High Park Zoo

The zoo inside High Park in Toronto is located on Deer Pen Road and is accessible via the Parkside Road entrance. There is plenty of parking just in front of the zoo's entrance.

The zoo is open all year long from 7 am till dusk. There are 6 or 7 enclosed areas on either side of Deer Pen road where the animals of the zoo live. You can find bison, deer, llamas, peacocks, highland cattle, etc. in the zoo.

The zoo dates back to the early 1900s when deer were kept inside High Park.

Please do not feed the animals. They are on a special diet and they may get sick from food given to them by visitors. When you take pictures, please be considerate and don't use your camera's flash because it disturbs animals (how would you like to be photographed 100 times a day?)

High Park Toronto Zoo
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The High Park zoo is really great for families. No need to walk for hours from one animal to another and there are plenty of other activities in the park you and your family.

There is no admission fee to enter the zoo area.

For some time the zoo wasn't funded by the City of Toronto but it remained open thanks to generous donations to raise funds needed for the operation. For the 2014 budget the City has reinstated funding for the zoo in full! For additional details about the zoo visit highparkzoo.ca. This website is not affiliated with the zoo's management.

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