasts for a week to 10 days in nice weather. If it rains heavily and there are high winds then blooming can be over quicker

access to park, April 18, 2013 , posted by michael

Hello. I just had a quick question What would be the quickest public transit route to get her from eaton centre? If it is subway, which station should i get off and how far is it?

Lost Passport, April 18, 2013 , posted by Amanda Lee ,

I was in High Park Monday, April 15. I believe I lost my passport on one of trails by the zoo. We stopped at the picnic area just before it for a bite to eat and then walked through the trail that led up the tall set of stairs. Please, if you find anything please let me know. Or send me information for who to contact.
My name is Amanda Chrystine Lee. Thanks

Duration of the blooms, April 18, 2013 , posted by Elza

How long does it usually take for the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom? One week? Two weeks? I can't go next week in case it starts blooming...

Greenhouse tour, April 17, 2013 ,

Hello - whom would I contact to bring a group of 8-10 young adults with an intellectual disability for a tour / planting opportunity in the greenhouse?

many thanks
Helene Paulyn Murray, President
West Toronto KEYS to Inclusion

April 16, 2013

Is there any bike rental near high park? Does the road condition good for biking?

No cherry blossoms for April 20-21, April 16, 2013 , posted by Admin

Just a quick update: don't plan to see the Sakura trees in full bloom this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Check back here for updates.

Bbq, April 16, 2013 , posted by Jessika ,

Propane bbq is okay as long as we prepare food at one of the picnic site??

April 15, 2013 , posted by Marion Prear ,

Did you know there is a Dinosaur in High Park????? As you enter the park from Parkside Drive there is a tree that has come down. The cut part looks like a head and the branch looks like a body and legs. I do hope it is not removed as we enjoy seeing it when we enter the park.
We really have enjoyed the park for many years as have our children now grown but still enjoy viiting the Grenadier Restaurant and the Zoo.
Thank you,
Marion Prear

April 15, 2013

How about this weekend? What do you guys think?

public tennis courts, April 13, 2013 , posted by Andrew ,

When will the public, outdoor tennis courts have nets up and be open for use?

Accessibilty to cherry trees, April 13, 2013 ,

Is there a car drop-off, or parking near the Sakura cherry trees around Hillside Gardens, for a person with limited mobility?

April 12, 2013

why isnt the zoo charging $1 per person?

The zoo is still open, April 11, 2013 , posted by Admin

Many people have been asking about the zoo: it is still open! It's no longer funded by the city but it's open because of donations.

Sakura - April 13-14, April 11, 2013

Absolutely positively no cherry blossoms on the April 13-14 weekend! It's snowing right now! Yikes!

Cherry Blossoms, April 10, 2013

To the people that keep posting asking if the trees will be in bloom by the 19th. It is still cold here. Trees in general are barely budding. It's supposed to snow the weekend of the 13th. Will the trees be in bloom on the 19th? Doubtful. If you live in the GTA, watch the trees around you. When you see them start to bud and flower you can bet the cherry blossoms will be open.

Cherry Blossoms, April 10, 2013 ,

Wanted an update on the Cherry Blossoms - anyone know when they'll be in bloom?

I'm trying to go on a not so crowded day to take photos - thinking of a weekday morning. Thoughts?

Zoo closing?, April 10, 2013 , posted by Polina


There was talk about the High Park Zoo closing last year:
I think it would be helpful to have an update on the situation on your "Zoo" page so people know for sure - is the zoo still open or not?


BBQ, April 9, 2013

I was confused by your information on picnics. One statement you said BBQs weren\'t allowed but then you mentioned people are free to bring food to barbeque. I am just confused because I would like to have a picnic there in a few months and would like to barbeque. Just want to know if this is possible?

Cherry Blooms 2013, April 9, 2013 , posted by Pinky

Dear 'Sakura tree blooming update',

Do you think by April 19 the blossoms will be in full bloom? or would it be April 26? Please let me know!
or anybody's feedback is appreciated!


Cherry Blossoms Sakura, April 9, 2013 , posted by Kawai

Oh wow, this year it\'s late. Can\'t wait to visit the blossoms. This site is really helpful. Keep us updated ! Thanks !

High Park Community Garden, April 8, 2013 , posted by Js Gilbert ,


I'm looking into renting one of your garden spots for the summer time. Who should I call/email in that matter?

thank you

movie night?, April 8, 2013 , posted by Donna ,

i just moved to the west side and was wondering if the park has a movie night in the park. i cant seem to find anything about it but herd there was.

Volunteering, April 7, 2013 , posted by Sahar ,

Hello, I was just wondering if the High Park Zoo was looking for volunteers to help out with the animals?

