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Lost Glass! Green Frame and Red Arms, December 24, 2012 , posted by Arna Kanter ,

I lost my glasses a few weeks ago in High Park and put a message on your bulletin board. They have a green frame and red arms. Please give me a call or email me if they were found! or 416-929-3888 or 416-709-2609 THANKS!!!

Dogs off leash on trails, December 23, 2012

I found your site while searching for this subject. I walk with friends almost every Sunday, on the HP trails. A few weeks ago we started asking the dog owners with off leash dogs, on the eastern trails in the Park, if they would please put their dog(s)on leash. Large dogs, walking ahead of or behind the owners. Today it was a large German Sheppard & large Labradoodle running through the woods and on and off the trail. We ask politely. We show owners where the onleash area and trails are located. Some say yes and leash the dog(s). Most say the dog isn't bothering anyone, some yell at us. So who decides if the dog is "bothering" someone? Does the family with a small child who is uncertain about a large dog, have to avoid that trail because the parents can't be sure what they will encounter? So now I will call the City and complain, because what else can I do? Instead of endorsing this behaviour how about asking ALL Park users to respect ALL the Bylaws? I'd like to hear from you but I sure don't want my email address posted in the forums, leaving me open to the same response we have been getting from some folks on the trails!

re: dog park, December 21, 2012

Drive in from Bloor St and keep driving until you pass the parking lot for the restaurant, then park by the side of the road (there is marked parking). See this map. "A" is where you park, the green arrow is where the park is

Fenced Dog Area, December 21, 2012 , posted by Terri Hodges ,

Is there an enclosed offleash dog area in High Park? If so, exactly how do you get to it by car? City of Toronto website says there's one at Bloor St. W and Parkside, but your map doesn't show it. I'm driving into Toronto from Kingston and would like to know exactly how to get to a fenced offleash dog area near or in the Park, without having to drive around in circles. Can you help? Please and thanks, Terri Hodges (and Annie - woof)

Donations to the Zoo, December 15, 2012 , posted by Nicole ,

I wasn't able to find a brochure on how to donate - could anyone provide me with information. Thanks!

Lost perscription glasses, December 10, 2012 , posted by Arna ,

If you find prescription eyeglasses with a light green frame and red arms it would be wonderful to receive them back! Thank you! My name is Arna

Cherry blossoms, December 6, 2012

Mid april to mid may is the Best time to see the Cherry blossoms.

December 4, 2012

When is the best day to visit the park where cherry blossoms are really nice to see?

Tree lighting, November 24, 2012 , posted by Chelsea B ,

Hi, I used to attend keele street public school and I was a member of the choir, and every year our choir would sing in high park around Christmas time for a concert where they light up a big Christmas tree, and there\\\\\\\'s hot chocolate vendors. I am curious if anybody, particularly parents knows if its still going on as I\\\\\\\'d love to attend this year thanks!

School Project, November 22, 2012 , posted by Chris Klomp ,

To whom in may Concern,

I am a student of Niagara College and I am currently in the Horticulture Technician program. For a class project in my Parks Maintenance and Management class, we are to cover a successful park funded by the government. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for my assignment.

1. How many people are employed at the park? How many are full time staff versus part time?
2. What do employees do in the park? What qualifications do they need to be employed?
3. Is the park seasonal?
4. What channels must you go through for funding?

Any information you can rely is very much appreciated.

- Chris Klomp

High Park gone to the dogs and dog people, November 16, 2012 ,

I am offended by your statement that you can let your dog run leash free outside of the dog walk area without getting in trouble. This typifies the irresponsible dog owner culture that abounds. I was bitten by a dog running free at the base of dog hill and boy, did the owners disappear fast. Dog walkers in my neighbourhood regularly allow their dogs to defecate on neighbours lawns when the neighbour is not present. Irresponsibility seems to typify adult dog owners. Many people are very offended by the dogs in the dog walk and also those running free outside the dog walk. Many avoid the dog walk altogether as a result. btw I don\'t dislike dogs but I have problems with irresponsible behaviour in adults.

re: video, November 14, 2012

Hey Ndrika, Thanks so much for sharing your video!

High Park Amphitheatre, November 13, 2012 , posted by H-M ,

Good evening!
I'm a Drama student who's doing a project with stage design, and I decided to (hypothetically) do it on the High Park Amphitheatre, and I'm going to base my set model on the layout and measurements of that particular stage. I was wondering if you have the any floor plans or stage dimensions for the amphitheatre that I could access, please let me know as soon as possible :) Thank you!!

November 13, 2012

This is a private website and not affiliated with City of Toronto who own and manage High Park.

Video of High Park , November 13, 2012 , posted by Ndrika Anyika ,


My name is Ndrika and I arrived in Toronto from the UK about 3 weeks ago. I am making videos about Canada during my year stay here. I recently visited High Park and Colborne Lodge and filmed and edited this short video. Thought you may want to see it. Feel free to use it as you see fit.

Kind Regards

Online Donation!, November 12, 2012 , posted by Eddie ,

Why do you not have an option on the website to donate online??

November 10, 2012

Yeah, seriously. Im sure those elephants have had a difficult enough time as it is.

re: elephant rental, November 9, 2012

I don't represent the zoo but I sincerely hope they don't rent elephants or other animals!! Especially not for weddings!

rent an animal, November 9, 2012 , posted by nadia ,

Hi there,

Do you allow renting an animal? I am looking to rent an elephant for indian wedding for grooms arrival for June 1, 2013 @ 6:30pm?

Please reply soon

Nadia Sheikh

Raccoon body, November 8, 2012 , posted by Genie ,


The dead body of a large raccoon was found last weekend, slung over the fork of a small tree, a couple meters above the ground. I called 311, and they gave me a reference number, which, when I type it into their online status search, doesn't return any results. So, I thought I'd let someone know, since the raccoon is not easily spotted. Here's a link to a Google Maps view that shows the exact spot: - If you're facing the pathway, it's in the bushes to your left. If the raccoon is no longer there, then I suppose it has already been removed by the animal services.



Lost Cell Phone, November 8, 2012 ,

I lost my cell phone at the park on Sunday, November 4. I think it was on the path that connects Centre Road to Deer Pen Rd. It\'s not a smart phone - just a small Samsung. I know it\'s a long shot, but thought I\'d check! Thanks!

Family Day events?, November 5, 2012 , posted by Krystin ,

Hi There -

Do you have any specific events happening for Family Day 2013?
Do you have a skating rink that may have an event happening?
If Teletoon wanted to do some signage and promote your event + our brand how much would it cost and what details would we need to go about setting this up?


Oak savannah management in High Park, October 31, 2012 , posted by John Dick ,

I am a volunteer with the Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team (GOERT) in Victoria, BC. I sit on the Native Plant Propagation and the Fire and Stand Dynamics Sub-committees of GOERT. I visited High Park on a trip to Toronto three years ago and was very impressed with the results of your prescribed fire programs. On behalf of GOERT I have been asked if we can get some information on your use of prescribed fire in an urban environment - burning prescriptions, monitoring and research programs, and public information/consultation programs. We are now proposing the re-introduction of fire into some of our municipal and regional parks and feel we could benefit greatly from your experience. If you wish more information on GOERT, contact our website ( My E-mail address is

Zoo, October 23, 2012 , posted by lskp

Did the park zoo close? What is its current status?

Capybaras, October 22, 2012 , posted by David ,

I was at High Park Zoo over the weekend, and witnessed several of the capybaras systematically eating the plastic liner of their now drained-for-the-winter pond.
Is this acceptable (i.e. does this harm them), or should someone look into this?

High park zoo, October 16, 2012 ,

Hi is the zoo open? What time does it open on Sunday?

LOST "LOVE" BOX, October 15, 2012 ,

VERY SENTIMENTAL! a box filled with pictures, letters, old tickets, etc was lost!!! shouldve been somewhere around the dog park. If you found it/know where it is PLEASE CALL 416 807 4515!! (the box was very colorful) it was contained with very sentimental stuff!! thanks

Lost grey backpack, October 13, 2012 , posted by Sabrina R ,

I recently forgot my grey swiss army backpack with my homework in it, i left it on the porch of the chess club building if anyone find please check my id in it and contact me or leave it at my school .I would really appreciate it if someone could reurn it Thank you

Information, October 13, 2012 , posted by Ahmed Lalouani ,

Is there an entrance fee? I want to take my kids to the zoo and the gardens, what is the nearest gate?

October 5, 2012

Does anyone know where this is in high park? such a stunning scene!

fall color, September 25, 2012 , posted by FM in North York

Has the tree color changed in High Park?

rein deer at the zoo, September 19, 2012 , posted by Adam ,


I was curious to know what happens to the antlers once they fall off the rein deer. Could one collect them when they do fall off?



SEARCHING FOR CLAY, September 17, 2012 , posted by Sandi ,

Hi, My name is Sandi. I want to go to Grenidar Pond at high park to look for clay in the pond. Im wondering if somebody can get back to me and let me know what area would be the best to look in.

dog park is ruined, September 16, 2012 , posted by former high park lover

not sure whose bright idea it was to fence in the entire dog park trails but I for one am not impressed. what used to be a great fun romp through the woods is now no better than a city sidewalk. I get the whole forest restoration thing, but in a 500 acre park could there not be some forest for the dogs to play? I'm not sure who wants their dogs getting filthy in the sandpit/hill either. we had been coming here regularly for many years, but it's not worth it anymore. thanks for "fixing" something that wasn't broken.

Lost keys, September 11, 2012 , posted by Jackie ,

I lost my car keys by the playground at the top of High Park on September 1. It\\\'s a VW key on a SMU keychain. Please contact me if you find them!!! Thanks.

Lost cellphone, September 10, 2012 , posted by Audrey Rocha ,

hello, i was at high park on Sunday September 9th at 9am and lost my cellphone at either the parking or entrance of the off leash dog area. You can reach me at 905-301-3372 and it is a blackberry curve 9900.

