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Overhead Street and Parkinhg Lot Lights Out , December 20, 2011 , posted by Alex ,

Dear Sir(s) or Madame(s),

I am writing to notify you of overhead street lights that are out within the park. The overhead roadway lights along Colborne Lodge Dr between Bloor St West and West Rd. are all out. Also all overhead lights are out in the Parking Lot adjacent to The Grenadier Concessions/Restaurant - across from the Dog Park main entrance (West of Colborne Lodge Dr at Centre Rd.)

Thank you.

Rink schedule, December 11, 2011 , posted by Nathalie ,

From your web site:
-The ice skating rink is only open in the winter months - it's where the tennis courts are (the courts become the skating rink).-

OK, I need to know if it is open now, (at least on Friday Dec. 16th) a schedule would be great, if possible (between 00:00 and 00:00 AM-PM) , and if there is a way to rent skates? If it is not open, I would like to know it too!

Thank you

Dogs are off leash in on leash area , December 9, 2011 , posted by Igor

I am a resident of the area and my family uses park every day. What we noticed is that when autumn comes and there are less people in the park some (fortunately not all) dog owners walk their dogs off-leash in on-leash areas.

Most of the cases is by forest school and tennis court but sometimes dogs are off leash even close to the children playground and soccer field where there are children always.

I found that there is no security and no technical way to control dog owners, so i am very concerned because i have small kids and i can't read dogs' minds.

I regularly make comments to dog owners. Sometimes they apologize and put dogs back on leash, but sometimes they just ignore me.

There is a huge off-leash area in the park yet some dog owners think that the park belong to them.

If you have small kids and have a choice i suggest you to consider other parks until the problem with dog owners is resolved.

re: photography, November 30, 2011

as long as you don't destroy anything (plants, for example) you can take as many pictures as you like without a permit. wedding photos may be exempt - check with the city about wedding photos

Lights, November 30, 2011 , posted by Heidi ,


I know that High Park is very pretty in the Winter with all the Lights up in the trees and around the park. I was thinking of coming down this year, but was wondering if the lights are up yet. If someone could please msg me back to let me know if they are up already or when they will be up, it would be of great help. Thank you.

Photography, November 28, 2011 , posted by Richie Arellano ,

Good day!

This is Richie Arellano. I'm a freelance photographer, and I'm thinking of doing a winter shoot sometime around December (when there's enough snow already.) I'm thinking if it would be okay to do a shoot at High Park? I've seen the place before when I volunteered for an event and the place is really beautiful. And if I will be allowed, do I need a permit or something?

Thank you!



Important Lecture Nov. 19/11, November 15, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 1:15 p.m.
Reception to follow talk.
Room 110, Ramsay Wright Zoological Laboratories, 25 Harbord Street

Peter W. Hall

Peter Hall, Research Associate at the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Ottawa, and co-author of The Butterflies of Canada, will present an assessment of the health of Canada’s butterfly populations, focusing mainly on Ontario butterfly species. Peter is also author of a recent report published by NatureServe Canada called Sentinels on the Wing: the Status and Conservation of Butterflies in Canada.

Zoo, November 15, 2011 , posted by Jason Fisher ,


Whom should I contact about feeding the zoo animals? I will have some free grains available suitable for most of your grazing animals, would like to speak with whomever looks after their upkeep.

Thank you,

Colborne Lodge, November 7, 2011 ,

Hello - we notice that Colborne Lodge museum, the 19th-century home of the founders of High Park and staffed by Local 79 members is not mentioned on this web-page. For more information on the museum, please visit

Unusual Tree Query, November 3, 2011 , posted by Kati ,

I took a picture of an unusual-looking tree on the east side of Grenadier Pond on November 2, 2011. It is quite large, and has a bulbous area low down on its trunk. There are soft needles grouped in drooping branches - frond-like. The trunk is reddish-brown.

There were other people taking pictures of this tree as well as myself.

Can you provide me with a suggestion as to the type of tree this is? I have searched images on the internet, but have not been able to find anything like it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Ticks, November 3, 2011 , posted by Valerie Elton ,

Hello, I walk my dog in High Park often, and did so yesterday. When I got home I felt something tickling me, and when I looked down, I saw a small, flat, eight legged, black and brown creature, that I thought was a spider, so I brushed it off. Later, I was thinking about it being so flat, and decided to look up ticks online. What I saw looked exactly like a deer tick. Have you had reports of ticks in High Park? I wish I had kept the little creature to show someone.
If they are around, perhaps people should be made aware to watch for bites (signs).

Jamie Bell Adventure Park Safety Concern, November 3, 2011 , posted by Len ,

911 had to be called today to free my 4 year daughters\' stuck knee from a dangerous crevice on the playground equipment at the Jamie Bell adventure park. The area on the rubber jumpy mat is now clearly marked off in yellow police tape, as it had to be partially disassembled in order to get her out. While thankfully and quite luckily, she was largely unharmed by the hour long incident in the end (thanks to the kind efforts and careful, hard work of all firefighters, police and paramedics involved), I would certainly hope that in the aftermath, some manner of repair will be performed in the area to spare any other children (and parents) the potential for a repeat occurrence. Obviously, it is disconcerting to discover that the design of this equipment allowed for something like this to happen, and especially so, since it looks to be a relatively simple matter to fill in these areas of possible entrapment (note: there are three other similar ones on the same piece of equipment). This was a terrifying experience, witnessed by a crowd of about 75 anxious onlookers (of all ages) and we would be very disappointed if my daughters suffering does not at least serve to help others avoid the same unfortunate fate. Please feel free to contact me for any further details as to how simply this incident occurred etc. and/or if I can be of any further assistance.

Filmmaker/Director, October 21, 2011 , posted by Jeremy ,

Hello, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. Recently a friend told me of a popular Canadian filmmaker/director that passed away around last November who happened to live in High Park. Do you by any chance know the name of who this might have be? I believe this is someone that I used to know. Thanks.

Fall Color Change , October 12, 2011 , posted by San

Hi all!

Can someone tell me if the trees changed color yet in High Park? (today is 13th October 2011) I want to visit High Park when all the leaves changed color but don\'t want to be too late before they fall off. Its such a beautiful sight of orange, yellow and red! i am from a tropical country so it really is an amazing sight to me :)

Special programs, October 12, 2011 ,

Do you offer any special programs to schools who are planning excursions? Are there any upcoming themed events that students could partake in? If so could I get the contact information for the person who arranges that?


History, October 4, 2011 , posted by Ray Headrick ,

My grandparents got permission to plant a willow tree in High Park about 1958. Are there any records associated with an event like this. The sir name was Raycroft. Thanks for your attention today. Ray Headrick

Beekeeping at High Park, October 3, 2011 , posted by Fred Davis ,


I am a local urban beekeeper. I keep hives at Casa Loma and the Four Seasons centre for the performing Arts and would like to discuss with you the possibility of placing a 2-4 hives within High Park. I recognize the importance of keeping the bees at a safe distance from public access while making the public aware of their importance to the plant diversity in the park. I can provide courses and discussions about beekeeping as well. Regards


highpark busybody, September 28, 2011 , posted by respectable highpark frequenter

I have been going to highpark for a few years and am a grown man of 49. As much as I love and respect the beauty of highpark I do have one occuring problem that happens to me every summer. There is a certain older woman that has harassed me and other respectful people every summer.She constantly comes up to us and tells us the rules and then stands there and watches you for a few minutes. I was there again the other day and this happened again. I have had less harassment from police and park officials. This time I asked her what gives her the right to harass people who go to the park and she told me she is a volunteer for the park. Is there such a thing and if so do they have the right to stop people and harass them constantly?

Co-op placement, September 26, 2011 , posted by Leticia ,

Dear HighPark Zoo
My name is Leticia Bezerra,I am a student at Earl Haig Secondary School and i am taking co-op as part of my electives. I would really like to get a placement that involves dealing with animals ans so i thought of the HighPark Zoo. I dont really know if you guys are opened for co-op students, My teacher tried to contact you guys, but for some reason he didnt get any answers thats why i am writing this letter.
Thank You

Lost back pack, September 22, 2011 , posted by Nikole ,

I can't find my backpack -- maroon Mountain coop backpack full of my paints and brushes. Is there any hope that I'll find it? My phone is 416 985 6779 -- it rings 4 times and takes a message if I don't pick up in time. Also it doesn't work if I'm in the subway so please try again if you can help! thanks

September 19, 2011 , posted by Amber ,

To whom it may concern,
I was wondering if you gave out opportunities to University Students to work in the zoo? I am a Biology Major and I am looking to gain experience working with animals because I would love to become a zoo keeper one day. If you can provide any information or offer any assistance, I would be very appreciative.
Thanks in advance,

Yak needs help, September 18, 2011 , posted by Arnold

Hi there,
We were walking through the park yesterday and noticed one of the Yaks standing in the water barrel with his front legs. His right rear leg had a serious wound on it by the ankle. It was a round abrasion a few inches in diameter like he had rubbed the skin off. It needs a vet to look at it.

Reindeer, September 14, 2011 ,


I am looking for reindeer for an event with the possibility of several days over Christmas. Can you please let me know if you rent reindeer with an animal wrangler and if not, do you know where I can go for it?


Booking a Baseball Diamond, September 12, 2011 , posted by Kim ,

We are searching for a baseball Diamond Permit for this park. Can someone please contact me with how to do this? THank you!
Kim Koren

High Park Zoo - Emu, September 5, 2011

I have been visiting the High Park zoo for two years now and have noticed that the Emu bird is always alone.
In nature Emu\'s live in pairs (male and female). They are curious and are known to approach humans, which probably explains the (High Park) Emu\'s interest in visitors.
However, I also wonder if it is lonely. While the zoo may not be interested in having a male and a female, I often think that it will benefit from having someone of its own kind.
Any thoughts on this?

Parking, September 5, 2011

Reviews about the park seem to indicate parking is very hard to come by. Unfortunately, I can't find any parking location information on the maps. Would it be possible for the site to point out parking areas?

Park Bench, September 2, 2011 , posted by maja ,

How can I get a bench in memory of someone?

entrance fees for the zoo, September 2, 2011 , posted by s patel

Hi, is there any entrance fee for the zoo?