Capybaras, April 6, 2013 , posted by Aytan ,

hey, when will the Capybaras be available for viewing?

Sakura tree blooming update, April 5, 2013

Looks like the weekend of April 20 may be the time to go see the trees in full bloom. Or the following weekend.

Coop placement, April 3, 2013 , posted by Ashley ,

Just inquiring about a coop placement opportunity. Not sure if the High Park zoo accepts coop students from college more specifically the Animal Care program at Sheridan. If someone could get back to me that\'s be great.

School Visit, April 3, 2013 , posted by Claire Phillips ,

I am a teacher at the waterfront school and was wondering if you offer any educational classes for children at the zoo? I have a Grade 1/2 and we are studying animals and plants this term.


Cherry blossoms, April 2, 2013

I agree with the previous post, end of April for cherry blossoms, maybe early May - it's so cold still.

Zoo, April 1, 2013

I love the zoo! I heard it was closing. :/ Is it still open? Thx!

Perhaps end of April? , April 1, 2013 , posted by April

Judging by lack of sun shine and rain in this year, perhaps it will open quite late, my guess is end of April. And maybe not as much as usual. :-(

Its sad cos this is my son\'s first cherry blossom,

High Park Zoo, April 1, 2013 , posted by Brian Millward ,


My name is Brian Millward and I'm a recent graduate from the zoology program at the University of Guelph. I also have accumulated years of zoo experience while working at Jungle Cat World. I would be really interested in using my skills to help the high park zoo with the care of the animal residents. I would be interested in a volunteer, internship, or contract employment. If you could also let me know if there is someone specific I should contact or send my CV to. Thank you!


Zoo Veterinarian Shadowing?, March 31, 2013 , posted by Max ,

I'm currently a student at UofT that's interested in applying to OVC in a years time. I was wondering how I can go about shadowing/volunteering with the veterinarian that works at the zoo?

Sakura Tree, March 30, 2013 , posted by KC

When is the best time to visit the Sakura trees?. Answers are much appreciated!

cherry trees, March 30, 2013

Are the cherry trees doing much yet?

Blossom Time???, March 27, 2013 , posted by Amani

Hi Everyone,

every year I decide to go and see the sakura blossom something comes up and I miss it. I really want to see it this year and take a picture as a birthday gift to my self. Do you know around what time in April the Sukura tree blossoms? Thanks!

March 27, 2013

Hi there, I would want to know this year 2013 when are the blossoms anticipated to bloom? around which week of either April or May? Thanks!

Cherry Blossom Bloom Time, March 27, 2013

Is there any prediction as to when the cherry blossom trees are expected to bloom this year?


Safety..., March 25, 2013

Toronto, in general, is a very safe city, but I think anytime you visit anywhere public on your own you need to use caution. Stay in areas of the park where you can see or hear other people and you know they can see or hear you. Make sure people know where you\'re going and when they can expect you to be home. Carry a cell phone with you. Above all else, trust your gutt and trust yourself before trusting a stranger. Do I think going there alone would be dangerous? No. If the weather is warm chances are there will be a lot of people in the park at 10am.

March 22, 2013

Is it safe to visit High Park in the morning, about 10am?
I have read news of previous crimes, mostly sexual assaults.

Cherry Blossom photoshoot, March 21, 2013 , posted by Kim ,

Hello all,
I am a photographer, I normally go to High Park to take Cherry Blossom photos in April. This year more pro photographers join me to do the photo shoot and donate pictures for Charity Fundraiser, if anyone like to have the beautiful Cherry Blossom photos for yourself , with friends or family, please let me know. I can setup time to do it for you. All my work toward Charity

Kim Bao

TV series / animal friends, March 20, 2013 , posted by Laura ,

Greetings! We are hoping to connect with the zookeepers at High Park to inquire on the whether or not there might be some fun dog or animal friendship stories between any of the animals at the High Park zoo? Our series is all about dogs and also cross species animal friendships. We are reaching out to people and organization with animals as we search for fun stories to include in our upcoming documentary series which is shooting this summer. Any direct contact information to the zookeepers or their admin would be appreciated as we continue our story research.

Laura Lillie Mathews 416 844 6365 email:

Is alpaca outside?, March 20, 2013

Is alpaca outside right now? When will it be outside?

re: best time to visit, March 18, 2013 , posted by Admin

It's hard to tell yet when is the best time to visit to see the cherry trees in full bloom. End of April / beginning of May is historically the best time but it can change every year. The trees can have buds for weeks and then a sudden increase in temperature over a few days can trigger the blooming. Check this forum in 2-3 weeks to get a better sense about this - by then there may be some real predicted dates to work with.