Lost cellphone, September 9, 2012 , posted by Audrrey Rocha ,

Hello I was out at High park on Sunday September 9 around 9am - 10am at the off leash dog park area and lost my blackberry curve 9900. My name is Audrey Rocha and the cellphone does not actually have a backing and is enclosed my a hard cover shell. Its black and the screensaver has me and my rottweiler puppy on it. If it has been located can you please contact my husband at 905-301-3372

Walter the volunteer, September 6, 2012 , posted by Amie ,

My family is trying to get into touch with Walter as we hear he is not well, can you give us his email or telephone number so that we may get into touch with him; he has become a friend on our visits to the high park zoo with our three children.



Jamie Bell Adventure Playground, September 4, 2012 , posted by from a child

For anyone who has children, I recommend you to go to the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground, where children can play on the wooden castle and can have a picnic on the tables there.

September 3, 2012

I just found out about this place today! Do not closed it! If anything bring in more animals!

Sept 20th Zoo Fundraiser, August 31, 2012 , posted by Eighth Street Orchestra ,

Visiting Toronto earlier this week we were too late for Shakespeare (it's ok, we went back the next night) and so thought I'd introduce my family to a joy from my college days, the High Park Zoo! and there it was, as I remembered it (from 1978!) we spotted a poster advertising a Sept 20th fundraiser to keep the zoo going!! Well, since we (our family) is a busking brass band of mostly kids, the idea came up, what if we ( were to play for your fundraiser, might it help elevate the donations spirit? The kids could skip a day or two of school, my daughter will put us up (we're from Owen Sound)

Lack of cleanliness, August 28, 2012 , posted by Andrea

Just the other day, we organized a scavenger hunt for my 5-year old just South of the High Park tennis courts (East of the swimming pool), where the picnic tables are. We wanted to lead the kids into the wooded areas surrounding those picnic areas -- until we found that it is LITTERED WITH DOZENS AND DOZENS OF CONDOM WRAPPERS AND USED CONDOMS. Needless to say, we couldn\\\'t let the kids play in that area. PLEASE, HIGH PARK, CLEAN UP THE AREA !!!!!!!!!

pond, August 26, 2012 , posted by Roach

the pond used to be great back in the 80s,then the enviromentalist got ahold of it and the water turned green,they planted more plants and ruined a great area for picnics and fishing,the pond is a hugh disappointment now,i cringe when i walk by it now

Zoo Donation, August 26, 2012 , posted by lisa ,

I visited the park and the zoo a week ago and saw a blue donation box. is that the place where i put the money in?? wasn\'t too sure so I couldn\'t donate.. is it true that the zoo will be closing down in June 2013? if the donation goes well then the zoo won\'t be closed? I really want to save and keep the zoo in the heart of downtown Toronto.

lost!, August 24, 2012 , posted by Elyse Pomeranz ,

I lost a pair of clip on sunglasses ( cost $`130) for a pair of round shaped lens glasses. I attended August 24th. My email is I live out side the city and would be willing to ask a friend in town to retrieve them.

Elyse Pomeranz

Lost and found, August 11, 2012 ,


I lost my eye glasses in high park (by quebec and bloor) on August 9th. Any chance they have turned up? they are dark rimmed.
Thanks, if so could you call 416 807 2441 or email me

lost camera, August 11, 2012 , posted by Susan ,

I attended Midsummer\'s Night Dream at the High Park Amphitheatre on Wednesday evening August 8 and lost my digital camera - it is a bright blue Canon Power Shot in a small olive green Mountain Equipment Coop carry case. Thanks to those who keep an eye out for it.

train, August 10, 2012 , posted by Marion ,

I have seen the train go by but cannot find any info re-train times. I think it would be helpful as I have heard people in the restaurant wonder about it. Posting info would be helpful as I would like a ride through the park and to take photos.

Fishing in Grenadier Pond, August 8, 2012 , posted by Bob Auld ,

As you are no doubt aware, the marshy area at the north end has become clogged with
green matter. Can anything be done to skim out this mess? Could you not consider
building simple fishing piers {2 or 3} ? Otherwise a great place for enjoyment. You are
doing a great job.
Bob Auld

donation, August 6, 2012 , posted by danny ,

I recently visited your beautiful park and enjoyed it\'s free zoo. i noticed a donation box but had no money with me. I was wondering if there is an online way to make a donation?

thanks you for the great work you do

Zoo, August 5, 2012

For the people who are asking about the zoo being closed or not, I was at the zoo a week ago and it is still open :)

Camels, August 3, 2012 , posted by Laura Atendido ,

Hi There,

Just wondering if you have any camels in the mini-zoo?

Laura Atendido

Answers, August 3, 2012 , posted by Billy Carroll ,

The Zoo is definitely open.
There are several public washrooms available around the Park.
I would also like to volunteer at the Park, but as usual, whomever runs this site doesn't answer ANY of the questions.

lost wallet, August 3, 2012 , posted by Nicholas Augustyn ,

Nicholas Augustyn

Zoo, July 31, 2012

I just read that the zoo might be closing, is it definetly closed?

July 18, 2012 , posted by David Arden ,

we enjoyed a visit to the Park and zoo in May this year during our visit to Toronto. At that time the zoo was at risk of closing down. Is this still the case, or has it been saved ? We would love to know.Thanks, David.[Lincoln, England.}

Lost and Found, July 17, 2012 , posted by Seleen ,

Where is the lost and found in High Park? We lost my son's hat there recently and would love to get it back. I see the same question asked a few times on this forum, but no answers.

fishing line and rescue, July 16, 2012 , posted by Vasus ,

Dear Sir/Madam
Please help one of the wild goose whose legs are tighten up by the fishing line. It is one of (almost grown-ups) 13-14 geese family staying in High Park near the maple flower-bed by the pond. They can be easily found there any time during the day and night. If you don't help it will end up by cutting its legs and so on. Another smaller goose of another family has a bended wing and most likely it will never fly. Thank you for your help when rescue is needed.

Playground reopened!, July 13, 2012

The Jamie Bell playground has been re-build and it's open again!

Read news article

Shakespeare in High Park, July 13, 2012 ,


I was wondering what the food and drink policy was for this years run of Shakespeare in High Park. I know in the past, one could picnic or bring their own food, but what about alcohol? Could I bring wine? Are there any food or beverage stands at the event? Please advise.

Electrical outlets, July 10, 2012 , posted by Masika ,


I have already reserved Lot 15 and have my permit. Generators are not allowed but are there any electrical outlets in the area?



Jamie Bell Opening, July 10, 2012 , posted by Dina

Hi, We were planning on coming to Park today and heard that the playground was opening today, but see nothing mentioned on website. What's the story?

Lost and Found, July 9, 2012 , posted by Joanne ,

Hi, I was wondering if there is a Lost and Found centre at high park? I visited high park with my family yesterday and have left a black, one-strap diaper backpack at a handicap parking space near the zoo entrance. If anyone has the wheareabouts on the missing bag, or know of lost item retrieving centers please contact me through email, thanks!

soccer field, July 9, 2012 , posted by Jane Gilbert ,

I am taking my grandson to a mini field for soccer tomorrow and do not know where to go. Any directions to this field are welcome.

Size, July 6, 2012 , posted by Mike Brown ,

Would it be possible to find out how many acres there are in High Park ?

Grenadier and boats, July 6, 2012

Given that boat rental was a revenue-generating activity for the park up to 1988 or so, I completely agree with those who have asked why it is no longer allowed. The city should build a new boat rental, maybe even on the site of the old one- there is still nothing there after the old one was torn down! Talk about lack of imagination. Canoeing, rowing or kayaking on Grenadier Pond would be an amazing way to spend a weekend with the family. And the city could make money off it. If done right, safety can be respected. Banning fun as a matter of public policy is just plain dumb.

Lost Camera, July 6, 2012 , posted by Carley ,

My Husband, and I visited High Park today with our 6 month old son. I accidentaly left our Canon Power Shot camera in a Port A Potty just a little ways from the construction taking place on the park. Less than 2 minutes after walking away I realized my mistake and ran back to retieve it... only it was already gone. I\\\'m hoping that someone picked it up and has handed it in to park officials so I can get back our memories. Pictures from today, my sons first real foods, and many other memories that I jsut can\\\'t get back.

zoo keeper, July 5, 2012 , posted by Vickie ,


I'm wondering if it's possible to let me know the zoo keeper's contact information, I'm looking for volunteer opportunity at the zoo and would really appreciate it if I can talk to the person responsible for that.
Thank you so much and have a great weekend.


July 5, 2012

You have not mentioned Colborne Lodge. Without this museum and the family that once lived there the residents of Toronto would not have access to this park It was donated by the family to the City and under the provision that the park should remain accessable to all for free!!!!

July 4, 2012

Heard the public washroom was closed. Is it true? other than the one in the restaurant, any other public washrooms available?

Straw Bales, July 3, 2012 , posted by Sammy ,

Hello, I'm looking to obtain a straw bale for my vegetable garden, but don't know where to get any in Toronto. I figured that you might use them for the mini-zoo and either be able to sell me a bale, or point me in the direction of someone who can. Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks, Sammy.

Zoo, July 2, 2012 , posted by Sel ,

Is the zoo still open?

Lost brown hand bag, July 2, 2012 , posted by Y.T ,

Lost a brown hand bag 2nd july of 2012 in the afternoon/evening. Please kindly let me know if anyone of you guys find it.

New forum for local residents, June 27, 2012 , posted by Big Dan

Hello, if you are a resident of High Park Village you may be intrested in checking out this new forum I\'ve set up. Hopefully we can get a nice community where we can chat about how great the local area is and local evens etc.

Pool hours, June 26, 2012 , posted by Mary

When will the pool be opened and what are the hours for summer?

High Park Zoo, June 25, 2012 , posted by Krista Ouidaa ,

I was just wondering whether or not the zoo in High Park is still open as i was going to being my daughter there this weekend. If you could let me know yay or nay if it is still open that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Camera Found, June 24, 2012 , posted by Lloyd ,

Email with camera details to confirm ownership for return.

Squash , June 23, 2012 , posted by Ahsen ,


I'm interested in playing squash at your courts. I would like to know about the membership process?