More Zoo Complaints, September 1, 2011

I was just there earlier today and I also saw animals living in unfortunate conditions. There was a young cow covered in flies, lying on the ground and kind of shaking. It looked like there were a lot of insects on a cut or something on its ear--it might be the same one someone mentioned earlier on this page.

Even the healthy animals must be pretty bored, though. They just have these fairly small enclosures and don't seem to have anything to do to amuse themselves. The sheep were just pacing back and forth at the fence separating their area from the next.

I'm going to contact the OSPCA too.

Fishing License, August 30, 2011 ,

Do I need a fishing license to fish in High Park.

Question, August 27, 2011 , posted by Paola ,

Hi ! I need to know if fishing is allowed there. I have two small Kids that wanted to do fishing .. If not possible there
Can you give me some suggestions ?

Dog Park, August 26, 2011 , posted by Sabrina

Hi everyone.

I recently started taking my dog to the Off-leash dog area. We both love it. She gets to socialize and use up her energy and I love watching all the dogs play.

HOWEVER, why oh why is there dirt/sand instead of grass? My dog gets all sandy and I always leave filthy from petting her. I can't even walk around in there without coming home with black feet/shoes.

If youre going to do something... do it right. I have watched the other dog owners and everyone is very careful to pick up any 'mess' their dogs make so I don't see why we can't enjoy grassy playing areas.

More grass, less sand please!!

Lost Sunglasses, August 25, 2011 , posted by Bill ,

Hi, My name is Bill, I lost my sunglasses on the trail in the South East quadrant of the park, just north of the little in pond. They are Ray-Ban with black frames. Please call 416-708-6320.

re: zoo, August 22, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

I sent an email to the OSPCA to inform them about the conditions at the zoo based on stories/comments submitted by visitors on this site.

re: zoo, August 22, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Thanks for your comments about the zoo. I have no idea who is responsible for those animals but if any of you want to report it to the Humane Society feel free to use this forum as a reference for source of information.

Lost camera, August 13th, August 22, 2011 , posted by Sandra ,

Hello there,
Lost a silver Canon pocket camera, about 7 yrs old, in pretty bad-looking shape (the shutter doesn\'t close) but still taking wonderful pictures. Was mostly used by my daughter. I believe we may have lost it in the zoo area. If found, you are more than welcome to keep it and enjoy it, but if you could please email me the photos that are on the card, it would be most appreciated. My email is .
Thank you so much in advance!

High Park Zoo, August 22, 2011 , posted by Emma ,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently visited High Park Zoo on a moderately hot day and was not satisfied to see that the animals were in a lot of distress. Although the llamas have pools of water, many of the other animals do not. In order to escape the flies and heat in the wild many of these animals will stand in a bog or water. To not give them this option is cruel. In fact, one of the yaks was standing in a tin bath trying to keep cool. There wasn't even enough room for one animal let alone the rest. The bison were pacing their enclosure (which is very small for such large animals) and rolling in the dust. It is disgusting that you think it is acceptable to keep these animals in sub-standard conditions. Please sort these problems out by next summer so they can be somewhat comfortable in the heat.

Event Permit, August 19, 2011 , posted by Natasha ,


I am inquiring as to how to obtain an event permit for High Park. What are the requirements? Are you able to have local artisans and vendors selling handmade articles in High Park ? Are they allowed to Play Music ? Can there be tents / tables set up ?

Lost Keys, August 19, 2011 , posted by Ahmad Ali ,

Hi there,
My name is Ahmad Ali and my phone number is (647)504-0285 and I was in the high park last week and I lost my keys there. I am not sure where I lost them but they are very important since they include my work keys and I must recover them.

There are approximately 2 small keys, 3 big ones and one small purple round square tag. The keys may also be attached to a silver chain with both ends attached to the ring.

Please get back to me as soon as possible if you have a lost and found department and if you have anything remotely resembling that I can come look at.

ZOO, August 18, 2011 , posted by Anne

If you are noticing that the animals are not well cared for this is very serious. I think that the park authorities should be notified as well as the the Toronto Humane Society. Maybe a few words in the editoral of Toronto newspapers would help as well.

BBQs, August 18, 2011 , posted by Anna ,

Hello, Since we are not allowed to use charcoal bbqs, are there any provided at the park in the picnic areas? If so do we have to rent them? We are planning to come to the park on August 20th, 2011.

South East Corner Bandstand?, August 15, 2011 , posted by James Ogden ,

Hi I recently went on a bike path exploration of the South end of High Park up the West side of the Humber and came to an abandoned/under-utilized asset on High Park grounds. It looks like a spaceship bandstand that was built in the 1970's or so. Who would I ask for information about trying to program for this venue?


James Ogden

August 9, 2011 , posted by Allison ,

I do have a question about wedding photography but not regarding permits. I'm just wondering what area of the park is most common for pictures or what part would you reccommend? My finance and I would like to check it out before we decide on where to do our wedding pictures. I know High Park is very big and some direction would be much appreaciated. We are getting married at the end of June next year.

Re:Covered picnic areas, August 8, 2011 , posted by amanda ,

I would like to inquire for the 21 of August as to the availability of covered picnic areas.
Please reach me Amanda at the following number 647 876 0767 between the hours of 9am to 4pm.

Lost and Found?, August 7, 2011 , posted by Mackenzie ,

I visited the park on the 6th, and lost a light brown/oatmeal coloured cardigan. I'm wondering if there is a lost and found for the park, and if it has a number I can call.

bbq, August 3, 2011 , posted by Karla Escalante ,

Id like to make a pretty small (10) people bbq. I dont have a bbq is there any facility in the park we can use for bbq? do i have to book it? how much is it? is it a permit? will be for sat aug 13 2011. Please contact me

Zoo?, July 29, 2011 , posted by Amy ,

Happy Bank Holiday!
I am interested in visiting the Zoo with a friend from Alberta & I was wondering what animals reside within the Zoo? ***Besides the ones that are listed on your website!***

Thank you & have a wonderful August Long Weekend

Amy M.

PHOTOGRAPHY, July 28, 2011

Is professional photography allowed at the park? I understand that wedding photography is not allowed anymore but I was wondering if perhaps family portraits or couple portraits are allowed.

Thank you

Parking Information, July 28, 2011 ,


I will be visiting the city of Toronto (just 1 day), but I'll be driving an RV.
I would like to know if it is allowed to stay during the day in the parking zone of the park. I'm not staying overnight. I would be arriving around 8am and leaving around 8pm that same day.

I would appreciate your information very much via email.

Thank you.

re: duck eats duck, July 27, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

I love animals and treat them very well. (as in: I pick up a spider and take it outside to an appropriate location if i see one in my house instead of killing it or covering my pool so bugs don't drown it it and so on). I'm just saying this so people don't start immediately hating me for my comment to follow: It's not uncommon for some animals to eat other animals of the same species (cannibalism). We (people) are so detached from nature and reality that we forget this and think of it as an outrage when we see/hear about it. If a duck eats another duck then the victim is either too weak or it really pissed off the other duck. Animals never eat or hurt another animal out of revenge or for fun. (except when forced by humans as in cockfighting, for example.) So if this wasn't a duck-fight (i suppose not) then just leave them be. Let ducks be ducks and let them settle their own issues.

Duck death, July 27, 2011 , posted by Jef Milton ,

Hello, I use Flickr and was surprised to read about this...

Was there nothing that could be done to save the duck?

SMOG STACK, July 24, 2011 , posted by Vulchan ,

I would want to know, is the P&G Departament own's the so called "TRAIN" in High Park ?
And who is the operator ?

Boating and using the Pond, July 20, 2011

A theme recently has been that people have been drowning in many water related accidents in the past year or two. I believe one of the large issues with disallowing boating in highpark is because of some of these accidents. This shouldnt restrict people from getting out there and participating in an active pasttime that, if done responsibly, can be a lot of fun and create revenue. Parents need to teach their kids about respect (respect for the park, respect for themselves) and many of these old pasttimes will reoccur. I think highpark isn\'t the same if you are unable to full utilize the park and everything it has.

zoo, July 20, 2011 , posted by nicole

On July 19th, 2011 I witnessed many dreadlocked animals and a baby yak with bug infested abrasions that was collapsing... just seems maybe better care can be taken!

concert, July 20, 2011 ,

Hi, I heard (out of one ear only) on the radio (CBC?) something about concerts in the park over the summer???
Is this true? How might I find more info?
Thanks much,
Kevin Brooks

Picnicing, July 18, 2011 , posted by Laura ,

I was just wondering, if I wanted to have a small picnic of 10 people in one of the designated picnic areas would I have to obtain a permit from the city?

Barbecue at High Park, July 18, 2011 , posted by Karen ,


Since we cannot use charcoal grill what are the options other than gas? Do you have grills at the location and approximately how many? Do we pay to use them and how high in demand are they? We will be there on Saturday, 23rd July, Do we need to be there early to procure the grill and what supplies would we need for this grill? Is there a number that can be called at High Park itself to ask questions?
YOu can respond to me at
Thank you

Volunteer, July 18, 2011 ,

HI, I would like to organize a team of volunteers to clean up the High Park. I have enjoyed the park for many number of years and seeing garbage in it makes me pretty sad. It is a beautiful park and want to make sure it is cleaner. Thanks.

Lost Camera, July 16, 2011 , posted by Alex ,

Hi there,
Kindly asking for your goodness and honetsy. We lost our compact pink Canon camera on the July 9-10th weekend. It was in a red faux leather case and had a 2GB card. We left it on a bench close to the fishing dock area on the west side of the park.
If anyone has found it, could you please contact me at
It holds sentimental value as it was a present for my girlfriend :(
I would appreciate any help, and offer a reward.

Lost Tinkerbell Backback, July 15, 2011 , posted by Alexsia

Hi everyone,

One of my campers lost her purple tinkerbell backpack (with a lunch bag inside) at the Jamie Bell adventure playground yesterday. If anyone has found it please email me at

Thank you,


re: Pool hours, July 14, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

OK, I called 311 and got info about the pool, it's posted on the sports page. Phew, this site is getting better and better all the time;) Just kidding, lots more to add - if you know something - relevant:) - that's not posted on this site, send them my way and I promise I'll post it. Thanks.