Lost walking poles, March 18, 2013

I left my walking poles against the fence at the top of Dog Hill on Friday, March 15 and would dearly like to get them back. If found, please call 416-254-6974 or leave at Grenadier Restaurant. Thanks.

Sakura in Toronto, 2013, March 17, 2013 , posted by Le, Linh, Ai ,

Dear all,
I am living in VN and intend to travel to Toronto for enjoying sakura in High Park in 2013. Could you give some idea, please? what time is the best time for visitting?
Best Regards
Ai Linh

re: sakura trees, March 14, 2013

it's -4C today and has been for a while, middle of March. no blooming now that's for sure. they had info about blooming last year starting april so that's when it's time to start checking

sakura trees, March 14, 2013 , posted by cat lady

are trees blooming now?

Accessibilty to cherry trees, March 13, 2013

Is there a car drop-off, or parking near the Sakura cherry trees around Hillside Gardens, for a person with limited mobility? Thank you.

Wedding picks & permits, March 12, 2013 , posted by Admin

Thanks everyone for your inquires about wedding permits, film shooting permits, BBQ reservations, etc., but I need to say it again (as it is posted on the page where you submit your comments): I am not a City of Toronto representative and cannot issue permits or advise you on legal matters related to High Park. Please contact the City of Toronto directly. Thanks!

The High Park Stage, March 11, 2013 ,


I'm contacting you on behalf of Matty Powell, a local Toronto singer/songwriter who resides in the High Park, Roncesvalles neighbourhood. We are looking for an outdoor venue for him to perform in late spring with a string quartet in support of his new album "Kiss the City". The whole concert will be filmed and recorded with a live DVD/CD to follow. Matty has been a resident of this neighbourhood for over 10 years now and the High Park Outdoor theatre would be his first choice. So we're looking for more information regarding the availability of the space in May/June for a Sunday Evening. Could you please get back to us as soon as possible or put us in touch with the right people to get the ball rolling on this project? Thanks very much in advance..

ice conditions?, March 8, 2013 , posted by mark

is grenadier pond ok for skating today?

re: is the park open?, March 8, 2013

Yes, the park is open year-round.

Is it open in march 2013, March 7, 2013

We are planning to visit Tornoto in march between 17-21.
I want to know if the park is open during that time or not?

snowshoeing , February 28, 2013 , posted by mirella ,

Does High Park provide/rent snow shoes for recreational use?

Baseball sign up, February 27, 2013 , posted by james ,

Is there an adult baseball league in the park if so how does one sign up. Can be hard ball or slow pitch.

Thanks for the help


Lost ipod, February 25, 2013

I found a blue ipod at the dog park today Feb 25, 2013 at 5:00pm. I\'m looking for Someone by the name of Allison. Call me to confirm your identity and to arrange a no strings attached pick-up. 647-629-1707

Cherry blossoms 2013, February 17, 2013 , posted by Admin

The cherry trees usually bloom in late April early May. We will post detailed info including pictures and dates on this website starting mid-April.

Cherry blossoms day period, February 17, 2013

Would anyone tell me the proper period for watching Cherry blossoms?

Summer Volunteer Opportunity, February 13, 2013 , posted by Kayla ,

Hi there,

I am currently an Animal Biology student at the University of Guelph and I am interested in a possible volunteer opportunity at the High Park Zoo. I have previous experience with animals, particularly at veterinary clinics. However, this would be a great opportunity to furthering my knowledge among a variety of species. I hope to further discussing about this position.

Thank you.

Ice skating on grenadier pond, January 22, 2013

Has anyone checked the thickness of the ice, Its been quite cold for a few days.Id really like to go skating on the pond

Location of Pull up Bars/Chin up bars in High Park?, January 17, 2013 ,


I was wondering if some can tell me the exact location of the pull up bar/chin up bar location in High Park? Are there other exercise stations as well?

I'd like to add an exercise routine to my jog.

Thank you.

Colborne Lodge, January 15, 2013

You highlight the main attractions of High Park but I don\'t see Colborne Lodge mentioned. I may have missed it but it should be as prominent as the others. It is he home of the founders - without whom we would not have the park at all.

Elephants, January 10, 2013

To all those people against using elephants in weddings. I just want to let you know, these elephants won't be tortured or abused in any way. At most, someone might sit on the elephant, sort of like when you sit on a horse. They are large and strong enough to handle the weight of one man. If you are shaming people for using elephants in weddings, you should also be shaming zoos for keeping them caged, and shaming those who use horses for horse races and etc.. Shame them too...

Cherry blossoms, January 6, 2013 , posted by Joe ,

Can I find cherry blossoms between May 12 and May 18?

Elephants, January 6, 2013

Elephants are gentle, majestic creatures that belong on the savannahs of Africa, not at weddings in Toronto. Shame on you.

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