Lost blue hat, June 22, 2012 , posted by Julia ,

Has anyone found a baby hat - at the queens way parking lot . Bright blue "snug as a bug" brand.
I believe we dropped it there on Thursday june14, 2012.

Waterfall, June 20, 2012

Where exactly is the waterfall in High Park? I really want to see it but I would like to know where it is and the closest parking area.

Midsummer Nights Dream, June 20, 2012

The show runs Tuesdays through Sundays (no show on Mondays) from June 26 until the last Sunday before Labour Day. Gates open at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm. The suggested donation is $20 (it's a pay-what-you-can admission) and general seating (no reserved seats).

Picnic question, June 19, 2012 , posted by Pascal ,

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is allowed/accepted to have a glas of red wine in the park area? I know drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden but is the law actually enforced if two adults have a glas of wine with their snack in a nice park?

Thank you very much for the info.


How can we help save the zoo?, June 15, 2012 , posted by Kristi ,

What can we do to help save the zoo? I understand that much more money than necessary was offered to rebuild the Jamie Bell Adventure playground. Why not the zoo?
Please let the public know what we can do on your website, rather than referring us to \"flyers\" at the park.

zoo closing , June 12, 2012 , posted by brieanna lepine ,

hello im a student at parkdale public school i am in gade 6 and i am doing a speach about the zoo closing i was wondering why they wanted to close the zoo and how much money did they need more? i beleave that they dont need to close down the zoo

Aggressive dogs not welcome, June 8, 2012

I cannot stand ignorant owners who bring their aggressive dog to this park, my dog and I visit everyday and today was horrible when a boxer attacked him for no reason at all! the owners never apologized I had to literally tell them to get their dog off mine. I have no patience for stupid owners like that!! Keep your dog at home if it attacks my dog again I WILL get aggressive very fast!

Dogs off leash, June 7, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

Walking dogs off leash anywhere is not a problem in itself. The problem is walking dogs off leash that aren't trained. Which is to say that the problem is people who don't train their dogs. I walk my two large dogs on or off leash, depending on where we are. I know exactly what they are trained to do and what they aren't, I know what they will run after and what they will ignore. Ignorant and aggressive owners whose dogs cause trouble stain the reputation of responsible dogs and their owners. Sadly, reasoning with ignorant people is fruitless so the only solution lawmakers can provide is to force everybody to put their dogs on a leash. It is sad and disappointing but nothing will change until we all start thinking about animals as living beings and respect them as opposed to treating them as objects that we own.

theatre, June 6, 2012 , posted by laura ,

is it possible to get a list of dates that plays will be running in the theatre in High Park this summer? I gather there will be a production of midsummers night dream, but I can only find one night , July 21st, that it is playing. Are there other dates/

Playground, June 6, 2012 , posted by Antonella ,

I was wondering if the playground is open for use?

Top ten places to play, June 6, 2012 , posted by Karen Bridson ,

Hi there,
Thought you might like to know High Park's playground made it into our top ten list of places to play with kids in Ontario. Please spread the word and the link!
Karen Bridson

Dog off-leash near Grenadier Pond , June 5, 2012

This morning I was sitting quietly on a bench near Grenadier Pond by the grand stand. This is where a flock a Canada Geese has made its summer home, and they sit at the pond's edge and walk across the path to eat grass. Suddenly this large dog burst onto the scene and chased all of the geese and ducks into the pond. Of course, this dog was off-leash when it should not have been. The owner grabbed the dog by its collar and put the leash on then (much too late), but the dog was hyped up and kept lunging at the geese as the progressed further down the road. The owner could barely control her dog and was struggling to get her dog to move away from and past the geese. Towards the end of this gauntlet, the dog and owner came across a family of geese on the side of the road across the road from the pond. The mother goose had five tiny baby goslings clinging to her feet and the father goose went into protection mode with all of the commotion that the dog caused before when it was off-leash. Again, the owner had trouble controlling the dog as they went past this family of geese and eventually the male goose jumped and flew at the dog and attacked it as the owner frantically pulled the dog away. Then this woman called the goose, "Stupid"! I just shook my head. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. The whole episode was ridiculous; it was needless and only happened because this dog owner is selfish and ignorant. Walking a dog off-leash in the general area of the park is unlawful and I think park officials should be much more vigilant about enforcing this rule. As far as I can see, this has been stated several times on this message board and yet it continues to occur with no consequences to the dog owners who disobey this law. The majority of dog owners I see walking by Grenadier Pond are respectful of other people and animals and walk with their dogs on leash. Something should be done to make sure more people respect the rules of this park.

Gas BBQ?, June 3, 2012

Hi, I know since charcoal BBQs aren't allowed, does that apply also for gas BBQs?

Donations, June 3, 2012

The link to make the donations should be on your page. I can\'t remember what the link was so how do I donate? Please put the link on. Cheers!

Ticks, May 31, 2012 , posted by Susan

I just took one tick off each of my two dogs today, and we walked through se trails near the Grenadier Cafe yesterday (May 30). Check your dogs for ticks, and yourself after going through long grass at High Park

May 31, 2012 , posted by Kathy ,

Hi! i never been in highpark before. We are planning to visit the park on Father\'s day weekend. I just wonder the playground and the swimming pool are ready by then? Also, can we do BBQ there?


Bathroom Facilities, May 31, 2012 , posted by Cailin Banks

Hi there--Myself and a few other mothers would like to bring our toddlers to the zoo this weekend to see the animals. Can you tell me if there are bathroom facilities close to the zoo, or where the closest bathroom might be?

Thanks, CB .

Zoo, May 30, 2012 , posted by Michal ,

Hi, I am interested in visiting the Zoo but read that it might be closed. Do you have further information about the closure and when it might occur? I am looking to go the week of June 4th. Thanks!

adventure playground, May 27, 2012

Will the adventure playground be ready in Aug 2012? We're thinking of picnicking at site 26 and was hoping that the playground will be open by then.

unleashed dogs jumping on people at Grenadier pond, May 27, 2012 , posted by Lucy Campos-Gentile ,

I am a dog owner regularly walking at High Park. I always keep my little dog leashed when not in the off-leash areas. However I had incidents with multiple dogs jumping on my child and attacking her to get her snacks. When confronted the owner he was very rude and inadequate. I never see any park staff around or anybody to complain and report about such cases and other wrongs I witnessed that aren't considered 911 emergencies. Is there a way I can do something about this?

save the zoo, May 26, 2012 , posted by suzie rudy ,

Can we make a donation on line to save the oo ?

Zoo at High Park, May 25, 2012 , posted by Anna ,


I was wondering if the zoo will still be open in mid June. I would love to bring the patients of the hospital I work for to see the zoo and stroll through the park. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you very much!

Class Trip, May 25, 2012 , posted by Talya ,


I would like to bring my class to High Park for the end of the year field trip. We did it once 2 years ago and were able to arrange for a guided tour of the park. How do I go about arranging this? Who do I contact? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Field Trip, May 25, 2012 , posted by Andrea Trusty ,

I have a small class of 5 students in a special education class and we would love to come and visit the zoo and hopefully feed the llamas sometime in June (I have brought my daughter on the weekends to do this - she loves it!) We would be happy to make a donation. Please let me know if this is possible.

Donations, May 24, 2012 , posted by Amber ,

Hi I also want to know where to send donations for the zoo. I am greatly appreciative of the Honey Family Trust for matching donations and helping save the zoo for now but it's only a short term bandaid whereas a long term plan of action needs to be made.
I am new to Toronto but my family and I love the zoo at High Park and actually, my 3 year old and husband prefer it to the Toronto Zoo. It' s not miles of walking where you often don't even see all the animals, a lot of money spent, expensive parking and tickets to enter. The High Park Zoo is more than plenty of animals for the young and young at heart, is easy to get to, open daily and free.

Donating a tree, May 23, 2012 , posted by Kerri ,

Hi there,
I was hoping to donate/ sponsor a tree to be planted in high park.
Who can I call / talk to about this?
Many thanks,

Post wedding ceremony pictures, May 22, 2012 , posted by Alex ,


We wanted to use high park for our post wedding ceremony pictures on June 3rd. Called parks of Toronto and was informed that permit not required as wedding pictures are not allowed. Is that correct?


High Park playground rebuild, May 22, 2012 , posted by Jen ,

Hello, I'm writing about an article I read recently regarding the playground rebuild. It stated:
"On July 7, members of the community are invited to participate in the final touches of the rebuild, said Doucette, including painting and sprucing up the older part of the playground, putting in mulch and other tasks."
I was wondering how we volunteer to participate in the final touches on this day. Can you please let me know?
Thank you,

volunteering, May 19, 2012 , posted by angi , mondesir


I was at the zoo today and picked up a flyer so I could get in contact with someone regarding volunteering but the web address didn\'t seem to work. I\'m not sure how much time I could give but if someone could email what is needed I would like to see if I could help out in some way.

Thank you,
Angi Mondesir

Zoo Inquiry, May 18, 2012 ,

Hi, I was wondering if the Zoo is still open....

2012 permit price, May 17, 2012

please be aware that as of 2012 the new picnic permit price is $85.38 not the 54.xx that is listed on your website. please adjust accordingly

INCORRECT PRICE, May 17, 2012 , posted by Jim

FYI PERMIT PRICE FOR 2012 IS $85.38 NOT $54.xx

BBQ, May 16, 2012

I remember reading at some point that I would require a permit to operate a small propane BBQ in High Park - can anyone confirm? I have a little guy that I'd love to Wheel over this weekend.

donations!!!!, May 15, 2012 ,

where do you send????...should be clearly stated somewhere!!!!

The petting zoo, May 14, 2012 , posted by HighParkLover

Until closure of High Park there is a petting zoo on the weekend with chicks ducklings and llama feeding.

Ticks in High Park , May 11, 2012 , posted by Bernard Hellen ,

My dog has come home twice this Spring with Ticks that we have found on him from High Park. Have any other dog owners had tick problems and has anyone identified whether they are Dog Ticks or the dreaded Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick) that carry Lyme disease? Any thoughts are appreciated!