Pool/ picnic, July 13, 2011

2 quick questions I would also like to know the schedule and fees for the pool. I was unable to find on the web site. Also in regards to picnicing do you need to make a reservation if you are a smaller grp? If so how? And If you cannot use charcol I assume you are permitted to use wood? Or is gas the only allowed grill? I would really appriciate it if you could email the answers to Thanks

lost and found, July 13, 2011 , posted by rnayeri , rnayeri

Hello, I lost a neon yellow tshirt and navy blue with red basketball jersey near the jamie bell adventure park--do you know where I should go to inquire about lost and found within High Park?

Bikes?, July 13, 2011 , posted by alice ,

Hello there

I am planning to visit your park this Saturday. I\\\'d really like to ride around but don\\\'t have a bicycle. Do you know anywhere nearby I could rent one?

Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards,


Pool hours, July 13, 2011

You can call (416) 392-7807 for pool hours/ it looks like it\'s free, you just need quarters for lockers

re: pool, July 12, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

I'll find out about the pool hours/costs, etc. Tried calling 311 just now - on hold for 20 mins, gave up, will try again later.

re: dogs in the park, July 12, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Yes, dogs are allowed on leash anywhere in the park.

Pool, July 11, 2011 , posted by Brenda ,

I have been trying to find out some specific questions about the pool, like hours, adult swim times and does it cost anything to go to the pool and it is like a closely guarded secret or something.

High Park Pool, July 10, 2011 , posted by Steve ,

Can you please clarify the hours of operation and cost to use the outdoor pool at High Park?

I could not view the times or rates online at



volunteer, July 9, 2011 , posted by chris ,

Hi. I am looking for volunteer opportunities. Does high park offer any?

algae growth, July 9, 2011 , posted by carolle ,

There is a substantial increase in algae growth in grenadier pond, high park. Several yeas ago this happened and it was fixed by introducing marsh grasses, etc.
Is the algae going to be let growing so the pond will decrease in size?

DOGS IN HIGH PARK, July 7, 2011 , posted by Jane Martindale ,

Are dogs allowed on a leash in High Park?

I know that you have a Leash-Free park area, but in other areas of the park?

Small Group Picnic, July 4, 2011

I was wondering if there was a charge, or if a reservation had to made if a group of less than 25 wanted to have a picnic in the park. Also, is it permitted to bring in outside food/drink/alcoholic beverages? Thanks, you can email me back at

pool, July 4, 2011

why is there no mention of the pool/// one of the most popular pools in Toronto???????????

Dreams in High Park, July 4, 2011 , posted by Neda ,

I would like to get more information on the outdoor theatre events this summer. Please let me know where I could get a copy of a schedule. My email address is

July 1, 2011 ,

is it free to enter the park and use the facilities?.................if not what is the cost?

BBQ Grills ?, June 29, 2011 , posted by Cindy ,

Hi, I just checked in on your site recently and have learned that you guys don't allow charcoal BBQ grills ? If this is so, then what kind of grill is available to use at high park's 18 picnic sites ? Also, I assume that before I can use the grill, I need to wash it down first right ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I look forward to getting a reply.

June 29, 2011 ,

Is there somewhere in the High Park area that there will be fireworks for Canada Day?

Please advise.

June 29, 2011

Are there any sort of fireworks for Canada Day in the High Park area?

bbq, June 29, 2011

hi there
my family and i want to go to high park for a picnic (we are only 5 people) and would like access to a bbq. It doesn't seem like I need a permit for this, but do I need to make a reservation? If so, where do I call?
Thanks Andy

Safety Concern in Jamie Bell Adventure Park, June 27, 2011

I took my kids (2 and 4) to the playground yesterday and, while searching for the younger one (who charged off into the castle without so much as a backward glance), discovered an accessible but out-of-the-way "room" underneath the green corkscrew slide at the far east side of the structure. The room itself presents no obvious threat, serving only to house the bottom portion of the slide, but I was alarmed to see that it somehow acts as a reservoir for rain and (yesterday, at least) contained about 8 inches of muddy water throughout. Any toddler who happens to discover it at a high ebb risks falling in and worse. You might consider cordoning that space off or at least ensuring that water can't collect there.


Camping, June 26, 2011 , posted by Jerry ,

Can I camp in High Park? Is it considered Crown Land?

Bbq, June 24, 2011 , posted by Sonia ,

Hi, can we bring our own charcoal bbq to the park? Also, do we need to rent a picnic area or is it first come first serve?

You can reach me by phone at my work 905-279-4279

Thank you,


tree's name, June 23, 2011 , posted by Yong ,

Want to know the tree's name.
The tree image is shown at the 2nd image of the 2nd picture in \"A park of flowers, trees and gorgeous plants.\"

June 23, 2011 , posted by tara

Would just like to know exactly where these animals are aquired from. Are they from zoos, or livestock farms?

Zoo Volunteer Work?, June 22, 2011 , posted by Jane Hudecki ,

Hello! My name is Jane and I have just finished my second year in Zoology at the University of Guelph. I love animals and absolutely love high park and the high park zoo. Throughout the school year I am a volunteer at a non profit organization called Wild Ontario ( that works with birds of prey who have been injured and cannot be released in to the wild.

I was wondering if the zoo takes on volunteers at all to clean paddocks/ care for the animals? I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but if the zoo is in need at all for a friendly helper, I'm all yours!


High Park Train, June 22, 2011 , posted by Tracy ,

Is the train available to rent for special occasions? If so, how much does it cost?



day camp booking, June 22, 2011 , posted by Rafiat Ahmed ,

I was wondering if I had to reserve a space for my campers to come to the park. If so how can I go about doin that?

Swimming Pool, June 21, 2011 , posted by Marilyn.S ,

Just wondering what day the pool at high park opens.

Zoo Condition, June 21, 2011 , posted by Jennifer

Went to the zoo at lunch today. None of the animals had any water, not even a drop. The baby buffalo does not look good. With all the resources Toronto has, how can such a basic need be overlooked?

Help Pls re picnic areas, June 16, 2011 , posted by Julia ,

I am looking to arrange for a picnic for about a dozen people and want to understand how to direct people to the correct area inside of High Park. I'm looking for an area that has a covered structure in the event of rain, and also want to know if the covered areas have BBQs. I read on your site that briquets are not allowed. For BBQing, are we required to bring our own BBQ or what facilities are in the park adjacent to the covered picnic areas. Thank you! Julia

Beach Volley Ball, June 16, 2011 , posted by Chris Campbell ,

Hello, I am a resident of Bloor west village, who frequents the park regularly. I love the park and think it is wonderful that there are so many things to do there. I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to get a beach volleyball court (or multiple courts) set up in the park? There are really no good locations to play beach in the west end on a regular basis, yet the Sunnyside league draws a vast number of people to it in the Spring and Summer (most, if not all of them from the Bloor West/High Park area). It would be great to have a steady place to play in the summer and maybe have some weekend tournaments. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Trackless Train schedule and pricing, June 13, 2011 , posted by Steve S. ,


I would like to know the daily schedule of the trackless train and the pricing for different age groups. Please and thank you!

zoo upkeep, June 13, 2011 , posted by V & M

We had a wonderful time this weekend in the high park area. It was our first time at the zoo too, lots of exotic animals! I know the workers are doing the best job to upkeep the animals, we just wanted to inform you we saw a dead duck in the first pond; with the other ducks just waddling around him. Poor duck. Hope the crew can take care of that soon! Looking forward to visiting again.

Dogs without leash in Leashed Areas, June 10, 2011

I shall be forever grateful if the laws regarding dogs on leash in leashed areas could be enforced. I love nature which is why I like to be in parks and my doctor recommended exercise for my heart condition but am afraid to death of dogs. I know exactly where the off leash areas are and I don't go there but intimidating dogs are often running unleashed in leashed areas. It's the same problem in all parks I have visited. If anyone knows of another park where these laws are enforced, then I would be happy to go there instead.

pool, June 9, 2011 ,

Hi...I would like to kno when the pool opens and the hours of which it operates as it is my favorite place to take the kids in the summer!!!! I am looking forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convience as I am hoping to take the kids this week-end

Yoga teaching in the park, June 9, 2011 , posted by Courtney Sunday ,

Hi there! I was wondering if you wanted to make a once a week yoga in the park available for the summer. I teach at homes, businesses and studios in the summer and would love to implement a Tuesday yoga class in the park for the public, perhaps a pay what you can system in the early evening or afternoon.

I would love to speak with you to discuss this idea in more detail. Please let me know what you think! My number is 647-705-7928. Please take a look at my website!

Yoga, June 8, 2011 ,


Can you confirm if High Park holds outdoor yoga classes in the summer?


Dog Park Cyclists, June 8, 2011 , posted by Craig Gagnon ,


I wanted to raise a worn out issue about Cyclists in High Park who use the dog park. I know there are painted speed limits (Although 20km/h is way to fast, Usain Bolt Sprints that fast), cyclists rarely take heed.

The hill in the North End produces %0km/h speeds easily for riders on road bikes, I have had on one occasion my Jack Russell just barely missed and a cyclist on a Cervelo super bike curse my dog and I up and down as he almost went off the road too. This is unacceptable.

There have been countless incidents already just this year. The cyclists yell, they swear and curse the dogs and the owners for having to worry about dogs in their way while they ride in a designated leash free area. I have to be honest, I wouldn\'t want to be one of these guys if and when they do finally run over and hurt my dog. Or a child who is playing in the area as there are nothing but dogs and children in the Leash free area.

What, if ANYTHING, does the city of Toronto plan to do about this. Trust me, Dog owners are pretty protective, I don\'t see this one ending nicely for one of these ignorant and clearly idiotic cyclists when they finally do hit a dog.

It\'s beyond ridiculous to the point of embarrassing that it is even an issue.



Outlets?, June 8, 2011 , posted by Julia

Are there electrical outlets for public use? specifically in the pavilions?

tennis, June 8, 2011 , posted by David

I often play tennis in the High Park. I use the public court inside the park.
According to the regulation in the tennis court, the person who want to play tennis is required to put their rackets on the peg, if the courts are fully occupied. However, I found that some people put their extra rackets (2-3 rackets) on the peg while they were playing so that other people should not put their rackets on that peg. I think it is not fair for a group of people to occupy the court continuously. I suggest that a warning sign should be added on the regulation.

Theatre in the Park, June 8, 2011 , posted by Marjorie ,

I have heard there is Shakespeare in the park in the summer, I would like more information on this. Thank you.

