High Park Cherry Blossoms 2017

Our current best guess for full bloom: May 1. See posts below for details.

This page is dedicated to cherry blossoms at High Park in 2017. Predict when trees will be in full bloom, post your observations and questions and answer questions others have about the Sakura trees this year.

You can also read general information about Cherry Trees in High Park including map, parking, etc.

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RE: no blooming at all?, March 23, 2017 , posted by Nobby , nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp

For the cherry flowers to bloom, a smooth rise of the daily temperatures is important. Last year, the middle of March was unusually warm with double digit maximum temperatures reaching 20C on one day. The buds must have started to work at a full speed. Then came the single digit freezing temperatures that continued to the middle of April. The buds must have been stunned and confused. I saw only a few flowers around May 9 shrouded in green leaves. This year, a similar pattern happened but fortunately in February to the beginning of March. The buds were not yet developed enough to be affected by that, I think. This year, so far, my prediction curve is rising rather nicely to blooming around the weekend of April 22/23 with full bloom around the weekend of May 1/2. Note: I am not an expert on the blooming nor the cherry blossoms. I am calculating the figures with very basic pieces of information. I do not take any responsibilities if the prediction was off. If you like to see more details, see my postings in http://torontonikkeiforum.2forum.biz/f1-toronto-nikkei-forum.

Buds yet?, March 19, 2017 , posted by Kat , katkas553@gmail.com

Has anyone seen if the tress are budding?? Hopefully the warmer temps forecasted this week will help...

RE: no blooming at all?, March 16, 2017

they didn't bloom last year because of rain and other bad conditions

No blooming at all?, March 8, 2017 , posted by Mr. Ackerly

I read that last year there were no blooming at all? How is that possible? Other websites say the same thing too? What happened? Anyone?

Not late April , March 8, 2017

The website says late April to early May but I would wager it'll be closer to early April this year. Some trees are budding in my yard already. Not sakura trees but it's still early for any tree to be budding.

Warm winter, March 8, 2017

Will the trees be blooming early this year because of the mild winter?

re: August, August 9, 2016 , posted by Admin

That is correct. Definitely no blooming this time of the year. This is a new page for the 2017 blooming season which will begin sometime in March/April.

August bloom?, August 9, 2016

No they aren't! I was confused by this page too but it's up all year so just because it's August it doesn't mean trees are all of a sudden in bloom haha

August, August 9, 2016 , posted by Jeb

Are there cherry trees in bloom in August?

re: last year, May 2, 2016 , posted by Jay J.

I think you're talking about another year. Maybe you thought you were on a different page - this is for 2017 even though your post shows up with the wrong date. I heard last year most flowers turned into leaves. I don't know how that happens, must be some explanation for it how a flower bud can turn into a leaf? Is that how all leaves grow on every tree? They start off as buds and some become flowers some don't? How does this work?

What happened last year?, May 2, 2016

I heard last year there was no blooming? Is that true?

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