May 10, 2012 ,

I would like to know the operating hours of High park.

Blooming?, May 10, 2012 , posted by Vanessa G


I know the trees were blooming around this time last year. Will they be blooming this weekend? Has anyone checked High Park out recently (this week)?

Possible Gas BBQ, May 9, 2012 , posted by Paul ,

I read that charcoal bbqs are not allowed in high park, what about gas bbqs?


Looking for info, May 9, 2012 , posted by Tahoy James ,

Hi, I wanted to have a very nice Birthday Lunch at the park on May 19th. But I wanted to know if I had to book a area ahead of time, and if the picnic areas are the only areas I could have lunch at.

Thank You

Victoria day, May 7, 2012 , posted by Masha ,

Just wondering if you're open on Victoria day and the hours?

Thank you,

zoo, May 7, 2012 , posted by Jocelyn ,

May 7, 2012. I work at St. Joe\\\\\\\'s and I heard about the closing of the zoo. My boys loved the zoo. The boys saw animals they recognized from the \\\\\\\"Wiggles Safari\\\\\\\". The Castle Park was one of the best parks, my boys played in. If the community is involved in saving the zoo, where can we go and help support?

Poisoned meat?, May 6, 2012 , posted by Claire Correia

It's the first Sunday in May, and I was just in High Park. Noticed a lot of dog action on the other side of the stream below the bridge to Caution Hill (toward the theatre), opposite the last gate from Spring Rd. Went to check it out, an found an entire stinky butchered haunch of meat lying in the leaves. I carried it out - must've weighed 15 lbs - and put the meat in that green animal-proof garbage container near the steel steps. Apart from the weirdness of finding the meat, found it odd that the dogs were not licking or biting at it. O.K. hope that this is helpful. Now going to figure out who else to report this to.
Claire and Lola.

NO CHERRY BLOSSOMS :(, May 5, 2012

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I went to High Park on Friday May 4th to see if there are any Cherry Blossoms left on the trees, and all I saw was green on the where they used to be :S

cherry blossoms, May 4, 2012 , posted by krystle ,

I know its been raining a past couple of days, so are there any cherry blossoms bloomed? I would love to see it next week.

Sakura, May 4, 2012 , posted by ming

I just when there this morning,just have few trees left with cherry blossom but almost dry out. Have to wait till next year to see a full bloom.

Cherry trees: the show's over, May 4, 2012

No more cherry tree blossoms this year:(

May 3, 2012

I know its been raining a past couple of days, so are there any cherry blossoms bloomed? I would love to see it on the weekend

cherry blossom, May 3, 2012 , posted by kevin ,

is cherry blossom still blooming this week? it'd be great to know before we head off to the park on the weekend.

thank you,

To make a video to help save the Zoo, April 30, 2012 , posted by Emmanuel Nabet ,

Hello High Park Zoo,

I am a resident of High park area, and discover your zoo last year when I moved in this lovely neighborhood and I am very sad to see, that it may close.

I am a experience videographer and have a team ready to shoot and produce a video to help saving the High Park Zoo.
I would love to be involved in my community, and helping you would be a good way to show how much this zoo is important and what does it bring to the community.

If you need help or/and if you wish to have a video,

Please contact me at
416 953 7401

Please click on link below to see my demo reel.

Emmanuel Nabet

cherry blossoms., April 30, 2012

are they still blooming today?

Cherry Blossoms Still in Bloom?, April 29, 2012 , posted by D ,

Hey, I was wondering if the cherry blossoms are still around for Monday April 30. Thanks

Cherry Blossoms Still in Bloom?, April 28, 2012 , posted by D

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has been to high park lately to see the cherry blossoms. Will they still be in bloom on Monday May 30? Thanks

Trackless Train, April 28, 2012 ,

Hello! Where exactly are the stops/ pick up and drop off points of the trackless train? I wanted to catch it at 10:30am, but where from? Thank you.

April 25, 2012

This is the only zoo I know of that you can walk through with your dog. It is a great experience which may soon be lost due to short sighted Toronto politicians

Cherry still blossom?, April 24, 2012 , posted by Carol ,

Hi, I'm just done with all my final exam, and plans to see cherry flowers this Friday, 27th. Just wondering whether it still blossom? Thanks for any info or update

Labyrinth, April 24, 2012 , posted by Anny ,

Hi, I'm doing a Jane's Walk for the High Park Labyrinth May 5th 12 noon, at the entrance to the park. A great way to learn about this feature of the park, it's history, it's present and it's future AND it's location!

Story interview, April 24, 2012 , posted by Sarah ,

Hey High Park! I'd love to interview someone at the High Park Zoo to feature on my blog. The blog showcases people who have followed their passions (rather than sticking around at a desk job), and inspires others to go do what makes them happy. As a big animal lover and a fan of the High Park Zoo, I'd like to do a story on someone who works with the animals there and loves what they do. Please respond with how I can go about arranging this -- it'd be great to do it ASAP as I'd like to drive some awareness about the zoo needing support before it's shut down. Thanks!

Peacocks, April 23, 2012 , posted by Jeremiah Fisher ,

I was wondering if someone could get in touch with me regarding the peacocks, a trainer and the wedding I am having this year. Since my fiancee and I love birds, I have been gathering quotes for things such as a falcon flight by a certified falconer and have recently begun to wonder if peacocks and a trainer could be provided for an outdoor cocktail hour. This would remind my fiancee of a park in her hometown in Bosnia that used to have peacocks roaming about before the war. Please contact me with any pertinent information, or a quote if you are interested. And If I am out of line, please inform me of this, as a bird themed wedding would only do if the birds are happy too! Thank you. -J

Picnic in High Park, April 23, 2012 , posted by KNR

Aastha, as far as I know, for very small groups, it\'s first-come, first-served basis with no reservations required. If there\'s good weather, usually people go early to reserve a tables. It;s usually for big groups that reservations are mandatory.

Outdoor bedframes, April 23, 2012 , posted by Joan

When I was small we used to spend a lot of time in the Park. I remember metal bedframes being chained to some trees in one part near Bloor St. I was told that there used to be some sort of outdoor camp there at one time. This would be in the 1950's, what is the story behind this?

how long are the trees in bloom, April 23, 2012 , posted by Mary-Anne ,

how long do the blossoms stick around I was hoping ot come by this coming weekend with my grand children April 29?

Birthday Party at High Park, April 22, 2012 , posted by Aastha

I wanted to have my son's 1st bday party near the sand pit in highpark. I just wanted to call 3-4 kids of his age and let them enjoy in the sand and serve them some food. Does anyone know if I have to take permission from some one and whether I can book one of the picnic table

April 22, 2012

are the cherry bloosoms still in bloom?

still in bloom, April 22, 2012

Hi! Planning to go today, are they still in bloom?! Thanks!

High Park Zoo, April 22, 2012 , posted by Diane

It might be worth mentioning on this website about the funding cuts for the zoo, and that by June 2012 it could be closed down. I learned that the other day when I went to the zoo with my daughter.

Still in Bloom on 25th?, April 21, 2012 , posted by Soby Ho ,

I am gonna have a trip on 25th for enjoying the view of cherry tree, is it still in bloom?? Thanks!

Cherry Blossoms, April 21, 2012 , posted by Emily ,

Will there be Cherry Blossoms on sunday?!

Please tell me T.T High park is 2 hours trip and I would really like to see the blooms

still blooming after the rain?, April 21, 2012

Hi, I jus finished school and finally have time to go see the cherry blossoms but will it still be blooming today? Conisdering that it rained a lot last night?


Cherry blossoms still in bloom!, April 20, 2012 , posted by Jen

I just went Apr 20 afternoon and the cherry blossoms are still in full bloom! Definitely worth seeing this weekend if you have time

Help Rebuild Jamie Bell Playground, April 20, 2012 , posted by Cyrus ,


My name is Cyrus, I am the HR Coordinator at Teleperformance Canada (Bloor site).

We are interested in donating volunteer hours to rebuilding efforts of the Jamie Bell Playground as part of our corporate initiative (citizens of the world).

I can either be reached at 905-593-7114 OR

Looking forward to hearing from you.



this weekend, April 20, 2012

yup, this weekend still bloom

April 20, 2012

Are the cherry blossoms still in bloom today? Planning to make a trip there today

Still in bloom?, April 20, 2012


I wanted to visit today Friday, April 20th, are the cherry bloosoms still in bloom? Thanks!

zoo closing, April 20, 2012 , posted by David Harnett ,

I love high park and its' zoo.
Suggestion- you can adopt part of a highway why not a zoo animal. People, individuals, companies, organizations etc. could adopt a zoo animal. With the adotion they could have the option of naming the animal and for a fee have their name on a plaque or tag on the fencing and of course a photo or two possibly including themselves. For certain animals maybe they could even help to feed the animal in person on occasion.
Of course the adoptive person or persons would have to agree to pay for the animals keep.

April 20, 2012 ,

Will the cherry blossoms still be good to see this Saturday April the 21st? I would like to make a trip to go see them!

Lost of Eye Glasses, April 19, 2012 , posted by OK ,

I went to High Park in the afternoon of 18 April 2012, I lost my prescribed eyeglasses and the shade, it was in a black box. If anyone find it, please contact us at e-mail address.
Thank you!

Question, April 19, 2012 , posted by Andrew ,

Did Queen Elizabeth 11, not once dine in the Grenadier Restaurant back in the late 1950's sometime??

End, April 19, 2012 , posted by Amy ,

Hi when is it too late to visit to see the cherry blossoms? ie when do you expect it to end?

April 19, 2012

really... picking up the flowers? ignorant people seriously. Leave the flowers where it\'s supposed to be, on the freaking tree.

april 19, April 19, 2012

The sakura should still be in fine shape this weekend if you can find some good weather.

Beautiful Bloom, April 19, 2012 , posted by Duoduo

Went there last night (17:00, Apr 18),some petals on the ground, but was still in full blossom. Love that!

re: trackless train, April 19, 2012 , posted by Zoltan (Admin)

Heh:) The administrator = Zoltan...but...I'm not sure yet what's a good place to post info about the trackless train...suggestions welcome: where would you look? home page? picnic page? map & parking? all?