BBQn', June 6, 2011 , posted by Johnny D

Hello- there are NO BBQ\'s aready at the park. You must bring your own. There are however designated BBQ areas in the park. No propane is allowed to my knowledge. :)

nesting mallard on balcony, June 6, 2011 , posted by Lee

We are a school close to High Park. Last week we found a mallard duck sitting on her nest (with eggs) under some plants on our 2nd floor balcony. She seems fine for now BUT what happens when the goslings hatch? Will they need access to water? Will the mother provide food? Do they need aquatic plants? We\\\'re sure they will be fine once they are mature enough to fly away (and survive getting from the second floor ???) but until then how will they survive? Anyone have answers or know where to find out? Thank you.

Pool hours and hours and opening date, June 5, 2011 , posted by C ,

When does the pool open for the season and where can I find a swim schedule?

Pool, June 5, 2011 , posted by Anastasia ,

When & What Times is the pool open for the 2011 season?

Trackless Train, June 5, 2011 , posted by Angie ,

Could you please tell me if the Train operates during the weekdays in June or is it only on the weekends? And is there a website to see the route and schedule? Thank you.

tennis, May 31, 2011 , posted by Egzon ,

Do you need to bring for spot Equipment for spots and do i need to pay to play.

cost of swim , May 31, 2011 , posted by egzon ,

how much is it to swim

Goslings?, May 31, 2011 , posted by Tea Drinker

Hi all

Wondering if the Goslings are out and about yet?

Also, do robins nest in HP year round? I saw some back in February!

School trip, May 30, 2011 , posted by Talya ,

I am a Senior Kindergarten teacher and last year we had a wonderful tour of High Park with two guides. I do not see a contact number on the website to book this trip and wondered if you could please advise me. I have 19 students who are 5 and 6 years old. We would like to tour the parks and gardens as well as visit the zoo and playgrounds if possible. We can be there all day. Please let me know if this is something we can arrange and how much it will cost. Thank you so much!

May 23, 2011

Is there any BBQ area in the park? And do I have to bring BBQ equipments on my own or there are BBQ stoves in the park?

CHERRY TREE BLOOMING OVER, May 23, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

There are no more cherry blossoms this's over:( Hope you enjoyed them while you could and you'll come back next year. Many thanks to Bill Gordon for his pictures of the Sakura!

May 22, 2011

Does it look like Cherry Blossom season almost over?
Hopefully not! I was going to go this weekend, but things came up, hope they\'ll be around till next weekend!

Trees Blossoming by the pond, May 22, 2011

I was at the park yesterday and noticed some trees blossoming these pinkish white flowers, would anyone happen to know what they are?

The lilacs are beginning to blossom for any of you interested, the park should start smelling divine in a couple days.

Oiled eggs?, May 22, 2011

Did they oil the swan\'s eggs at the southern end of the park?

Cherry Blossoms, May 22, 2011

So are there still Cherry Blossoms or not? The answer given doesn't say.

May 21, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

Well, the sakura have finished working their magic for another year. See my personal record of the season here...

But the magic is still very much alive in High Park. This time of year there's beauty everywhere you look. Check this out...

Get out there and explore, people. There's so much to see...

May 20, 2011

The cherry blossoms were pretty much all last weekend and the swans are still on their nests

peacock, May 19, 2011

you wanna *rent* a peacock??? :))

Picnic, May 18, 2011 , posted by Tayla ,

I would like to know if I need a permit for a picnic of less than 15 people?

May 17, 2011 ,

Hi, would you be able to rent peacocks for a party to wander the gardens of a wedding venue? if so, what is the rate?

Cherry Blossoms Schedule, May 17, 2011 , posted by Loc Duong ,

Hi i'm planing to go to Toronto to see the Cherry Blossoms this weekend. But I'm not sure if it already ended or not so if anyone has any info please let me know so i can plan my trip. Thank you very much

swans, May 17, 2011

Does anyone know if the swan eggs have hatched yet on Grenadier Pond?

Any Cherry Blossoms Left?, May 16, 2011 , posted by Jess

Is there still any cherry blossoms after the wet weekend?

photos, May 15, 2011 , posted by Kelly ,

Hi I wanted to know if I am taking pictures with 2 people if I would need a permit. If yes, where would I get it and how much? Thanks

last weekend, May 15, 2011 , posted by Emma

this is probably the last good weekend to see the trees in bloom so hurry!!!

Not in full bloom for long, May 14, 2011 , posted by haine

To the below question...18th might be too late! After that rain we had last night, a lot of the petals are gone. Was a little disappointed but there were a couple trees still with a lot of petals (may 14th)... 18th MAY be pushing it though.

Re:bringing my dog to the zoo, May 14, 2011

thanks Vince, i just went there yesterday :) had a great time and 100 photos !!!we spent 30mins just inside the dog park heh. I\'m glad that i made it in time before it rains

are the cherry blossoms still there?, May 13, 2011

im planning to visit tomorrow if it doesnt rain. are there still cherry blossoms?

Lost Pink Sock Monkey, May 12, 2011 , posted by Maureen ,

This isn\\\\\\\'t a joke; while strolling yesterday I dropped my daughter\\\\\\\'s sleep aid - a pink sock monkey in the park!!! It has sentimental value (was handmade) and totally helps her sleep! AGH! Today\\\\\\\'s been a nightmare and I even drove to the park last night to find it! Sad but true. Is found please contact

High Park Tennis, May 12, 2011 ,


High Park has two sets of tennis courts. The green ones that are unlit and the grey ones that are lit (beside the public pool). I noticed, for whatever reason, High Park has moved the 4 large courts into 2 cramped ones. This was annoying in itself. However, as of May 12th, the nets are still not up. I figure that tennis will no longer be played there and it is now reserved for hockey.

If that isn't the case, when are the nets expected to be put up on the 2 courts?


May 11, 2011

If I go see Cherry Blossom next wednesday may 18th is that too late?

Trains, May 11, 2011 , posted by riki

We were there today and just happened to see a train heading out - train ride is 1/2 hour or so with a few stops where you can hop on or off - at a restaurant, Bloor Street and a few other stops.... price is 4.50 and 3.50 for older persons and children.... it is well worth it to see the vastness of the park but it did not go to the one area where there were several sakura trees in full bloom -- we saw these through a drive through the grounds by car.

Dogs in the zoo, May 11, 2011

Yes you can take your dog to the zoo on leash if he/she doesn't disturb/intimidate the zoo animals.

Washrooms, May 11, 2011

There are washrooms by the Parkside gate - and inside the restaurant.

BBQ and power, May 11, 2011 , posted by Vince ,

Hi, i would like to know, since charcoal bbqs are allowed in the park, if the picnic areas have power outlets for eletric bbqs, and also, during what time we can bbq/picnic at the park.

Thank you,

Train within the park, May 10, 2011

I have a relative I would like to take to the park but they cannot walk long distances or up steep hills, so I thought using the train to get from one part of the park to another would be great. I have never taken it. Can you purchase a day pass to use it multiple times or do you have to pay each time? Is there a map that shows where you can pick it up and is there a schedule of when it runs?

May 10, 2011

Hi, i will be bringing my dog along this weekend, is she allowed in the zoo on leash? please help me out here :) thanks

Tulips, May 10, 2011

Are there any tulips in the high park? I'm so eager to see the colourful Tulips. I'm thinking of visiting the park this weekend.

stop the damage, May 10, 2011

you would think it\'s common sense for people not to pull / climb / damage trees in anyway at high park! there should be security on site to ensure people don\'t pick flowers off the trees.
i strongly encourage people to confront those that do this to our public resources!!!

May 10, 2011

Does anyone in a position of authority monitor this website because the washrooms are still closed. It\\\'s ridiculous.

Lost&Found, May 10, 2011 , posted by Bhorn ,

Is there any Lost&Found kiosk in the park? I went to the park today and lost a remote control of my camera :(. I must have lost it around the cherry blossom area. It's a Panasonic: Lumix G1 remote. So sad!!!

Lost Item, May 10, 2011 , posted by Blanche ,

My daughter lost the belt of her faux leather jacket while playing at the Jamie Bell Adventure Park on Sunday afternoon (May 8th). It's dark brown, almost black in colour. I'm wondering if there's a contact number for a lost and found department at your park. Thanks!

May 10, 2011

FYI, you should update or double check your info regarding the parking on Sundays and holidays. We went this past Sunday via car and went in via the Bloor street entrance, and it took almost an hour to get in. I spoke to a friend and they entered in via the Queensway entrance within five minutes.

re: trains, May 10, 2011

yes, the train is running for's $4.5 a ride (i think)

Cherry Blossoms and Washrooms, May 10, 2011 , posted by Miss Nature's Lover

Hi. I just would like to ask if the Cherry Blossoms is still on this week? My friends and I were planning to visit tomorrow (Wed) and would like to take some photos. My first time ever! (lol!)

Also, I've read in the forum section about the washroom issues? How can you resolve that situation?

Another one is the people cutting some brances of the cherry tree(!?!) poor tree.. it might be gone in the next future if everytime people come and visit and do something like this... WOW!


train, May 10, 2011 ,

Can you pls advise if train is operational now?

sharing pics, May 10, 2011 , posted by Maanit Shah ,

I went to High Park today for the 1st time, and was amazed to see so many people during mid-day on a monday! I can only imagine how many people would have been there during the weekend!
Parking is tremendously limited but after waiting around 10 mins or so, we found a spot. Luckily, we did not receive a ticket.
I did a little writeup from my experience today and posted a lot of pictures for everyone's benefit. Take a look

weekend of May 14th, May 9, 2011

I'm hoping to check out the trees this weekend.. May 14/15... if anyone is there just before the weekend, could you post and let me know if the trees are still in bloom? Thanks!

trees, May 9, 2011 , posted by naisa

hello, i was at the park yesterday checking out the sakura trees, great experience other than seeing some kids who kept pulling down the branches to take pictures, i knew how much we love the trees but please be more generous, imagine your hair getting pulled like that.

May 9, 2011 , posted by Farah

how long do you think the cherry blossoms will last until??

Parents be alert, May 9, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Someone reported a case of a person who approaches / startles children to talk about the trees without the parents consent. Keeps your kids close, keep them safe!

Washrooms, May 9, 2011 , posted by washrooms/parking tickets

Does anyone know why were washrooms closed at the park?
its insane to be spend an afternoon in the park without washroom. does city of toronton even though about this?
city of toronto sure know how to do their math, gaining money on giving parking tickets and saving money on public washroom.