April 19, 2012

Shame on you, girl! You don't look any nicer with the picked flower in your hand/hair. As the photographer, you should stop her. LEAVE THE FLOWERS ON THE TREES!

HIGH PARK ZOO, April 18, 2012 , posted by G ,

Hi, I am a high school student doing a news report on the high park zoo.
I was wondering if there is any possible solutions for saving the zoo, and what High Park is doing right now to think of ways to prevent the zoo from closing.
I would be very happy if you could also tell me where most of the money for the animals is spent (ex. on food, on people taking care of the animals) and if i can have a phone number to reach you guys at, would be great !

Thank you for taking your time in reading this and I hope you can reply me as soon as possible !

Cherry Blossom, April 18, 2012 , posted by Jane

I am planning a trip to high park tomorrow, April 19th.
and I am wondering if sakura cherry blossom is still there in high park.
Thank You.

April 18, 2012

The blooms were still there after the high winds yesterday (april 17). You should go as soon as possible as they are now in full bloom.

Re: Trackless train info from Sakura Hanami & Zoltan, April 18, 2012 , posted by myfoothurts

I would like to thank Sakura Hanami and Zoltan's posts on the Trackless Train. It would really be helpful if the administrator of this website took their info and posted it somewhere here, possibly under Map & Parking or even on the homepage.

regarding attached video, April 18, 2012 , posted by sakuralover

Reminder when visiting the park ........PLEASE! No flower picking!!!!

Funding for the Zoo, April 18, 2012 , posted by Dwayne Rabideau ,

Good Morning,

I represent a fundraising company who has been successful in aiding several programs across the province in raising $10's of thousands of dollars for their programs. I was wondering who I would need to contact in order to discuss this matter further.

Thank you

Dwayne Rabideau
Community Focus
289 685 2416

April 18th, April 17, 2012 ,

I am planning to go to the park tomorrow, April 18th. Will there still have a lot of cherry blossoms?

Going on April 18th, April 17, 2012 , posted by Jim Bob

If I go on Wednesday during the day, will they still be in full bloom?

April 17, 2012

Are the flowers in bloom after the winds yesterday and today?

How's the Cherry Blossoms Today?, April 17, 2012

how are the cherry blossoms today?

Summe job opportunities?, April 17, 2012 , posted by David Brisson ,


I will be starting studies in Community Services. To help me get closer to my sensitivity to the world around me (and eventually these challenged individuals I will be helping out) I would love to work in an environment where I can be close to animals. I was wondering if you could offer any job opportunity for the summer. I am 35 years old, I am fit, I can do hard labor work, and I have a strong will power.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to meet me to see if I could give you a worthy hand to allow me what my options are. You can contact me at

Thank you very much in advance and I wish you a wonderful summer season!

P.S.: I own a car. It would allow me to work different shift schedules.

Warmest regards,

David Brisson

re: Distance from Zoo/Playpark, April 17, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

It's a 10 min walk with a 5 year old

How long a walk to the zoo?, April 17, 2012

We're coming by subway with a 5-year old. Is it a long walk from Bloor St. to the zoo and playground? A quick answer would be appreciated.


Blossoms on Apr 14 (Sat), April 17, 2012

Here is a video filmed and edited by one of our members ( on Sat. Apr 14:

cherry blossoms, April 16, 2012

was at the park, april 16, monday. the blossoms are still beautiful. :)

Post, April 16, 2012

Sorry I went today April 16, lots of flowers still. I think they'll last till Thurs/Fri

Comment, April 16, 2012

I went today April 15, fully bloomed, I believe you can still see them for another few days or so.

April 16, 2012

does anyone know if the blossoms survived the tremendous winds today?

cherry blossom, April 16, 2012

The blossoms are still in full bloom today, and the sunshine made it a beautiful viewing day. however the strong wind has blown a lot of the petals away, yet there are still plenty. I would suggest everyone to see it as soon as possible as there are no guarantees, and the bad weather is still to come.

April 16, 2012 , posted by Lucy

Does anyone know how long the bloom lasts? I am stuck with all the moving and can't come till next week :(

April 16, 2012 , posted by Melissa

Beautiful video Dianna (4/13/12). Thank you!

April 15, 2012

Will there still possibly be cherry blossoms tomorrow (monday) after today and possibly tomorrows rain?

Coming friday, April 15, 2012 ,

Im planning to visit high park on april 20th to see cherry blossoms but is it still gonna stay until that day? if not.. I\'ll miss it.

April 15, 2012

Will there still possibly be cherry blossoms tomorrow (monday) after today and possibly tomorrows rain?

Video of the weekend at High Park, April 15, 2012 , posted by betty

The blooms are beautiful.Heres a video of Friday the 13th at the park

Cherry blossom -is it too late?, April 15, 2012 , posted by kingFisher

Given the rain & thunderstorm forecast on Sunday (Apr 15th), is it too late to see the cherry blossom tomorrow (Mon)or Tues? Thanks

length of blooming, April 15, 2012


I was wondering how long do these flowers bloom for? I'm stuck studying for exams in another city but will be back in Toronto on the 26th

today, April 15, 2012

Hi all, has anyone got the chance to go to the Park today? I was wondering with the weather if it still makes sense to go to the park.

Full Bloom Beauty, April 14, 2012 , posted by Caroler

Went back to Hgh Park this afternoon. The Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and they put one quite a show.
Each tree is so unique, especially the older ones, with their twisted trunks and branches filled with blossoms. Check out the slideshow of pictures taken today.

Thanks to admin and forum, April 14, 2012 , posted by Farhana

I visited the park last saturday(7th). At that time only soccer field side trees were in full bloom.I again visited on this Friday. It was so beautiful. I wanna thank the admin as well as the viewers who shared their experience and posted updates.

7 public washrooms?, April 14, 2012 , posted by russ ,

Why with the thousands of people visiting for the cherry blossoms, are the public washrooms closed!?

Only the chess club, cafe, and four very messy portopotties for thousands of people?
This is rediculious!

Blossoms?, April 14, 2012 , posted by emily

Apx how long are the fully bloomed trees supposed to last? I cant get out in the next couple days and really want to see them around the 18th or 19th, will they still be there??

Cherry blossom, April 14, 2012

Hey, I\'m going to take pictures of the cherry blossoms next Sunday.april.22.2012. Will it be too late?

re: where are the cherry trees?, April 14, 2012

A sure way to find the blooming Sakura trees is to follow the thousands of people in the park - everyone's going there - or, ask someone, or look at this map:

Re: parking, April 14, 2012

To clarify: there is parking inside the park, in fact, there is plenty of parking - *on a regular day*. But around the times the trees are blooming there are so many people that parking is practically impossible to find. You may be lucky and find a spot but to avoid frustration, plan to park on neighbouring streets - or better yet, take TTC.

cheerry blossoms in High Park, April 13, 2012

I was there today Friday April 13. The trees are beautiful! Met the nicest couple Jim and Alana - thank you for your warmth and company!

See April 13 photos, April 13, 2012 , posted by betty

I went to the park today April 13.It was a beautiful day. I have uploaded photos at

April 13, 2012 , posted by Pat

I was there today and there seemed to be some
Kind of Japanese performance about to start.
Couldn\'t stay but would like to know if this is a yearly event

Friday the 13th at High Park, April 13, 2012 , posted by betty

The best day to view the Cherry Blossoms is today Friday since there is a forecast of rain for Saturday all the way to Tuesday.

cherry blossums, April 13, 2012 , posted by doug

Cherry trees are beatiful today. Almost full bloom.So many people. Come on down today before the rain comes.

Parking in the park, April 13, 2012 ,

Just want to clarify, there is no parking inside the park and must be park outside? The site map seem to indicate there are a couple of parking lots inside the park, are they closed?

April 13, 2012

Where exactly are the cherry blossoms at High Park? That park is HUGE and it would suck to make a wrong turn on a path.

April 13, 2012

can we bring portable charcoal Grill in the park?

Cherry Blossoms Video from April 12 , April 13, 2012 , posted by Dianna

I shot this earlier today, it's looking really good out there!

Video of the blooming Sakura cherry tree blossoms

Note: This post has been edited to highlight the link posted by Dianna - thanks very much for the update!

April 12, 2012

Hi guys! I've been there today and I can say that it's about 95% of the blossom. It's very beautiful. If you go tomorrow I think it should be very good, because it's probably going to rain sat and sun. My suggestion is to go tomorrow.

I took some photos but not uploaded yet.

Directions/signage desperately need in the park, April 12, 2012

I visited High Park yesterday to see the cherry blossoms, and I enjoyed it very much! However, being unfamiliar with the park, I found it hard to navigate through the vast area. I do not own a car, and therefore taking a wrong path on foot might mean wasting a significant amount of time. I noticed there are street signs at certain junctions but it would also be helpful to have signs leading to particular features of the park (ie. signs leading to the zoo, hillside garden,etc). It would also help to have signs pointing to the direction of Bloor, Parkside Drive or the Queensway, for those who rely on the subway, bus or streetcar. I think the Toronto Zoo is a great example of having a great system. As big as it is, it\'s impossible to get lost thanks to the abundant signs strategically placed all over the park. I hope High Park would develop something similar, as it does seem worth more than 1 visit.

Japanese Cherry trees, April 12, 2012

In full bloom by lake

Trackless train info, April 12, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

I called 311 and this is what they told me about the trackless train service

Phone: 416-716-4866
Operating Seasons/dates (2011):
Weekends starting April 16th
Daily starting in May 1st until Labour day.
The train runs approximately every 30 minutes, from 10:30 am
After Labour Day, weekends only
Adults (16 +) $4.50 per person
Children (infant to 15 yrs) & Older Adults (60+) $3.50 per person

April 12, 2012 , posted by canmark

Torontoist has posted photos:

I tried to go last night, but the College streetcar was turning back at Lansdowne due to the line being down or something. Annoying. Will try again Friday after work.

Inside Park, April 12, 2012 , posted by Padmini

Is Hillside Park where the Cherry Blossom are closer to High Park Station?

April 15th, April 12, 2012

Is there some race event happening this Sunday? A friend of mine said that there are going to be some races and there might be a ban on parking at the park :-s

I have an engagement shoot planned and I hope not! There should be some kind of notification about that somewhere I would think in the event that there is something going on that I can't visit the park...

cherry blossom, April 12, 2012 , posted by clive ,

Please confirm if the cherry blossoms are now ready to be visited. Are the flowers bloomed fully already. If not, how long shall we wait?

Playground, April 12, 2012 , posted by Mahmoud ,

Is the play ground ready for visit or still under the effect of the fire

April 11, 2012

What happened to the blossom update we used to have on this site in previous years?

Re: Trackless Train, April 11, 2012 , posted by Sakura Hanami

Hi there,

The trackless train is currently operating every weekends. i am not sure about the hours but last weekend, i came to the park and the train operates past 6:00 PM. Tickets are $4.50 for adults and $3.50 for children. You're allowed to stop over once.

Hope this helps.

re: Stupid website, April 11, 2012 , posted by Admin

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. Please do share a link to your website that includes webcams and updates as well as your email and phone number and name so anyone can contact you for any details

stupid website, April 10, 2012

most stupid website u guys running,no flower report no webcam....pls come with us move to new age....

Trackless Train, April 10, 2012 , posted by myfoothurts

I can't seem to find any info on the Trackless Train. Is it currently operating in the park? If so, when and how often? Even if it isn't running right now, I'd still like to know more about this service.

April 10, 2012

Hi, I understand that the sakura blooms are short-lived, do you think that it'll still be here by the 19th? I'd like to take my girlfriend here, however, I'm in a neighboring city and going through final exams...

Almost full bloom, April 10, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

The majority of trees are blooming, full bloom expected by this weekend! To avoid the
weekend rush, go now but if you wait until the weekend, that's OK too, you won't miss anything.

Someone was asking about taking time of on Thursday: yes, you'll see the trees in 99% full bloom on Thursday - a great day to visit, since you'll beat the weekend rush!

Sakura, April 10, 2012 , posted by Caroler

I went yesterday afternoon the see the blooms. I would say they are 75% in bloom. Beautiful but not at its peak. I took quite a few pictures. See my blog

visited cherry blossom, April 10, 2012

I visited the park yesterday. 4-5 trees near soccer ground are in full bloom. It's so beautiful. Trees beside road near the lake have started blooming but not blossom. There are some trees near lake where only pink buds are there. Weather was nice for taking picture.

sakura in full bloom, April 10, 2012

The sakura are in full bloom. Given the weather forecast for the weekend, I'd try to get here thursday or friday if you can.

Some pictures from this morning:

April 10, 2012 , posted by Fan from Brampton

I am thinking of taking time off work this Thursday to see the cherry blossoms. Is that a good idea, or should I take time off next week so all the trees are blooming?

Cherry blossoms, April 9, 2012 , posted by canmark

Cherry blossoms will be at their peak for only a few days. If reports are saying the blooms are out, I would think that this week and weekend would be it. Last year I managed to get some good pics on May 8: this year they're in bloom a month earlier. If you go on the weekend, be aware that there are big crowds and it's hard to find parking. Go early or take subway/streetcar and be prepared to walk.

Donations, April 9, 2012

I was going to donate money to keep the zoo open but cannot find the donate link...

Cherry Blossoms Just About Blooming, April 9, 2012 , posted by dRok

Here is the update from when I went yesterday (April 8th)

April 9, 2012 , posted by Sakura Fan498

Normally the sakuras will last about 2 weeks. But if it rains hard they will fall sunny weather around the bloom is best ! Good Luck !

680 said they are in bloom, April 9, 2012

How long will they be in bloom for, does anyone know?

April 9, 2012 , posted by fan from Brampton

I will have to take a day off and drive down from Brampton to see the lovely blooms. Whats the update? Are Cherry Blossoms at its best? How long will they last?

April 9, 2012

According to Breakfast Television they are blooming now... 3 weeks early!

Sakura , April 8, 2012 , posted by City Sakura

Does anyone know if the Sakura trees are in full bloom by Easter Monday April 9?

cherry blossoms, April 8, 2012 , posted by surabhi

Hii , I want to see Cherry blossoms..when is the best time...has the trees bloomed during easter weekend ..or should i wait more as sunshine..low temp and even some fluries..should i wait till next weekend ?

Sakuras, April 8, 2012

I went there today and a few of the trees have bloomed but most haven't yet. Arriving at 11am, I was able to find a parking spot within the park but it was pretty much full. Some cars were parked on the east side of Parkside Dr.

Cherry blossoms update on Sunday, April 8, April 8, 2012 , posted by Ceci.

I was at the park in this morning, April 8, 2012. I saw half of cherry buds are fully opened. It is still very nice and beautiful. The weather was very claim and warm. The park is so enjoyable! Cheers!

Lost and Found - Camera, April 8, 2012 , posted by SSK ,

I lost my camera Fuji Film in the park on Sunday April 08, 2012. The memory card inside the camera has pictures of my daughter from her birth until today. I would really appreciate if somebody has found the camera then at the very least send me the memory card. You can contact me at

Thank you very much in advance,

sakura update, April 8, 2012

I'd say about 10% of the blooms are fully open. That didn't stop it from being fairly crowded.

Some pictures here:

Sakura, April 8, 2012

We went this morning (Sunday) and they weren't fully open yet. I would say mid week.

Cheery Trees/Blossom at High Park on Apr/7, April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012

Is it possible to install webcams near the trees?

cherry blossom, April 8, 2012 , posted by GG

i am new to this place and really wanted to see cherry blossom at high park. Can anybody please update when should i visit to see cheery blossom as i need to cover a long distance to see that. Secondly is there any entry ticket to the park

April 8, 2012

Just come from high park, seems you need to wait 2-3 more days for full bloomsom.

April 8, 2012

Was there yesterday. No Bloom yet :(

April 8, 2012

I was in the park yesterday. My best guess is next weekend will be the best time to see the cherry blossom.

blossoms yet?, April 7, 2012 , posted by Frank

We're all dying to hear whether the trees are in full blossom yet; anyone know? Thanks!!

Sakura update, April 7, 2012

Anyone been to the park today? (Saturday?) I was there on yesterday and it didn't look like the trees will bloom this weekend:( Has anything changed?

Saving the zoo, April 7, 2012 , posted by Do the math!

Why not take some of the 350K+ that has been donated to re-build the playground and spend it on the zoo? I understand it takes much less to keep the zoo open? If the money was split wisely, we could have a nice new playground and an operating zoo.

cherry blossom, April 7, 2012 , posted by JJ

Hi, so i wanted to know if sunday is the good time to go see the cherry blossom yet??? or should i wait till few more days?? thanks!!

Parking, April 7, 2012

Are there alternate parking lots outside of the park in case the lots within the park are full?

High Park Zoo, April 6, 2012 , posted by Kitty Cashman ,

I'm challenging all groups that use the Park to give back and donate to save "the High Park Zoo".
Who am I? I'm a Racewalker that trains in the Park on Saturdays and has donated to "the Z00"
Where else can one exercise and be entertained by the animals at High Park.
Any amount donated is important. The Zoo is scheduled to close by June 2012.
I feel that the Park has been good to me. Free park entrance, free parking, washroom access and low road speeds making the Park safe to train in.
Let's Save the Zoo,
Kitty Cashman

Zoo open?, April 6, 2012 ,

When will there be animals at the zoo?

Saving the Zoo, April 5, 2012 , posted by Mike ,

The budget cuts mean that the High Park Zoo animals are schedualed to be sold this summer.
There is still time to find solutions to prevent this.
If you would like to help organize to save the High Park Zoo,
please contact Mike at
There is still enough time to stop the selling of the zoo animals.

I saw cherry blossom open today!, April 5, 2012 , posted by Sylvia

A couple of buds have opened up by today!!! Not much to photograph yet, though. Another 2-3 days of sunshine and 15C+ and they'll all start to open!

April 5 Sakura, April 5, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

Some of the buds started to open. The pictures I took were from the morning but by the evening some white petals were showing here and there.

Unless it rains a lot and gets very cold (which isn't what they're calling for) I think we'll see tons of flowers by Sunday.

Cherry blossom blooming period, April 5, 2012 , posted by Tat Szeto

The National Cherry Blossom Festival help at Washington, D.C. is the largest in North America. Their website has very detailed and informative data on the timeline from visible buds to full blossom, and the duration of the full blossom. The statistics covers the years from 1992 onwards.

Sakura - Cherry Blossoms, April 4, 2012 , posted by SteveJ

I've begun to see some white blossoms with the trees by the soccer field & baseball diamonds - this year I've started a new website devoted to the Sakura (still putting it together) and have been posting daily updates & photos - you can see it at

cherry blossom, April 4, 2012

If next Sunday is full bloom, will it be best time to visit High Park for 'Cherry blossom' on that day? Will anybody please let me know the best time to see 'sakura'?

Baby Llama!!, April 4, 2012 , posted by Anna Leon ,

You should post pictures of the new baby llama that was just born recently!!! so adorable!

zoo closure, April 4, 2012 , posted by avril gernon ,

Dear Sirs,

I've just learned about the possible closure of the zoo. I've already e-mailed Doug Holyday and Mayor Ford asking their support in keeping the zoo open and their funding. I've been taking the little ones there since 1968 and feel it would be utter madness to close this wonderful place. No need to respond to this - just wanted to add my support. I've also put this on my Facebook page. This has angered me and prompted me to react to this news. I never speak up but this is more than I can accept. Much Luck in the future.

Cherry Blooming, April 4, 2012 , posted by William SzeTo ,

we are same time full bloom with Japan, Vancouver, Washington *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・\\\'(*゚▽゚*)​\\\'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*we are come Friday to see Cherry

Responsible Dog Ownership, April 4, 2012

Bringing your dog to High Park?
Check out the City's page on responsible pet ownership:

April 4, 2012

We can't go this Sunday.
Is it still worth a visit if we go this Friday?