Parking Tickets, May 9, 2011

We had never been to High Park before and were blown away by the amount of people there on Mothers Day weekend. We SLOWLY circled the park looking for parking and went into some of the side streets and nothing was available. Went back into the park close to the Zoo and found others had parked along the side of the lot. There were no signs indicating parking was not allowed and the cement barriers along side where we parked were not yellow.
After a nice Mothers Day stroll, we were dissapointed to return to our car with $105 ticket stuck to it. It's not the ticket that irritates me as much as the amount. $30 is more reasonable, $50 would have really been more than enough, but $105 is excessive. We weren't in a handicapped spot, near a fire hydrant, blocking traffic or even under a sign that said "no parking"
Very frustrating and we will not return to the park because of this!!

Washrooms, May 9, 2011

We were there yesterday. It\'s a pity the management of HighPark didn\'t anticipate the number of people going to the park and didn\'t bother to open the washrooms. My husband had to pee in the bushes. But the cherry blossoms were worth the trip. So beautiful...

Great view but..., May 9, 2011 , posted by jj

It\'s my first time visiting High Park to see cherry blossom! It\'s breath-taking :) Yes, I think you can still see them blooming nicely this week, so go check them out quick!!!

A bit disappointed when seeing people breaking branches off the cherry trees!!! The tress are for everyone to see! I just wish I can ticket those people myself!!! Poor trees!!!

Washroom problem... I could only use the washroom in the restaurant.. very loooooong wait!!

Another sunny day today! Go check the park out. The pictures will turn out great! :)

Enjoy! :)

Washrooms were closed :-(, May 9, 2011

It was my first time to visit High Park on May 8, 2011. I knew it would be very crowded because of the cherry blossoms. However, most of the public washrooms were not opened for the season. It seems like the city officials haven\'t heard of cherry blossoms in the park so they don\'t care for the visitors. They earned a lot of money yesterday by issued hundreds of parking tickets but not opening the washrooms. This is unacceptable!

May 9, 2011 , posted by Arv

Hi Everyone,

I saw the pics, will it be like this till the end of may as well...I went last weekend but it was not ready then....pls advice, i don't want to lose the opportunity to see this beuatiful scenary...

re: washrooms, May 9, 2011

the washrooms by the gate at Parkside dr. are open but they are in a very bad shape - very, very dirty!!!!

shame on the city and people who use it for not taking better care a

RE limited walking, May 9, 2011

Last year I've seen a little 'tourist train' drive by on a path at the bottom of the cherry tree hill.

Cherry blossom party?, May 8, 2011 , posted by mel ,

I was talking about the blooming of the cherry blossoms and someone mentioned that they set up a DJ or something at some point and people go and hang out there. Anyone know anything about it?

Washrooms, May 8, 2011

High park was swarming with thousands of people today, to see the cherry blossom, and because of mothers day. Yey, the washrooms are closed for the season! I'm sorry, but this is simply insane. I saw kids relieving themselves in the bushes!

Cherry Blossom Time, May 8, 2011 , posted by Allen

Hi everyone. Does anyone have any experience with how long the blossoms will last? Will they still be looking good on Thursday?

re: parking tickets, May 8, 2011 , posted by I'm with parking guy

what doesn't make sense is that people park in no parking zones and complain about a ticket later. how hard it is to find a spot outside the park, 5-10 min walk away? not very hard at all. the problem is that people who can't walk too much (for example elderly people) will have no parking spots inside the parks because others take up the spots. i argue that there shouldn't be any parking allowed inside the park unless you're over 60 or handicapped

Go now., May 7, 2011

The blossoms are definitely out now in full! (May 7th/8th).

May 7, 2011

Cherry blossoms are out!!! Go check them out ASAP!

People shouldn't pick the cherry blossom trees, May 7, 2011

I saw many people today picking the flowers off the cherry blossom trees and some people even tore off branches. If everyone did this, the trees would be destroyed. There should be signs or park officials to prevent this.

Parking tickets, May 7, 2011

Watch out for meter maids, there out with force and zero common sense.

lost camera, May 7, 2011 , posted by sudatta ,


I'm Sudatta Karve and I visited High park earlier today (May 7) afternoon to see cherry blossoms at around 5pm along with my wife.
Unfortunately, I lost my camera somewhere in the park premises and do not recollect the exact location where i must've left it. It could most likely be at one of the street side benches on Colburne Lodge drive going north near Bloor street or near the cherry trees lined along the grenadier lake very close to grenadier cafe.
It was a purple colour Canon Powershot camera in a black case with couple of standby batteries in front pouch of the case.
Is there a lost-and-found office in the park premises that i can get in touch with? I hope someone finds it and I would appreciate if you let me know if anyone finds my camera.
Thanks a lot


It is now blooming! Go see the cherry blossoms.

Goslings are here!, May 7, 2011

I (and about 5 gazillion people) saw a family of 4 today on the pond west of Grenier (spelling?) restaurant in the park. Most (all?) of us were there for the cherry blossoms, and I thought it was bonus to see Mom & Dad plus 2 goslings.

Updates???, May 7, 2011

I was just wondering if anyone had updates as to if the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom yet? Also, how long does this usually last? (I may not be able to make it out on Mother's Day and am unavailable today).

Cherry Blossoms, May 7, 2011 , posted by Vic

The cherry blossoms are now in full bloom in High Park. It might get better in the next few days. Was there today and it was very nice. Not as impressive as 2009 though. Enjoy.

Limited Walking - Cherry Blossoms?, May 7, 2011

If I wanted to come see the cherry blossoms in bloom but have limited mobility - is there a way to drive past them? Or see them from somewhere in the park where I can get to by car?
Thank you.

Hours and night view, May 7, 2011 ,

What are the hours on May 7-8th, and how\\\'s the view/scene at night? (are there lights etc?)


dog park rules , May 6, 2011

I am trying to find (anywhere ) a listing about dog park rules .What are the rules in the off leash area regarding little kids with food ?People eating within the off leash area ?

black oak seedlings, May 6, 2011 , posted by Marco

Hi Alex, Contact Jennifer Gibb of the Natural Environment crews of Urban Forestry. They are the ones who run the ecological restoration of the park and they might be interested in your seedlings for planting. You can get her number by dialing 311.

May 6, 2011

So where is the best place to park away from the park and walk inside?

May 6, 2011

How long do the cherry blossoms last?

Walking Time, May 6, 2011

It will take about half an hour to 3 quarters from bloor to the zoo. If it is justing walking through the park without a stop, one day should be fairly enough.

Is tent allowed?, May 6, 2011

We plan to go to High Park on Saturday afternoon. I am wondering if it is allowed to set a tent in the park?


cherry blossom, I am coming!, May 6, 2011 , posted by Ceci

Thank you so much for all posts.
I can't wait to see it. I have planned for a year. Last year it was very impressive and I decided to go once more.This year's winter is so long that cherry blossom has been postponed. Now as per everyone's updated posts, You will see me around there tomorrow for sure. Yeah!

Cherry Blossoms, May 6, 2011 , posted by G

How long do the cherry blossoms last? I'm going on Monday is that too late?

Cherry Blossoms, May 6, 2011 , posted by Cindy ,

How long do the cherry blossoms last - will they still be in bloom next weekend (May 14 & 15)?

May 6, 2011 , posted by gtwk

I was at the park yesterday evening. Less than 50% bloomed so far.

May 6, 2011

Thank you so much for the updates!

walking, May 5, 2011

how long would it take on average to walk from the parking area near bloor st. to the zoo? could you walk all of the park in a day?
Thanks and have a great day!!

Too late on Monday ?, May 5, 2011 , posted by Fch

Will it be too late going on Monday for seeing the cherry blossom?

trees, May 5, 2011 , posted by alex ,

i have 200+ black oak seedlings sprouted from seeds collected at high park. i would like to donate saplings to be planted in the park. is there a forest manger at high park or someone i can speak to about this?

Goslings, May 5, 2011

Can anyone tell me if goslings have been spotted yet? And if not, when they might be seen, and where the best viewing site might be ? Thanks. Stp.

Sakura, May 5, 2011 , posted by Hamish ,

took some photos of the just-opened cherry blossoms this morning...

About a dozen or so flowers open at eye level, lots at the top of the trees (most sunlight up there I imagine) .. it'll be good to go this weekend for sure!

May 5, 2011

Where are the trilliums in the park? I want to see them too.

Inquiry, May 5, 2011 , posted by Jane

Would it be okay to come tomorrow as well? Tnx.

About to bloom.., May 5, 2011 , posted by Stephen

I was there yesterday evening and it was gorgeous weather... The trees are just about ready to bloom. Should make for an interesting weekend.

May 4, 2011

Hi everybody, I think the cherry blossoms should be blossom at least by the weekend. They\\\'re almost ready!

how long?, May 4, 2011

I heard the sakuras should be in bloom this weekend (mother's day) I can't make it to the park this weekend, but I would really like to check it out. Any chance they would still be in bloom next week? I can probably get down there earliest friday. Would I still be able to see them?

Bird attacks - be careful!, May 4, 2011 , posted by Chantelle Schriver

I just wanted to caution anyone entering the park on the Queensway end that there is (at least) one very defensive male red-winged blackbird that is diving at and even attacking people entering into the park. The attacks have been happening just as you round the bend by the tall reeds and little wooden plank bridge horizontal to the Queensway. You can often see the male sitting on a low branch in the large tree at that bend. This is where he strikes from.

The bird is merely defending it's territory and nest which I believe is in the large tree as you round the corner, but I wanted to warn people nonetheless. Last year the bird would dive at you to intimidate you away from the nest, but today it actually attacked me and hit me rather hard on the back of the head as I was entering the park. Because of this aggression, please be very careful when entering this area - especially with small children.

Here is more information on the bird:

And an article about the birds dive-bombing citizens:

Be careful and enjoy the park!

Too late for long weekend, May 4, 2011 , posted by GI Joe

If the cherry trees will likely in full bloom for this weekend, how long will they last? Will it be too late if go victory day long weekend? (May 21-23)

Emu needs female companion!, May 4, 2011 , posted by Nina ,

Dear High Park Zoo Team,

I visited the High Park Zoo a few days ago and had a bittersweet encounter with your emu. As spring is slowly approaching, he's all excited and booming in order to attract a companion (I guess you had to put down the hen because of her leg problem). I started petting his neck and instantly the poor loner sat down and tried to "impress" me with his mating behaviour. I've worked "face-to-beak" with ratites for the past ten years (and also wrote the Fall 2010 ROM Magazine cover story about ostriches), and am thus very preoccupied with the "happiness" of these large birds. Would it be possible for you to consider finding a couple of companions for this isolated creature? In Germany (where I raised my own ostriches as part of my PhD studies), it is a legal requirement to have a minimum of one male and two females per enclosure. There are several emu farms in Ontario that would surely be pleased to contribute a hen or two (Banbury Farm, Baden ON; Triple A Farm, Smith's Falls, ON).

All the best and keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Nina

they have started, May 4, 2011 , posted by Glenn

At the top of one lone tree, two or three dozen blossoms have opened up. Thousands more are getting ready!

Location of trees, May 4, 2011 , posted by Zoltan (again)

Many people were asking about where the trees are located withing the park. Here they are: Map of cherry trees inside High Park

re: comments in general, May 4, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

I wanted to take the time and THANK YOU all for participating in the forum by posting updates, comments, sending feedback and asking questions. It's great that there are so many people are involved and interested, it truly makes life as a webmaster more human:) Once again, thank you folks and maybe see you at the park on the weekend! You'll recognize me easily: I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I'll have a camera to take pics of the Sakura flowers :D

re: Spelling eroors, May 4, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Thank you for letting me knwo about spelling errors...i'm aware of some of them but whenevr i see them i don't have time or the necessary motivatin to fix them. For the most part I just type type type type and then post the page as is. I hope it's not a big issue for most of you. I promise I'll spend some time fixing up typos...sometime "soon".

Blooming on Mother's Day, May 4, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

So i've done some looking around on other sites and saw many pictures of the trees from today and yesterday and from what I can tell this weekend the cherry trees will be in full bloom! Hooray! So get your cameras ready and enjoy the view! Please take public transit or if you must drive, park outside and away from the park. Last year I remember there were so many cars in the park it took people a loooooong time to find a spot. Ruins the whole experience. If you end up having to walk 10-15 mins to the park, is that really so bad? No it isn't. Park away from the park! Everybody together [chanting] : "Park away from the park" ;)

early bloomers?, May 4, 2011 , posted by Theresa

someone posted early blooms on the weather website

Cheery Cherries, May 4, 2011 , posted by cheery cherries

Re: Spelling...I noticed that, too. I guess the blossoms will make us \\\"cheery\\\"? I am visiting on Saturday and I hope to see the blooms.

Cherry Blossom timing this year?, May 4, 2011

Who knows if the blossoms will be out this weekend or not? Has it begun yet?

Lost and Found, May 4, 2011 , posted by rachael ,

Hello, a few weeks ago, we found a wooden sword painted silver lying on the grounds in front of a school/building (?) at the north end of the park, a bit east of centre. We wondered if it was property of the park and/or the school there. We are looking for a phone number we could call to check if it should be returned or if we could post its being found, for anyone who might have set it down and forgotten it.

Thank you!

Rachael and Simon

cherry blossom, May 4, 2011 , posted by Ceci

I check this forum everyday and I hope that I can see cherry blossom this Sat. I have planned for a year long! Thank you for you guys\' updated posts. Hopefully there would a post this Fri night saying that there were full cherry blossoms in the park!!! can\'t wait!

Cherry Blossoms, May 3, 2011 , posted by Cat

It's my first time visiting the park for the cherry blossoms, so I was just wondering where they are found there?

Colour , May 3, 2011

Hi, I have never seen the cherry blossoms in person, and from looking at pictures online, I can't figure out if they are pink, light pink, or whitish in colour. Could someone describe their colour? Also, since I'm planning to take some pictures there, what colour outfit would go well with the cherry blossoms? I'm not that creative as you can tell!

cherry blossoms, May 3, 2011

i agree, there is much more to high park than the blossoms....BUT, it is a very special time of year, the blossoms are only blooming for a short time (and shorter still with all this rainy weather!) and we are anxious to see them :) it is over an hour drive for me and it's not a simple trip to plan around work/school/kids/weather, etc.
i APPRECIATE all the posts and update! i check here every day, always with this giddy hopefulness that today will be the day. so, zoltan, go easy on us blossom lovers....and thank YOU for creating this great forum! :)

Spelling, May 3, 2011

Please check the spelling of your web site.

Hours, May 3, 2011

Is high park open during all hours of the day? Or is there an opening / closing time for us to explore the park?

RE: Feeding ducks etc, May 2, 2011


Please do not feed the birds, or any other animals in the park for that matter.
...and there ARE signs up by the lake requesting not to feed the birds.

Was wundrin', May 2, 2011 , posted by J.Wynn ,

I had a quick look, but couldn't find the answer, which is why I'm here... are we allowed to picnic under the cherry trees like they do in japan? If not is there a picnis area?? How about BBQs? Thanks in advance.


Trains?, May 1, 2011

From the map, it seems there's train service bringing people around the park. When do they start operating? Hours of operation? How frequent? And how much? Thanks!

Feeding ducks etc, May 1, 2011

Are we allowed to bring some bread to feed ducks, geese, swans and fish in the ponds? I don\'t see any signs not to feed them. Thanks!

RUBY FAILS, May 1, 2011 , posted by Miss Ruby

Took the chance today, woke Eddy up to drive me & Heiz to the park only to take round Colbourne Dr. and saw no blossoming cherry trees. Oh, I felt sad and guilty for interrupting Eddy\'s rest time. Sorry, too, Heiz. Am just too desperate to enjoy them. I\\\'ll be patient and will not let it pass without seeing the beau.

Great to see anxious people, though, and people (mature)around the park keeping themselves so fit.

April 30, 2011

Zoltan, pretty sure Sakura is being talked about a lot because we're in April. Come summer time people are going to be talking about something else.

High Park Cherry Trees, April 30, 2011 , posted by Melissa ,

Zoltan, I agree with you. High park is a beautiful gift to us all for us to enjoy, not only in spring, but all year long.
However, the Cherry Trees do hold special meaning to many different people. For me, the cherry tree symbolizes my daughter who died last January. We have decided to plant a cherry tree as a memorial, and with this Sunday being International Babyloss Mother\'s Day, I was hoping to be able to take a walk through High Park and enjoy the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms to give me that extra sense that my angel is there with me. I know I don\'t need a tree for that, but it would just help make my mother\'s day a little extra special. *here\'s hoping the bloom over night!*

Thank you all for your wonderful updates! As I am an hour and a half from High Park, you\'ve all helped me tremendously!! xo

Trilliums, April 30, 2011 , posted by Sara

Does anyone know where you can see trilliums in bloom in the park? I have never seen the Ontario provincial flower in person.

My last blossom post - I promise! :), April 29, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

I'll be in the park every two or three days for the next little while. I try to take a couple of pics each visit. Added some this morning. Check here for updates - All pics are dated.

Spring is a magical time in High Park. Be sure to check out the baby animals at the zoo. Too cute!!

cherry blossom pics, April 29, 2011 , posted by k&m

My wife and I were going to go this weekend but we did not want to travel for no reason. I searched online and found a good site. Pics of High Park cherry blossoms at asof 04/28/2011

April 29, 2011

You're right, Zoltan, thanks for the reminder that all of High Park is beautiful! It seems as if the Cherry Blossoms are waiting for Election results to show up!;)

Sakura, April 29, 2011 , posted by Theodore

The Sakura is particularly special since it is always treasured as a national symbol of Japan. It would be nice if we could follow their traditions particularly this year to enjoy this beautiful trees and share the memories of the disaster just happened in Japan. We would like to let them know is Canada is also with Japan.
I would like to go this time for sure.

April 29, 2011 , posted by Timothy R.

This Saturday will be too early. I was there today and trees are not ready for us yet.

High Park is not just about cherry trees, ya know, April 29, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Folks: This is turning into a cherry tree forum. On the home page of this site I will post when the trees start to bloom. Promise. In the meantime here's a tip: High Park is 1% cherry trees and 99% of all sorts of amazingly beautiful 'stuff'. Paths, walkways, other trees, animals, plants, water, people, food, sports, picnic, games, etc. Don't just go to take pictures of the Sakura trees. Go without a camera. Go without your cell phone. Go without a plan. Walk around in a random pattern. Walk slowly. See nature's beauty. Enjoy yourself. There are dozens if not hundreds of other plants blooming right now. Cheers!

April 29, 2011

My friends and I are planning to visit this weekend on Saturday, but is it too early? If anyone could post the latest picture as of today, that will be much appreciated :) Thank you!

Cherry Blossoms, April 29, 2011

Cherry Blossoms yet? planning to visit the park sometime next week. Do you guys have any suggestion which day would be a good day to visit?

How long does it last?, April 28, 2011 , posted by Hani

I won\'t be able to make it this weekend but i\'m hoping to catch them next weekend? Will the blooms still be there? and how long do they usually last for? Thanks in advance.

DON\'T DRIVE IN!, April 28, 2011


April 28, 2011

I went there today, no blooms...may take another week or more?

Can I go at night?, April 27, 2011 , posted by Flora

Hi I have looked over the website and couldn't find out the opening hours. Can i assume it opens 24 hours like other normal community park in Toronto?

And if i go there at night, would there be enough lighting to take pictures of the sakura bloom? I really hope I can be there this year. Thanks!

April 27, 2011

Thanks Bill for the update!

April 27, 2011

can't wait to go there and see this weekend!!

Parking, April 27, 2011 , posted by LadyM

Thanks so much for the update! Where is the best place to park that is closest to the trees? I have some grandparents that I'd love to bring but they won't be able to walk a far distance.

April 27, 2011 , posted by Tommy

Hi there, Do you guys think May 14th will be too late :( ?

cherry blossom, April 27, 2011 , posted by Nikki

Thanks for the update

Blossoms?, April 27, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

Not yet, although some of the trees along the Queensway are showing hopeful signs. Here are a couple more pics taken early this morning.

April 26, 2011 , posted by CherryBlossomLover

I\'m living in Mississauga. I thank all of you for posting the updates that save me time driving over to High Park for checking out the status.