Cherry tree flowers update, April 4, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

I was at the park this morning and the buds are *almost* ready to open fully. The weather forecast calls for warm and sunny days for the Easter long weekend so my best *guess* is that we'll see the trees in full bloom by Sunday!

Cherry Blooming, April 4, 2012 , posted by Cherry Admirer

Hello Admin, Any chance that they are in full bloom this Easter Friday?

Thanks, April 3, 2012 , posted by sherry

Hi, just wanted to post and say thanks to the admin of this site for providing the updates. I will continue to check here frequently and I appreciate having a site to go to that tells me when the cherry blossoms are blooming :)

cherry blossom at University of Toronto St. George Campus, April 3, 2012 , posted by vivian

took this picture this morning.!/photo.php?fbid=10150625303896432&set=a.498378836431.272958.553036431&type=1&theater

re: Walking to the zoo, April 3, 2012 , posted by M.J.

Yes, you can come in from the Parkside Dr. entrance, walk to Deer Pen road and to the zoo via the parking lot. You can walk through the zoo and end up by the Grenadier restaurant. I can't think of an area in the park that isn't walkable or fenced off so don't worry about getting lost.

April 2, 2012 , posted by Sam

Any new update on the current status of sakura? Any chance that they are in full bloom this Easter Friday?

Walking to High Park Zoo, April 2, 2012 , posted by myfoothurts

I would like to visit the zoo by walking from High Park Blvd. and Parkside Dr. Could someone confirm for me that I can enter the zoo by walking to the parking lot at Deer Pen Rd.? I've looked at what the area looks like via Google Streetview. There are wooden fences separating the zoo from the parking lot and it looks like that isn't the entrance. Is there a trail leading to the zoo at Deer Pen Rd. or Spring Rd.? I don't want to get lost.


Next Sakura update, April 2, 2012 , posted by Zoltan

I'll be visiting High Park on April 4, in the morning and will post pictures of the trees later that day. If anybody has pictures please post a link to them here. Thanks!

re: Sakura update, April 2, 2012 , posted by Admin

Hello: the pictures from March 28 can be seen here:

Volunteering, April 1, 2012 , posted by Martin Schreiber ,

I was wondering if High Park needs volunteers for the upcoming weeks. I am interested in volunteering at the park during the month of April. Please let me know if the are any current opportunities available for me. Thanks

Sakura update, April 1, 2012 , posted by Tracy

Hi there admin,
Can you post an update on the status of the Sakura trees @ High Park please! We've been waiting for some update from March 28. it's been cold and raining last week, we just wanna make sure the Sakura trees are still in good shape for full bloom soon. Please update!! Many thanks.

April 1, 2012 , posted by Don ,

Where there ever any polar bears at the high peak zoo in the 50's

Amphitheatre, April 1, 2012 , posted by Tom ,

Can the high park amphitheatre be rented? We are a multi-cultural folk dance group and were curious as to whether this venue can be rented.



Sakura trees at u of t Robarts Library, March 30, 2012 , posted by Terry

Yes, there are two lines of sakura trees at u of t Robarts Library, the southwest corner. They are about to bloom! I could see blossoms several days ago.

Rebuilding Jamie Bell Adventure Park, March 29, 2012 , posted by Todd Keast ,

Hi There!

I manage musicians and bands in Toronto. I've gotten alot of interest from the community about doing a show at the amphitheatre to support the rebuilding of the Jamie Bell adventure park. Is there an event coordinator on your end I should speak too?

Todd Keast

ph: 416-795-9179

Sakura Cherry Blossom, March 29, 2012 , posted by Sakura

So happy to see the new buds. Although I cannot wait, I hope it does not bloom for another 2 weeks or so, I like many other students have so many exams I would like to visit the blossom with peace in my heart. Seeing the pictures, does anyone have any idea how long it should bloom in? And when it does, how long it should last? I know it depends on the weather, so any estimates?

Pictures of Sakura tree buds from March 28, 2012, March 29, 2012 , posted by Admin

3 pictures of the buds can be seen here...another week or two 'till blooming?

Playground donations vs. zoo, March 29, 2012 , posted by Noel

What exactly costs $350,000 to rebuild a partially burned down playground? I can buy a 2-storey house for that much money in the GTA!!! Why not spend whatever's *really* needed to rebuild the park and spend the rest to save the keep the zoo open?

re: Getting around the park, March 29, 2012

If you enter the park from Queensway then you don't need to walk down stairs or the steep hill to get to the pond, however, it's a longer walk. The trackless train runs in the summer but I'm not sure when it starts.

Location of cherry blossom trees, March 29, 2012

They are easy to find: go downhill from the restaurant. Or, follow people with cameras:)

Sakura trees at u of t?, March 29, 2012

There are sakura trees at u of t? Where?

March 28, 2012 , posted by me

Where do I find a map for the cherry blossom trees at High Park? I can remember which road to take (left or right) to get to the smaller tree area from where the restaurant is.

Getting around the park, March 28, 2012 , posted by Maureen Magee ,

We visited High Park today. Unfortunately, I am recovering from knee surgery. We wanted to view waterfowl on the pond but couldn't get down to it on foot from the restaurant. The map shows a trackless train but there is nothing about it on your website. Will it be running this summer? When will it start?
Is there any other way to get to the shore of Grenadier Pond? Thanks

Maureen Magee

Cherry tree flowers update, March 28, 2012 , posted by Admin

Buds are still small but some are turning pink at the tip. Pictures coming tomorrow.

Cherry blossom, March 27, 2012

For how many days cherry blossom stays in each season? Is there any map showing the location of cherry trees?

@anna regarding patting animals , March 27, 2012

last time i was at the high park zoo, you could not pat the animals. BUT there is a place in Toronto called Riverdale farm (if you want to pat non-exotic animals such as goats). i was there last weekend and there were lots of kids and adults patting the goats, etc. it's free, and it is open daily 9am to 5 pm. it is in cabbagetown. (check out my blog if you want to know more about it/ other free stuff around toronto: )

hope this helps.

closure, March 27, 2012


I want to know how long the zoo will stay open for. Is it going to close? When? Where are the animals going to go?

Thank you.

Wrought Iron Flowers , March 27, 2012 ,

Who is the artist responsible for the large rusted looking wrought iron flower sculptures in High Park across from the Grenadier restaurant?

poop please, March 27, 2012 , posted by Jonathan ,

I have a veg garden close by and was wondering if you can spare some poop ?
I would be happy to pick it up anytime.
call 647-831-1965

March 26, 2012

The cherry trees on Glencairn Ave W of Bathurst and Chaplin Cres. in Forest Hill are in the process of blooming. I think it is possible the trees in the park will bloom before Good Friday.

Speeding ticket guy below...., March 25, 2012

laughing at the idiot below who was SPEEDING through a public park. Very little sympathy here for people dumb enough to fly through the park putting those enjoying leisure in danger. You deserve that ticket, and "as a student" perhaps making smarter decisions would be a better way of avoiding tickets you cant afford. Find a route with fewer children, pets, bikers runners etc etc etc. HA vindictive government....ahhh the stupidity, What would you do with a brain if you had one?

Cherry blossom started?, March 25, 2012 , posted by krishna

when cherry trees will start blossoming?

Sakura flower viewing, March 24, 2012

I had noticed that the Sakura trees have begun turning pink at University of Toronto two days ago. Should be any time soon.

Children Easter Egg hunt, March 24, 2012 , posted by Nicole

I am wondering when is it i really would like to know some websites say its tomorrow some say on april 8 and others say its on april 1st i dont want to miss it please reply with the answer as soon as possible give me the date and time thanks :)

March 24, 2012 , posted by Takeo Sakuma ,

We enjoy visiting High Park at the time of cherry blossom, magnolia, crab apples and other beautiful floweres. We have planted Kwanzan cherry trees in our backyard.

We like to plant a Somei Yoshino cherry tree, but have not found a garden center offering this species. If you know where we can get a somei yoshino tree, we appreciate receiving the information.

Thank you

Sukura , March 23, 2012 , posted by Laurie ,

Im wondering what is the best date and time to enjoy the Sukura...Are the trees blooming yet!!? Did anyone go and visit??????? Can not miss anymore...I have missed for serval times :( Can anyone answer me... Thanks a lot...

Is it time?, March 23, 2012 , posted by Ravi ,

Are the trees (cherry blossom/sakura) blooming yet!!? Has anyone made their way out to High Park yet?

re patting a goat, March 23, 2012

brampton park at bramelea has a small patting farm with goats you can pat

4 points?, March 23, 2012

Just how fast were you going in a 20 zone to get 4 points and a $250 ticket???

re: speeding ticket, March 23, 2012 , posted by Speed Demon

So if I read this correctly, the police officer was purposefully looking for cars that were speeding and set up a trap to catch you? How dare they do that? Crazy! What is the world coming to? We should really do something about this. It's beyond imagination that police enforce traffic rules! Let's write to our MPs, this is clearly unacceptable.
Oh, no! Wait! How about not speeding in a park? Didn't think of that, did you?

Sakura ( Cherry Blossoms), March 22, 2012 , posted by Askim17 ,

What is the best date and time to come and enjoy the Sakura this year? My friends and I would like to do pictorial session there... hoping to get the best time when the flowers are in full bloom. Thanks!

Photography, March 22, 2012 , posted by Agnes ,

Hello, I am wondering if I can have my wedding photos done in High Park -September 29,2012. I inquired about a permit but I was told there is none required. Can you confirm what is required to have the photos done in High Park? It holds a special meaning for me and my finace and we would love to eons our wedding photos from there. Please advise at your earliest convinience. Thank you.