Cherry Blossoms , April 26, 2011 , posted by Salwa

I was planning on having my engagement photos taken this Thursday, and wanted the blossoms to be in bloom - any chance they might be? Is it temperate dependent or will the rain be affecting them too? I really hope they start blooming in the next couple of days!!!

re: Photography, April 26, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Hello can take as many pictures as you like, no permit needed as long as you don't do wedding pics but by May 25th there won't be much to photograph as far as the cherry trees go. You should go in about a week from now. But the good news is that even on May 25th or any other day of the year you'll find tons of beautiful settings at High Park so you can have nice backgrounds for your shots!

Photography, April 26, 2011 , posted by Julia

Question:)! Im doing a school project and would like to take pictures with a few models underneath the Cherry Blossom Trees, may take the whole afternoon. Do I need a pemit? Also will the Cherry Blossom Trees look amazing around May 25th? Thank You! :)

Blooming duration, April 26, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Cherry blossoms lasts for about a week to a week and a half if the weather is nice but if it rains while they are in bloom then the flower petals fall quicker and the blooming may be over in just a few short days.

Cherry Blossoms, April 26, 2011 , posted by Jackie

Please do post. It will save me a trip out there is they are not in bloom.

April 25, 2011 , posted by Derek

How long do cherry blossoms usually bloom for. Well once they bloom, how long will they last?

Cherry Trees bloom date, April 25, 2011 , posted by Zoltan (admin)

It seems that blooming is very close now. I'm going to take pictures on the 28th (Thursday) and will post an update then here and on the home page. I give it about 80% that for the weekend all the trees will be in full bloom!

High Park Cherry Blossoms 2011, April 25, 2011 , posted by Roland ,

Looks like we're almost there! As promised here's another update on the status of the Cherry Blossoms!
Cherry Blossom Latest Update

Spring is almost here!

Soil event, April 24, 2011 ,

Dear High Park,

I know you organize an annual soil event where people can drive in and pick up fertile soil. The event also allows people to drop off garbage? and electronic waste?

I would very much like to know when this is!


Sakura Blossom, April 24, 2011

Not yet expected for blossom of sakura?

Cherry Blossoms, April 23, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

Much warmer today. It won't be long now.

Cherry Blossoms, April 23, 2011 , posted by Ardean ,

Hi All.
Does anyone know where this path is located in the park?

Thanks Roland/Bill, April 23, 2011 , posted by Ardean ,

Thanks guys, for the updates on the Blossoms. I'm trying to get out to see them for the first time this year and hopefully to take some pictures :D

Cherry blossom, April 22, 2011

If you guys like Cherry blossoms don\\\'t forget to check out Mississauga\\\'s Kariya Park - just south of Square One.. They have the white ones like in HP but the main attraction is the pink late blooming ones.. usually opens one week after the white ones

Cherry Blossoms, April 21, 2011 , posted by Kurt Rostek ,

When do you expect the cherry blossoms to be in full blossom this year, as spring doesn't seem it will ever arrive.

Cherry Trees, April 21, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

No blossoms this weekend, I'm afraid. Very cold and windy earlier this afternoon but I took a few pics. Check them out on Facebook here and following:

Non government site, April 21, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Yup, the site is run by one guy, not by the government. I'm not losing money on it but not making much either, it's more of a hobby than anything else. I love the Park (especially in the early morning hours) and decided to make a website of it because I work with websites so making HTML, etc is not hard for me to do. It's a work in progress - and always will be - and any info that I can post on the site that might benefit other people is always welcome. I'm going this weekend too to check on the Sakura trees...with -3C windchill this morning, though, I don't think that any tree feels like blooming at all...

April 20, 2011 , posted by Josef

Hello there Zoltan,

My apologies, as I was unaware that this is a personal web site. Who owns High Park? My assumption was that
High Park was well taken care of in regards to funding and donations from the public. Pardon my ignorance, but what's your position at High Park? You shouldn't have to pay to run this web site...but its nice that you do.

Thanks!, April 20, 2011 , posted by Roland ,

I was reading through the forum and just realized that is a privately run site. Because of the quality I had thought it was an official city site lol. Job well done!

No need to post this one, but as a fan of high park, I just wanted to say your efforts are appreciated ;)

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Beavers/animals, April 19, 2011 , posted by PC Lewis

Hi Zoltan,

Glad we agree on the kindness and respect that the true wonders of our planet deserve... take care!


Closing the beavers topic, April 19, 2011 , posted by Zoltan

Dear PC Lewis,

I obviously missed your sarcasm in your comment and I have to admit that this latest one is a little fuzzy too (what's with George Bush?). But I am very glad that we agree that killing animals is bad, and the only thing worse is that it's legalized.

Further comments about killing beavers or other animals or animal/human rights/political stuff will not be posted here because this forum is not aimed to discuss these issues.

Thank you.

My beavers response , April 19, 2011 , posted by P.C. Lewis

Zoltan, my response to JW complaining about beavers ruining trees was dripping with SARCASM! While I am not PRO LIFE (what gives ANYONE the right to tell a person what they can and can't do to their own body George Bush?), I am a card carrying member of PETA and a vegetarian (part time vegan) and was trying to point out that the real shame in High Park is not the beaver's natural advanced engineering feats such as dams and their dens, but the human's garbage that collects around these structures - plastic bottles, wrapping etc.. VERY SADLY our own government, the 'smart' humans charged with watching out for animals (Ministry of Natural Resources) say it is OKAY and LEGAL in Ontario to kill "nuisance beavers" - they are not protected by law!

Cherry Blossoms 2011, April 18, 2011

The High Park Nature centre is posting very regular Cherry Blossom updates on their website at, with photos. For those not on-line, the Nature Centre is also regularly updating the "High Park Cherry Blossom Hotline" - 416-392-1748 x 1

Cherry Blossoms, April 18, 2011 , posted by Roland ,

I know it's not practical to everyone to go to high park every week to check on the cherry blossoms so I'll be putting up blog posts and pics each week I visit:

Cherry Blossom status

So far just some buds but I'll keep everyone posted!

Cherry Trees, April 18, 2011 , posted by Bill Gordon ,

Buds as of 4/15/2011:
Picture of cherry tree buds from April 15, 2011

Zoo signs, April 18, 2011 , posted by Eleanor Batchelder ,

There doesn't seem to be a sign on the southernmost paddock (most uphill) that tells what animals are inside...

Roland's update, April 18, 2011

Thanks very much for posting your blog's address - i'm sure many people will find it useful!

Cherry blossoms, April 17, 2011

The cherry blossoms are not out yet. I was there on the 16th and it was cold and the trees are not blooming yet. Maybe on the Easter weekend. But I doubt it. My best guess is the 1st weekend of May, which is April 30/May 1.

Dogs allowed?, April 17, 2011

Dog are allowed anywhere in High Park on leash. You can of course unleash them at the dog park.

RESPONSES, April 17, 2011 , posted by Zoltan (website owner)

I'd like to take some time to response to some of the comments to my website:

Tennis club: No, I don't understand what's the deal with the private tennis club. I don't like tennis and don't know much about clubs so let's just leave it at that. Asking them directly I guess would be the best to get real answers.

Website sucks: To the people who want me to remove ads: No can do. I'm not a charity. Or government. Nobody give me money for what I do. Gas money to go to and from the park and many hours of web development and research and you expect that I do it all this for free? If I had tons of money on the side I would. But I don't have much money so the ads stay. Also, I do love feedback. But harsh criticism feels a bit out of place here. If you can make a better website about High Park go ahead and do so. If you know lots about the Park and don't want to make a website about it then share your knowledge with me and I'll even pay you for good content you can provide. If you can't do either then don't post your comments here.

Killing beavers: "Legally we are granted the right to kill this pest when it invades and ruins our property". Whoever said this: I don't agree with you. I am pro-life, not pro-perfection. It makes me very sad that the majority of people think of certain animals as "pests" and pass laws that allow killing them. When humans are long extinct because the Earth can't support our greed, beavers and thousands of other species will continue to live because they care and respect life and don't mind the occasional beaver dam or bird poop. Nature has for millions of years and will for millions of years take care of itself, balance itself and ensure that life prevails. Humans on this planet currently can afford to speak from the high horse but our existence is but a blur in the big history. So sad that some of us seriously believe that we are for some reason superior to any other living creature. Next time you think about killing a beaver or a bird, do it yourself with your bare hands and then go find the nest of that animal and watch as its offsprings slowly starve to death. Watch every second of it. Then sleep well at night.

April 17, 2011 , posted by Josef ,

Hello there,

I\\\'d just like to comment that I think its a good idea to revise the appearance of this web site, as its not entirely user friendly or welcoming to browse. High Park is clearly a unique treasured space, but unfortunately, this web site does not demonstrate that to its full potential. In addition, the Google ads
shouldn\\\'t be present. Thank you.

Dogs allowed?, April 16, 2011 , posted by Vivian ,

Hi there, I understand that you have a leash free dog playground but are we allowed to walk our dogs while looking at the gardens?

Cherry Blossom Festival, April 16, 2011 ,

Can you please tell me when this year Cherry Blossom will start and its duration.

Thank you.

Downward Spiral, April 15, 2011 , posted by P.C. Lewis ,

Well, even though the beaver has inhibited this land for hundreds of years, long before our superior species did, and is symbol of our country, legally we are granted the right to kill this pest when it invades and ruins our property. As humans we should definitely put an end to this and take back the park. Only trees should be allowed to flourish. Are we going to stand by and allow this weak, lesser species run amok and throw our superior conservation management skills askew? Does the city of Toronto have access to dynamite to rid the pond of the beaver dens that tend collect the plastic bottles and other \'stuff\' we place in the pond? The piles of wood and mud are a real eye sore. Are we going to allow this garbage to continue to the extent it has in places like Algonquin Park where beavers have destroyed the entire eco system? What about the squirrels? Another rodent we should eradicate so we can enjoy the park as it was intended. The birds are a bit of a pain as well, very dirty creatures.

Seriously JW?

about cherry blooming, April 15, 2011

Hi, when is this year\'s cherry blooming? I live far, so I have to check internet to see if it is the time. thanks

Tennis Court, April 14, 2011 ,

Why is there a private tennis club on public land?

Cherry Blossoms, April 14, 2011 , posted by Sarah ,

To whom it may concern,

Does anyone know when the cherry trees will be blossoming this year?

Cherry Blossoms 2011, April 14, 2011

Will the Cherry Blossom tress will be ready this weekend?

Castle Playground, April 13, 2011 , posted by Kristen McGregor ,


Just wanting to inquire who created the castle playground in High Park- or if it was from a plan. I'm interested in making a similar playground in Essex, Ontario and would love to contact the person who did the High Park one.

Cherry Blossoms, April 13, 2011 , posted by pierre ,

Hi, I haven't been to High Park this April so far and today is April 13,2011. Last year cherry blossoms were in full bloom before the 20th of April. Could someone please tell me if there will be a delay this year because of the cold weather and if so approxiamtely when would blossoming occur?
Thank you in advance.

Downward Spiral, April 12, 2011 , posted by JW ,


I'm a regular visitor to High Park. The past couple of years I've noticed trees being outright destroyed by beavers down by Grenadier pond. It doesn't look like much is being done about this. This past week I discovered that these beavers are now killing cherry trees. Is this going to continue? High Park has enough problems without this garbage going on. Please let me know...JW

Cherry Blossoms 2011, April 12, 2011 , posted by FCH

Anyone has update on cherry blossoms? Any suggestion when is the best time to visit the park for it?

Train ride, April 11, 2011 , posted by Arie

Is the train ride open at this time of year?

Dates Closed to Cars, April 10, 2011 , posted by Leesa ,


I am from Oakville and regularly visit High Park with my two small daughters. Is there a site/page where I can confirm whether the park is closed to cars? I am asking because I invited some friends to meet us a few weekends ago and parking was a huge challenge because of a run for Prostate. Where can I confirm this before I plan another outing with a bunch of people? I did check the Events page on this site, and it seems that there were very few posts.


Labyrinth, April 7, 2011 , posted by Donna-Jean Brown ,

Who maintains the wonderful labyrinth in the Park?
It is a very special addition to the Park and I would like to thank whoever designed it and maintains it.

Cultural & Development Initiative, April 7, 2011 , posted by MAK ,

The live entertainment at high park during the Cherry Blossom should be extended through out the summer season.

Many youth artist would benefit from the exposure of such public performances, and all visitors would benefit from the added sensory experience.

I think this would be a great initiative to showcase and support local talents, while promoting the park as the natural entertainment landmark of this diverse metropolitan.


Official website link change, April 6, 2011 , posted by Liam Rasui

I just tried to use the link to the City of Toronto's High Park website on your index page, and discovered they're redoing much of their website, so the links are changing. The new link is at for High Park - minor changes, but enough to 404 the link!

re: dogs (& skateboards), April 4, 2011


I agree: nobody should be attacked by dogs whether they are on a skateboard, bicycle, baby stroller or on foot. Many dogs are hard wired to chase anything that's moving fast. (ie: rabbits, squirrels and bicyclists). People walking slowly so they are not chased and there are so many of them the dogs are used to seeing people walking. What dogs are not used to seeing is skateboards (unless they grow up near a board/terrain park). Your best defense is to stop and firmly say "OFF". All of a sudden the dog will see that the "pray" stopped, which means they are not afraid of them. They are also much bigger in size and "barked back". (you say "off" because it sounds like a bark if it's loud enough. If you say "bad dog" it doesn't mean anything to the dog). So the dog will stop and walk away. Unless they are truly aggressive in which case nothing will stop them.

Having said this I must say that I agree: aggressive dogs should be kept *on leash at all times* and be trained to not be aggressive. Unfortunately, owners of aggressive dogs tend to be aggressive as well so they will not train their dogs to be sociable. Nothing's ever the dog's fault: it's always the owner. How many times do you see a loving, respectful, well mannered, educated owner with an aggressive dog? Never. I have two dogs both large and I never keep them on leash. They don't even wear collars. Should they be kept leash? No. Why? Because they are gentle, playful, friendly, calm dogs who will never attack anyone unless attacked first. And why are they like that? Because all throughout their lives they receive care that's gentle, playful, friendly and calm.

My point? Aggressive dogs will never be kept on leash at all times because their owners will never admit that their dogs are not fit to run around off leash. Well behaved dogs and their owners will suffer because they will get shit from everyone for not keeping their dogs on leash. Why? Because it's easy to give shit to good people and harder to shit on assholes. Call the cops all you want, you know what will happen? They will fine people with good dogs and the assholes will get away. And this doesn't just apply to dogs and owners, this the way it works in politics, driving, schooling, work...everywhere. You can't win. will sleep well with a clear conscience every day and assholes are stuck in their own poisonous minds brewing with anger, insecurity and self pity :)

dogs, April 3, 2011 , posted by Garth Andres ,

I have just read the ontario dog owners liability act, to make sure I was correct in my observation. I live across the park on parkside dr. and my son and I are avid skateboarders. Today (April 3) we were skateboarding along the east road and were attacked by a dog. The attack was not severe but the owner said it was our fault for provoking the dog with the skateboard. Yesterday the same occurrance happened. Last year we were attacked on 4 seperate occations. All quite scarry. After reading the dog liability act and speaking to the police we have the right to skateboard in this public park and we should not have to worry about being attacked in broad day light. The owners have told me its the wheels that povoke the dogs. This means a stroller or a bike could be attacked as well. There is a dog only path not 100 ft away where wheeled vehicles could not go. I have talked to the police about some of the attacks last year but they could not do anything without proper proof. I am asking the managers of the park to take this letter very seriously and maybe post signs so dog owners know the law and make the road an on leash zone as there is an off leash zone so close by. This would protect the people who choose bike, inline scates strollers and skateboarders from aggressive dogs. It would also protect the dog owners from liability and also protect the dogs from people defending themselves. Thank You very much for taking my letter

April 3, 2011 ,

Are the animals in the north end area reindeer ? There is no sign up to indicate anything about them.

Sakura blossoms, March 23, 2011 , posted by Joe ,

Hi, I'm just wondering if this turn in the weather will affect the cherry blossoms, either by blooming later or not at all.

Soil giveaway at HP, March 21, 2011


When does the city or park give away soil that Torontonians can come by to pick up in the north parking lot?

Cherry Blossoms 2011, March 18, 2011 , posted by Site Admin

Ahhh, the cherry blossoms! It's almost time! But not quite... Last year the trees were in full bloom in mid April. I'll keep an eye out for the trees and will post it on the home page once I know approximate dates.

Inquiry, March 18, 2011 , posted by Fancyfree ,

Hi! Just want to know when is the best time to go to highpark to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom trees. Thank u so much.

???????, March 17, 2011

The post by Richelle on March 17, 2011 (re: picnic) is a perfect example of what the guy who runs the site means about people blindly submitting forms without reading the bolded sentence above the form about picnics, weddings, etc. haha, why not just tell them that "sure, permit granted" :) - just kidding of course...

picnic, March 17, 2011 , posted by Richelle ,

Hi There, i would like to have an engagement party picnic at high park, for 30 people on June 25th. I am interested in the outdoor picnic area that is attached to the brown house. Is it available? How do I go about getting the space? Do I need a permit? How much is is, and are we allowed alcohal?

Re: Kendo practice, March 17, 2011

I would imagine it's OK do practice with a wooden sword. I go to High Park a lot and see a lot of strange activity, your Kendo practice wouldn't be considered out of place. However, you'd better check with the City before you start practicing in case they have some by-law and you get arrested :S

Kendo in High Park, March 16, 2011


I was just wondering if practicing Kendo (the way of the sword) with a wooden sword was allowed in the park.

Cherry blossoms coming soon!!!, March 15, 2011 , posted by CherryBlossoms

I can't wait for the cherry trees to start flowering this year! Makes High Park so special! It's so romantic!!

Reservations, March 15, 2011 , posted by Site Admin

People! Hallooo! Attention! I don't know how else to say that I can NOT answer questions about reservations and permits and photography. I don't have the authority to do so. The beautiful city of Toronto deals with those sort of stuff:
Thank you.

"webites are easy", March 15, 2011 , posted by Site Admin

To the "unnamed" commenter from March 13: If you think making a website is easy and you find to be a bad site then make your own website and never come back here again. Cheers & xo

website, March 13, 2011

i would just like to say, high park is beautiful, and if you are thinking about going, definitely go. there is lots to do for all ages.
but this website is terrible its unorganized not professional, its just bad. i cant even be on it for long until i get angry. come on its not hard to make a website.
even to post this comment i had to anserw a math problem, really?1

Community Cruiser Visit , March 10, 2011 , posted by Jeunesse ,

My name is Jeunesse and I am the Events Coordinator for KX96 and CKDO, Durham Radio. We have a Community Cruiser program that travels throughout Durham and the GTA and promotes free, not for profit, charity or community events. I would like to make a visit to High Park Zoo and spread the word to families looking for something fun to do on March Break through on-air cut ins. Would this be of interest to you? Please contact me at

Movie Nights, March 8, 2011 , posted by Tomas Bujnak ,

Do the movie nights still happen in the park during the summer? The reason I am asking is that there are a couple of us that would like to put on a movie in the park during \"Bike to work Day 2011\". We would like to screen Triplettes of Belleville, a silent animated film about a cyclist. We were just wondering if it would be possible to host such an event in the park, and if so how would we go about doing so? Does the High Park organization own the equipment to play the films? Would we have to get a permit from tghe City? Would we have to ask permisssion from the producers of the movie? Any information would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Tomas Bujnak

February 13, 2011

What are the tobogganing options for high park?

Snowshoeing, January 22, 2011 ,

Do you have snowshoeing in High Park? If so, when and what is the price?

Bread giveaway at High Park Zoo in April, January 18, 2011 , posted by Leah ,

Good afternoon.

I am writing to enquire about having the opportunity to hand out healthy bread products to families at High Park in the Zoo. We are not interested in selling anything, just giving out free loaves of bread which will add to the experience of those in attendance. I am interested in one day in April.

If you could please get back to me and let me know what the possibilities are for this and if there are any costs associated, that would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know how many visitors the zoo receives a day.

Thank you so much for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

watch found, January 3, 2011

Did you lose a watch in High Park? Pls leave a description of the watch (include mens/ladies) and where you think you lost it along with your email address and I will contact you.

place to keep my belongings when i run at high park, January 2, 2011 , posted by pema namgyal ,

is there a place or a public locker where i can keep my belongings and bags, while i jog/run around high park. because i sweat after a run and i need to change...and also i can\\\'t leave home in tights or running shorts and can\\\'t return home that way either....thanks :D

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