Agnes Kazimierczak

March 21, 2012 ,

I got a 250 dollar ticket and 4 points for speeding in the park by the most evil and purposefully set up trap to catch practically everybody that went down that road, I\'m a young male student and I can\'t afford to have my insurance to go up anymore I find this very vindictive and a disgusting way to treat citizens of this country. All I wanted to do was go to the park on my birthday with a girl. As soon as I got my ticket she caught someone else, and after I wennt through the road again to find out the speed limit, going the speed limit this time 20. I accumillated a line of 6 cars behind me, some of which were beeping and she caught the car at the very back that speed up to back of que I had formed. I am disgusted by this. People watch out, the government will gladly fuck you over any oppurtunity it can apparently

Zoo, March 21, 2012 , posted by Anna

Hi there,

I was wondering if the zoo were a petting zoo or a looking-only zoo. I really want to pet a lamb. Or a goat. Or whatever. Please let me know!


Electrical Outlets, March 21, 2012 , posted by Oleksandra K ,

I'm a photographer looking to use studio lights in High Park without a portable battery. Are there any outlets that are available throughout the park that I could use to plug an extension cord into? Something like a map of outlets would be amazing! Thank you in advance for your help.

Re-building the playground!, March 19, 2012 , posted by Admin

If you're interested in helping to re-build the adventure park visit this Facebook page. A day after the tragic event plans are already emerging to re-build the park. This is social media in action, in its best possible manifestation.

Playground burnt down, March 19, 2012 , posted by Admin

The playground at High Park has been torched overnight.

Read more

cotton candy, March 19, 2012 , posted by Lili ,

Hello, I would like to ask you if you allow cotton candy machine to be operated in you park.I want to sell cotton candies and I will be using mobile machine,a small one and nicely looking, I believe it will attract even more people to your beautiful park. Thank you.

A little FYI.., March 18, 2012 , posted by Y.A.

Hey everyone..
Just a little FYI, that on 2010, we went May 4th and all blossoms were gone :(
Last year we went on May 8th and all the trees were fully bloomed.
I'm sure that for this year, it will be much earlier because of the warm weather we're having.
So I'm guessing maybe by mid to late April, the blossoms should be fully bloomed.

- Y.A.

The Jamie Bell Adventure Park Fire, March 18, 2012 ,

It's horrible that the playground tower burned and frankly I can't believe it. >:(
What are the plans towards this? Also, will there be a donation section? If so, I would definatly love to help out to the best of my ability. :)

Castle Playground, March 18, 2012 , posted by Liz Conville

I was very saddened to read of the arson at the Adventure Playground this morning in the Toronto Sun (p 17, March 18, 2012). My sons played there when we lived in Toronto, and I have taken visitors back to enjoy it as recently as this past week. My heart pours out to the residents of the area who worked so hard to build it and I know they will re-build it. That\'s who they are.

Who burned it down?, March 17, 2012

Hey guys.
I am incredibly upset that the playground was burned down. My costume group and I went there often to play.
We went there today and it was charred and destroyed.

Arson, March 17, 2012 , posted by Carol

My children were devastated to hear of the loss of the castle at High Park. I hope there is a way to rebuild it, but as my child said, it won't be the same.

Suspicious fire., March 17, 2012 , posted by charlsie ,

Good morning.
My name is Charlsie Agro --
I am a reporter with the CBC here in Toronto.

I am working on story today about the fire that happened at the park --
I was wondering if anyone can tell me if Mr. Bell still lives in the city?

And also if the community is planning on rebuilding?
please contact me via email or phone if you think you could help me answer some of those questions.
416 523 4308

Cherry tree blooming in 2012?, March 15, 2012 , posted by Marianne

I heard that cherry blossoms this year may open much earlier than last year. Has anyone been to the park recently to confirm this?

Blossom Countdown, March 10, 2012 , posted by Bill ,

Taken a few days ago - I'd say almost a month ahead of last year.

High park zoo, March 10, 2012 ,

Are you planning to close the high park zoo? Planning to bring my grandchildren over march break. Thank you. Pam Troake.

re: Cherry Blossoms 2012, March 9, 2012 , posted by Admin

Attention, attention! This year's first post in the forum was on March 8! The countdown has officially started as we all wait for the Sakura trees to bloom. Usually this won't happen until late April or early May. The home page of as well as the Nature page will include frequent updates starting early April. Check back then for more details. Cheers!

Cherry Blossom 2012, March 8, 2012 , posted by Ratna ,

Hi, anyone knows the typical peak blossom period, especially for this year? Is it late March or mid April? Looking to do a photoshoot there.
Thank you.

Name of tree, February 27, 2012 , posted by Jane ,


This February I saw a tree beside Grenadier Pond that had seed pods that looked like little pom poms. They were hanging off the upper branches.
What is the name of the tree?

Garbage Bins, February 27, 2012 , posted by John Kattan ,

Hi, i was walking the park this past weekend and noticed that many of the garbage and cycle bins were completely full, how often are these bins emptied? This is not the first time i have noticed this problem as i do walk the park every weekend. Some of these bins are close to the ponds which means that on windy days like today garbage will get blow into the water. Would appreciate it if these bond would get emptied more frequently. Mankythanks John

Burning Candy/ High Park Stage, February 19, 2012 , posted by Jimmy , Velour


My name is Jimmy Velour, lead guitar for Burning Candy. I live in the the Robert Watson lofts on Sorauren and would like to get more involved with park activities. Let me know if we can book the stage in the middle of the Park. We would love to play and fill High Park with our unique sound.
Let me know your thoughts.



Engagement Photos, February 16, 2012 , posted by Evanna ,

I was hoping to take pictures during the Cherry Blossom Season. Would that be the 1st two weeks of May? Also - do I need a permit?

I was hoping to bring my dog as well - Is there certain areas I can and cannot be?

Thanks in advance,

fencing in dog park, February 16, 2012 , posted by Reenie ,

After reading your website about the off leash dog park in high park, it\'s still not clear to me if there is a fully fence enclosed area anywhere in the park to insure dog safety. Please clarify if you can before 2/17 as I\'m planning on a trip to TO with our dog. Thanks.

Baseball Diamonds, February 14, 2012

The City of Toronto is considering charging a fee for the use of these fields, but my question is do the city maintain theses diamonds or the baseball organizations do. Someone will have to pay for these fees and will not be the organizations as theey are not for profit, so the registrations for the young players will have to be increased, as the politicians salaries.

Canoeing Grenadier Pond, February 12, 2012 , posted by Jorge ,

I'm not sure if you can answer this, but could you tell me why boats like canoes and kayaks are not permitted on Grenadier Pond? Does it have anything with the lucky people who's rear yards back onto the pond? These are low impact recreational activities that have very little effect on the environment. I don't understand what the issues are.

sick dog, February 7, 2012 , posted by Lydia ,

do you know if anyone has had a sick dog recently who was at the park on the weekend. I had my two dogs down there and they were into something along the walk and we had to drag them away. Couldn't see what it was but my one dog suffered a seizure later on that evening. I was told it may have been a poison! I know you had problems a few years ago with this as well.

L Goodfellow

Dogs off leash in on leash areas, February 6, 2012 , posted by Dog Watch , hpdogwatch@gmail,com

Dog Watch is a volunteer group dedicated with animal safety and well-being.The mission of Dog watch is
to exemplify, responsible,respectful, and law-abiding behaviour in the park.The goal opf Dog-Watch is to
ensure that proper etiquette is being observed and that dog-owners and pet care sevice providers adhere
to the highest standards of etics ,responsibility and respect. Dog Watch does not target any particular
person or group,rather, we target areas in the park that have been identified as legitimate concerns.High
visibility and regular presence of a foot-patrol in and around the off-leash areas is needed to encourage
more compliance of the park code of conduct and to discourage the encroachment of sensitive,fragile ,natural enviromental areas in the park.

CBC Interview request, January 26, 2012

Hello, will be in High Park tomorrow--Friday 27th Jan. Hoping there will be someone there to talk about the zoo? Will be there at 10 am with Councillor Sarah Doucette.

Kimberly Gale 416-453-5218

save the yak.., January 23, 2012 , posted by ruthbw

i was just reading about your budget being cut. don\'t get me started on that...
in the article it suggest you may seek out funding from large corporations.
i was wondering if you\'ve thought about an animal sponsorship program?
this type of fund raising keeps it community based, is fun for kids and schools in the area, small local businesses, churches and local environmental groups.
just a thought...

April event in high park, January 20, 2012 , posted by Michael Stadtlander ,

My name is chef Michael Stadtlander and I am looking for a space at high park for an event to raise awareness against the proposed Mega Quarry in Melancton, which is 2 hours north of Toronto. The event will be recognized as "Soup Stock". Can you let me know if it is a possibility. You can reach me at home at 519 922 3138 or by email
Thank you,
Michael Stadtlander

Donations, January 18, 2012 , posted by Solice ,

Is there a location online where those of us who would like to see the High Park Zoo continue in operation can make safe online donations? I\'d like to see the City take resume responsibility for the Zoo, but in the meantime I\'m willing to give something form my fixed income to keep something as pleasant and affordable for kids and their families to visit and enjoy available.

Local Kids Events, January 13, 2012 , posted by Kim ,

For parents in the West end of Toronto (High Park, Bloor West, Roncesvalles) - this is a great free newsletter to find out about local kids events. To subscribe go to:

We list mostly smaller local events and have a listing of ongoing activities (rinks, drop-ins etc.)


x-country ski, January 13, 2012 , posted by Sasha Mitrovich ,

I am interested in x-xcountry skiing in High Park and was wondering which trails allow it or can I just do it on the grass anywhere I find snow?

Save the Zoo, January 12, 2012

Yes, the zoo is open in January. But if we don't act now, it may not be open at all. Help save the High Park Zoo.

Reservation, January 12, 2012 , posted by Samihah ,


I was wondering if shelters could be booked for around 15 people and if so is there a fee and whom would I have to contact to do so. You can contact me at Thank you so much for your time.

zoo, January 6, 2012 , posted by Camelia ,

Is the zoo open in January?

Found dog , January 3, 2012 , posted by Y ,

Jan 2 . 4pm found a male dog in high park .
please contact :

tobogganing, January 1, 2012 ,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Can we toboggan at the High Park in Toronto? IF tobogganing is allowed, where in the park that we can do it? Thank you for the information.

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